Wyze Lock Review - Affordable Smart Lock that Attaches to Existing Deadbolts

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9 months ago

Buy it on Amazon - lon.tv/v0e5w (affiliate link) - The Wyze Lock is an affordable smart lock device that attaches to an existing deadbolt lock. See more Wyze: lon.tv/wyze and subscribe! lon.tv/s
00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Price
00:55 - Installation
01:19 - Components
01:56 - Keypad
02:21 - Basic Operation
03:28 - Settings
03:43 - Controlling Guest Access
05:52 - Notifications
06:14 - Auto Lock
07:22 - Keypad Controls
07:44 - Door Open / Jammed Alarm
08:22 - Calibrate
08:44 - Event Triggers / Automation
11:08 - Amazon Alexa Integration
13:24 - Conclusion
13:45 - No Siri, Google home or IFTTT support yet
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Yasser Barroso
Yasser Barroso 5 months ago
I just installed my Wyze lock today, very easy watching your video , so far very pleasant with the purchase on Amazon prime day 👌
Rene BT
Rene BT 7 months ago
okay lon, so which smart lock do you think is best overall?
SHOT CALLER 7 months ago
After leaving your home, can you set it up where even if someone has a physical key can't get in?
Lon.TV 7 months ago
No it does not disable the existing lock.
Hip-IO Tech Reviews
Hip-IO Tech Reviews 8 months ago
Great Video.
Will Rowland
Will Rowland 9 months ago
I wish one of these smart locks would offer a fob option or rfid access (or even NFC). I’d like to trust my kids with a code, but they might forget or share it with everyone they know. I suppose it’s not that different from having the physical key, but would be cool to tell my son that his “magic” shoe can open the door when he gets home.
Beerus - God of Destruction
Beerus - God of Destruction 9 months ago
Could you do a review on the Asus vivobook 14 or 15 with the amd ryzen 7?
4D Chess Player
4D Chess Player 9 months ago
DUDE, fix your door trim........
Antman 9 months ago
Excellent review. I’ll be buying my first house soon and I’ve been looking into these smart locks... I don’t know if I trust the security though?
HylanderSB 9 months ago
I just got my first Wyze cams and have had the thought to get a smart lock and here you are with this review! Thanks!
The Tango
The Tango 9 months ago
Please people, do Not waste your money on this product. It has been reviewed to death and for the most part after a short time most people learn that it offers no value. If you think it would add so much convenience - think again. The Geo fencing does not work as advertised, very hit or miss - so when you get home you walk to your door / take out your phone / turn on the phone / find and start the Wyze app / find the lock and press that icon / unlock the lock. You can use your key a lot easier. Doesn't always show the correct status - requires re-configuring a couple of time a month. Pretty much cheap junk - and its ugly also. I sent the one I bought back for a refund.
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 9 months ago
Not a bad alternative to August lock. Nest Yale is still the best option.
Ciro Morra
Ciro Morra 9 months ago
In a 2020's tech world with Multi-Factor Authentication: is (just) a pincode really it? Even username and password is not enough these days, how can "just" a pincode be enough?
Bosworth 9 months ago
@Lon.TV If it is connected to your network it can be hacked. Does the lock on your door need to be "smart?" This is so stupid. This makes it EASIER to break into a house, not harder. You have lost all credibility.
Lon.TV 9 months ago
The app supports two factor
SodaGumX 9 months ago
this is a good way to get locked out of the house when it locks and the phone iand keys is in the house. also dude wanting to break in screaming at alexa to unlock the door from the window
Bob Oso
Bob Oso 9 months ago
You can turn the autolock feature off.
KameraShy 9 months ago
Another wall wort: Deal breaker.
Mihail Vovk
Mihail Vovk 9 months ago
2 years ago sales guys came to the office and made a demonstration. the whole product line was glitching pretty bad. hope they addresses all those issues in recent years.
Joe Husosky
Joe Husosky 9 months ago
I was an early adopter back at the beginning of the year and the software and integration with Alexa has improved continually. I have since bought an additional one and the keypad
Terry Pullen
Terry Pullen 9 months ago
Lon needs a "Lon walker" so he can get out of the house.
Alex Welch
Alex Welch 9 months ago
What happened
Tony Padgett
Tony Padgett 9 months ago
How in the world does it know when the door closed?
Brew!ey 9 months ago
Door Sensors
Brew!ey 9 months ago
Bolt position
NeroSr 9 months ago
Can't wait to see lockpicking lawyer unlock this in 2 seconds
vgamesx1 9 months ago
@Ben Braunstein Even if that's true, I have high doubts about the security of any apps/servers for these types of devices, companies almost always put the bare minimum of effort into the software side of things and even the best ones that do a good job on software like Nest often forget about the fundamentals, you know like making sure your thermostat still works without the internet...
Ben Braunstein
Ben Braunstein 9 months ago
It uses your original lock. So in theory it should only be as secure as your original lock.
Nick B
Nick B 9 months ago
Blatant copy of the August lock. Copied the lock, the hub, the keypad , the software, and the functionality.
D C 9 months ago
Thanks, Lon. I watched your install video, so I guess after using it for awhile, you still like it. I am tempted, but I think you said in your earlier video that Wyze does not have any outdoor cameras? I need those. Take care.
D C 9 months ago
@Lon.TV Thanks!
Lon.TV 9 months ago
not yet but they have one on the way.
Gravitationalist 9 months ago
Those wont work if you have a very tight seal on the door as you normally have to put pressure on door to align the deadbolt.
Thomas Ott
Thomas Ott 9 months ago
I live in the Sonoran Desert where well-sealed exterior doors are required to reject venomous scorpions. So, I will not be ordering this lock.
Terry Pullen
Terry Pullen 9 months ago
I prefer to install exterior doors so that you have to put pressure on the door to latch it but the act of latching the door aligns the deadbolt so it slides easily.
Nick B
Nick B 9 months ago
Very true. I had to move the strike plate of my deadbolt to get my August lock to close
Sharp blade87
Sharp blade87 9 months ago
and first
Sharp blade87
Sharp blade87 9 months ago
I am the only one
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