Chaos and Creatures | Ep. 22 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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15 days ago

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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JackSucksAtLife 13 days ago
Thank you for honouring my wishes
Battychick189 2 hours ago
Stay away from x life
Battychick189 2 hours ago
Be gone stay away from x life jack!!!!
Daniel Hames
Daniel Hames 4 hours ago
Hey jack hehe
ItzElise 17 hours ago
Jack! Wtfffffffff
Elisa Vestey
Elisa Vestey Day ago
I love xlife lol I will miss it is am crying right now I'm so sad
PC Vlogs
PC Vlogs Minute ago
Make a will
Maja Kolodziej
Maja Kolodziej Hour ago
HALO polska?
زوزو البازي
زوزو البازي Hour ago
Hi Lizzie really I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I loveee youuu Can play Roblox adopt me please 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💖💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕
liannedee Hour ago
Mack a city in the clouds so when your in your in danger fly up to the city in clouds
rachel meyrick
rachel meyrick 2 hours ago
hi lizzie i love all of ur series ; I realy miss you playing Sims 4 because you have brany a new point of veiw to it as you you make funny and wacky. Plz play more
Anni Roy
Anni Roy 3 hours ago
In your next video make a statue of Stich
kenzie grissom
kenzie grissom 3 hours ago
Me: *sees a spider in minecraft LDshadowlady: stresses in fear Me: does same but logs out and deletes world and thinking while seeing a spider in my room. *SCREAMS* and ''dies''
Loamlaaft 4 hours ago
im playign x-life now cuz i fuond mod
Lara Ovenden
Lara Ovenden 4 hours ago
Lizzie should of burned the book
GâçhåÇhâñ 4 hours ago
Who less is waiting for her to post
Gabby Friedman
Gabby Friedman 5 hours ago
Hi Lizzie you are the best and you are one of my fav USpostsrs and you always bring a smile to my face😊☺️
Liam Barnes
Liam Barnes 6 hours ago
can you please play some Hypixel skyblock? its amazing!!!!!
Hardon McALpine
Hardon McALpine 6 hours ago
hi lizzy why r u not uploading much????
Brianna B
Brianna B 6 hours ago
Sorry for bothering u but u should name a panda Bam boo- zled
Kai Xin Ong
Kai Xin Ong 7 hours ago
Can you please name a cat RiceBun
Ann marie Patterson
Ann marie Patterson 8 hours ago
No bunk beds
eunaa 9 hours ago
hi, it's my first time in the Channel and I love it so much already. she is so creative when it come to building and also, praise Jeremy and the whole jeremism church
Brianna B
Brianna B 9 hours ago
It would be awesome to do the store thing! You would probably get rich because people could bye cute furniture without it costing them hard work. It will, however, cost them money and it would be a cute idea! You could decorate an erea to be like a little book shop and decorate a little reading nook in the shop to try books out and put fairy lights EVERYWHERE!
Brianna B
Brianna B 9 hours ago
If you agree replie: I
Brianna B
Brianna B 9 hours ago
It would be awesome to do the store thing! You would probably get rich because people could bye cute furniture without it costing them hard work. It will, however, cost them money and it would be a cute idea!
Robin’s Corner
Robin’s Corner 9 hours ago
Make sure you’re will states that you must be buried in your tomb and locked in there. Also I would make sure that the person you hate most dies with you as many times as it takes for them also to be banned. Have your house be an ancient site and have legends about it saying and I quote “Whomever shall trespass shall be cursed by the ghost of the dead witch, Lizzie.” This is just an idea. (It’s also what I would do.)
Luna plays
Luna plays 9 hours ago
Avery Kurland
Avery Kurland 10 hours ago
How come you stoped making videos
Patricia Terrell
Patricia Terrell 10 hours ago
Pls post
Christopher Funes
Christopher Funes 10 hours ago
U have a cute voice ldshowlady
Muhammet Yusuf Öztokatlı [Lsd Lyrıcs]
Muhammet Yusuf Öztokatlı [Lsd Lyrıcs] 10 hours ago
I just finished this series in 1 day love u💞
Violet Mathes
Violet Mathes 11 hours ago
can you make more videos plz
Jen’s Violin Worship
Jen’s Violin Worship 12 hours ago
Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the kingdom of Heaven is near. Matthew 3:2 JESUS LOVES YOU : ) Never give up on your life!!
Nora Bates
Nora Bates 12 hours ago
sooooo me and a friend wanna play a crazy craft mod how do we do it?
sticknotboiii 12 hours ago
ThErE'S a SeCrEt RoOm?! ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
Julia K
Julia K 12 hours ago
Could you maybe update the flower breeding mod? φ(゜▽゜*)♪
cheese 12 hours ago
Could you link the mods in the description or something or like make a video explaining what the mods are pls it would be so helpful
Vojtěch Hájíček
Vojtěch Hájíček 13 hours ago
SMP stands for simp
Tutorials With Natalie!
Tutorials With Natalie! 13 hours ago
What kind of Minecraft do you have I rlly want it🥺
Brianna B
Brianna B 13 hours ago
You should make a new shop and sell furniture. That would be really cool. You could call it Lizzie's furniture shop. You could sell couches and chairs and tables maybe desks and you could maybe make a little library section where people can buy books!
Hanna 14 hours ago
Rita Rached
Rita Rached 14 hours ago
Hi Liz can you do spinning the while ep2
Hanna 14 hours ago
Wait are u a fnaf fan i want her to play secirty breach
Hanna 14 hours ago
Emerita Villeda
Emerita Villeda 14 hours ago
are u gonna continue making vids u havent made any in 2 weeks
Spencer Earle
Spencer Earle 14 hours ago
This is a bit different but can u make your flower breeding mob for 1.12.2?
Spring Flower
Spring Flower 13 hours ago
I don't think she created it, she probably downloaded it
keira birkett
keira birkett 14 hours ago
lizzie, i know you dont really do shout outs but could give me a shout out because i turn 11 in three days
Ivana Španović
Ivana Španović 14 hours ago
Heym a petkeismes oso neym a pet senta oso neym a pet Beybi
Ivana Španović
Ivana Španović 14 hours ago
Heym a pet
Cora McKenna
Cora McKenna 15 hours ago
“Lizzie? Excuse me ma’am ma’am” “ you’ll have to catch me first”
《 kyoot 》 《zenitsu 》
《 kyoot 》 《zenitsu 》 15 hours ago
" You have to catch me first im like a whippet! " Lizzie -2021
oum yaakoub
oum yaakoub 15 hours ago
for dear haters of ldshadowlady: F°CK YOU F*CK YOUUUUUU 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Frapechino Kelsey
Frapechino Kelsey 16 hours ago
Love from INDIA 🇮🇳
Shannon Bishop
Shannon Bishop 17 hours ago
Lizzy when x life is done I think you should make a new series that is could cute town
ghostburs blue (unanimous)
ghostburs blue (unanimous) 17 hours ago
havent seen you in 4 years wow
Ellie Xo
Ellie Xo 17 hours ago
Omg I love ur vids so muchh
Thedrawing spa
Thedrawing spa 17 hours ago
You should make pastel rainbow clouds!
Aled Elgabar
Aled Elgabar 17 hours ago
OMG I love your videos I am logged on to my dads acc
phoebe carota
phoebe carota 18 hours ago
lizzie literally raised me
that one gay bath bomb
that one gay bath bomb 18 hours ago
What are all the mods and are they availible on mobile? I don't have minecraft java yet ;c
Julie Caudill
Julie Caudill 19 hours ago
Olivi 20 hours ago
LDshadowlady please do another crazy craft series🙏😊
King_Slay3r 21 hour ago
you look like belle delphine
Hoang Anh Cuong
Hoang Anh Cuong 21 hour ago
texture pack *
Hoang Anh Cuong
Hoang Anh Cuong 21 hour ago
what skin pack or wtvr it’s called is it ?
Kajal kumari Mishra
Kajal kumari Mishra 21 hour ago
Pls mak upload new video
Ellen Fort
Ellen Fort 22 hours ago
I will go do stuff for you get stuff for you and anything I just want to meet you b/c your the MOST BEAT USpostsd I have ever seen ( I adore your charecter btw ). 🤗🤗
Ellen Fort
Ellen Fort 22 hours ago
Can I join your one life world I will TORALY do ANYTHINGGGGGG FOR YOU PLEASE!!!!!🥺🥺
Ellen Fort
Ellen Fort 22 hours ago
I LOVEEEEE your videos Lizzie!!!! 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗
Abigail Princess
Abigail Princess 23 hours ago
I'll miss when Lizzie quits USposts🥺❤
Panda Corn
Panda Corn 23 hours ago
Luv ya
Vicky Buttery
Vicky Buttery 23 hours ago
Oooo you in trouble
ruby heckles
ruby heckles Day ago
A really cool series would be that theres two sides , and they’re all assigned roles like : King/queen Soldier(s) And a traitor , that could be telling the other side information, and they have to prepare for battle and go to wars ( and build castles etc )
Rachel_Cherry UwO
Rachel_Cherry UwO Day ago
When u die ask the mambers of the witch coven to give u a witchy funeral and everyons sapous to wear black
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Day ago
How do u get the chisel and bits?
ruby heckles
ruby heckles Day ago
A long reign of Jeremyism , us followers will be upholding the religion THAT ISNT A CULT
ruby heckles
ruby heckles Day ago
Lilia Horton
Lilia Horton Day ago
Please bring back shadow craft
Mary gacha gamingツ
Mary gacha gamingツ Day ago
Uhhh lizzie i cant find you in my search tab it says "no downloads found"
xhendrick roque
xhendrick roque Day ago
Hi new subscriber hope you have a great day 😊😊
Doll Girl
Doll Girl Day ago
Can you please name a pet Dolly
Gabriela Vargas
Gabriela Vargas Day ago
Please 🙏 I beg of you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssseeeee post a new video or four please I can't help but watch you and for the past day! I watched all the season
olivia Day ago
I just realised that this series is like one life
Nora Lewis
Nora Lewis Day ago
Lizzeee play roblox adopt me!!! 🎈👩🏼‍💻
Elisa Vestey
Elisa Vestey Day ago
I will miss xlife I am crying right now lol I will miss it so much I also have a question will gem by with you guys in the next servers?? I will miss it soooooooo much , I'm so sad
Elisa Vestey
Elisa Vestey Day ago
Lol black hart's black sole lol emo faze 😂😂😂😂😂
Elisa Vestey
Elisa Vestey Day ago
The you so much for killing he lol
Lace Estrada
Lace Estrada Day ago
I notice you stopped playing minecraft so thank you for showing me Minecraft
Spring Flower
Spring Flower Day ago
She didnt stop, she's just busy, new episode will probably be posted this week
Brittany Range
Brittany Range Day ago
White Wolfwalker
White Wolfwalker Day ago
Name a pet razzleBottom
Eliza's fun playhouse
Eliza's fun playhouse Day ago
Lizzie you should do a video of you having a world of just you and no one else.
•Rxilsa• •ralise•
•Rxilsa• •ralise• Day ago
Hello can you plz help me with my Minecraft house please please help ;-;
•Rxilsa• •ralise•
•Rxilsa• •ralise• Day ago
My Minecraft username is beverly_hailey
Chris Corbett
Chris Corbett Day ago
Can we another episode of factions plz🥺🥺🥺
Jennifer Mullane
Jennifer Mullane Day ago
Its been two weeks. When are you gonna upload?
Evangeline Quasem
Evangeline Quasem Day ago
you should build something like a candy casl
FonziQuinonez Day ago
Hi Lindsey I was wondering if I could be in Minecraft with you guys because I love all you guys and you were really funny is I really want to be in the Minecraft world so if you can do that for me I’ll do anything thank you
anthony ratay
anthony ratay Day ago
I’m sad xlife is going to be gone
Jonathan Valencia
Jonathan Valencia Day ago
LIZZY MAKE A NEW EPISODE PLZ!!!!!!!!!! (and get a pet hedgehog in xlife)
Emily Pask
Emily Pask Day ago
You should write your will
TheEvent Company
TheEvent Company Day ago
hi aunty lizzie i was wondering how do i get these minecraft packs to make my minecraft better like the biome o' plenty and the other awesome minecraft packages bc im going to make a youtube gaming channel soon and i would love these packages formy minecraft PLEASEE ANSWER
Robby Real 808
Robby Real 808 Day ago
I present comrade from indonesia,very good my friend
Tacobella Day ago
you should make a bunny rug / your signature bunny on your cape.
Sillysquid 48
Sillysquid 48 Day ago
Haha why dont you upload more. You r cute and i love u and ur vids
stich Day ago
I hope you get to 10m 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😁😁😁
Alex Alan
Alex Alan Day ago
stevosbih 59
stevosbih 59 Day ago
shadowcraft season 3
stevosbih 59
stevosbih 59 Day ago
can you please do another shadowcraft season
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