Does Time Cause Gravity?

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We know that gravity must cause clocks to run slow on the basis of logical consistency. And we know that gravity DOES cause clocks to run slow based on many brilliant experiments. But I never explained WHY or HOW gravity causes the flow of time to slow down. And I’m not going to explain it now - because in a sense it’s not true. Gravity does NOT warp the flow of time. It’s the other way around - the warping of time causes gravity.
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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Matt O'Dowd
Graphics by Leonardo Scholzer, Yago Ballarini, & Pedro Osinski
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Assistant Producer: Setare Gholipour
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Sabine Hossenfelder's episode "Do we travel through time at the speed of light?"
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PerpetratorX Hour ago
Nobody knows anything. There's nothing to know.
ikram jelani
ikram jelani 2 hours ago
By Means of Pakistanies The said Question's answer is Yes . The Time is the big creator Of Time and Space.
Shawn 6 hours ago
So for every planet time slows around them but speed up in empty space, I would believe that if space hand any empty areas large enough for it to speed back up, you make a great argument but I do not agree with the theory
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 2 hours ago
What do you disagree with? Gravitational time dilation is experimentally verified.
Phoenix Star
Phoenix Star 6 hours ago
Well light doesn’t ALWAYS travel at the same speed... so light can’t be observed the same by everyone. So the foundation you built this entire video on is incorrect.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 2 hours ago
When do you think light does not travel at c?
chase lewis
chase lewis 10 hours ago
I also think flow of time has to do with concentration of entropy
chase lewis
chase lewis 10 hours ago
Before I watch this video I think time dial action causes gravity at microscopic levels pulling us down to earth lemme see how accurate I am
Michael James
Michael James 10 hours ago
I’m a pretty smart guy, and listen to endless hours on Quantum Physics, but this guy ALWAYS loses me, he starts simple enough but then gets excited and talks fast while using terms I’ve never heard, “but then it gets exciting light flies as Einstein said but bends through gravity including quarks which really aren’t mass unless space time or time space is measured “ DUDE WE ARENT PHYSICISTS AND I WOULDNT UNDERSTAND YOU IF YOU WERE TALKING BOXING MY SECOND FAVORITE TOPIC
amit parmar
amit parmar 10 hours ago
gravity affects every activity in space time effect is felt relative to activity in space so gravity create time effect because time is not any physical phenomena it is unit of show fastness or slownwss of activity in time
Kalvin 18 hours ago
Gravity cause time
Cameron Dale
Cameron Dale 19 hours ago
Soooo temporal friction?
Patty Knight
Patty Knight 21 hour ago
was there gravity before the earth began spinning creating time?
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 2 hours ago
Time isn't created by the earths spin. How could there be a "before" if time doesn't exist? Time is just how we perceive causality. The earth's rotation has basically nothing to do with this.
Kickass Duke
Kickass Duke Day ago
Now I have to if Matt plays Spelljammer or a more typical setting as a change of pace from all of the space talk?
Robin Jacobs
Robin Jacobs Day ago
Fascinating! But, as usual, meekly speculation. I'd love to know the actual TRUTH of these principles, but Mankind is probably several centuries away from that sort of Science!
Anthony Schroeder
Anthony Schroeder Day ago
I feel like this series would be a very helpful one in saying "speed of causality" instead of "speed of light" as discussed previously on the channel. When you consider causality as constant, the shifting into and out of time makes things less confusing and easier to keep straight
Faster Babylon
Faster Babylon Day ago
No it does not. Gravity is a weak force caused by Electricity. These liberal arts Einstein worshipping pop science channels haven't studied #plasmacosmology #electricuniverse #wallacethornhill #thunderboltsproject #safireproject
richieb74 Day ago
Gravity does not effect time directly. Velocity effects time.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals Day ago
Both, actually. Gravitational time dilation is a real, well tested, phenomenon. You can get there from kinetic time dilation, though. Because _acceleration_ causes time dilation, then from the equivalence principle we can see that there must be time dilation in a gravitational field.
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh 2 days ago
great explanation sir 😊, actually I want one thing clear that in the gravitational field the clock run slow , then how it's meant that the time get slower because in gravitational field , may due to some physical force (physics rules) slow the clock. Because clock is just a device it can be manipulated in various way .🤔{please reply }
Comb Filter
Comb Filter 2 days ago
I'll have what he's on.
Jeff M
Jeff M 2 days ago
Bahhh, time is just a function of matter in motion. Stop the motion (sub-atomic) and perhaps then you would stop gravity (and time). That's of course is not going to happen.
mic pic
mic pic 2 days ago
This totally explains why it's so hard to lift myself out of bed in the morning and why I'm late for work.
Jack Housser
Jack Housser 18 hours ago
Work?! Dude stop living in the past U.I. Covid checks come in the mail while you sleep in!
Timothy 2 days ago
Motion resistance variances. Light resistance from motion impacts velocity. Colors of light through prisms are various speeds of light energy transference. Light is not visible unless in high resistance. Refraction of light photons through a prism is striking points of density. Rainbow is various degrees of resistance and striking points of density.
Geoffrey Williams
Geoffrey Williams 2 days ago
Dose time cause gravity, in my humble opinion definitely not. Time is an illusion and exists only in the minds of intelligence. But gravity may cause time . .
Charles Goodwin
Charles Goodwin 2 days ago
Gavin Wince channel says it does.
ttorrr 2 days ago
Al 2 days ago
sez not sais, brian cox talks funny
Al 2 days ago
'SciShow' is pretty good, rivals or someting...crickets
Al 2 days ago
This felt like the 'who's on second, what's on first sketch", I mean really...what!
Gary Hochstetler
Gary Hochstetler 2 days ago
Don't watch the previous video! You'll get stuck in a feedback loop.
eric debord
eric debord 2 days ago
Black holes make space. That's why it's expanding. The bigger the black hole the more space it creates. It's why galaxies are not all clumpt together. At the very beginning of the universe. The first and most massive black hole Was making space and space created a vacuum and pulled the singularity apart. No explosion. Pulled apart by the volicity of space expanding away from the singularity.
Syber-VHS 2 days ago
"Do we now understand how gravity works?" Me: yeah Him: No Me: No
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
Go with it, wrong
Sloan Brown
Sloan Brown 2 days ago
I believe that gravity affects time but not the other way round. Spacetime is a framework to allow dynamic physics to play out. Without it the universe would be just a snapshot and not a dynamic video. So it can allow physics to change the universe but is itself just the backdrop to the scene, not the cause of action.
Bồ Công Anh
Bồ Công Anh 2 days ago
Well. Mass curved space-time directly its a relationship. and gravitational attraction is a consequence by curvature in time
Grumpy Old Man
Grumpy Old Man 2 days ago
_The warping of space-time_ causes the action we observe as gravity. Time itself does not cause gravity. No source mass means no warping means no gravity. So no, time does not cause gravity.
Jernej Blatnik
Jernej Blatnik 2 days ago
Trinketorium 2 days ago
When we observe the universe expanding and see objects moving away from each other in a way that indicates expansion is speeding up - do we take into account the time effect you discuss? I mean - if time is slower on Earth, would it be faster further away? Would it be much slower near black holes? Would our observations then be potentially wrong if we base it on our own time speed - as though we had a “time magnifying glass” that caused what we observe to be faster (or slower) than it is in reality? Thanks for the continual education! Ps how do you make your wonderful graphics? I work for a hospital in the uk making analysis reports and I could explain issues much better with graphics like yours! :)
J Z 2 days ago
gravity is from magnetism, you're welcome
a.append(b) 2 days ago
I want your shirt! It's super cool!
SHERIFFRoyLamb IFS 2 days ago
Gareth White
Gareth White 2 days ago
Is this concept compatible with Einstein’s equivalence principle? If I’m in a spaceship accelerating at 1g, eventually I will get closer and closer to c. And the closer to c I travel the more extreme the time dilation. *But* my perceived gravity remains at 1g no matter how near to c I get and how huge the time dilation. But at Earths surface I experience 1g with much less time dilation. Not equivalent surely?
kenneth bransford
kenneth bransford 2 days ago
How can TIME, cause gravity if time doesn't EXIST?
Don M Howard
Don M Howard 3 days ago
Could something exist in the future that is not "the future"?
Time Sifer
Time Sifer 3 days ago
1-point particles should be on another dimension.
macewenart 3 days ago
Reductice reasoning
bo xer
bo xer 3 days ago
I still believe gravity is independent of time.
october001 3 days ago
Could one photon be everywhere at once?
Taina Edwards
Taina Edwards 3 days ago
They are one in the same properties
Taha 3 days ago
If you ever get into a DnD campaign - I would love to sit at your table. (Also - amazing video, one of the first/ weirdest things I ever heard was 'space and time can be described as distortions in a gravitational field' - this reminds me of that).
Marco Ruffaldi
Marco Ruffaldi 3 days ago
Teapot, is that a Richard Dawkins reference?
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright Day ago
Possibly a Bertrand Russell.
Jason Calvert
Jason Calvert 3 days ago
Matt, shouldn’t it be the other way around? Mass and therefore gravity causes time. Without mass, there is no time.
Booboobear2388 3 days ago
I am a retired engineer who worked on the GPS program years ago. The timing between the ground and the GPS satellites would have to be adjusted due to the difference. I always thought that was very interesting.
Mark Nunes
Mark Nunes 3 days ago
could special relativity create gravity? In other words maybe special relativity creates general relativity. For instance traveling away from something time appears to slow down because the thing you travel away from appears to slow down. When you travel towards something it appears to speed up. Therefore you could say that traveling towards something is faster than traveling away therefore you travel faster toward and slower away.
Mark Nunes
Mark Nunes 2 days ago
@Bồ Công Anh Actually if time dilation accounts for gravity it would remove the need for general relativity. Such a simple theory would have hidden in plain sight for a century. I wonder if anyone ever looked into it.
Bồ Công Anh
Bồ Công Anh 2 days ago
Special Relativity showed mass and energy are same thing that measured in different units. and General Relativity showed that Energy/momentum/pressure affects on space-time itself. Special Relativity cannot creates gravity because it can only apply for inertial objects that obeys Newton law of motion. when you come up with accelerated motion or rotation motion you need to use General Relativity.
Jericho Lasam
Jericho Lasam 3 days ago
the fourth fundamental force is not gravity but time. The graviton does not exist but a time "particle" instead that does not move through space, the opposite of particles like photons which do not move through time. But does interact with them explaining light experiencing gravity. Just kidding, im stupid and don't know what I'm talking about
w sedlacek
w sedlacek 3 days ago
In this case weight wouldn't be measured by mass, but by the height of an object
Ptah RIDGE 3 days ago
Your physics can only attempt to explain concepts of reality your brain manufacturers for you. PTAH
Terry Glover
Terry Glover 4 days ago
If 'Gravity' is just an effect of time difference, what's creating the difference?
Bồ Công Anh
Bồ Công Anh 2 days ago
Space-time curvature is causing by Energy and Energy/Momentum/Pressure affects space-time. It does directly because it is a relationship. the time flow differently near by massive object is the part of the time curvature,and gravity is a consequence for that.
charlie thomas
charlie thomas 4 days ago
In a weightless world, in order to make a video that gives example of gravity; you must capture artificial props behind or around the floating human. Many sections of snap shots. Those would become a video once combined. Within that video, the people seem to cling down. The coordinates of every being are just that: Coordinates. Now, we of the modern Earth, are aboard a prop, that looks like a planet, experiencing the same artificial gravity on a grand scale. Making a larger fake gravity movie. Time has many slides and timelessness has no props, to be recorded in. The props provide visibility, once you are scooped. Without the prop we are not slides of footage. When there was no visible Earth or universe; we were still as information and without form. Time still existed, as tiles of darkness. Darkness that goes on forever. Distance is causing time. Before a theater movie, the theater is dark, and it seems as though it would be forever before showtime. Preceding the movie has power. That is where we wonder of. Our wonder is a wait. The present awaits the beginning. Once the movie begins, the present awakens. Conscious time begins visibly. Unconscious time is invisibly there. Calculation is a creative point, that is at infinite. Infinity never begins or ends. That means that information is the only actual mesh and catch. Time for word, then symbol and then number are all a distance from each other: Making there 3 beginnings and at least 3 nothingnesses of nether time. Each observable dimension of the modern realm is going delta wave all day long.
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett 4 days ago
"An awwww" in Australia is used in place of "an oar".
NeoRetro 4 days ago
So wouldn’t it be funny if the inverse to the speed of light wasn’t a reversal of time but rather The gravitational pull trying to reverse not a single object but the entire universe..., therefore standing still and not moving at all is like a resistance to that and moves fasstet through time?
Esah G
Esah G 4 days ago
they are the same thing
mark reed
mark reed 4 days ago
is time actually just gravity.
TeeBall Robertson
TeeBall Robertson 4 days ago
I believe PBS is part of the fake news networks. Government Public Broadcast. BS to me
Unknown Prodigy
Unknown Prodigy 4 days ago
That is a MASSIVE teapot, once you put Earth in the picture. How much tea do you drink?
G M 4 days ago
The fact that clocks change their tracking of true time might just be an anecdotal effect of the design of the clock itself, as it is subjected to various pressures, temperatures, and gravity? But I heard this is true of atomic clocks also, so it seems not to be the case... 2:59- So clocks tick slower that are closer to the Earth, and clocks farther from Earth tick faster, ok. So what if you go even deeper, down to the center of the earth- Does time stop? I think that even if a clock slowed to a stop as it approached tbe Eartb, time would not stop. A clock is just a measurement device, not the theoretical existence of time itself, right? Perhaps we need to make a distinction there. Or maybe in considering this issue further, the answer may come to me..gimme a minute... If this angular momentum is the generator of gravity, why do objects of greater mass have greater gravitic fields, irrespective of their size? (Size is related to distance) Mass has to be central to gavity theory, not just the distance from Earth, alone, right? -Elevator technician out of his element.
G M 4 days ago
So how much would you weigh, if you were in the center of the Earth? (Thought experiment that disregards the heat of the core and weight of Earth above. Imagine a cool void right in the center) And how fast does time move in the center of the Earth?
THE STADTS Seven Acres
THE STADTS Seven Acres 4 days ago
This is good stuff
Michael Rome
Michael Rome 4 days ago
Nope... the particles that make up our time measuring devices are what’s affected, this gives the allusion of time dilation. Actual time didn’t change.
Betty White
Betty White 4 days ago
Jessie Evans
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Ian Clarke
Ian Clarke 4 days ago
But why wouldn't the faster boat in the middle of the water pull the slower boat away from the shore as opposed to the other way round ?.
TheErraticTheory 4 days ago
Engelbertus 4 days ago
for a causal relation to be there, doesn’t there need to be a perspective of linearity with a certain direction? for example: if we represent “if A then B” as A => B we need an observer to understand this causal relation to start from left to right. There needs to be a concept of left or right or beginning or end to phrase causal relations in the first place. Also, there needs to be a perspective that A can only cause B if both are viewed as separate entities. So again, in explaining reality in these kind of models, we need to assume or neglect the truth of some concept to construct the models themselves. Of course, i’m debating basic principles of logic, but why do we assume these basic principles to be true? To sum it up, if causality is merely a mental projection onto reality, without this projection, could time and gravity be one very same thing? The causal relation rather an integral relation, one reflecting the other without separations? I wonder if this kind of perspective could open up a new view a science, deeper insights and understanding.
Drub Drub
Drub Drub 4 days ago
spacetime, amirite
Lets Roll 2020
Lets Roll 2020 5 days ago
Gravity = inbound stream Levity = outbound stream
sorellman 5 days ago
Of course time causes gravity, except that time does not exist. Problem solved. What you call time is movement through space, this was why Einstein considered time/space one and the same dimension. Must be a nice video. Too bad the title does not entice one to watch it.
Guy North
Guy North 5 days ago
Just reading the title tweaked my brain!
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 5 days ago
Marshall Curtis
Marshall Curtis 5 days ago
What is the meaning of your T-shirt that says “heat death is coming?”
Thomas Wright
Thomas Wright 4 days ago
Heat death is the concept that, in the far future, as all stars grow cold, and all sources of energy cease to exist, the universe itself will grow cold and empty until all activity stops. It's also a reference to Game of Thrones quote, "Winter is coming!" featuring Sean Bean.
Mirror Space
Mirror Space 5 days ago
No Time exists. Only flow of light propogation ( P ), the 'current' of which determines condition.
Hitchenista 5 days ago
Genuinely mind-blown today, goddammit.
bo xer
bo xer 5 days ago
Maybe gravity affect physical clock but not the actual time.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 5 days ago
Then gravity would have to somehow conspire with all mechanisms of all clocks to always give exactly the same result. This works with atomic clocks, mechanical gear clocks, photon clocks, your cells. Anything that can accurately measure time is affected exactly the way the theory predicts. It seems more reasonable to assume that it is actually time, especially when it explains observations about gravitation so well.
Apollo 5 days ago
Um, gravity weighs.
Ultimate Powa
Ultimate Powa 5 days ago
Gravity also doesnt pull, it pushes
Brian Cusack
Brian Cusack 5 days ago
No it is the other way around. Gravity causes time and can change the speed of “time”
jon morey
jon morey 5 days ago
Do the clocks have quartz movement? How are the clocks in-tangled? Would time have a permanent effect on perception? Is there a global effect?
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm 5 days ago
Stupid United The United states uses the most vaccines in the world. In the United states, 541.773 people died from the virus. Poorest Tanzania in the world, Tanzania has no money to buy vaccines, Tanzania does not die from the virus
Fry 5 days ago
It's all about the spin.
Virgle DeBord
Virgle DeBord 5 days ago
Time causes everything, everything causes time.
Kristin Nap
Kristin Nap 5 days ago
Okay, I'm no scientist. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks, so a couple of questions. 1) What if the earth stopped spinning? 2) Does time not exist on the moon? If time causes gravity, the moon seems to defy time. I thought time was an illusion anyway. It seems to me that spinning/rotation has an influence on gravitational pull.The moon doesn't spin, therefore light bodies float away (my theory). So, this (totally not based on science, only observation) suggests to me that earth's rotation affects gravity. Keeping us firmly planted similar to a centrifugal force.
differous01 5 days ago
The earth's spin gives us sunrises/sets; hence we measure time with sun-dials. But time measured by clockwork or electronic devices would pass the same even if the spin (and sun-dials) stopped. The illusion of time passing at different rates results from our mental state: the watched kettle seems to take forever to boil, but if we're preoccupied time flies.
Narf Whals
Narf Whals 5 days ago
1) the earth's rotation has nothing to do with this. 2) the moon is in orbit around the earth. It is attracted, but moving "sideways" fast enough that it doesn't actually get closer. The moon causes its own "time gradient", but it is weaker than earth's because the moon is less massive. That is why gravity is weaker on the moon. 3) Time is not an illusion. It is what we call the process of things happening in order. 4) the moon does spin, it just spins in such a way that it always shows the same side to earth as it orbits. But again, rotation has nothing to do with this. Centrifugal force would push us _away_ from earth. And it would mean that there was no gravity near the poles. (And in fact you are technically slightly less heavy at the equator than at the poles)
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 5 days ago
Gravity isn't the curvature of space time but a bending of possible outcomes. Everything looks deterministic because everything we see has already happened, due to the limitations of the speed of light. The future is the wavy probabilistic universe we think of in quantum mechanics. When large areas are entangled they limit the amount of possible things that can happen next, which is why I say gravity curves probabilities and not space time.
BigMic69 5 days ago
All I know is that the Closed Caption on my side got a lil' weird towards the end... IJS
stan kidofu
stan kidofu 6 days ago
mind blown :0
thatGameGuy 6 days ago
Why do humans try to apply the concept of time to an infinite universe? It's like trying to understand how the solar system works by saying the sun revolves around the earth.
oculos prudentium
oculos prudentium 6 days ago
Omg, the utter drivel and garbage being shovelled out here in the name of Science is horrendous! He doesn't even in know that the speed of light has been slowing down from the moment of creation to today.
Dean suphanthamit
Dean suphanthamit 6 days ago
Imtheone VanHalen
Imtheone VanHalen 6 days ago
Not done, lol....drop your al anything near you....IF you check your position with GPS, AND you do the proper computations, you'll see that it dropped towards the center of the Earth within a few ten-thousandths of a degree.(the molten core is really big...) Einstien was off his wig towards the end, trying to explain huge holes in some of his theories....the easy answer is, yep, mass attracts rubber sheet analogs, no bending of the space-time continuum....... Proving the accepted opposite has to never has
Imtheone VanHalen
Imtheone VanHalen 6 days ago
Check the experiments from the ISS about particle accumulation in free-fall gravity conditions (note I didn't mention zero gravity...) These "high-thinkers" LOVE to muddy accepted truths to garner interest in grant money...all BS. Mass attracts mass, and the effect is gravity. (Name it what you is the attraction of a mass to another mass...) WE are the creation of gravity....slight mind bend, but it's a really a slick solution.....research the creation of Earth and our moon.
Major Melon
Major Melon 6 days ago
Your example is quite an improbable ceramic
J Tru
J Tru 6 days ago
This is so interesting and as much as I’d like to put a smart quirky comment but all I can think is… i want MOAR!!!!! Please sir more.
acolit1 6 days ago
Does time actually exist?
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Reyes 6 days ago
You dont know what your talking about. Science has made mad.....mad in a bad way😂🤣😂
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