Rocket Lab's Neutron Rocket Plans to Compete With Falcon 9

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Scott Manley

Month ago

Yesterday Rocket Lab made a series of announcements, firstly Rocket Lab will become a public traded corporation on the stock markets, secondly Peter Beck made true on his commitment to hat eating.
But most interestingly, they commited to building a larger, medium lift launch vehicle called neutron, and that's what I want to talk about.

nzeagle1 2 days ago
What if they end up with side boosters that arnt boosters and are just big batteries
jing wang
jing wang 6 days ago
Thanks Scott! Like it so much
mtnbikeman85 20 days ago
Can we at least agree that Rocket Lab's Mahia peninsula is the best looking launch complex?
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 15 days ago
OTL The High Temple of Spam
OTL The High Temple of Spam 25 days ago
So buy stonks for moon? right? moon stonks?
Modris Bitenbinders
Modris Bitenbinders 25 days ago
I wish they came up with some radical new engine.
Moving On
Moving On 26 days ago
Going to have a hard time competing with SpaceX as they are just so far ahead in two huge segments - Falcon 9 and Starship. Plus I like Elon "fail forward" instead of Rocket Lab's "take your time and make it perfect". That is how UAL lost to SpaceX - they waited until everything is perfect - which has been never. SpaceX is cranking out Starships to figure out what works and what doesn't.
Eo Tunun
Eo Tunun 27 days ago
"A competitor to Starlink" Feck, that´s a quote fresh from hell spoken out lightly… When there´s no night sky left to inspire the awe for space, and you feel like you watch a bloody glitterball from inside when looking at it… That nightmare must never become a reality. But then Einstein, infinity, the universe and stupiity, right? F***ing buisnesses will eat everything. The true omnivores, these abstract entities will eat rocks and humans and paper and altering hypothetic values and thrive on them.
David Nuttall
David Nuttall 28 days ago
Starship is flying great. It is just having problems with the landings.
David Nuttall
David Nuttall 28 days ago
Hmm, what about a turbo-pump's turbine on the engine which drives not the pump, but an electrical generator to drive the electrical system including the pump? Or would the generator be heavier than the batteries?
Pratap D
Pratap D 29 days ago
First time someone competing Elon Musk at creative level and not mocking him. This gives a lesson if you are really creative then you no need to compare with someone else. 👍
Mad Cv
Mad Cv 29 days ago
neutron rocket will have lower payload to orbit than falcon 9 so I realty don't understand why people are comparing them. yes, neutron will cost less but also will have less capabilities, isn't it obvious neutron cant compete with falcon 9 when it comes to big payloads small sats? surely
JCSkyKnight Month ago
Crazy suggestion; could they make just a reusable first stage for the Antares? At least initially anyway. Cuts down development work and time and as pointed out everything fits nicely with the ground set-up already. If so it could get them in the market really quickly, especially considering SpaceX has shown what’s possible.
My Design
My Design Month ago
Great video about great company.
Mihailov Mika
Mihailov Mika Month ago
Rocket Lab is a Great company and cheap stock for such big market.
M.Streicher Month ago
The company ticker is VACQ
Design Idea
Design Idea Month ago
They will be a size of Google in 15 years with rocket - satellite ecosystem, which will be as play market or apple store for space and satellites. . Plus they want to build they own Starling, but in the space, all across solar system.
Design Idea
Design Idea Month ago
There is only Rocket Lab and SpaceX right now. Rocket Lab will be making money, a lot of money. SpaceX will be using Elon Musk money to build a base on the Mars, but probably not making money anytime soon.
The Fishmaster
The Fishmaster Month ago
It's good that SpaceX has some competition, or else they'll get too used to dominating commercial spaceflight and they'll stop producing new stuff. competition inspires progress
Frank Gulla
Frank Gulla Month ago
Scott, thanl you for another informative video about space.
Duke of Oz
Duke of Oz Month ago
Neutrons have no charge so there you have it: the pumps can't be electric 😁
Ujwal Kadam
Ujwal Kadam Month ago
gag-na---yaan 😊
Beyond space
Beyond space Month ago
This rocket could send perseverance to Mars because they claim they can send 1500kg to Mars and Perseverance is 1500kg but they probably could not land on Mars though or maybe not even to be in orbit. But if they do not attempt to land they could orbit or maybe even land?
Robert McDonnold
Robert McDonnold Month ago
Rocket lab sounds like a lot of "ifs" and "maybes".
Lê Đông Hải
Lê Đông Hải Month ago
10/10 Elon would release a disstrack(dissrocket) against Rocketlab
Lawrence Stuart
Lawrence Stuart Month ago
So when is someone going to build a Marlin spike singe lift body .
Pythos de Gothos
Pythos de Gothos Month ago
Scott, off topic but, what is that beautifully framed think off to your left? Is it available, or special built?
Paul W Swift
Paul W Swift Month ago
Peter Beck = Syndrome off the Incredibles. Great videos!
Luis Miranda
Luis Miranda Month ago
Them don't need to compete with Space X. Market will be too big and we have only 2 companies that deliver to the space. Rocket Lab and SpaceX. It is not enough. Rocket Lab is a Brilliant company!
Cedric Monson
Cedric Monson Month ago
The battery could be viable and I will use it. Especially if you are propulsively landing.
backseatgaming Month ago
Good spacex needs some strong competition to keep them in line
Unidentified Biomass
Unidentified Biomass Month ago
The should buy a couple of the russian heavy load helos to move the rocket bits around
bbies1973 Month ago
Sierra Nevada Dreamchaser is 5ton. Just saying....
bbies1973 Month ago
Oops. Never mind. It's payload capacity is 5 ton, not gross weight. My bad.
felix moresi
felix moresi Month ago
Heavy lift rock name: atom
Игорь Алексеев
Игорь Алексеев Month ago
Not enough sarcasm towards SpaceX in this video
Magnus Bergner
Magnus Bergner Month ago
You know, they could use Al-O batteries. With a small oxygen tank dedicated to power production you'd have a pretty energy dense system that could be used for a large scale fuel/oxidizer pump system. Aluminium-Oxygen isn't really a major thing right now due to cost of materials and the fact that it isn't really possible to recharge them yet but even a few tens of thousands of dollars per launch for a new battery wouldn't break the bank and batteries are always more reliable than any type of generator system.
Beyond space
Beyond space Month ago
Next rocket nucleus
No enemies
No enemies Month ago
Goodluck keeping up with superheavy
Adam O shea
Adam O shea Month ago
It shows you how far ahead spacex is of other competition.
Mihailov Mika
Mihailov Mika Month ago
They are not competitors. Rocket Lab and Space X 2 the best space companies with big market share.
breakone9r Month ago
Or maybe they jettison dead battery packs like they already do, but just include enough battery packs for landing.
Butter Chuggins
Butter Chuggins Month ago
Finish your plate.
Attila Ihász
Attila Ihász Month ago
I love how KSP broke him, and he can no longer pronounce anything but Mün xD
Ugly German Truths
Ugly German Truths Month ago
Why not pay Space X to launch your satellites if they offer the best $/kg pricing? Paying 150% of what you MUST pay just to not give 15% of that as investment capital to your competitor seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face...
Liam Kehoe
Liam Kehoe Month ago
Thanks for another great video. Would you happen to know of any lesser known books for space topics such as orbital mechanics for example? Or would anyone know in the comments ? Thank you
BSpeakman80 Month ago
Cygnus? They better watch out for Maximilian.
Richard Betel
Richard Betel Month ago
Fuel-cells. Reasonably clean combustion, uses the same fuel as the rocket, will run electric pumps no problem.
Grzegorz Kapica
Grzegorz Kapica Month ago
To me this is betting on the failure of Starship, because they will not be able to outcompete Starship, if it works.
Trap Month ago
Is rocketlab stock going to be a buy?
David Grenville
David Grenville Month ago
Perhaps if they're switching to an metal structure that could mean there is more of an option to attach boosters as well
Geoffr524 Month ago
When I saw the rocket on it’s side in the thumbnail I immediately thought of Tablet pens that looked like different rockets. Like a Falcon 9 Apple Pencil.
m & m
m & m Month ago
I just had to hear that voice again! 😉
David Boyle
David Boyle Month ago
Scott, turn on the heat and you won't need that jacket.
Marcus Dirk
Marcus Dirk Month ago
Do we _want_ more constellations competing with Starlink?
Tony Ganner
Tony Ganner Month ago
The whole moving rockets on roads thing makes me very worried for the Australian space agency.. I doubt they'll be able to solve the paperwork for it, and any rockets we do make separately to a launchpad will be permanently stuck where they were built lol, #TheVogonEmpireIsInThePacific
Gabriel Sánchez
Gabriel Sánchez Month ago
Rocket Lab: When we say we're going to do something, we do it... And we do the shit we said we're not doing as well...
AntiangelRaphael Month ago
Hybrid pumps... I don't know how feasible is this idea, but.... not as two pumps like one main turbo and secondary electric, but: engines got electric pumps, an relatively small battery with enaugh charge for only few dozen seconds, and gas generator with electric generator as main source of electricity...
Zbigniew Zdanowicz
Zbigniew Zdanowicz Month ago
Muons decay so quickly, I don't know if this would be appropriate to name rocket after something quickly disappearing out of existence.
Redstone Brony
Redstone Brony Month ago
Next rocket: Atom, heavy lift, fully reusable, payload capacity up to 15 tons
hambobrose smith
hambobrose smith Month ago
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work Month ago
Tiny turbopumps were quite common in rocket engines used in early Soviet antiaircraft missiles. For example the upper stage С2.711 engine from S-75 Dvina missile had exactly the same thrust as each of the Rutherford engines in Electron, and it was using a very miniature turbopump. Once it is developed, and the suitable materials and technologies are found, it is a deceptively simple device with very few parts. Starting from scratch, it is probably a lot easier today to find talented young engineers familiar with electronics and motors, than with turbine technology. The convenience of testing and use are also much better with the electronically controlled device. It still took years of work before Rocket Lab have figured out how to do it reliably -- they had to pause launches for half a year in 2018 while they were reworking the electric circuits of the pumps.
Gert van den Berg
Gert van den Berg Month ago
Fuel cells might be awesome for pumping fuels (and it might run on said fuels) - not sure if the power levels get there though...
NicholsZiegler Month ago
Watch Patrick Boyle's vidéo regarding SPAC
jcadlols Month ago
Not a rocket engineer but if I wanted something that has better throttle control than a turbo pump & didn't require large batteries, I'd probably run a generator off a turbine, powering the electric pump.
How Does it Really Work
How Does it Really Work Month ago
That's precisely how it is done in diesel locomotives -- the diesel turns the generator, and the electricity drives the traction motors. The only difficulty is in miniaturizing this. (The turbopump in each of the Falcon-9 engines has very similar power to that of a large locomotive -- about 7000 h.p.)
sinephase Month ago
if a rocket doesn't use a neutron gun and fissile matter for propellant, it shouldn't be called neutron :P
Reactor Four
Reactor Four Month ago
I wonder if rocket lab will make a neutron configuration that has moar boosters. I would love to see that.
Alex Besogonov
Alex Besogonov Month ago
Maybe they are going to use an MHD generator to power pumps? This would be super-awesome.
Kevin Hanes
Kevin Hanes Month ago
I love the Muon idea, but maybe the didn't want to name their rocket on a particle that decays (ie RUDs) in 2.2 μs.
Preston Britto
Preston Britto Month ago
The holistic propane rheologically overflow because bank phytochemically grip per a abashed trowel. tasty, hard ladybug
Daniel Fiene
Daniel Fiene Month ago
The Electron rocket has an electric pump. Extrapolating from that, I predict that the Neutron rocket will be pumped by nuclear fission.
Jon Wesick
Jon Wesick Month ago
If they strap a Neutron to a Proton, will they call it a Deuteron?
Cédric Duchesne
Cédric Duchesne Month ago
Antares shape, falcon 9 legs and starship material... cool
SN9 26 days ago
Eagles_Eye Month ago
Do you think spaceX shared some knowledge on the self landing on a barge thing? Like. The lessons they learned? Or would they not share such information due to competetiveness
Cedrik Niehof
Cedrik Niehof 29 days ago
There is no „competition“. I guess SpaceX would share most of what they have to make rocketlab be able to succeed like that.
Peet Ky
Peet Ky Month ago
looking forward to your sn10 breakdown
Parag Month ago
Waiting for them to develop 'tachyon'
Pool Bal
Pool Bal Month ago
🌈🇺🇳9:45📸 YEAHHH ❗
Messiah88 Month ago
Eh, it's more a competitor to the Soyuz than the Falcon 9.
Peter Milanovski
Peter Milanovski Month ago
Oh great, now we are naming rockets after nonexistent particles... The neutron, has no charge, can't accept a charge, can't give a charge! It can't be inside an atom!!! Protons and electrons should also be attracted to each other... It doesn't make sense...
Adam Katolik
Adam Katolik Month ago
Methane Fuel Cells Exist, right? So develop a methane-powered rocket with electric pumps powered by a Methane Fuel cell, no need for a battery.
Alfi Halma
Alfi Halma Month ago
Why ships and not returning it to pad?
Ilya Chaplygin
Ilya Chaplygin Month ago
If we put together two Protons, two Neutrons and two Electron rockets we'll build a brand-new Helium rocket!
azmOh Month ago
Imagine how big CELL rocket will be
Revanth Maadhastu
Revanth Maadhastu Month ago
below link is of rocket lab's neutron rocket video what is the music at 2:17 ?
David Evans
David Evans Month ago
Constructing a giant dry dock, at the end of a short canal channel. That would be a floating launch Platform which mates into and then sits squarely in the centre. Would give any large wide loads, a sea level launch site and also help the transportation to site a lot easier. Rocket construction facilities and post landing facilities could be housed off site, like in a hanger like building, at the end of another Canal channel. Like how new ships get built or nuclear submarines these days. Finding the right location would be the hard bit. Old dockyards or salvage breakers that could be repurposed away from people. Built from scratch.
Exasperant Month ago
The batteries thing - Why not run the engines on hydrogen, and also have a hydrogen fuel cell to power the pumps?
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte Month ago
a neutron rocket.. impossible
nesa1126 Month ago
I think that Peter is just watching this nervously taking notes.
david schneide
david schneide Month ago
C'mon Scott, Rocket Lab worked hard to get 8,000kg of cargo into LEO, and you took away 18% by omitting "metric" & saying "8 tons"...
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz Month ago
"Its not about the money and we arent going to sell out you can trust us" "Oh we wanted to get that sweet sweet government and corruption money"
Ernest Galvan
Ernest Galvan Month ago
..StarLiner is “flying”.???
Gary Month ago
Beck also confirmed that Neutron will launch from New Zealand as well.
Wayne Coburn
Wayne Coburn Month ago
muon would have been a way, way better name 😂
Karthick Ashwath
Karthick Ashwath Month ago
Gangayaan? Seriously sir? After all these days of space news coverage you call Gaganyaan(Gagan means sky, yaan means vehicle in this context so its named as sky vehicle) as Gangayaan? P.S. No offense intended :-D
sanityd1 Month ago
And that's why you're not in charge of marketing...
Zoltán Pósfai
Zoltán Pósfai Month ago
I'm looking forward to the day when Rocket Lab will deliver Kuiper satellites for Blue Origin.
schlend 123
schlend 123 Month ago
Hopefully it was organic
Scott Month ago
20 years ago when I was small, I remember reading about all these space launch companies, and in 20 years since then, I am still so taken a back by where everything is now
petlahk Month ago
*BLIND SPECULATION ALERT* If this is an American company quietly taking over the Ukrainian-produced Antares and just tweaking it a bit... I wonder if they have some sort of deal with the Ukraine or Russia to actually launch protons later. That would be interesting. I don't care. A lot of people who get worked up about silly things would be very upset, but it would be interesting.
David Month ago
Scoot looks bored
MidwestNerd Month ago
I would give up everything I own to own what's left of that hat
Nether World
Nether World Month ago
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Month ago
Flat out, please don't use comic sans for... anything...
rybářská vrána
rybářská vrána Month ago
good analysis. can wait for your comments on today's launch and delayed RUD.
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