Wyze Cam Outdoor is Good for $50… but not perfect

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Smart Home Solver

8 months ago

If you are like me, you have been waiting years for Wyze Cam Outdoor. It’s finally here, and I am taking an early look at how it works. I’ll compare its footage side-by-side with Wyze Cam v2, Eufy 2c, and Arlo Pro 2. I will also talk about its features, battery life, and how long it records so you know what to expect.
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Eufy 2c Cam: amzn.to/3g1JeMF
Arlo Pro 2: amzn.to/2BxMOPR
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0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Footage comparison
2:02 - Settings
3:26 - Video storage
4:38 - Battery and design
6:21 - Should you buy it?
7:07 - Travel Mode please!
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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Wyze Cam Outdoor, Eufy Cam, and Arlo Pro 2 for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

2Trill4TvNation Month ago
TypicalBlox Month ago
Most of these have been fixed since this video -Can go up to 5 minutes of recording motion ( with camplus ) -There is now custom motion zones -Notifications are way faster -Battery life has just gotten a little better -Base station DOESNT need to be connected to ethernet anymore and can be connect to wifi -With Camplus you can be notified of people -Less false notifications ( doesn't record trees moving as much, ect ) Things that HAVEN'T been changed -Still no "if person detected = record | if tree detected = dont record" -Speaker still sucks - Choppy video at times -Price has stayed the same -Still no continues recording OR solar panel Overall I think you should review it again.
This One
This One Month ago
12 sec event record time can now be extended with CamPlus ($1.25 a month). Also, it does now have a Detection Zone option.
Kurt Padua
Kurt Padua 2 months ago
I hope they will make wyze cam outdoor 2 with battery removable.
Her Soul Vacation
Her Soul Vacation 3 months ago
I’m a full time solo rv traveler so the “travel” option makes sense for me as I won’t have good internet all of the time. My idea is to put the cameras around my RV. If anyone has a better camera to recommend, I’m all ears.
rlta04 3 months ago
It is in my opinion the biggest fail camera wyze sells. Better to get v2 and buy outdoor enclosure for it for couple bucks or the version 3. The version 3 is nice.
Jeff A.
Jeff A. 3 months ago
12 seconds is lousy
Geezee194life 3 months ago
What's the product he used to place the wyze camera in the tree that just wrapped around the branch... I need that
Luke Duke
Luke Duke 4 months ago
what size of the mini SD card? I put 64 GB but it says no SD!. trayed 32 GB also no SD.
Dino Kross
Dino Kross 4 months ago
Can you access it remotely?
Angel 2020
Angel 2020 4 months ago
That was funny when you put the mask on the camera 🤣🤣
Javabasily 5 months ago
Half of these problems would have been fixed if the camera was wired
K V 5 months ago
Can we see the Wyze cam feed on Google Hub?
Leon Maxton
Leon Maxton 6 months ago
Why out of stock?
Ram Brijesh
Ram Brijesh 6 months ago
Love your videos - Can you link the mount you attach to the tree? usposts.info/vision/j9HTysHeq4Bqfsw/video
Daniel Siffredi
Daniel Siffredi 6 months ago
12 seconds is nothing, I mostly miss whatever was happening. Wyze is cheaper but not good enough. I have them and not happy with the 12 seconds constraint at all
Tristan Arbet
Tristan Arbet 6 months ago
I don’t think your wrong on the if you have a second outdoor camera you should bring it on the trip
richarcm 6 months ago
We love the indoor cams. We have three of them that we use as security cameras. But also as a means to watch the dogs and to make sure the teenager is attending his online classes. We’ve wanted one outside to watch the driveway. We have I assign all car breakins In the area. And society in general is going mad. So we have been waiting for this to come out. But so far it’s been a bit disappointing. It only picks up 12 second clips when someone is very close to the camera. Even when aimed so the detection zone is further down the driveway and the sensitivity is marked as high. So far it’s only use has been to check the live feed. Which is still nice but not what we bought it for. I’m thinking of returning it.
Peter G
Peter G 6 months ago
Thank you for your review! Love it. Do you have any plans to review Reolink cameras? Some of their solar cameras like Argus 3 look really promising
Adrian Borinsky
Adrian Borinsky 7 months ago
12 seconds is useless for my needs... I ended up putting a wyze cam V2 outside under my upstairs balcony, no issues it`s been a year already and it resisted the cold winter days of canada
Into the Sarlacc
Into the Sarlacc 7 months ago
love the Star Wars reference!
Fullblown 7 months ago
I'll pass on this one. I'll wait for the Wyze Cam Outdoor V2.
Trisha Herrera
Trisha Herrera 7 months ago
I'm not enjoying mine at all worst camera.
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 7 months ago
How can I view the playback?
Fyi ThousandOne
Fyi ThousandOne 7 months ago
Wyze Cam Outdoor is not recommended. Before making a buying decision, you should read this Wyze forum to get more info : forums.wyzecam.com/tags/c/ask-the-community/20/wyze-cam-outdoor
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 7 months ago
Thanks, that's a helpful link!
jeepkid92 7 months ago
I just have a v2 with an eBay shelter and it’s lived through rain storms and blizzards and it’s cheaper than the outdoor. Let’s face it these cams are to watch your property you don’t need battery unless it is for backup when power goes down.
nmarkose 7 months ago
Awesome review as always!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 7 months ago
Belgoboy 7 months ago
Do you have other security cam comparison videos?
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter 7 months ago
No playback give me a fucking break
D N 7 months ago
The micro port can't be used outdoors....duh...of course not, that's how you charge the cam, you need to connect that cable to the router which is not and cannot be outdoors.
Anna Timm
Anna Timm 7 months ago
I guess the appeal of travel mode is something like you could take it down temporarily to record a time lapse elsewhere?
cinowens1 8 months ago
What is the black covering that looks like a little roof that you put on the V2 in order to use it outdoors?
cinowens1 7 months ago
@Smart Home Solver Thank you!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
It's on Amazon: amzn.to/2XVBd4R
Todd Barrow
Todd Barrow 8 months ago
I wouldn't even say this camera is "good". That's generous. 12 second clips once a minute with notifications that come after 45 seconds make this cam unusable.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
It definitely needs some work. They just added the Cam Plus service to extend that recording time, but it will cost you a few dollars a month. Hopefully they speed up the notifications.
GlockMan945 8 months ago
Better than nothing but 12 seconds is crazy. I have been happy with blink system as backup for my hardwired system.
John Donaldson
John Donaldson 8 months ago
I want a Wyze outdoor camera that is powered by a small solar panel. I have two of that style from a different manufacturer and I never have to change or charge batteries. I want pan and zoom capability. I don't want a base station. It looks like the Wyze (which is a company I really like) isn't for me. I'll hope for a new model with more features that I want.
Harvey H
Harvey H 8 months ago
It's Aug 9 and I'm still waiting for mine.
ronalds RONALDS
ronalds RONALDS 5 months ago
got my few days ago still trying to get it to work. worked a couple of times then stop speaker is awful cannot understand anything. at first i could hear is saying connected but then just a bunch of static since then. not to happy yet. will play with it again not sure what else to do. have reset it still same thing. will try again later just a little ^^##^#%@$ at it right now. maybe i got a lemon. but i will try again to get it to work
Dark Egress
Dark Egress 8 months ago
I just want a POE outdoor camera! Wyze outdoor camera is a big letdown.
Nick B
Nick B 8 months ago
Fyi, the magnetic mount also attaches to the top of the camer if you need to mount it upside down
TheAnonymous916 8 months ago
I ordered the camera without knowing that it doesn't have continuous recording. What a bummer. That was the entire point of the camera. I see no use for the camera without that feature. In addition, the mount is extremely annoying when you're trying to aim the camera at a certain angle. The mount doesn't have the flexibility like other mounts.
Tim Fischer
Tim Fischer 8 months ago
Got mine yesterday.... garbage. I don't even want this thing, it's useless.
Explicit Mass Productions
Explicit Mass Productions 8 months ago
Wow no continuous recording like the v2. What a shame.
Macster 8 months ago
can it be powered using the usb like the Wyze V2 or is it only battery powered?
Syed Inam
Syed Inam 8 months ago
Kindly do automations with nfc tags
LostDutchman 8 months ago
I am going to just get the waterproof outdoor casing and hardwire a V2. 12s and a short battery life just won't work for me in my situation. But there is a very big market for this type of camera at this price point. If someone is lurking around your backyard or front porch, this will do the trick in alerting you and even possibly capturing their face on camera.
Frank Biz
Frank Biz 8 months ago
You can add more time now, check out "CamPlus". It is very inexpensive. Thanks for your review, very helpful. 👍🏻
Frank Biz
Frank Biz 8 months ago
@Smart Home Solver I just bought a year for $11.84 for each camera, reg $14.99 per year, that is cheep. Early bird special ends today. In my email..."For a very limited time, save an additional 20% on your first year of Cam Plus when you use code EBIRD at checkout."
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
That's great and it is inexpensive, although it's too bad it requires a subscription. I wonder how it will impact the battery life. I'll be sure to mention this option in the follow-up video. Thanks!
DD___DC 8 months ago
Y didnt u put on a mask on b4 putin on da seatbelt? 🤔🤔😂😂
Smokey Stuntz
Smokey Stuntz 8 months ago
God you are cringe
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 8 months ago
The problem is that in order to keep the price low they had compromise some features and whilst competing with Arlo that has way more features it kinda lost its value as a security cam to me. I'd rather get indoor cameras and don't have to use the base station.
David Nestico
David Nestico 8 months ago
The 12 second clips will be able to be extended soon, they are working on it
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
That would be great!
Andy Andy
Andy Andy 8 months ago
Kind a wait awhile for this crap lol eufy it is
American Patriots
American Patriots 8 months ago
I don't understand why they didn't allow the port stay plugged in all the time so you could have more continuous recording features.
ColdCanadian911 8 months ago
By chance did you test and figure out how far the camera can be from the base before the signal starts to degrade and or fail?
Tim Raber
Tim Raber 8 months ago
I have several version 2’s out side my house. One is over 200 ft. from my house, on the eve of an outbuilding. It’s in one of the little houses I bought on Amazon. It’s been out there for almost 2 years and still doing it’s job. I think I will wait for improvements like longer battery life, more record time..... Thanks for the review.....
Usama 8 months ago
So it does not have continuous recording.
Jason Graham
Jason Graham 8 months ago
With four versus eight night vision sensors, Is it a big difference in the low light quality?
Louis Y
Louis Y 8 months ago
I won’t buy another one. Until the feature specially local recording is enabled
Louis Y
Louis Y 8 months ago
64gb works fine. U just have to format as fat32 first. Been only 64gb since v2
thesedoy7 8 months ago
Is it possible to connect solar power panel to this camera thank you
joshx413 8 months ago
Ugh. The way they handle their detection zone is awful. Yet another feature I wish I knew if before purchasing 🤦🏻‍♂️ extremely extremely disappointed with this release. Literally the only good feature is the price
Paul Storic
Paul Storic 8 months ago
What’s the point of the PIR sensor if it still gets activated by tree branches and leaves?
Rhys Chiu
Rhys Chiu 8 months ago
I wonder why you didn't include the blink xt2 camera in this comparison? Is it a lot worse than this or a lot more expensive?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
I only included a couple outdoor cameras for context. Blink is a solid competitor and if I do a full outdoor camera comparison, I'll be sure to include them. 🙂
Christopher Heck-Stark
Christopher Heck-Stark 8 months ago
How did you mount it to the outside? I do not want to drill through my weather protection plastic behind the stucco. I did the preorder but need to figure out where to place it.
Joe L
Joe L 8 months ago
I ordered a WCO too but think I will be disappointed. I have 5 Blink cameras...Blink has longer recordings and better battery life. Travel Mode is a joke
Spark Ev
Spark Ev 8 months ago
Do you know if the Outdoor cam will keep recording when it goes outside of the wifi zone (not in travel mode)? I would like to put this camera in my car to use as a poor man's Sentry Mode for my non-Tesla EV.
Spark Ev
Spark Ev 8 months ago
@Smart Home SolverI would like to mount one in the front dash and one in the back windshield. It would be a hassle to have to put it in Travel Mode each time I drive away. It would be nice to have the camera go into Travel mode automatically once it gets out of range of the base station and start recording to the SD card. Also, do you know if Wyze has plans for a dash cam?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Not right now. I asked Wyze and they said the camera won’t switch over to the local SD card on the camera if it gets disconnected from the base station but they said it could be a feature they add later.
LessThanHandy 8 months ago
Good thing you put the seatbelt on that camera, would have no choice but to call Camera Protection Services otherwise...😂. Awesome video. Still not sold on the new outdoor ones though...
T. Payne
T. Payne 8 months ago
Wyze recently announced that person detection will no longer be free. They plan to start charging a subscription service to get person detection. forums.wyzecam.com/t/person-detection-update-a-new-experiment-for-premium-features/112420
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
That’s a bummer. I’m surprised they aren’t going with an onboard camera software to detect people. Remove the cloud computing cost and it’s way more battery efficient for the outdoor cam. Oh well.
theslag1978 8 months ago
Here's food for thought. I am in the process of waiting on mine to come in the mail as I was apart of the pre-order. I love all my Wyze Cams and even use them outside. I was wondering, given the outdoor camera and internal battery do you think a small solar panel can be used to charge the batter. I have one Reolink Camera that I first got that has a rechargeable battery to charge either by color or outlet. I have never had to charge it indoors as the small solar panel keeps it topped off. I wonder if Wyze will do the same thing.
Seth The Tech Guy
Seth The Tech Guy 8 months ago
I always love the skits at the end!!
electrickid620 3 months ago
Moreille Alaton
Moreille Alaton 8 months ago
Nice review! just checked its latest price here amzn.to/3hSyEYX if you're thinking of getting it
joel orozco
joel orozco 8 months ago
Does this camera gave any connection with china? If it does, then I am out!
Chuck 8 months ago
Your cell phone was made in chine, also your TV, your blender, toaster, etc
Leathelandlady 8 months ago
What is "cool down time"? Thanks.
Todd Barrow
Todd Barrow 7 months ago
1 minute minimum
All-out action
All-out action 8 months ago
I ordered 2 can’t wait for this
John Imbault
John Imbault 8 months ago
I own about ten indoor cameras I use indoors,outdoors and in a remote location. Had them for over an year. The good is that the only failure has been on one and was the IR. But many features are super base, starter as the price indicates. They are fun but not professional or for security use. What makes a good camera is software that detects correctly. As an example i have two Indoor wyze next to an Arlo V1, and the Arlo is the only camera I trust. The Wyze is just a bunch of false positives all day long. Their person detection is crap at best. Shadows and plants swaying or a spider string in front of the lens all trigger it as a person. The detection zone on the new one looks worse than an entry level years ago. These days it is software that makes a product shine, and Wyze has piss poor software capability. That’s putting it nicely. These cameras will work inside if there is no windows to cast light variations and nothing moving and no insects flying or spiders, like perhaps a lab in the center of a building. The actual reviewer is very polite and nice to Wyze. If you want a camera to play around with, get Wyze, but if you want anything else, get another brand with North American/European internal firmware-software programming. As a side note to boot, it is Chinese and the footage, well is stored by China for their use at will. It’s planned in the design until there is blowback by masses which there was, so now it partially works with no internet. Also take a look at battery time. Most cameras these days last 1-2 years and Wyze says 3-6m, well assume around 3M. Who will get a ladder remove a camera(s) charge it for a few hours and repeat this for all their cameras, and then repeat every 3-4 months, really. This comment may upset some people but it is realistic and honest. Be warned and purchase wisely.
Benson Georges
Benson Georges 3 months ago
I still dont completely understand the travel mode..could somebody or the creator of the video give me an indepth explanation please
John Imbault
John Imbault 8 months ago
Hare Raiser You are just trying to cast doubt with dubious and unworthy statements. Your comments surely throw doubt on all YOU say. Trying to substantiate that poor software from the beginning is excellent if only you improve it to mediocre is a joke. Wyze is still a joke. All they have going is their great low price of entry, but their software sucks. Software beats hardware any day of the week. A Tesla without software is just a random car (EV). Have they improved, you bet, but that does not permit you to sit at the big boy (girl) table, now does it? Also, just because data is stored on AWS, does not mean it does not communicate with China or other source also. DNS servers cannot block calls made direct to an IP address. Cyber security is a never ending game. I do not know if it does, but don’t tell me it does not. Distrust and verify is the new motto. Just look at the Huawei case and the time it has taken to proof that there are back doors. I just received a person detection on my outdoor camera, and it was a bug flying, yup great software detection. 12 second recording, another excellent feature, right. Triggered by a shadow moving across a screen, superb detection capability. Once again, my Arlo next to the Wyze outdoors does not have any of the same issues. In conclusion, use them indoors in a location with no windows casting a strong light or car headlights all of a sudden illuminating an area, or insects flying around or a spider’s one silk thread waving in the air, otherwise you will get an alert. Their poor software compares pixel to pixel, that also triggers itself when their sensor has a flicker ( temporary light anomaly failure within a fraction of a second). Buy to have fun.
Jason Long
Jason Long 8 months ago
The Skit at the end was awesome. Very informative and I appreciate the review!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Thanks Jason!
Adam Replies
Adam Replies 8 months ago
Still not available in the UK! Annoyinggg. I'm half tempted to make a smart UK products channel with all these products unavailable in the UK
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
That is annoying! Wyze has been slow on expanding internationally.
Bogdan Zarnescu
Bogdan Zarnescu 8 months ago
Can you see the feed live in the app?
Bogdan Zarnescu
Bogdan Zarnescu 8 months ago
Thank you :)
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Yes and there is almost no latency which is great.
abel sanchez
abel sanchez 8 months ago
Trying to find answer to use alexa to turn on lights when triggered through motion or door opening but to turn off after certain period of time, how can I do that?
abel sanchez
abel sanchez 8 months ago
Using alexa routine
Ryan Amirault
Ryan Amirault 8 months ago
Do you know what the effective range is on the base station?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
They say up to 300 feet in an open field: support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044992711-How-far-apart-can-the-Wyze-Cam-Outdoor-and-Base-Station-be- When talking about walls, I have a 2,200 square foot house and the camera had no problems anywhere outside, even if the base station was on the other end of the house.
Coecoebrown 8 months ago
Check out the Toucan camera. You can add it to existing lights and run longer USBs for custom placement
Coecoebrown 8 months ago
12 seconds is a total deal breaker There’s too much competition to make mediocre products.
WS P 8 months ago
No truer statement on here.
adam tarver
adam tarver 8 months ago
for travel mode, i have a small get away lake property about 30 miles from my house. I plan to put an extra wyze there on travel mode. I see you can preorder these on the wyze site but is there any word when they are going on sale?
adam tarver
adam tarver 8 months ago
@Smart Home Solver i'll prob wait a bit to order the outside cam. I'm just buying a few things a month and slowly smarting up my home lol I think i will grab a wyze ptz and door sensors instead this month and then see where we are. I kinda hate the idea of dusting off my router just for an outside cam lol
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
That's a good idea for travel mode! I'm not sure when it will be on sale rather than pre-order. But if you pre-order the starter bundle or add-on camera now, they will ship in October. They are already shipping cameras from the last round of pre-orders.
Liam Brown
Liam Brown 8 months ago
Can the camera be setup with IFTT for person detection (not motion detection) ???
Thomas Ott
Thomas Ott 8 months ago
In my opinion, the Wyze Outdoor Camera is product that falls into the "too little, too late" category. Wyze should have focused on what their loyal customer base was requesting (begging) for over two years - a low-cost outdoor camera! Instead, Wyze squandered valuable R&D time and money introducing a contact sensor, motion detector, smart bulb, smart outlet, a useless smart watch, a mediocre door lock, and a silly bathroom scale. And, during that time, here's what happened to their marketshare: 1. BLINK cut prices, upgraded their outdoor camera, and introduced a new $35 indoor camera that is integrated with their current hub. 2. RING introduced an outdoor security camera for $99 that works with battery, electricity, or both. Plus, neither Ring product does not need to be connected to a hub or switch. 3. EUFY stole Wyze marketshare by introducing a low-cost, outdoor security camera system that undercuts Arlo pricing. WYZE needs to refocus on their core vision - low-cost video security solutions. If they do not, they risk collapsing under their own weight of developing too many products over a short period.
SoniKwolf1498 8 months ago
I just need a "outdoor baby monitor" for my farm animals. I've been using the indoor cams since Sept 2019 and that works fine for what I need. It would be nice to have person detection but I dont need to have the camra recording anything other than that.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
That's great Wyze's v2 indoor cam is working for that. This outdoor cam is good for checking on animals as well, though you'll have to recharge it, which you don't have to worry about with the v2.
stephensiemonsma 8 months ago
Wyze Cam Outdoor supports creating time lapse videos, so I could see why someone would want to travel with it when camping or something like that. It could create some really memorable time lapses. As you said, the Wyze Cam Outdoor doesn't have the best quality or support continuous recording, so a lot of people will be using it only as a very basic security camera. I'll be using mine for notifications of activity at my front door (deliveries and visitors) and to record any possible porch pirates. So I wouldn't personally be very concerned about taking it with me since I have indoor cameras and a security setup as well. I would probably be more concerned about someone possibly nabbing my camera while I'm gone if I left it in place near the front door. 😂 The 12 second limit recording limit is unfortunate, and I hope they allow their cheap subscription service to allow the camera to record a full notion event, at the very least. Maybe future updates will alleviate this criticism and give the user more options.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Great points! It's true that if you have other cameras or a security system and you don't want someone to steal your camera while you're gone, Travel Mode makes sense. Time lapses and using the camera for security while in a hotel room both make sense to me too!
Scott Walz
Scott Walz 8 months ago
Thanks for the detailed review! To be honest, I think the wireless and battery operated cameras will be a passing fad unless some major improvements happen. For under $100, plus spare parts and cable I had laying around, I set up 3 basic hardwired IP cameras and an old PC running BlueIris. They're 720p cameras, but I get all of the features you're begging for in all of your camera reviews, with no compromises other than having to run the wire. I don't have to worry about wireless interference, dead batteries, internet outages, monthly fees, etc. I get 24/7 recording, customizable alerts for motion detection, as much storage as I want to buy hard drives for. It's a little more to install and configure, but well worth it for a professional grade system. I may pick up some higher res cameras at some point, but 720p is pretty decent for security cameras.
Rudy 8 months ago
Hi reed in on of your videos you said you lived In Arizona so do I I’ve been wanting this cam do you think it will work in the triple digit temperatures
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
It should. Its operating temperature is -4℉ to 120℉. It's worked fine as I've used in the heat these past few days, and I'll be testing it long term outside as well.
Rudy 8 months ago
Great review reed
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Tech & Lifestyle
Tech & Lifestyle 8 months ago
Hay Smart home guy. Wyze clearly stated that they will increase the number of cameras from four to more.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
I haven't heard that it will for sure happen. Wyze has said they will consider increasing the number. wyze.com/wyze-cam-outdoor.html#pageDetails and from their FAQ page it makes it seem like that may not happen since the bandwidth is limited support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043630252-Why-does-the-Base-Station-only-support-4-cameras-
The Huguenot
The Huguenot 8 months ago
Wireless just bugged me so much that I went poe cameras. And they are great. Plus 4k
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
A wired setup is definitely the most reliable.
hogluvr1 8 months ago
Well... I got in on the early order. At present, I have a few of the V2 cams in the "birdhouse" enclosures, which work pretty good. That's due to power being easy to get to. I was thinking to put the outdoor, under the deck, looking out. A solar panel would be nice, since I may not get to it in time to charge it. The ring stickup solar does really well in this respect. Except, it has dropped connection to the wifi, again. We'll see how this works out. Looking forward to your battery life followup.
Scott Wallace
Scott Wallace 8 months ago
Great video! Definitely was looking to getting the Wyze Cam Outdoor when they announced it but looks like I'll hold off for a bit until they add the option for continuous recording like in the V2 (being plugged in) and compatibility for larger than 32GB SD cards. Also, with the base station how long is the range? And is that optional or required when you have the outdoor cam?
Louis Y
Louis Y 7 months ago
Kevin Voth but tell me this, put it in normal v2 and do you actually see it will use all the storage? with 64gb is about 2 weeks
Kevin Voth
Kevin Voth 7 months ago
I use 128gb cards in both Basestation and camera after formatting fat32 no problem.
Jaz 7 months ago
Yea, i would to. I returned mine. The delay on alert makes this useless.
Louis Y
Louis Y 8 months ago
I always use 64gb microSD. Just have to format to fat32... no issue
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Thanks Scott! It is supposed to go up to 300 feet in an open field. Here is more info on range support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044992711-How-far-apart-can-the-Wyze-Cam-Outdoor-and-Base-Station-be- and you have to have the base station to get setup and use it day to day. But with Travel Mode you can connect to it with just your phone as the footage is written to the local SD card on the camera.
Lutraphobia 8 months ago
Still no integration with ST... So....
ColdCanadian911 8 months ago
Love the brand. Have 2 camsv2 and will probably pick up the outdoor cam when I can. Great video
ColdCanadian911 8 months ago
Smart Home Solver that’s awesome!!!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Thanks! From the looks of your profile picture you will like it 2:10
Helloitsrd 8 months ago
I loved when you put the mask on the camera at the ending🤣🤣
Tim Fischer
Tim Fischer 8 months ago
Can you still record 24/7 with the sd card then?
Louis Y
Louis Y 8 months ago
Smart Home Solver that’s not even the issue... u can’t view the footage on the fly...wtf. I have to download it first to the phone! I don’t care I schedule daily 24/7 recording. But it is hell if I need to download prior viewing like we do on v2
Tim Fischer
Tim Fischer 8 months ago
@Smart Home Solver that's dumb. If it doesn't record 24/7 it's not much good. The base station should have the capability of that, in case of camera theft it's all still there backed up on the base.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
You can’t, well at least not the same way as the V2. With the Outdoor cam you can use scheduled recording to record continuously but it drains the battery quickly. So it’s not like the V2 cam that can record 24/7 to the second card to not miss footage.
PinoySoccerDad 8 months ago
@SmartHomeSolver Would trees swaying really trigger a false Positive per your review even though the Wyze Cam Outdoor has a PIR sensor? interesting.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
If there is sunlight behind the tree branch then that may be what’s picking it up. I could position the camera down more but then I’m sacrificing what I actually want to see. The real issue is that if I really turn down the motion sensitivity to not have tree branches then it was less likely to pick up people right away. It definitely took much longer to adjust the position and motion sensitivity vs other cameras I tested.
TurboFlush 8 months ago
I wonder if it will charge while in use? I tried putting a solar panel for a Arlo onto my wyze2.. no beans. Panel could not keep up. I think wyze needs to streamline software and hardware to use less battery. I have 7 wyze2 outside.. and they work fine. Recently changed two of them to the half outdoor she'll mount, easier to get to the sd card and easier for mic and speaker to work.
TurboFlush 8 months ago
@Smart Home Solver They are cheap. :) Put one at work also. Lol They need to work on local Network SD card access also. Pulling the card out is a pain, and I always worry about damage or corruption. Have had other SD cards die, wyze cards survive. I know you can "root" the camera. But I don't want to tinker with it that much. No time either
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 8 months ago
Wyze said they are looking into solar panels, but it will be down the road, if it happens. Wow 7 v2 cameras outside! That's some good coverage!
snakemonkey555 8 months ago
Seems like a long time to wait for a so-so outdoor cam. I think all the cons you hit upon will be a deal breaker for a lot of smart home owners. To for the review!
PinoySoccerDad 8 months ago
The Wyze Cam V2 is a great option for some who do not like the Outdoor Cam and for $20 , that's a steal.
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen 8 months ago
just like the V2, this outdoor camera still looks like a hobby cam and should NOT be used as a security camera. Max 12 second recordings? no quick swap batteries? Voided warranty if plugged in? It also looks like it still suffers the same app issues as the v2 - wyze really needs to work on their app
CopyrightStrike Songs
CopyrightStrike Songs 8 months ago
Ummm I’m pretty sure the Wyze app is the best on the market
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