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LIA MARIEL GOMEZ 6 minutes ago
How do you make the day cach in among us
Yohannah Bacay
Yohannah Bacay Hour ago
The calendar thingy doesn't work
soumya singh
soumya singh 3 hours ago
I did got to know the 13th one on my own some days ago as I
sanjit saha
sanjit saha 3 hours ago
zainab laghari
zainab laghari 4 hours ago
i was the black one lucifer that means i was playing with you
William Fabiano
William Fabiano 6 hours ago
I love he said “a small indie game”even though amoung us is the most popular game right now
Dario Deda
Dario Deda 6 hours ago
Everyone knows that
Buttxercups 11 hours ago
SML24 12 hours ago
Thanks for not clickbaiting :)
Susan Mellage
Susan Mellage 13 hours ago
once i got that task in reactor
Heidi Love
Heidi Love 14 hours ago
AND I'M ON A PC!!!!!
Heidi Love
Heidi Love 14 hours ago
Stefanie Moore
Stefanie Moore 14 hours ago
Vote for geen all the time
M De Rooij
M De Rooij 15 hours ago
0:21 Distraction Dance
supercar boi
supercar boi 15 hours ago
4:23 it's not a telescope thingie it's the cannon for weapons
PinkyPurpleGalaxy 18 hours ago
on mobile you still have to pay for the xmas hats:(
Edrin Edrin
Edrin Edrin 19 hours ago
When you said there where white impostor in the bathhroom I could see it
Qasimodo gamers
Qasimodo gamers 20 hours ago
once i had same green as a among us charecter with wizerd hat.
Pov Meanleap
Pov Meanleap 21 hour ago
If u are wacthing in 2020 leave a like :))
Soft Mint
Soft Mint 22 hours ago
How to change date 📅 in among us
Faiza Prova
Faiza Prova Day ago
thank you bro for this video.
Nethuns object cosmos
Nethuns object cosmos Day ago
I got some imposter secrets,if anyone sees you venting you just need to tell them that you are cleaning the vents
Reborn mommy 771
Reborn mommy 771 Day ago
The hats wont work
Zephyriah Therese Calderon
Zephyriah Therese Calderon Day ago
I know all ..
jiahao yap
jiahao yap Day ago
In polish the weapon s room with the shooting thing on the side is visual task
Julio Fernandes
Julio Fernandes Day ago
I already know the third one
Violeta Trejo Cruz
Violeta Trejo Cruz Day ago
Joanne Alicia Darmady 1730025
Joanne Alicia Darmady 1730025 Day ago
꧁Atsuko Kagari꧂
꧁Atsuko Kagari꧂ Day ago
1:48 Anyone notice that’s a hacked server I got it before.... *ERIS LORIS*
•Chill Gilli•
•Chill Gilli• Day ago
So... what’s the new map?
GERALming Day ago
where is the new map??
Jo Ann simonanama
Jo Ann simonanama Day ago
Stacey West
Stacey West Day ago
I didn’t miss most of them
Byron Alvarez boche
Byron Alvarez boche Day ago
that crew mate in polus is dead
spiritochiaro Day ago
its called guns :|
Sam Bowman
Sam Bowman Day ago
how do you set your date to april first cause im on a ipad
Milo Ngo
Milo Ngo Day ago
bro i literally know all of these EXCEPT the last one lol
Axel Wants2.Animate
Axel Wants2.Animate Day ago
You just earned yourself a new subscriber, buddy.
Danuta Próchnicka
Danuta Próchnicka Day ago
I got that polus card scan with the impostor
angry box
angry box Day ago
Ah yes, the secret public beta
Mariana Valeri
Mariana Valeri Day ago
What is u are in tablet and u wanna get the new hats?.
PinkHairedPeanutTwT -w-
PinkHairedPeanutTwT -w- Day ago
You know.. ive never seen epople dislike comments before... dislike mine right now. I dont want likes- i want dislikes.
PinkHairedPeanutTwT -w-
PinkHairedPeanutTwT -w- Day ago
Pls re
William Fabiano
William Fabiano Day ago
Among us should add a friend list option in which u can add people like this: Settings > Players in lobby > (players names) > (someone's name) add friend > click > (sent friend request and they accept) > FRIEND Now how to open the friend list to see who's online when u enter game: Settings > Friends > All the people u friended :) Also, there should be a setting button next to their name in which u can check things like: Join lobby Unfriend Block Report Does anyone agree??
Sofi Sofe
Sofi Sofe Day ago
2 it’s a task i have the task before
Solaris - The Ultra Life Form
Solaris - The Ultra Life Form Day ago
2020 ok now it's 2020
Solaris - The Ultra Life Form
Solaris - The Ultra Life Form Day ago
You mean this year is 2020
AmA Zing
AmA Zing Day ago
Among us song! usposts.info/vision/jdzYlLqwiJpvhLI/video
paromita ghosh
paromita ghosh Day ago
omg this is perfect
Jherson Kyle Gornez
Jherson Kyle Gornez Day ago
I love you
harold moster
harold moster Day ago
Among us...
Angel Marasigan
Angel Marasigan 2 days ago
Lol I played among us 2hrs ago and a lobby was April 1 I was going to Nav but I somehow got to Reactor
Johnny Pena
Johnny Pena 2 days ago
Am I the only one who gets frustrated that his game play in background occasionally shows nothing at all regarding what he’s talking about??? I literally saw no blip on the admin map while he brought it up. Come on!
Shubh Agarwal
Shubh Agarwal 2 days ago
The first 2 tricks didn't work 😑
Sue Ann
Sue Ann 2 days ago
how to change the time of the device on apple ? sorry i’m a nooB
郭慧贞Alicia Kok Hui Zhen
郭慧贞Alicia Kok Hui Zhen 2 days ago
so so boring.....
Ash Roppolo
Ash Roppolo 2 days ago
me even tho it's almost midnight and I have school tomorrow: I DON'T NEED SLEEP I NEED ANSWERS-
Laura Trujillo
Laura Trujillo 2 days ago
I all ready knew the thing leaving the game and pressing the enter button on the code button
lpscatdog 1330
lpscatdog 1330 2 days ago
Why did you use click bait? There is no secret map.
Anthony Chavez
Anthony Chavez 2 days ago
I’ll try on the iPhone but it did not work
hlutea leiri
hlutea leiri 2 days ago
anyone who like T5G | | \/
XxcheetakidxX 2 days ago
I was watching this video in my settings bout to do the Christmas hack then Meh phone died TnT
# WyattPlays
# WyattPlays 2 days ago
Wait a minutes my among us character name used to be Wyatt
patience courchene
patience courchene 2 days ago
can you do a tutorial on how you get among us on computer
sandra cueva
sandra cueva 2 days ago
When I victory fortnite 0:02
AnIrishPotato Man
AnIrishPotato Man 2 days ago
Time saver for everyone here There's no secret map, he never talks about anything even *among the* lines of a "secret map"
spider manfan4578
spider manfan4578 2 days ago
Well for some reason the game letter me do the secret task in among us
Fatiha Ounzar
Fatiha Ounzar 2 days ago
Nyla Asamoah
Nyla Asamoah 2 days ago
How do you change your date on iPad
Louis Playhouse
Louis Playhouse 2 days ago
Butt i play among us on my phone
Commander Iden Versio
Commander Iden Versio 2 days ago
Number 14 isn't working, I tried but it won't.
Erwin Velacio
Erwin Velacio 2 days ago
i allready know that the room back
Erwin Velacio
Erwin Velacio 2 days ago
i allready know that the room back
jddnelson 2 days ago
I found one secret it a under water room
noor hafiz
noor hafiz 2 days ago
achilles lainez
achilles lainez 2 days ago
Reply to this comment how can you change the month and the date
kimberly jhoy C. balana
kimberly jhoy C. balana 2 days ago
How do you change the date???
zaskia amelia
zaskia amelia 3 days ago
yg salfok tulisan indo sini, mri merapat:v
Travis Sta. Rosa
Travis Sta. Rosa 3 days ago
um hey I'm not lying ok my map is glitched and I clearly see a white crewmate just standing there. I thought it was a glitched afk crewmate
im coming
im coming 3 days ago
If anyone has played fallout New Vegas you can hear a suttle version of the noise when your imposter if you go to the mountain near neil
My best among us player ❤❤❤❤❤❤
strawberry tωt
strawberry tωt 3 days ago
Ho do u change the date?
xXForro_CsokiXx :3
xXForro_CsokiXx :3 3 days ago
I think The Christmas hats are only free for pc users..
Moshi Magsanay
Moshi Magsanay 3 days ago
At the 15 is I see a glass That's suspicious 🤔🤔
Tadesse Tegene
Tadesse Tegene 3 days ago
wait, no one knows about the admin map?
ujang tea
ujang tea 3 days ago
this is real secret😱😱
Syed Reaj
Syed Reaj 3 days ago
While watching his video I realized that he had 666k subs 😂😂
Mark Looney
Mark Looney 3 days ago
U lied bout free hats
Camille Russell
Camille Russell 3 days ago
How you change the date :(
Fawn Dewan
Fawn Dewan 3 days ago
Does it work on phones ?
Fawn Dewan
Fawn Dewan 3 days ago
Wow that was awesome but I can't try it out because I have a phone not a tablet or anything
Autumn all year The 3rd season
Autumn all year The 3rd season 3 days ago
1:50 Im still confused if that's suppost to be red velvet the kpop group i stan or just the other one... ???
Christian Ciriaco
Christian Ciriaco 3 days ago
How do you do secret number 15 and number 14 on a iPhone?
Christian Ciriaco
Christian Ciriaco 3 days ago
Gorilla Shit
Gorilla Shit Day ago
JT 3 days ago
Beta version is also available on Play Store, which actually kinda has
The Goodguy
The Goodguy 3 days ago
666 ahhhh
Rehan Ramlogan
Rehan Ramlogan 3 days ago
you copied @skipthetutorial
Narwhal Playz
Narwhal Playz 3 days ago
U have 666k subs 0_0
dangthatsalongname 2
dangthatsalongname 2 3 days ago
I new number 2
Aleng Lengleng
Aleng Lengleng 3 days ago
that thing that you caled teloccop thingi that was for wepons those little holes was for shoting astroids in the polos map i discovered it when i was playing on the polos map i was a crewmate and i did that task then i saw it thats how i knew it you know its outside wepons in polos do you???
Geckos Bastelwerkstatt
Geckos Bastelwerkstatt 3 days ago
Number 12 is no secret but an Updatr
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29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us
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