YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]

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YBN Nahmir

15 days ago

YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage)
Stream/Download: YBN.lnk.to/OppStoppaRemix
Director: Rock Davis
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
EP: Nigel Talley
Producers: Jyothi Davis & Carla Johnson
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Jose Villegas
Jose Villegas 13 minutes ago
Bro 21 go hard here
Travis Taltoan
Travis Taltoan 53 minutes ago
Osiris fukd da whole video up. Smh
bubba da beast
bubba da beast 59 minutes ago
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear Hour ago
Back ground beat nice❤️🔥, sound nice, video shoot ❤️🔥, back ground voice wording🔥, ending wording 🔥 song🔥.
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell Hour ago
I like how all the comments bout 21 and not bout his verse😂😂😂
BOULDER 44 2 hours ago
Why do they have a stove outside 😭🤣🤣
J Zz
J Zz 2 hours ago
21 slaughtered this beat.
Riya Wale
Riya Wale 2 hours ago
This music video and “dr.pepper is soda for cars” by verse vault is the two things getting me through quarantine. So thankful for music videos!
Harsh Tyagi
Harsh Tyagi 3 hours ago
0:02 aye this girl taking selfie, I think I saw her on twitch flashing lol
plugboi johnny
plugboi johnny Hour ago
Spill 👀
Skeii Wilson
Skeii Wilson 3 hours ago
"That's tha oppa stoppa"
nyezi Mkhize
nyezi Mkhize 3 hours ago
elijah.100 3 hours ago
2017 vibes coming back
Craft union
Craft union 3 hours ago
I will try to comment on this video every day until it reaches 10m
Ил Мэджик
Ил Мэджик 4 hours ago
It's Kai
It's Kai 4 hours ago
Why are ya'll tb savage like that lmao he's chillin -3-
Albert Francis Simons
Albert Francis Simons 4 hours ago
Tracks fire but dude looks like Tyga rapping like Maxo Kream
PANDA_POISSON 4 hours ago
21 savage like when u forced to take family pictures
Deegan Sovocool
Deegan Sovocool 4 hours ago
“Nahmir fell off, he doesn’t make good music anymore” then releases this banger
Julian Ferreira
Julian Ferreira 4 hours ago
Am the only person who says "oppa stoppa" instead of opp stoppa
RedGalaxyStiker ll
RedGalaxyStiker ll 4 hours ago
21 look like aint even wanna be there lmaoo
rep 5 hours ago
GriZzY 5 hours ago
am i the only to see that 21 looks kinda bored
XTR David
XTR David 5 hours ago
21 looks like Kodak when he was released from jail at his party
Landon Battelli
Landon Battelli 5 hours ago
SwiperKillz 13
SwiperKillz 13 5 hours ago
Everyone gangsta til Obama come inn da cut
yafet teka
yafet teka 6 hours ago
baby quavo without the mumble
Billy Blunkall
Billy Blunkall 6 hours ago
XBOX 360 controller
hot dancing 18
hot dancing 18 7 hours ago
The year has already started with fuck music man🔥🔥💪💪
Gotta Jay
Gotta Jay 7 hours ago
Is 21 kidnapped by Nahmir?
Lucas White
Lucas White 7 hours ago
Trash! It’s not turning me on but 21 dope
Groovy Tony 83
Groovy Tony 83 7 hours ago
21 look like he dont wanna be their
killerpizza Frenchmaid
killerpizza Frenchmaid 9 hours ago
They Guy at the end Driving looked like Tay-k for a second
Restu Hamzani
Restu Hamzani 9 hours ago
Indonesian 😎😎
Kimathsert 10 hours ago
btw YKOsiris just pulls up everybody:*pissed* dudes in the back: YK GO NOW
Kimathsert 10 hours ago
Shubham Raval
Shubham Raval 10 hours ago
21 tough 😂
Kendrick Darrington
Kendrick Darrington 11 hours ago
Was yk osiars
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 12 hours ago
How are people saying 21 is better lol? His bars are garbage
Cameron Bean
Cameron Bean 12 hours ago
21 look bored as hell 😂
CC Soni
CC Soni 12 hours ago
21 a real street nigga 🤣 he don’t dance ... this video ain’t his seen
Spacedout M
Spacedout M 13 hours ago
21 and nahmir are plain goofys.. when you thought this video couldnt get any worse ,"osiris" pulls up 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻
Wafflez-Man- 14 hours ago
Wack but alittle catchy.
Dame 15 hours ago
I’ll be honest Nahmir don’t miss 🔥🔥🔥
qGrove 15 hours ago
This song died faster than among us
123 FRTIZ 15 hours ago
21 look like he gotta be around his younger siblings friends
Auxxy 16 hours ago
nahmir just dissed the f*** out of osiris🤣💯
Inedix - Gaming
Inedix - Gaming 17 hours ago
Kris Gavvala
Kris Gavvala 17 hours ago
is ybn nahmir the same dude from that yt vid with rappers havin dinner with that one lady and bein all cringey edit: i knew it that bitch looked familiar af
Afiq Hanafi
Afiq Hanafi 17 hours ago
Is this the guy that keep a rocket in his pocket socket and called it pocket rocket?
Kamden Greene
Kamden Greene 17 hours ago
21 look shy asl
anderson almanzar
anderson almanzar 17 hours ago
duro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋
Stelu 17 hours ago
21 aint said nigga.
Justin Uy
Justin Uy 17 hours ago
No ones gon talk about yk osiris pulling up at the end?
mf doom
mf doom 18 hours ago
21 is def the year...for 21
FruZeY 18 hours ago
Why does 21 look like that one emo cousin that sits on the couch while the whole family is talking at the table
Deep Moticons
Deep Moticons 18 hours ago
οππ τι του ειπε ομως
Amanu Telahun
Amanu Telahun 19 hours ago
0:38 stop the CAP
Two Socks
Two Socks 19 hours ago
Is that jay pharaoh sitting at the table? Lol
Two Socks
Two Socks 20 hours ago
Nahmir has good music no doubt... but damn dude might be the most unintimidating dude to do this type of music like can’t take him seriously at all in the vid lmao💀
SHZ Tryhard
SHZ Tryhard 20 hours ago
This s*ht fire ❌🧢
Jerm Inator
Jerm Inator 20 hours ago
That Asian girl on the couch from that Gerald Houston video lol
Teemu Lindroos
Teemu Lindroos 11 hours ago
whats her ig?
Falas6eeny 20 hours ago
Some one please make an edit where it’s this song but it’s only 21’s adlibs
Unkown 176
Unkown 176 21 hour ago
I like his song
pedrito morais
pedrito morais 21 hour ago
EKI ! 21 hour ago
21 hair looks cool now
Chinny Chang
Chinny Chang 21 hour ago
21 looking like the older cousin that never gave you a turn to play their video games
Gods Weed Man
Gods Weed Man 21 hour ago
*21 look like nahmirs big bro that dont wanna babysit him*
Arrogant Ambassador Beats
Arrogant Ambassador Beats 22 hours ago
It would make my day if just one of u would check out my latest beat
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 22 hours ago
Bruh I literally can’t like all these 21 savage comments
Bryan Murphy
Bryan Murphy 22 hours ago
Ethan Wysor
Ethan Wysor 22 hours ago
POV : You came from TikTok
ttvgodsway21 22 hours ago
YaBoiSmitt 23 hours ago
21 looks like the grown up at a 10 year olds Birthday party 😂
YaBoiSmitt 23 hours ago
I bet 21 was being held Captive at gun point to be forced in the music video 😂
YoZekkWTF 23 hours ago
That’s the shawty frm crazy story 3
Randy GotIt
Randy GotIt Day ago
He freestyles the way he raps in his songs. Same ass method/rhythm simple as hell just so he knows he can make it rhyme... example "If i catch him cook his ass like fry, now im finna slide, In his house, shot him in his thigh, did it for the guys. but i cant aim so it shot his eye, now his homies die, but he cant cry kuz he got one eye, the kids asking me why. I changed my mind, i dont want no time, cut back on the rhyme, cook some steaks. Season it with tyme, add a couple lime, medium rare for mine. Lets play game but it need to load i call that game load, easy mode. But its getting dark, so on the bike i rode. Passed a creek and i seen a toad, shot it in its throat, watched it float. So i Got back home and dug my dog a moat. For his house, my dog need a spouse but it cant be a mouse. Lil nahmir bitch" Ok now rap that whole thing in nahmirs voice or the way he raps
Anderson Garcia
Anderson Garcia Day ago
21’s part is 🔥🎧
Miracles 死
Miracles 死 Day ago
Another song that tiktok ruined 😔😔
Zapp0 Day ago
21 savage is just there for the free weed
Kub Day ago
Came for 21 stayed for Nahmir
tuxpy Day ago
lmao this premired on my bday yesirrrrrrrrr
Faze Huddy
Faze Huddy Day ago
He said he’s not shaking no hands with no snitch 🔥🔥
Social_reject154 Day ago
Bolan Romero
Bolan Romero Day ago
21 savage looks like he wants to go home even though he was at your house for 1 hour
Young Ciupa
Young Ciupa Day ago
Have math grovee
Freddy Padilla
Freddy Padilla Day ago
Amale Testimony
Amale Testimony Day ago
“Her mama got some buns on her I call her patty“ 21 savage the goat 🐐
Berki _1312
Berki _1312 Day ago
Bro NAhmir is gay as hell but 21 is on fire
Juan Vargas Rodriguez
Juan Vargas Rodriguez Day ago
I like song for 21 savage is hard
Brandie Sims-Garcia
Brandie Sims-Garcia Day ago
21 looks like he got the lowest grade on the test
Terri Crespo
Terri Crespo Day ago
Ybn lookin like quavo
jonasim becher
jonasim becher Day ago
Whatis this fire west of 21 ???
Everette James
Everette James Day ago
Imagine 21 started rapping in the british accent
gone soon
gone soon Day ago
Scarlx much
Social Day ago
I like how everyone else is doing sum and his just standing there moving left and right 😂
Pat Gee
Pat Gee Day ago
Savage got the best verse.
derekcorleone95 Day ago
Yall niggas just gettin on savage head lmaooo
Julez Gajdosik
Julez Gajdosik Day ago
They dress like it's gta
Dylan Harris
Dylan Harris Day ago
Carde FN 私
Carde FN 私 Day ago
He said 21 6 times from what I know
JKN Day ago
5 m view?
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