I Pretended To Be VENOM In Fortnite.. (Soundboard)

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2 months ago

I Pretended To Be Venom In Fortnite
Today i used a fortnite venom soundboard!
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Music credits to Kevin Macleod! Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Dwita Megawati
Dwita Megawati 5 days ago
I dont know what venom even say
Laisha Martinez
Laisha Martinez 7 days ago
Mrtop5 can you troll lox and pretend to act like u have mando laser pistol
Dionisio Gandel Jr
Dionisio Gandel Jr 16 days ago
shaun dy lot of damge
shaun dy lot of damge 18 days ago
Kai Sudo
Kai Sudo 20 days ago
amiel roa
amiel roa 22 days ago
If lox was aware of a symbiot can hack his so freak out
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 22 days ago
I need that sound board
Cat TvT
Cat TvT 22 days ago
Hes a loxser
Hicks Hicks
Hicks Hicks 23 days ago
Yessenia Alas
Yessenia Alas 23 days ago
Mrtop5 is a Fornite pro
michelle Cox
michelle Cox 27 days ago
michelle Cox
michelle Cox 27 days ago
michelle Cox
michelle Cox 27 days ago
michelle Cox
michelle Cox 27 days ago
michelle Cox
michelle Cox 27 days ago
Mel Me
Mel Me Month ago
I honestly feel bad because lox revived a hacker twice and wasn't calling the cops on him
Aaron playz among us
Aaron playz among us Month ago
Lox is so stupid
Aaron playz among us
Aaron playz among us Month ago
Grazyna Stawowczyk
Grazyna Stawowczyk Month ago
If i had someone like thid in my game i would leave straigght away
Spindash Studios
Spindash Studios Month ago
Bruh wouldn’t he say, “We are Venom?” Cuz it’s the Symbiote and the Host
Kay Bueno
Kay Bueno Month ago
Troll shadical with him too
Sibel Top
Sibel Top Month ago
I don't like lox he song and dance is cring
Dxrian Month ago
at that part get off fortnite
Infinite Raijin-Gaming
Infinite Raijin-Gaming Month ago
why did lox not notice it was mrtop5,HE GETS PRANKED BY HIM ALL THE TIME
The ahaha funny meme guy
The ahaha funny meme guy Month ago
Rylan Clark
Rylan Clark Month ago
mr top 5
Firedragon Month ago
so he is in a discord call because at the top left you cant see there mics so this is scripted
Omar Crespo Jimenez
Omar Crespo Jimenez Month ago
Leonardo Salayandia
Leonardo Salayandia Month ago
my favorite part is that mr top 5 did a voice changer of venom and ,ox said im coming to your house
Kenny Perez
Kenny Perez 25 days ago
Noob Pro hacker gold
Typical Immortal
Typical Immortal Month ago
Cool thanks for being my wallpaper partner
Unus Anus Fan boy
Unus Anus Fan boy Month ago
delete your channel
Kingcam066 Gamer
Kingcam066 Gamer Month ago
Lox you have to think
john mc 0007
john mc 0007 Month ago
Bro you can just download clown fish voice changer on pc to make your life easier
Niko Nikola
Niko Nikola Month ago
bro please make a Harry potter boos
Kashius Williams
Kashius Williams Month ago
Venom says we not i
Zanda Shabalala
Zanda Shabalala Month ago
Comedy gold
Family Ormiston
Family Ormiston Month ago
What sound can you send me link in reply
Impact_Sloth7 Month ago
What app are you using to voice like venom
It's Just Me.
It's Just Me. Month ago
MrKing ColeC
MrKing ColeC Month ago
Dude i cant hear i thing “venom”
Rodney Thompson Jr
Rodney Thompson Jr Month ago
Marshmellow Gamer
Marshmellow Gamer Month ago
Marshmellow Gamer
Marshmellow Gamer Month ago
Redemmed, u glad u had?
Redemmed, u glad u had? Month ago
Venom is a fictional character it's either ur friend had no sleep or he's going to 5 year old puberty
Streamerlafe Month ago
The acting is so cringe lol
Abbas Month ago
They are ling
Jerkec 720
Jerkec 720 Month ago
He do supermario moves hahahahahaha
Pamela Ruwizhi Pamie
Pamela Ruwizhi Pamie Month ago
Nisianakis Month ago
lol we know deadlox knows. Fortnite has not a webcam option...
ok Month ago
I was about to troll my friend with the venom skin
randy moran
randy moran Month ago
Shakita Williams
Shakita Williams Month ago
I’m pretty sure lox has the iq of a dog turd
Ramakrishna Mummana
Ramakrishna Mummana Month ago
Expected this
Tami Henderson
Tami Henderson Month ago
Sometimes I talk to myself
Tami Henderson
Tami Henderson Month ago
Me too
ReLightning Month ago
i have a venom voice changer lol
Ester Kaye
Ester Kaye Month ago
Yo heart and pin and like and reply to this comment if you say- I muted my mic
Reptix93 Month ago
i loveeeeee tour montage
Summer Ordonio
Summer Ordonio 2 months ago
Lox is so cute 😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇
The King8001
The King8001 2 months ago
So yeah I guess this guy is still making garbage content
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 2 months ago
hey get a bucket and a mop
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 months ago
He dances tarable
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 months ago
You are wered
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 months ago
You are wered
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 months ago
What are you saying
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 months ago
What are you saying
Emily Morrison
Emily Morrison 2 months ago
IndominusZach Ovard
IndominusZach Ovard 2 months ago
Mrop5: I’ll be right back. Me: then why are you jumping...
Drift PeelyTheBanana Banana
Drift PeelyTheBanana Banana Month ago
wow ur a peely too
cyvdt _YT
cyvdt _YT 2 months ago
I kept on Thinking but is lox wearing a headphone from an ariplain?
Zimba Plays
Zimba Plays 2 months ago
Imagine mrtop5 hearted this
Conan Liu
Conan Liu 2 months ago
MrTop5 can you frend me I’m RosaRabbit
SoaR Tanks
SoaR Tanks 2 months ago
YeS We ArE VeNoM
Gina Nodaros Supal
Gina Nodaros Supal 2 months ago
Ahaswith Uthayanan
Ahaswith Uthayanan 2 months ago
Man stop flexing ur youtube editing skills
Kids Read Reddit
Kids Read Reddit 2 months ago
You idiot he’s not flexing he’s editing to make his videos look better
Jasper Lopez
Jasper Lopez 2 months ago
What's your I just watch a video and you dumb
Sergey Pavlenko
Sergey Pavlenko 2 months ago
Rhys the fortnite gamer
Rhys the fortnite gamer 2 months ago
Stop trolling him troll shadical
Cristiano Neri
Cristiano Neri 2 months ago
Ms top 5 new girlfriend has another boyfriend
Lix-Kuzxea_lx 2 months ago
Tyler Ramirez
Tyler Ramirez 2 months ago
lol lol lol lol lol
Pro Plays YT
Pro Plays YT 2 months ago
Aoun Albaqaeen
Aoun Albaqaeen 2 months ago
He never closed his mice
Jose Rosales :D
Jose Rosales :D 2 months ago
u sure your using a soundboard for me mrtop5 using his phone
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 months ago
This definitely isn’t scripted.
Junior Alvarez
Junior Alvarez 2 months ago
Mc CLAYMORE 2 months ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 your à monster
GG 200pumps
GG 200pumps 2 months ago
Big. Nut.
Big. Nut. 2 months ago
This is the most cringe Shit ever
WorldsDumbestPerson 2 months ago
He Won't Pin This
Safwat Ahmed
Safwat Ahmed 2 months ago
Mrtop5:I am venom Me:I am default
Charlotte Solomon
Charlotte Solomon 2 months ago
This is so take it's sad
Bubbles 2 months ago
0:47 it’s “we are venom” Not “I am venom”
Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings 2 months ago
Why do people watch this click baiter
Marshmellow Gamer
Marshmellow Gamer 2 months ago
My venom vs Monster venom
Juan De Guzman
Juan De Guzman 2 months ago
Lox is so cringy
Toga Afton
Toga Afton 2 months ago
Its so funny!*Launging*
Lazyfox 2 months ago
Why tf is ur name mrtop5
Madison Ribar
Madison Ribar 2 months ago
i thoght this was a 5 top chanile
Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez 2 months ago
piperrookell 2 months ago
Elizabeth Orozco
Elizabeth Orozco 2 months ago
Good prank
Elizabeth Orozco
Elizabeth Orozco 2 months ago