Ultimate Video Doorbell Comparison: Finding the Best

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11 months ago

With more video doorbell options than ever, it’s time to have a showdown and find the best. I tested 6 popular smart doorbells and I’ll show you how each one held up to my testing. I’ll go over the video quality, latency, no subscription recording options, and everything you need to know.
To read my notes and more comparison info, click here: smarthomesolver.com/reviews/best-smart-doorbell
LINKS (affiliate):
Amcrest: amzn.to/2KddDJS
Arlo Video Doorbell: amzn.to/34EWUIF
SkyBell Slim: amzn.to/2YNaWaq
Eufy 2K Battery (🏆Best Overall): amzn.to/3biHpc8
Nest Hello (🏆Highest Quality): homedepot.sjv.io/KbvGy
Ring Pro: amzn.to/3beercw
0:00 - Intro
0:42 - Amcrest
2:13 - Arlo
4:08 - SkyBell
5:20 - Eufy
7:14 - Nest Hello
9:08 - Ring Pro
10:34 - Final Thoughts
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Song titled Absolute Terror by Nihilore
Song titled The End by EVA
Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent Amcrest and Eufy doorbells for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
This video was intense! Time stamps in the description. Since I couldn’t include everything, make sure you check out my website for more details: smarthomesolver.com/reviews/best-smart-doorbell Which smart doorbell do you use?
Jack Murray
Jack Murray 12 days ago
EUFY is great, but I just find that it's 100% owned by a Chinese company. So I wonder its future cooperation with local government.
Sk Sajib
Sk Sajib 2 months ago
tk ct
Steven Tortora
Steven Tortora 4 months ago
I have all arlo cameras, and the only downside to the arlo doorbell camera was the monthly subscription. If you gave it a longterm test i bet the rating would be higher. Also the arlo and nest cameras are suspicious similar lol.
Angela Fiebelkorn
Angela Fiebelkorn 4 months ago
@Randy Ferguson it was a quote from a movie. A comedy movie. It made me laugh each time I heard it. Since you haven't seen the movie, you didn't get the joke.
Melanie Azeff
Melanie Azeff 4 months ago
@Luuk Bakker Princess Bride ...watch it
Steve Vet365
Steve Vet365 Day ago
Do you know if the eufy doorbell can be accessed without an alert, real time viewing. Meaning if I heard a noise outside and I wanted to view my front yard I can do so when I wanted.
Sebastian Ayala
Sebastian Ayala Day ago
Fantatic, this is what I call a good review
Silver Aspen
Silver Aspen 3 days ago
I wonder how the Lorex QHD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell camera compares. I have Lorex wifi security cameras, and was thinking about installing the video doorbell also.
Thedrakanmaster 124
Thedrakanmaster 124 3 days ago
Gotta love the princess bride reference
Gopal Iyer
Gopal Iyer 3 days ago
You didn’t review the Simplisafe doorbell. Any thoughts?
Ann Price
Ann Price 4 days ago
this review is outstanding. finally someone who understands pace ! everything moves fast but the content full explanations are well timed. last but not least he ditched the time consuming box opening. who wants to watch someone open packages? just communicate pertinent facts. this guy should teach others how to create videos. he is amazing.
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 5 days ago
Thats how review should be done, appreciate your hard work 👍🏻👍🏻
Leigh Segel
Leigh Segel 7 days ago
11:35 "I tested for the live view and... It's not working right now, but it may be soon... which would be awesome!"... lmfao.... what, dude? This video was sponsored today by Oufy. For cheap, pudgy, idiots like you that can't stomach a monthly fee for cloud storage.
max zuckerbraun
max zuckerbraun 9 days ago
when your favorite part is the end.
ChynahDoll World
ChynahDoll World 10 days ago
Great video thank you 😊
SchatzeTV 10 days ago
Vivint is THE WORST. We need to send footage to a detective for a criminal investigation and there's no way to download the footage. On top of that, vivint only keeps footage for 15 days so we had to call for them to re-upload deleted footage... But they still couldn't help tell us how to save/download the footage ... the only thing they said we could do was share it and we all know the hassle of trying to share video to text or email
Anthony P Arciniega
Anthony P Arciniega 10 days ago
Great review. Do all these doorbells require WiFi? Do you have a review for a video bell for a property driveway entry gate? WiFi won’t cut it so far away without a cat5 cable.
Westwind Sailing
Westwind Sailing 14 days ago
How do you prepare to die?
Nathan Harrell
Nathan Harrell 15 days ago
Thanks for editing out you saying Alexa because I would be in trouble if not
PatchaChel 17 days ago
Considering upgrading to a smart home but really clueless as to the best options. Thanks for the hard work putting this together:
Idayia Kandel
Idayia Kandel 18 days ago
Thank you so much great video 👍🏼
Abz H
Abz H 19 days ago
Ty for this video.
Chris Mendoza
Chris Mendoza 19 days ago
The good thing about having cloud storage is the footage gets uploaded in the cloud where as if someone were to take the doorbell, you lose everything
Riley Scott
Riley Scott 20 days ago
How do we keep people from stealing these video doorbells when they come to steal much cheaper items??
Truth of 73
Truth of 73 20 days ago
I see this video being a lot of work, but you did it best. No need to watch any more after this one. Great job.
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook 21 day ago
Kevin Cook
Kevin Cook 21 day ago
js007 22 days ago
Wonderful video for easy comparison. Wish that it included the newer Eufy doorbell that has the built in 5 day continuous record feature. I believe that model, for now, is only sold at Best Buy. Would like to see how it stacks up against all of the competitors newer models as well. Thanks for the video.
Todd Parker
Todd Parker 22 days ago
This is the perfect tech review: detailed, critical, and to the point.
Sean Xie
Sean Xie 23 days ago
I used Doorbird, a German product. Extremely customizable, but pricy.
Ileah Cook
Ileah Cook 24 days ago
Who would have thought that we would reach a day in which choosing a doorbell was such a decision-making process. I very very much appreciated your video and have since become a subscriber! Thanks again.
Inressa 26 days ago
Bought the Eufy because of this video and saved money monthly from Ring, thank you very much.
Spartan089a 26 days ago
So looking into smartthings as hub but also like the idea of ring security with its cameras and contact sensors, but I've hit a problem with my research in finding out if, for example, I can use a ring contact sensor on a window to tell my ecobee to turn off the A/c through smartthings. Also using Alexa. I've seen apps like simplecomands and know that alexa can set routines and virtual switches smartthings can see. But could you do a video on ring integration with smartthings?? or a way that integration and automation might work with smartthings?
Elton Noway
Elton Noway 26 days ago
While a great comparison video for the products covered.. I wouldn't call it "Ultimate" as he left out the entire home security sector of people whose homes are wired with Cat6. For example the website ipcamtalk has an entire forum dedicated to users of IP doorbell cameras that are tied into their whole house security system with "multiple" cameras and NVR (network video recorder). In other words... if you're only interested in whose at the door these will work... but if you want to know whose busting into your garage or crawling through a bedroom window - keep looking.
Lee Joseph
Lee Joseph 29 days ago
I’m lost . What is your first choice ? Ring pro or Nest hello .and I think your second choice is EUFY . appreciate yr help here
racewiththefalcons1 Month ago
Can you configure the Nest Hello face recognition through IFTTT to automatically unlock the door when it recognizes your face?
CanE Month ago
Great my dog is barking 0:01
R K Month ago
With my research I came to the exact same conclusions. If only eufy worked perfectly with the nest hub and minis tho.
JD Scott
JD Scott Month ago
Bad acting.
xtremehunta Month ago
This video is INVALUABLE! THANK YOU for everything you put into this video
Lawful Spoon
Lawful Spoon Month ago
Why am I watching this?
Anna S
Anna S Month ago
I wish they would make one that works behind my storm door through my peephole.
Jase L
Jase L Month ago
Have you not seen the Ring Peephole Cam/Device? It's pretty cool.
I don't know
I don't know Month ago
I could live with the monthly fee but you are going to have to give me the unit for free.
Miss Bilby Badinage
Miss Bilby Badinage Month ago
I’m thinking of using an dedicated android phone for this purpose (note 3 with lollipop). I’m also renting and can’t use screws, I want the ring version of the Eufy. Does it exist?
Rebecca Oliver
Rebecca Oliver Month ago
Are the visible wires necessary or part of your set up for the video? I want to go with the Eufy, have a doorbell with wires and would like to add some Eufy cameras as well. I'm not sure what actually works together or not. I'll check out your other video.
Missy Bliss
Missy Bliss Month ago
Thank you. This just saved me so much time. I appreciate you.
yerffej99 Month ago
Love my Eufy!
Daniel Hsu
Daniel Hsu Month ago
We had our first package theft in four years and basically three out of three ring devices failed to detect motion. The reason I know is because I have a backup system from another brand. I called Ring Support telling them basically the system failed. She checked everything, Wi-Fi speed, zones, etc after putting me on hold, probably talking to a supervisor on how to respond, she said that it was because of cool down and frequency settings. The last motion was 8 minutes before and she knew it. I pay $30 for the Ring Plus and am 100% disappointed in their response. If you see this review on other videos, then it’s because I’m THAT DISAPPOINTED after spending nearly $1k in product and fees. Unfortunately, I have no idea which system is best at person detection, but I know it’s not Ring.
aShadeofBrown Month ago
Lorex is amazing
v a n e s s a r u t h p l a y z
v a n e s s a r u t h p l a y z Month ago
Idk why the mic test said _____ u k✏️led my father prep to d1e
Raphael El Fadl
Raphael El Fadl Month ago
Hello, how u doing ? Am considering getting the eufy battery doorbell. Do u recommend? Does it work well with nest hub max and echo show? Thanks for your return!
sniperking305 Month ago
For arlo it looks like your using a wall outlet to power it maybe it’s not enough power ?
Trent Williamson
Trent Williamson Month ago
You saved 1 million people 1 million hours. Thank-you !
Jason DeBraux
Jason DeBraux Month ago
This video was VERY well executed & I appreciate the integrity as well. I'm curious if you are planning on reviewing the new Wyze doorbell sometime in the near future? It looks like the Eufy doorbell is still the king.
Tom Green
Tom Green 2 months ago
Amceest software and Customer service is nonexistent
Deremiel Robinson
Deremiel Robinson 2 months ago
You left out the NSC-DB2.
finautos 2 months ago
Amazing comparison!! well done
Philip Wolford
Philip Wolford 2 months ago
VIVINT SMART HOME. Good informative video on all these "works okay cheaper doorbells" for anyone looking to get a quality full security system including a 180 by 180 field of view doorbell look into Vivint Smart Home. Spent two years taking out hundreds of these doorbells and replacing them with Vivint. It's always an upgrade for real
Frugal Neen
Frugal Neen 2 months ago
Thank you for this video. I was just strolling trying to decide which one to buy for my new house.
Benita Cervantes
Benita Cervantes 2 months ago
Wow home solver smart
Andrew Becker
Andrew Becker 2 months ago
Anyone know what lamp is in the background ?
sphinxrb 2 months ago
tt The Arlo Video Doorbell was a 6 month hassle with Arlo support; and I finally removed it; and got a Nest Hello which works much better than Arlo ever did. Arlo refuses to let me return and get my money back. They did send me a replacement once that had same exact issue; which that all cost me additional $16! Avoid these products if I were you. Nest Hello costs more; but worth it; worked right out of the box and very responsive. Arlo keeps you in tech support for months, then when you have had enough; they then say you only have 30 days to get a refund. I don't understand a company that will not refund $150 to a consumer who comes here to complain for all to see; does not seem worth it. Refund my money and I go away.
Gumaro Manriquez
Gumaro Manriquez 2 months ago
Hi Reed, I have watched a couple of your videos and they have been really helpful in starting to build my own smart house. Now I was thinking on getting the nestxyale + nest doorbell, because I went for the Google assist option. But I just learn about the lockly doorbell / door lock?. What do you think about it? Do you recommend it to be use with the Google and if it could substitute the nestxyale + nest doorbell? Are you planing of doing a review of it? Here is the link to the one I'm talking about. lockly.com/products/lockly-vision-doorbell-camera-smart-lock Thank you!
Tiago Briote
Tiago Briote 2 months ago
"verbally threatened the doorbell"ahahahahahahahahah
lifehackertips 2 months ago
The amcrest and eufy seem like the best
lifehackertips 2 months ago
8:23 your camera looks afraid
Denis Breda
Denis Breda 2 months ago
Still undecided between nest and ring honestly, let's see which one would be better under bad Italian winter weather lol
Macario Genchi
Macario Genchi 2 months ago
Do a test on simply safe
Gabriel ga vare
Gabriel ga vare 2 months ago
Excellent video 👏 information clear and enough
B G 2 months ago
Or, you know, just stop buying stuff you don't need.
Mister Muffin
Mister Muffin 2 months ago
You rude ring best
LoudAfterRiot Gaming
LoudAfterRiot Gaming 2 months ago
Ring is by far The worst
Gadzukis 2 months ago
Hik DB1. is the best. better than all
Intelligent Investor
Intelligent Investor 2 months ago
Just found your channel and subscribed! So 8 months later, do you have any updates or opinions? Looks like Eufy is the winner here. Thanks!
cwazypaving 2 months ago
door unlock?
ScyzorPL 2 months ago
Great review and thank you for not saying ALEXA =)
Real Tuff
Real Tuff 2 months ago
Great video
Patrick Os
Patrick Os 2 months ago
De eufy is het beste vergeleken met de ring deurbel daar heb je een abonnement voor nodig de eufy niet die slaat alles op.
psycedelic 2 months ago
why no Wyze product on the review? :(
scottcol23 2 months ago
I was going to go with the nest. But when I realized that it HAD to be hard wired in. It wont work in my situation. I live in a apartment that is above a restaurant. The door to get upstairs is locked 24/7 and there is no power. I went with the Ring3 because it has a big battery (lasts 2 weeks for me) and Amazon was selling the Ring3 pro WITH an Echo Show 5 for 149.00 for xmas. The ring 3 came with 30 days of free cloud storage and will cost $39 a year to continue which is not bad at all.
savagecub 2 months ago
Gravel driveway ? Where are you......Mississippi ? Good video otherwise.
Tamika Hawkins
Tamika Hawkins 2 months ago
You worked your butt off for this video. Wowww! Thank you so much. Eufy for me!
Mayavi 2 months ago
Add a chart at the end
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch
Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch 3 months ago
Thumbs up for the Princess Bride reference.
KevinHarper3DArtist 3 months ago
I really enjoyed this video a few months ago as I knew I was moving soon and wanted a change from the Ring Doorbell because I did not want to be part of the Neighborhood watch thing they have going on. I saw today that Logitec now has a homekit door bell! Privacy first, I am loving at the end of the month and will buy one but would love to see your opinion on it.
deejayshmoove 3 months ago
OUTSTANDING video. Getting a new house built and you made my choice MUCH EASIER. Keep up the great work
zcqw4a1 3 months ago
Great comparison. Thank you!
J Kenney
J Kenney 3 months ago
I wish I had seen this video before buying a bunch of Arlos- that video lag is no joke. Returning them all for a Eufy or Nest. Thanks for all of the comparison work! Funny how all of these review sites failed to mention anything about lag....
Sara Chealse
Sara Chealse 3 months ago
So who is the best?
Crix 3 months ago
As a UPS driver, I hear people say "Thank you" but the audio cuts out and by the time they say anything I already left but I hear it by the time I get in the truck. It's really awkward. I wouldn't try to use audio in these, it seems really delayed.
Zhen Wang
Zhen Wang 2 months ago
At least they are loud. Lol. Thanks for your work.
yomama6461 3 months ago
I have amazon ecosystem in the house but kept my nest hello it is fantastic quality
Shelly Salois
Shelly Salois 3 months ago
What about Blink?
scott boyd
scott boyd 3 months ago
Wether or not they work with your homes’ existing doorbells is important to note. Eufy no, ring yes and so on. dealbreaker for some, incredibly well done overall though, ty!
Angel Estrada
Angel Estrada 3 months ago
Robert Rumfelt
Robert Rumfelt 3 months ago
Well done!!!
Omar Alanizi
Omar Alanizi 3 months ago
Would definitely go with arlo. It’s slow because you have slow internet
Franklin Hidalgo
Franklin Hidalgo 3 months ago
Íñigo Montoya!
climbernl 3 months ago
I'm wondering what your opinion is about the Netatmo doorbell
P F 3 months ago
Best part was the ending.😂
theequalizer2007 3 months ago
No one gets to pronounce Iñigo well.
berntd 3 months ago
Battery life? The most important thing does not seem to get tested in any doorbell videos.
James Harris
James Harris 3 months ago
My first test would be to see which one would survive a sharp hit with a claw hammer.
Tanya M K
Tanya M K 3 months ago
thank you for this review! I really appreciate the time you took to make such a detailed review. I was going for the eufy camera but found out its only weather tolerant until -4deg F. do you have any recommendations for weatherproofing it or any other camera that can withstand cold weather? thank you!
D 3 months ago
My internal battery in the ring pro failed after only a year, rendering the doorbell unsuable. I know many people who had this issue. I also had issues with it not being compatible with existing chime. I have the arlo and do not have any of thr issues you mention. Not do not have an echo show, so that poimt i can't speak on. The arlo is actually compatible with my chime. Major thing Ring had sold the product has needing a minimum of 16VAC originally, mater changing it to 24 due to failure of the battery on under 24.
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