St. Vincent - Pay Your Way In Pain (Official Video)

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Styled by Avigail Collins
Hair by Pamela Neal
Makeup by Hinako Nishiguchi

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VTR/DIT - Sarai Morales

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1st Assistant photographer - Kyrre Krisoffersen
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Production Supervisor- Zori Davidkova
Production Coordinator(remote) - Jennifer Young
Location Scout - Cameron Kashtan
Key Production PA - Ryan Fowlkes
Set Production PA - Scott Schaeffer

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You got to pay your way in pain
you got to pray your way in shame
I went to the store I was feeling kinda hungry but I didn’t have the money and the shelves were all empty so I went to the bank to check my checking the man looked at my face, said we don’t have a record
Oh no you thought we had forgotten the show is only getting started the road is feeling like a pothole
Sit down stand up
Head down hands up and
Pay your way in pain
You got to
Pray your way in shame
You know what I want?
What do you want?
You know what I want?
What do you want?
I wanna be loved
So I went to the park just to watch the little children
The mothers saw my heels and they said I wasn’t welcome
So I went back home I was feeling kinda queasy but all the locks were changed and my baby wouldn’t see me
Oh no you put your finger on it
The stove is only getting hotter
The sun is gone to melting
Stand up sit down
Hands up breakdown
You know what I want?
What do you want?
You know what I want?
What do you want?
I wanna be loved

#StVincent #PayYourWayInPain #DaddysHome

BeginPanicAttack 8 hours ago
miserable , sexy
Greg Tilson
Greg Tilson 9 hours ago
Feel like prince is inhabited her body and soul.
Thales Sousa
Thales Sousa 11 hours ago
That's a reinvention. 👏❤️
Ansiro Desetta
Ansiro Desetta 12 hours ago
David Bowie all the way up and down...wild...eccentric...could be at least likably
Martin Bladel, van
Martin Bladel, van 17 hours ago
I only recently found out about Annie's music. Today, april 9 '21, the volcano on St. Vincent exploded. Seems to me she has chosen an apt artist name.
Benjamin Reynolds
Benjamin Reynolds 22 hours ago
The trolls steadily moved in today. I have no substance to my life. I might infect the world with my special brand of impulsive keypad stomping 'discourse' cause everyone needs to know how I feel about everything I am subjected to that I do not understand, or that which has no appeal to me. I wish I had something to do other than throw piss and shit on the internet. I might start collecting stamps. Or knitting or crochet??
foto21com 23 hours ago
This song is a weak ripoff of Bowie/Lennon's Fame, and a really weak ripoff of Bowie's stage appearance. You're not David Bowie. It's not gonna happen, sorry. MIllenials do about as good a job of making retro 70s and 80s music as boomers do making EDM (other than Carl Cox and the innovators). I'm talking like an average boomer rock musician trying to make EDM. That's how good this is. There are so many things going wrong here, it's literally impossible to know where to start. Why is she standing like a 70 year old dude with a back issue, who would also be wearing that outfit? What an atrocity those long vocal notes are as well. This is like if someone tried to make something awful.
Ben Collins
Ben Collins Day ago
I always wondered what happened with Roller Girl after smashing that guys face.
Justin Gaudin
Justin Gaudin Day ago
This is the most annoying musician on earth
GibsonGirlTheSecond Day ago
I've watched this video so many times, and keep discovering new things I love. Like, for instance, the light choreography at 1:25, in perfect sync with the...what is that? Synth? Guitar? I play both, and I honestly have no idea.
Jintri Day ago
This was also pretty good back when they called it David Bowie.
Kenny Hall
Kenny Hall Day ago
Love her!
Gephion Arno
Gephion Arno Day ago
Stormy Magiera
Stormy Magiera Day ago
Thank God we have real music back!
Keith Hanisek
Keith Hanisek Day ago
Super pretentious
MssBiancable Day ago
We're all happy you're back but Raffaella Carra even more.
Pavel Mencl
Pavel Mencl 2 days ago
very, very good
Dee Palmer
Dee Palmer 2 days ago
Annie summoning Prince & Bowie
Cristian Hendriksen
Cristian Hendriksen 2 days ago
I LOVE IT!!! 🙌🏻✨
Casey 2 days ago
Female David Bowie
Doc Stodden
Doc Stodden 2 days ago
Bowie (RIP) has returned to us! Welcome back.
Aaron Benson
Aaron Benson 2 days ago
Mr. Jones is looking down from way up in the stars above, and he's smiling, knowing that his legacy is being carried on.
MikeDiamond69 2 days ago
Second coming of The Thin White Duke
Cough It Up
Cough It Up 2 days ago
Serious Bowie vibes and that's just wonderful.
N V 2 days ago
yes, just yes
CalCrazy 2 days ago
I feel like I'm watching the rise of this generation's Tori Amos and I'm living for it ♥♥
Irene Adler
Irene Adler 2 days ago
I just rewatched this after the “the melting of the sun” video dropped and noticed that when she sings the word “sun” you can briefly see a glimpse of that video. What a masterful, perfect little reference from my queen.
Aydon Clikeman
Aydon Clikeman 2 days ago
this song is literally flawless. she’s such a master of revising her songs to the extent of perfection. she owns everything. this era is gonna be so cohesive and so perfect in every way
Mayloni Minchew
Mayloni Minchew 2 days ago
She reminds me of David Bowie and Kate Bush.
Hannah Đỗ
Hannah Đỗ 2 days ago
jane lynch homage concept
Kenshin73 Himura
Kenshin73 Himura 3 days ago
What kinda of crap is this? Music is not!!!
Joe Punchface
Joe Punchface 3 days ago
You continually push me to go further. How dare you? And thank you!
Veet Gavel
Veet Gavel 3 days ago
Joga Muse
Joga Muse 3 days ago
I can't stop listening to this song.
Rana Kutvan
Rana Kutvan 3 days ago
Fame Version 2021
DemonWarp65 4 days ago
I want to see her on tour with Black Moth Super Rainbow
Chris C
Chris C 4 days ago
she looks like a broke version of Madonna on drugs.. but I LOVE HERRR
Hooda Thunkett
Hooda Thunkett 4 days ago
Straight out of the Eurythmics playbook (Savage era) it!
meesteroz 4 days ago
hey DAVID BOWIE called....and he loves this!!
Alex Nicole
Alex Nicole 4 days ago
Saw her on Saturday night live this past weekend ! Great performance she's even better live !
1515ai 4 days ago
Slayer is better
olivier tremblay
olivier tremblay 4 days ago
Looking like an overdose is cool...
Bananas About Movies
Bananas About Movies 4 days ago
The Ant-I-Channel
The Ant-I-Channel 4 days ago
SNL brought me here, they know good music.
Jeff Torbenson
Jeff Torbenson 5 days ago
This garbage passes for music, seriously the music industry is desperate, I guess anyone can put a record out and hype it enough and call it a hit, talentless !!
Vicky Garnett
Vicky Garnett 5 days ago
I see St. Vincent has reached her Mid-70s ‘Plastic Soul’ era. Looking forward to the Berlin years.
LElkins1979 5 days ago
Girl's a freaking prodigy.
Brian Lewis
Brian Lewis 5 days ago
There's something VERY Annie Lennox about this....anyone agree?
Jeff Dranetz
Jeff Dranetz 5 days ago
Knocked my sox off. SNL has just introduced me to the band St. Vincent! I was sent back to those glam days, when I was middle aged, and as a teen was a huge glam rock fan. Sad I've missed out on Annie Clark's vocals, glam guitar, and the abstract trippy lyrics for over a decade. Genuine glam, like from that time decades ago. Not a contrived like the music in the faux bio picture "Velvet Goldmine". Going to check out this band's catalog!! Its got that Young Americans album vibe, with a bit of Man Who Sold the World, Hunky Dory thrown in.
meyeboy2 5 days ago
She looks like uma thurman from pulp fiction
Aramora 5 days ago
Laurie Peifer
Laurie Peifer 5 days ago
I never heard of her. Just watched SNL and WOW, that got my attention! This is one sexy song. New fan!!!
Jarrell Jimerson
Jarrell Jimerson 5 days ago
Was that live or was that Memorex @ 2:45?
Musicthx1 5 days ago
Love it!
Lillian 5 days ago
Okay, SNL. I’d not heard of her before but I was like, what tha? So I came to USposts and see she has a following. Different is nice.
romcomfan 5 days ago
This is literally the Eurythmics
Likedbymany 5 days ago
Saw her on not funny SNL and she, her background singers and that band killed it. So funky. 🤸🏾‍♂️💃🏽🕺🏾🔥
motorbikeray 5 days ago
St. Vincent has taken Bruno Mars' current return to the retro 70s clothing style, performance, and video editing to another level and made it hers.
motorbikeray 2 days ago
​@Megan Please identify in my original comment where I stated that Bruno mars "invented the retro 70s aesthetic". I will accept your downvote (with peace and love, of course) for my having mentioned Bruno Mars (some of whom would call a sell-out) in a comment left for a St. Vincent video.
Megan 2 days ago
Downvoting with peace and love only because I do not see how you could watch this video and think of Bruno Mars or think that he invented the retro 70s aesthetic
matt b
matt b 5 days ago
N D 5 days ago
Wow. She's awesome.
Andrew Maalo
Andrew Maalo 5 days ago
Beck 2.0
Pablo Medina
Pablo Medina 5 days ago
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Mi 2 🎗Have u heard of this song Time by The Impures ls good qs heck
Pablo Medina
Pablo Medina 5 days ago
Tudor Cernea
Tudor Cernea 5 days ago
There's something extremely appealing here..
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️
Argenis Salinas
Argenis Salinas 6 days ago
Bowie rhymes FAME with CRIME and PAIN
Riccardo Rismeni
Riccardo Rismeni 6 days ago
Raffaella Carrà?
Kate Bush)))
John Ramos
John Ramos 6 days ago
I'm up for this re-invention! It's a vibe.
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️
jaylin. 6 days ago
this song is what LSD sounds like
ricardo quintanilla
ricardo quintanilla 6 days ago
Bowie vibes
Jacob McCluskey
Jacob McCluskey 6 days ago
Amazing song rock 😎
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️
Mark Baird
Mark Baird 6 days ago
Simply amazing on SNL tonight.
Arlie Sarnicola
Arlie Sarnicola 6 days ago
What the fuck was that. I loved it.
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️
AM Boutte
AM Boutte 6 days ago
So, the 70's-80's looks and club music are back?
Serge Pelletier
Serge Pelletier 6 days ago
This is the crap that happens when you let ANYONE become a "singer". Talentless hacks trying to be the next big thing. St Vincent is nothing more than a washed up Alabama Gaga. 🙄
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️
MrDavidelliottjr 6 days ago
Here because of snl.
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️ tt
Anna 6 days ago
Me rende por favor
James A Lafayette
James A Lafayette 6 days ago
This is so bad
James A Lafayette
James A Lafayette 5 days ago
@1967 Paul stfu
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️ rtyyio
Teresa Ford
Teresa Ford 6 days ago
I just saw the SNL performance. Fantastic!!! Love it!!!!🤟🏻
1967 Paul
1967 Paul 5 days ago
Yes this song called Time by The Impures, is soooo chill look it up ⬆️
Matt Pulliam
Matt Pulliam 6 days ago
David Byrne-inspired music and video. 10 Thumbs Up.
Foo Foo
Foo Foo 6 days ago
Sent by SNL... yes ma'am you did that
Ella Livingston
Ella Livingston 6 days ago
Literally just saw her perform on snl. Never heard of her before. Absolutely amazing
BlueGanja 3 days ago
Me too! Have I been living under a rock??
Ella Livingston
Ella Livingston 6 days ago
@Jay Skywalker I'm most def. a fan now
Jay Skywalker
Jay Skywalker 6 days ago
daniel geary
daniel geary 6 days ago
Overrated and always has been. You ain't no gaga.
Scott Simpson
Scott Simpson 6 days ago
Completely ripped off Kate Bush and David Bowie with this one
L G 6 days ago
Ok, so she’s bitin’ everyone’s style. Biting Bowie, Prince, Britney Spears, Blondie, and a few others so that most ppl can’t pin one artist on her as a blatant steal, but she’s biting everyone’s style, but her own. To tap into ones own style without sounding like anyone else is rare, and raw talent. This is posey and a cliche’ of many original artist.
Wolfgang Ritter
Wolfgang Ritter 6 days ago
NIce. Seems like you spent some time with 70s glamrock and disco. Could have done worse.
kananaba 6 days ago
This look is giving me some Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction vibes! Awesome song too.
Myra Ciardi
Myra Ciardi 6 days ago
Noooooooo! Horrible. Didn't expect it. Don't want it . Sadly derivative. No soul. Sorry I checked it out. Yeah
Jon V. Thorsteinsson
Jon V. Thorsteinsson 6 days ago
Nick Lombardo
Nick Lombardo 6 days ago
If you have a guitar with your name on it in 2021, you have made it as a living legend. Love the career she's built for herself and others.
Mack Lawrenz
Mack Lawrenz 6 days ago
Someone's angry
Emmanuel Linares
Emmanuel Linares 7 days ago
Annie Clark as Mia Wallace 🤟
A Scaini
A Scaini 7 days ago
LOVE !!!
Joshua summerville
Joshua summerville 7 days ago
Sounds like Very Very Sloppy version of an imitation of a Prince song. Ladys and gents this is what "Art school" does for you. Not dissn just not respecting.
Larissa Azevedo
Larissa Azevedo 7 days ago
Minha nossa.... adorei !!! me teletransportou
Tim Heymerdinger
Tim Heymerdinger 7 days ago
Just heard the first two off ‘Daddy’s Home’ and I’m hooked. Random: what would a St Vincent/Beck collab look/sound like, I wonder, or did I miss that?
Starshine Moonbeam
Starshine Moonbeam 7 days ago
Speed it up and you have this. I knew I heard this music before. It sounds like a bunch of other songs that I can’t think of off the top of my mind. The world already has a Kate, a Bowie, a Tori, a Prince...if your gonna recycle something let it be plastic.
Thierry Stremler
Thierry Stremler 7 days ago
Trop bien
Rebecca Dolashewich
Rebecca Dolashewich 7 days ago
Yes Finally
Yes Finally 7 days ago
Queen behaviour
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