ID Police Review: As Seen on TV Theft Protection Gadget?

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Month ago

ID Police is an As Seen on TV theft protection stamp roller. Does it really work? Today I test it out on a variety of different types of documents and paper.
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George M
George M 13 hours ago
i used to live in Henderson around 7 hills
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez Day ago
I have a feeling people use it and toss the papers away right away with out seeing the results
TheFantasticWes Day ago
I burn a hole in mine
Jaime Christ
Jaime Christ 2 days ago
Three words: SHRED YOUR DOCUMENTS🙃 ....with a CROSSCUT shredder
Freakin' Reviews
Freakin' Reviews Day ago
There still is no replacement for a good shredder.
TonyVS 6 days ago
For $10 you might as well spend an extra $10 and get a decent paper shredder.
Adan Jimenezc
Adan Jimenezc 10 days ago
The fact you can just burn the paper🤣
hot stuff
hot stuff 12 days ago
You Better to cut the paper to secure personal information 🤭✌️✌️
EmbersFromAshes 14 days ago
Have heard common rubbing alcohol works even better than water for removing the ID police ink.
Bills Sawshop
Bills Sawshop 14 days ago
One time use ?
Eric Schnidrig
Eric Schnidrig 15 days ago
About 40 years ago, a device to solve this problem was invented ... It's called a shredder.
Norm Deviant
Norm Deviant 15 days ago
Definitely going to the completely useless video in the future.
KidPiper 96
KidPiper 96 15 days ago
Dump some of the worlds blackest ink in that sucker.
RandomReevuze 16 days ago
Just use a shredder then burn it, 'BuT yOu CaN rEcOvEr BuRnT InFo', yea if you're CIA, there's like less than 100 people on earth who could do that, you're data isn't that important
Tati Watikuno
Tati Watikuno 16 days ago
will you do the new hex wok?
hotdrumchick 16 days ago
I got a similar gadget for this purpose, and got the same results. I either use my candle lighter and burn my info out or just tear off the sensitive parts and flush it down the toilet.
Sora Nekohime Ch.
Sora Nekohime Ch. 17 days ago
Or you can just burn the documents in a fireplace
Fijija Uxg
Fijija Uxg 17 days ago
The valuable activity locally part because engine thessaly blush failing a evanescent sponge. hypnotic, daffy industry
IINSPIR3DD 17 days ago
if people really want to hide it just write random letter and numbers 2-3 times and it'll be unreadable
Michael Teige
Michael Teige 18 days ago
People fake electric bills for a few reasons. The main one is for rental purposes to show that, no, you have not been living in your mother's basement for the past 4 years, you totally have good rental history, and here is the electric bill to prove it!
Surviver 19 days ago
I have to say: Waiting 1 day to "see how it holds up" is hardly a test. Shoukd have waited a lot longer, few weeks.
A.G. 19 days ago
I just use scissors to cut the printed information across the text or even black marker and combine it with cutting.
DMB4ever710 19 days ago
Text in a large font size, etc... That could mean, anything smaller?
tomato paste#
tomato paste# 19 days ago
Go to Walmart and buy a black can of spray paint for a dollar, all done easy little squirt of paint on the paper.
jerry P.
jerry P. 19 days ago
Have u seen the smart watch with built in wireless earbuds? Looked cool.
Jay 20 days ago
I bought a different brand, and I love it. Even with only one pass, you can't read what's written and I haven't noticed the ink fading. Plus it's easier to use than this one. The one I got on Amazon is called the Miseyo Wide Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp and it comes with 3 ink refills.
tearson 20 days ago
just add water and bam insta red ur info ink is never good man
Steven Allan
Steven Allan 20 days ago
The best identity theft protection system is just to burn it. OK, so not great in all circumstances, I'll stick with my shredder. Good review though, nice and detailed.
Dreadlock Wonder
Dreadlock Wonder 21 day ago
(11:38 RIP ID Police)
Charlie Aviles
Charlie Aviles 21 day ago
We all know that's a viagar bottle.
Pyzael 22 days ago
Why not just get a giant can of fruit and save the can. Keep it outside where you can set your documents on fire.
kҽղղվ ՎՄՌԳ
kҽղղվ ՎՄՌԳ 22 days ago
ii use Sharpie
mst3kanita 22 days ago
i just don't think that rubber stamp ink is the best material on labels since they're so slick.
Zeekolmfao23 23 days ago
Somebody give this guy's face expression, a meme.
Neal Noble
Neal Noble 23 days ago
Shredding docs, mail, etc is still pretty damn easy and cost effective. For the items that can't be shredded, maybe this might work, but a sharpie and other DIY options probably are just as good.
RJWaring 23 days ago
The pill bottle was for acute balding.. Its not working
Scott Pitner
Scott Pitner 23 days ago
For anyone wondering what his Backround is... The Mandelbrot Set it’s the single greatest thing in mathematics and just an amazing concept visualized beautifully
asaad hutchinson
asaad hutchinson 23 days ago
Cheap ink?
Bernie Burton
Bernie Burton 23 days ago
Just use the larger Sharpie
Lawrence F.
Lawrence F. 23 days ago
I'll stick with a shredder.
R6-D2 24 days ago
This is a great ad for a paper shredder.
John Tarach jr
John Tarach jr 24 days ago
You can literally buy a shredder on amazon for $20
C Boucher
C Boucher 24 days ago
Can we see more product and less you? Or you love looking at yourself that much?
Ignacio Z
Ignacio Z 24 days ago
Instead of having it say "id police" it should have random letters and numbers, maybe symbols, too.
Eric D
Eric D 24 days ago
This review isn’t just fantastic, but honestly pretty important for others to see. Largely because of the perceived security risks involved with using this product!!! This should totally be sent to the company and blasted on Twitter. This company is selling this thing, knowing it barely covers up what could be sensitive information. Putting potentially unaware customers at significant risk. Big thumbs up James, great review as usual!
paw jensen
paw jensen 24 days ago
You should try using alcohol on them, papers from banks and so on are most like printed on laser printer , so you should be able to lift the ink up and read it.
Leggo MuhEggo
Leggo MuhEggo 25 days ago
tou can see them because you know what to look for
bucket traveler
bucket traveler 25 days ago
It looks like it is just the quality of ink. I'm sure better ink would double the manufacturing cost though so that is probably why they cheeped out on ink.
N R 25 days ago
I use a magnum Sharpie
Ninna 25 days ago
And then there's me who just either throws it right in the trash, or manually ruins the part with my name on it??
Frontier 25 days ago
Hahaha, if someone was to steal my identity they would own a lot of debt and have no credit whatsoever!!
Frontier 25 days ago
Got a burn pit in the back yard.. good for cooking hot dogs, marshmallows and sensitive mail..
Sean Foltz
Sean Foltz 26 days ago
Two for $20 - you can get a decent paper shredder from Walmart for less than that
Caleb Blickensderfer
Caleb Blickensderfer 26 days ago
You can use a can opener for that packaging
Me my opinion Sche
Me my opinion Sche 26 days ago
When I need to get rid of a lot of bills With a lot of personal information on them I don't have a shredder or the time to block them out. My easy way to destroy them permanently. Pale of water throw all the bills into it and wait for about a minute mush them all together into a ball of paper pulp.
Unkown 26 days ago
$20 for disposable stamp that can't be reinked yea rite. You can buy a paper shredder for that price or 20 lighters.
ByerzGaming 26 days ago
Here’s a free and easy way BURN BURN BURN
peregrinegrace 27 days ago
A wet sponge , a naughty dog or a compost bin. Just dont buy more crap ..
Djohn Djay
Djohn Djay 27 days ago
What a coincidence. I was born and raised in the projects, on the mean streets Anytown, USA.
Cosmic ZebraCakes
Cosmic ZebraCakes 27 days ago
Ah yes, another ad.
Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil 27 days ago
Eh. Just invest in a cheap shredder
Joe R
Joe R 28 days ago
The best tool to get into any packaging is a sharp knife.
b Consilio
b Consilio 28 days ago
I’m not sure the con commenters did the testing you did. I would not have. Fyi for after it runs dry you can use an ink pad or reinker. Refill for ink pads sold in craft stores. I’d buy alcohol based permanent pad or reinker. Also other manufacturers of this type of product my use different ink that could be more indelible.
Ricovali 28 days ago
I use a bottle of black shoe scuff remover. No kidding it really works
Abdelkader Elbachir
Abdelkader Elbachir 28 days ago
I didn't know that paper shredders are so expensive in the US !?
S H 29 days ago
The illusion of security
RODA 29 days ago
i've seen this product before that stamps random numbers and letters, much better than ID police
Shelia Shuck
Shelia Shuck 29 days ago
Try reading it under a blacklight.
bansheemania Month ago
I just burn my mail
Seth Mojica
Seth Mojica Month ago
For receipts, just hold them over a candle. They use thermal paper, and can be ruined with a hot spoon or candle.
Pamela Sullivan
Pamela Sullivan Month ago
Thank you verify my gut feeling. I could make out a very high percentage (80some%) on most. And ya know a criminal would be willing to spend whole lot more time to attain our private info. Still no desire to buy. I'll keep burning my papers.
Michel Linschoten
Michel Linschoten Month ago
Got a 5 dollar burn barrel lol
nagchampa Month ago
It would work better with a mix of letters and numbers instead of just their logo
TV Month ago
isnt there scissors to get through that packaging
Adorable Dinosaur
Adorable Dinosaur Month ago
i rather burn them
Sandra Sandy Manning
Sandra Sandy Manning Month ago
Hi James! Question for you: What is that cool looking glowing thing with lights in the background?🤔
NowI'mMe Month ago
Couldn't you keep this thing but use a really black ink on a stamp pad to "rejuvenate" the I.D. Police?
Ayzurea Month ago
Get yourself a empty highlighter marker body then put the ink Noodler's Black. There ya go. That black ink is chemical resistant
Brandon Harvey
Brandon Harvey Month ago
The pill bottles I get have heat sensitive ink so I just run a lighter over the info before throwing it out.
Derek i
Derek i Month ago
just dunk your precious belongings you want safe into some hydrochloric acid works wonders 🤩
Zombie Barbie
Zombie Barbie Month ago
The grey shirt looks good on you compared to the blue one....
Rusty Shackhouse
Rusty Shackhouse Month ago
It'll be fun to use on your friends forehead when they get 🤔🤣
BatmanAssassin 9
BatmanAssassin 9 Month ago
Or burn them
Voorhees Jason
Voorhees Jason Month ago
20 bucks for a disposable thing???? We are such a throw away culture. Rather shred paper and put the paper in my recycle in this way I know the paper is being reused somewhere.
Karl Reinhold
Karl Reinhold Month ago
You could Voiceover Tobi from the Office
snorkelinthesea Month ago
you are a national treasure!
abcdeisthekey Month ago
Yeah using this gadget with some pen scratches on the paper first would work great
tom ee
tom ee Month ago
Try fire
Funny45 Month ago
paper shredder
Angela Farrow
Angela Farrow Month ago
It’s because there is a difference of ink, most mass mail docs use a laser printer (The election foc) or use thermal imprint(receipts/tracking labels). I suppose it works better on inkjet type prints.
K Op
K Op Month ago
I soak my documents in water and mash it all together, they def won’t put that together
Schardt Cinematic Productions
Schardt Cinematic Productions Month ago
If the inventor hadn't felt the need to plaster ID Police on the roller and kept it as all squares. It probably would have worked alot better.
Schardt Cinematic Productions
Schardt Cinematic Productions Month ago
I'm not to far from Maytown Pennsylvania. I'm across the river in York. Lol
Tucker T
Tucker T Month ago
Burn it 🔥
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith Month ago
Good video. Lousy product!
N/A N/A Month ago
I have a fat sharpie that has aways worked for me
Jason Beard
Jason Beard Month ago
Nothing beats fire.
Tzivya Month ago
Nothing outdoes fire.
Tab Valentino
Tab Valentino Month ago
That is a piece of useless shit
Mike DePue
Mike DePue Month ago
Well, you singlehandedly sold me on the Slit It, that's for sure!!!
Trigger A
Trigger A Month ago
Metal bucket and some cave man voodoo.
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