I Bought an "AS-IS" $90,000 Mercedes AMG at Auction and got 50% OFF (Twin Turbo C63s)

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Month ago

Armor Shield IX Ceramic Coating Kit: avl.kg/samcracamg
For $25 off Use Code: samcrac
#ARMYTRIX Supreme Exhaust Systems USposts Channel: bit.ly/3sISA6c
Eurocharged Orlando Florida: bit.ly/36unFSb​ or call (407) 960-4517
I bought an "As-Is" Mercedes-Benz C63s AMG Twin Turbo V8 at the Auto Auction recently and I finally hit the jackpot on a very modified custom built AMG for a bargain price. Amazing Mercedes C63 AMG deal.
Instagram: samcracc​​​​
Email Me: SamcracAuto@gmail.com

Julian Mrtns
Julian Mrtns 2 hours ago
Vbrilla is still the best coating
Rob Moon
Rob Moon 15 hours ago
Do it
jepto ungrit
jepto ungrit Day ago
01:30 only people like you consider 60,000$ of after market mods as an upgrade. To the average person it's a red flag, and it would to you too if you weren't getting youtube money, but that probably won't last much longer and then what are you going to do?
Big Guy
Big Guy 2 days ago
Fun, what's all this for? A higher position on the alpha male hierarchy? Woman? yuck.
Jerry Pizzini
Jerry Pizzini 3 days ago
Mom? Dayyuummm 😆😆😆
hoinarilaBEST 3 days ago
Tavarish got a Merc recently. Also a 'lucky find'. Are you tuning it to race him? "CarTrek+" trailer?
SLAYER D PIMP 4 days ago
Beamers suck
Clayoto 5 days ago
I have a friend you should meet...no not Ferris Buehler...Scotty Kilmer.
Jason Hitch
Jason Hitch 5 days ago
mondo odnom
mondo odnom 6 days ago
Hands belong on the steering wheel!
coooooool12342 7 days ago
Those tires will last you a solid 2000 miles lol
pat mourassa
pat mourassa 8 days ago
Everyone is a comedian nowadays.
cooper8318 9 days ago
"Son I'm stuck in the cars pizza oven" You have to!
CoRONA tHE ViRUS 9 days ago
I must of missed what was originally wrong with it?
Man Like Dan
Man Like Dan 9 days ago
Cory chase 🤢🤢🤢 what a skank
The boss gamer 26
The boss gamer 26 9 days ago
Anyone else notice that sams stepmoms ringtone kinda sounds like its saying Im stuck”
Hannes Hietsalo
Hannes Hietsalo 10 days ago
I would buy a meth kit from Heisenberg.
rebelgate 11 days ago
Go Knights Go!
Steven Schadt
Steven Schadt 11 days ago
Ya need some video of Corey washing the cars. Lots of suds and tiny bikini will do. Corey Rules 😍
Orangey the Cat
Orangey the Cat 12 days ago
Get rid of the Brabus emblem and you'll gain back the lost HP.
TEAM911_The Real OG
TEAM911_The Real OG 12 days ago
That shit SLOWWW
Willie B.
Willie B. 13 days ago
Send it!
Ronald San Pedro
Ronald San Pedro 13 days ago
Kinda weird your car has a bigger turbo but comes with a stock exhaust. Most of tuners change the exhaust first when they crank up the boost on stock turbos. Although I would say the stock exhaust had some beefy tubes from factory. Don't forget to do a retune after the armytrix swap. The higher flow might lean out your initial tune on the engine. Also do 2 tunes. One with close valves then do another with open valves. Just to make it more reliable. You got a good car at a very good price.
Younes Zreika
Younes Zreika 14 days ago
I swear to god how can he afford all these cars
17AN 14 days ago
Cory Chase!?
David Caruso
David Caruso 16 days ago
Your mom is just beautiful Sam lol
Mark P
Mark P 17 days ago
I really think you should stop buying BMWs
Harrison Fiore
Harrison Fiore 17 days ago
why i feel like this dude is married to cory chase
Kvng Tae
Kvng Tae 17 days ago
I instantly knew who that step mom was😂😭
Kevin Lawrence Taylor
Kevin Lawrence Taylor 17 days ago
It's beautiful! I would rather have an E63 wagon or sedan but wow its nice!
Kevin Lawrence Taylor
Kevin Lawrence Taylor 17 days ago
I'm guessing about 700hp.
Kevin Lawrence Taylor
Kevin Lawrence Taylor 17 days ago
C'mon bro, she is not your wife?!
NorseDogs Performance
NorseDogs Performance 18 days ago
So when you add up the shit cars you got plus this one what did it really cost for one working good car? I got my cpo 16 c63s sedan for 46k plus another 5k for downpipes tune and lowering.
Dr-Pepper 18 days ago
Wow only 38k miles. That’s good deal.
Jay Miller
Jay Miller 18 days ago
Why tf did i just see Cory Chase in the thumbnail LMAOO
DailyDriverRebuilds 18 days ago
I really need to get me one of these step moms...
helt murings
helt murings 18 days ago
can u please do an update on the Ferrari 360?!
Thrifty Garage
Thrifty Garage 19 days ago
18:10 By the look on Sam's face it's only 420 hp!
nicholas viney
nicholas viney 19 days ago
Sam I hope you look after your step mum as well as she looks after you
Daniel Manaia
Daniel Manaia 20 days ago
hahaha Cory Chase fucks she the business
pedro valencia jr
pedro valencia jr 20 days ago
Talk way too much!
David Lara
David Lara 20 days ago
Cant wait to remove down pipes and get Gintani tuned on my c450.😎
MrSuperchargedv8 20 days ago
the auction lots your going to are copart or something different?
Roger Pulido
Roger Pulido 20 days ago
BMW only good for a lease xD
Ken Dawg
Ken Dawg 20 days ago
I clicked for Corey
El Pibe
El Pibe 21 day ago
I found his stepmother on purnhub 🤣🤣
Drax Mordante
Drax Mordante 21 day ago
Does the new exhaust have a cat?
Feynix Gaming
Feynix Gaming 21 day ago
Tune that Beyotch Up!!!
Sam Koldsen
Sam Koldsen 21 day ago
He’s so scared 😂😂
BaconBandage 21 day ago
Sounds like a weed whacker from the video...I'm glad you got a hefty discount.
djgamble07 21 day ago
Is it just me or do modern Benz' look a bit too 'bling bling' rather than the old luxury/sophistication kinda image? Just my humble opinion (not that I have the money to be in this sorta market anyway).
McbootyLovin 21 day ago
was that his wife and if so what a weird fuckin joke in many ways, literally not watching anymore because of it
Kevin H
Kevin H 21 day ago
Takes a LOT of money for what is basically just a lot of effin around.
Evan K
Evan K 21 day ago
Aha. Cory Chase is a nice addition
Django Freeman
Django Freeman 21 day ago
My shifter is hard
brock dickens
brock dickens 21 day ago
a2cryss 21 day ago
15:18 That exhaust flap connector was the dirtiest part of the car.
Trevor Garrett
Trevor Garrett 21 day ago
Would have been way better hooked up to the stock wire harness and the factory switch.
a2cryss 21 day ago
I have never seen Copart or IAA show a pic of the trunk. I always want to see what parts may be included.
Jack Asmaryan
Jack Asmaryan 22 days ago
Instead of listening to haters yapping why not call Weistec & ask what they did to the car?
Dante McCullough
Dante McCullough 22 days ago
ARMOR SHIELD IS A CRAP PRODUCT! Professional coatings are WELL worth the price, and they’re much much better in every possible category.
franklix 22 days ago
So beautiful
Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt 22 days ago
Divorce trade in just like my Ex did with our GLC63....Traded for a Lexus and took a BATH! MY take on things....Give you $28,000 For that car cause I'm generous....and take your "step mom" out and show her a good time😁
Luis Galeana jr
Luis Galeana jr 22 days ago
Wait isn’t she a 👀👀 I swear she looks familiar 😑
John Graham
John Graham 22 days ago
Mattias Gelevski
Mattias Gelevski 22 days ago
Is that your mom
Zem Flycht Kyrie
Zem Flycht Kyrie 23 days ago
2:30 I know that ain't who I think it is
xF3arKillerz 23 days ago
What year is this car?
adam johnson
adam johnson 23 days ago
Bro is that Cory Chase??
banna man
banna man 23 days ago
You literally went with the shit bmws🤣 lmao there’s soo much more in bmws then what you showing
dpsilver 23 days ago
black and white trim spec...so its a panda?
jay 73
jay 73 23 days ago
I have parked my car next to a Mercedes BMW Porsche Lamborghini Ferrari Alfa Romero Land Rover and none of those cars sound not even close to my 69 Camaro all Throttle and no bottle those cars are so expensive and very slow in a quarter mile track I smoked them all including Tesla
jay 73
jay 73 23 days ago
I own a 1969 Camaro with the 502 Big Block 6-71 blower 373 gears and a 3 speed Powerglide transmission I did race my friend Mercedes and I eat him up like a barbecue rib Mercedes-Benz is for a guy that works in an office. I don't think it's a race car
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez 23 days ago
I seen the lady on the hub lmao she’s a step mom scene
Asphalt 23 days ago
teo's other account, dont look
teo's other account, dont look 23 days ago
"Something more modest" dude, you're buying an AMG mercedes, that is not modest at all lol
Gabi Aron
Gabi Aron 23 days ago
Put more advertising, I've got jut 25 brakes on a 20 minutes video, so you can do it better
BuiltByPi 23 days ago
Give eurocharged a break they work non stop and you come in asking if they just woke up
J G 23 days ago
Hey Sam, can you share what auction sites you use to search for cars like this?
john davis
john davis 23 days ago
Hello Cory xoxoxo
leon steve
leon steve 23 days ago
why is cory chase in the video ??
Martin Ebbesen
Martin Ebbesen 23 days ago
Soooooooo.... Cory Chase?!
Roco Mass
Roco Mass 23 days ago
Mercedes is more modest than BMW? 😂
C 23 days ago
Crazy steal
Samuel rodriguez
Samuel rodriguez 23 days ago
who else agrees that you have seen the "mom" on phub lmao
Jense92 23 days ago
Shoulda put 'headers on it...and got rid of the 'cat converters...your engine is breathing through a plugged nose...with cats on it.
Luke Nunn
Luke Nunn 23 days ago
Can I just ask is the person that you called Cory chase if it is why if you want to know why I said that just type her into google
Eli Ali
Eli Ali 23 days ago
Jense92 23 days ago
Nice car though
Chris Cone
Chris Cone 23 days ago
You need to add an estimate for a long block when you lunch this thing...
Vicious Anime
Vicious Anime 23 days ago
+1000 for editing in a pron scene to make a weird incest joke. instant sub
Vicious Anime
Vicious Anime 23 days ago
Can we be friends and have a sleep over then? I'll bring snacks
Samcrac 23 days ago
Hey thanks for the sub, but its not a pron scene! That is actually my Step Mom!
solid snake
solid snake 23 days ago
Your problem is not an auction full of surprises no .... Buying sport and luxury German cars that’s your problem right there .
Angel Zarzo
Angel Zarzo 23 days ago
DO A GIVEAWAY🥺🥺❤️ that’s a beauty... btw I’m here from recommended ahaha
Nibir Ahmed
Nibir Ahmed 23 days ago
Oh Gosh, kill me cory chase?
Alkaizer 23 days ago
is that a million viewers?!
M Rod
M Rod 23 days ago
Send it
XxSubra xX
XxSubra xX 23 days ago
That is just the dream car
Lukas 23 days ago
What the hell is corey chase doing in this video
Josh Moore
Josh Moore 23 days ago
Sam is a pussy and doesn’t know shit about cars
Dw Dw
Dw Dw 24 days ago
what up white man
S W 24 days ago
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