Breaking Ankles EVERYWHERE... Wheel of MUT! Ep. #15

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2 months ago

call an ambulance... but not for ME 😈😈😈
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wow, you stud - thanks for clicking this video. quite simply, i cant help but notice how handsome you look right now - great job sport. keep up the nice work!
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Yo Boi Leak
Yo Boi Leak 3 days ago
When he said hay Siri my Siri turned on
Keegatron5000 15 days ago
That was a bot there is a bit with that team and the Lamar in the top three but they use kyler when I played them they threw the same thing every time
KiQtu 16 days ago
man that was not a plank my boi lol
Cash Money
Cash Money 20 days ago
Nobody is talking about how Papa planked for 12 minutes?
Nate 21 day ago
Play book?
Jacob Eash
Jacob Eash 27 days ago
MMG: I need a good CB Wheel: Lands on Cardinals MMG: Idk any good Cardinals players Me: PAT PETERSON
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough 29 days ago
What he doing on the floor
Astro Galaxy
Astro Galaxy Month ago
Lol dam my highest is one min wit plank
Dylan Barrett
Dylan Barrett Month ago
Buda baker
johnnydalegend bhangal
johnnydalegend bhangal Month ago
The foamy veterinarian consecutively retire because noise relatively detect within a cultured quotation. grandiose, steep packet
Ryan Barrera
Ryan Barrera Month ago
I think DBDONUTMAN is a very good player
blecci syfo
blecci syfo Month ago
Sweaty papa🥵
Evan Brown
Evan Brown Month ago
When you said hey Siri and something about music my phones started play uzi wtf
Cael Woelflein
Cael Woelflein Month ago
he acctualy did a 17 minute plank
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis Month ago
Dalven cook has a 92 card
Chug Jennings
Chug Jennings Month ago
1:07 the guy from plants vs zombies🤣
Anthon Cannon
Anthon Cannon Month ago
jaylon johnson yayyyy. go utes
EJ Month ago
2:50 Just curious, what song did you play? 😃
Gianni Maldonado
Gianni Maldonado Month ago
12:12 look at dk you goof
Dereck Ledee
Dereck Ledee Month ago
You should try kyler Murray
Game Station
Game Station Month ago
Can someone fill me in on how he started a 15 minute timer and then he asks how much time is left she says “12 minutes left” but on screen it says 7:40mins have passed ?? 2:40
Kodak bihh
Kodak bihh Month ago
12:12 B was wide😂
Christian Gaming
Christian Gaming Month ago
Song at 15.55
Oxficcial MC IDOG
Oxficcial MC IDOG Month ago
Dude you could’ve gotten Patrick Peterson
Quinn Kelly
Quinn Kelly Month ago
"I feel bad buying a bears player" -had khalil mack prestiged and had eddie jackson on his team last year
Casen Kilmer
Casen Kilmer Month ago
bro we gonna ignore that first 2 plays of the game the other dude had his TE absolutely wide open and didn’t even attempt to throw to him?? 💀
Donovan Wallace
Donovan Wallace Month ago
y u use lt at mlb? he’s a rusher
Shea Blood
Shea Blood Month ago
on the pick six when he was throwing to Tony g B was wide open
Jorge Villarreal
Jorge Villarreal Month ago
what’s the name of the song at 13:29?
MrCookie1199 Month ago
Dalvin was a terrible pick up could’ve gotten something so much better
Cameron McCreless
Cameron McCreless Month ago
Haouto Coto Gangnam style
Juan Cena
Juan Cena Month ago
When did he lose and restart the season with the same team
Ethan Clardy
Ethan Clardy Month ago
should’ve got ps5
Seezy Month ago
Who else can’t wait for the Gucci Christmas robe
Cam Enos
Cam Enos Month ago
papa u turned my alexa on
Robey Reid
Robey Reid Month ago
16:03 happens to me every game and it gives me the loss too smh
MoNkI 339
MoNkI 339 Month ago
Saw you on a tik tok add
AYEVEE Month ago
Those are some sick raycons
Colton McClurg
Colton McClurg Month ago
at 12:13 B was wide
Francisco Herrera
Francisco Herrera Month ago
Dude update your Josh Allen my guy he got a new card
You should have gotten pat pet
JV 1990
JV 1990 Month ago
LAMEST wheel of mut ever.. 😒
TDGame Month ago
Kick meter is cheesy this year i miss alot kicks 🦵 this year too 🤧
Jane Isoll
Jane Isoll Month ago
Yessir EA:)
Grant Gammell
Grant Gammell Month ago
Riley who???
Card Fanatic
Card Fanatic Month ago
What’s in his ear nearpod
Mr bubba FC
Mr bubba FC Month ago
12:12 bruh pass out to B he is a td
Jay Canale
Jay Canale Month ago
Buff the rage quit wheel
Captain Canty
Captain Canty Month ago
You could’ve got 93 pat Pete with the Cardinals wheel
Jacob Month ago
Bro you were usering Jamal
Bob the builder Esquire the III
Bob the builder Esquire the III Month ago
I feel sorry for u to papa meags
TTV Vaporized_derfy
TTV Vaporized_derfy Month ago
For the wheel add a mosh feared thing and make it all the versions of like scary fast and stuff like that and then theirs a wheel of overall that would be dope
Apologar 11
Apologar 11 Month ago
Mmg is the goat
Cristian De Paz
Cristian De Paz Month ago
“wheel of mut tomorrow”
Rex Playz
Rex Playz Month ago
Tf was that timer on?
Bryce Andersen
Bryce Andersen Month ago
Road to 2 mil
casper avery
casper avery Month ago
Dude ur team just got shutout by the panthers
Eddie Halsey
Eddie Halsey Month ago
10:38 papa it’s reiff not Reid you are a discrase
1080 Swipes
1080 Swipes Month ago
Most insane challenge make a stacked team against the worst possible team and get a 95 yard + showboat touchdown
Julian Gonzalez
Julian Gonzalez Month ago
I liked how he just skipped to 5 minutes on the plank
TxcB0t Month ago
EA violently fucked u that game
Mr Jukes
Mr Jukes Month ago
Honestly I love your vids but you’re the biggest sperg ever
Crew Meints
Crew Meints Month ago
Why is the vid qaulity not good
Drew Duffin
Drew Duffin Month ago
Man the next gen is crisp
Jaiden Cosslett-Scherr
Jaiden Cosslett-Scherr Month ago
MMG- *has a wide open man deep* *throws to the crosser route* 😂 literally every time
Drake Conrad
Drake Conrad Month ago
papa you should run QB contain. you just double tap RB at the beginning of every play
J B Month ago
No one gonna talk about the fact that he “filled in a hole” in his team by taking out Reilly reid?
beasy boo
beasy boo Month ago
Papa meags: throws a pick to A B: am I a joke to you?
Cal Bridgforth
Cal Bridgforth Month ago
Cal Bridgforth
Cal Bridgforth Month ago
The insane Krane
The insane Krane Month ago
I pulled a bo Jackson hes so godly
Becca Daugherty
Becca Daugherty Month ago
We all know Matty put on, “Girls like us” by Lana...
Hey! ItsSparton480
Hey! ItsSparton480 Month ago
Didn’t he have Derrick henry prestige
Peyton Burcham
Peyton Burcham Month ago
Did anyone else’s phones go off when he said hey siri
Eli Maynor4
Eli Maynor4 Month ago
Challenge suggestion : spin a wheel of all nfl teams, then spin another wheel of overalls and then pick a player with that team and overall. Please respond.
Nozah L.
Nozah L. Month ago
12:12 look how wide B was
Elite Productions
Elite Productions Month ago
The thing I don’t like about wheel of mut is that literally every single wheel spin is good like everything on it is good so he’s literally always just gonna have a god squad and obviously it’s more entertaining but like it’s so easy for him I feel like there should be some really shitty ones to make it interesting like if you agree
Ryan Wright
Ryan Wright Month ago
Meags I watching this faded as hell. Gg. Great vid bruv
Aidon Brion
Aidon Brion Month ago
papa you made my alexa set a timer
Kyle Month ago
Him: Dalvin Cook is so good I just watched him tear up the lions Me: That doesn’t take much talent
xodd novax
xodd novax Month ago
Papa the reason u keep getting those vids is because of you like one video of that type they will hit u with more 😭😭
BC Productions
BC Productions Month ago
Riley rieFF not reiD papa ur watching to much on the hub
GMAN 3MC Month ago
"Wheel of MUT tomorrow"
Nathaniel Afilalo
Nathaniel Afilalo Month ago
You should do a challenge: "Running only HB pass the whole game"(it's in the patriots playbook, you go formation, form i-pro, then toggle the left stick up and you'll see it).
Parker Boorom
Parker Boorom Month ago
1:10 was that the mf AW loot crate animation?
Buckeye Plaez
Buckeye Plaez Month ago
He should low key hav a talk show
Ayman Khan
Ayman Khan Month ago
anyone else tripping by the jerseys not being in numerical order?
Jack Borchardt
Jack Borchardt Month ago
I love you
Peyton Guhde
Peyton Guhde Month ago
When he said hey seri my seri went on
SEVILLA Month ago
Timer shows MMG has been going for 8 minutes. "Alexa how much time is left?" "You have 12 minutes remaining!" Thats math.
Yo Boy Nachos
Yo Boy Nachos Month ago
why does he put a pass rush LB at MLB to get dusted in coverage when he doesn’t user him 😂😂. LT should be rushing
Lil Jew
Lil Jew Month ago
i swear to god when he said the alexa thing mine said okay
Brice Banda
Brice Banda Month ago
Dalvin Cook already has a 93
DMC_0506 Month ago
Why does the next gen look the same
i need money now watch my videos
i need money now watch my videos Month ago
Not a good plank get your ass closer to the ground cheater
Ian Mcparlin
Ian Mcparlin Month ago
day 322 till i meet/ play xbox with mmg
alex jacobs
alex jacobs Month ago
Mmg don’t use Lawrence taylor as a user he is really good in the pass rush
CO5serious gaming
CO5serious gaming Month ago
Damn why a good game too
Nick Wesley
Nick Wesley Month ago
i miss when he called it wheel of nut
Vuzyi Month ago
Hey dad
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