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Month ago

This is what one of my regular chill days at college looks like!
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Mia Valentina Pacheco
Mia Valentina Pacheco 14 hours ago
Sophie needs to start a USposts channel!!!
Alondra De Santiago Martinez
Alondra De Santiago Martinez 3 days ago
boba cat
boba cat 4 days ago
i slept in till 12:30
Alissa Rose
Alissa Rose 4 days ago
7:18am is the time
Hanna Howard
Hanna Howard 5 days ago
You guys should start a USposts channel
Fatimah Alamri
Fatimah Alamri 5 days ago
Hi 👋😊 guys so we know who is the best girl 🙂 you know 😂😼 lol hehe I love you Queen Yasss byeee
Alexa Andrews
Alexa Andrews 6 days ago
r u almost done with collage im sad missing u in the ohana vlogs i realy miss u i cry when u are gone😭😭 please let me know if you need anything else from me please let me know if u comment also make me a shoutout plz 🙂 BYE
Grace Felipe
Grace Felipe 8 days ago
Faben Asfaw
Faben Asfaw 8 days ago
I slept 12AM
Anna Swedberg
Anna Swedberg 8 days ago
I slept in tell 10:00
Trinity Robinson
Trinity Robinson 14 days ago
8:25 am \
2nd place Aldc
2nd place Aldc 14 days ago
I slept in till 6:22 am today 😂
Abby's vlog
Abby's vlog 16 days ago
Evangeline Grech
Evangeline Grech 21 day ago
I sleep to 8:00 :)
Elle Grace
Elle Grace 24 days ago
I slept in until 6:30 because that’s my normal time I wake up on school days even though it’s a Sunday but we are in a hotel meeting people for breakfast so that’s why🤍 Edit: Lol it put like 6 minutes and 30 seconds in the video☺️
Abigail 25 days ago
brit 26 days ago
if sophie dont start a yt channel🥺she is so vibesy
Lara Rosa
Lara Rosa 26 days ago
I love Sophie
Madison Jatie
Madison Jatie 29 days ago
10 I slept till 10 today hahahah
Lotte Tijhuis
Lotte Tijhuis Month ago
I slept in until 14:30 today and I didn’t go to bed late or something🤭 it’s just way to cold where I live and it’s a Sunday and I started my period so I think it’s okay🤭😂
Lexi CB
Lexi CB Month ago
Why does she acted so different when she is around her friends just be yourself
Noof _
Noof _ Month ago
Dewey Spears
Dewey Spears Month ago
omg i love your fams new 2021 intro song 😍😍😍😍
Chelsea081 msp
Chelsea081 msp Month ago
I slept by 12
Ieva Šaudena
Ieva Šaudena Month ago
Its obvious that klai has Jothans hoodie, cuz she wears it and Jothan don’t. Jothan probably gave it to her.
Shialah Chhun
Shialah Chhun Month ago
Hayden Marie
Hayden Marie Month ago
7:30 AM because I had class at 7:40
It’s Jayla
It’s Jayla Month ago
I woke up at 1:00
Jerika Katt
Jerika Katt Month ago
10:23 am
Ja’Kayla Deck
Ja’Kayla Deck Month ago
I love Sophie...she doesn’t even have to be as funny as she is🤣
Jaslene Mendoza
Jaslene Mendoza Month ago
dawlabills Month ago
i slept in til like 8am
Alexa Puckett
Alexa Puckett Month ago
college looks so fun!
Bess Goolsby
Bess Goolsby Month ago
I woke up at 8:30 for church btw love y’all♥️
Stacy Fazioli
Stacy Fazioli Month ago
I Sept until 7:30 today I know it sounds early but to my its not because diring the week I have to get up at 5:15 to go to (middle) school (I'm 13) also sophie and klailea should make a channel together! Love you!! ❤❤
Emma Monroe
Emma Monroe Month ago
Hi there
Rose Month ago
I slept till like 7:11 AM today
Kristen Winland
Kristen Winland Month ago
I am still sleeping
Fluffy Puppy
Fluffy Puppy Month ago
I slept in until 7:00 am 🤠😌
Jewelie Hahne
Jewelie Hahne Month ago
Have all of your videos Clara I’m seven years old how old are you
Kayla's Taste
Kayla's Taste Month ago
They would be a cute couple Sophie and klaiae ship
scarletandwillow watches
scarletandwillow watches Month ago
I think Rylie is such a good friend to Klai
ITZ_Joo Month ago
Me lol
Holly Holly
Holly Holly Month ago
I slept till 745😏😏
Puppy Girl
Puppy Girl Month ago
I slept in intell 5:30 am because I got a text and it woke me up 😂🎉
Jorden Shelton
Jorden Shelton Month ago
Sophie should start her own channel i would sub🥰🥰
Alyson Hinojosa
Alyson Hinojosa Month ago
lol she says to go check out her friends channel everyone: ok Me: how the heck are we supposed to know what her channel is?! like I love this channel but it is kinda confusing cause I really wanna check out her channel.
theoneandonly iris
theoneandonly iris Month ago
Her channel is riley rehl
FunTimes〈3 Month ago
I slept until 5:00 pm so Sophie isn't as bad as me
CF Lennox - Midleton
CF Lennox - Midleton Month ago
lol idiots
Sisters for life
Sisters for life Month ago
Sisters for life
Sisters for life Month ago
Idoko Adaeze
Idoko Adaeze Month ago
I am starting to hate 💔💔💔you
Idoko Adaeze
Idoko Adaeze Month ago
This not the Klailea i use to know heavy makeup
Katelijne van Rensburg
Katelijne van Rensburg Month ago
Shania Mitchell
Shania Mitchell Month ago
6:00 AM
Amanda Herrera
Amanda Herrera Month ago
Am I the only one who saw her wearing the volleyball hoodie??? Do u think it could be one of the boys ?? Could this be a hint or am I just overthinking hahaha
brook schelter
brook schelter Month ago
I slept in till 9:00
Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown Month ago
1:02 who else thought that she had something on her bed (tape) but it was really her water bottle!
Emily Braxton
Emily Braxton Month ago
do you do work on weekends?
Kaelyn The Rat
Kaelyn The Rat Month ago
Love your videos
Julia Goodwin
Julia Goodwin Month ago
I honestly love the Sophie take over honestly Klai and Sophie should create a channel together
Andi Jones
Andi Jones Month ago
Why is Sophies room much better than klai's? Also 7:30
Paiton Month ago
The 58 who disliked got out voted be 9,000 so
AvaTheGreat Month ago
I slept in till 9:10am this morning
maddison santos
maddison santos Month ago
Zara Mujeeb Rahman
Zara Mujeeb Rahman Month ago
10:30am :)
Mayte Morales
Mayte Morales Month ago
I fell asleep at six in the morning
Jennah Mayberry
Jennah Mayberry Month ago
i’m from roanoke
Annam Month ago
Is it just me or do I feel like sofie and klai are like the bestest friends like they get along so good like there like sisters I’m so happy for you klai to find such a good friend and I’m so happy for you sofie to find such a good friend like klai💕🥺
Rebecca Jacobs
Rebecca Jacobs Month ago
I slept into 11:36 a.m.
Little Paradise
Little Paradise Month ago
Like 11am
Monica valdivia
Monica valdivia Month ago
Tbh Ohana Was More Fun With Kali But It's Now Boring
Maisie B
Maisie B Month ago
Is this even filming. That was so funny. LOL
Vinaluv Month ago
your friend is adorable. but noooo gum chewing when filming. the sound is horrible.
madynn chandler
madynn chandler Month ago
I woke up at 7:25am
Rachel Walsh
Rachel Walsh Month ago
9:20 lol
Kimberly Kahn
Kimberly Kahn Month ago
i like sofi your friend
Ruby Keenan
Ruby Keenan Month ago
these girls are only known because of her 🥸
Serenity Hendon
Serenity Hendon Month ago
Just asking but why does that matter there her friends leave them alone my gosh
Adrienne Deleon
Adrienne Deleon Month ago
That’s cool! I didn’t know she was friends with Riley! I love Riley’s channel and Klais!
It’s Mia
It’s Mia Month ago
Slept till 6:30 :>
Mia Hoops
Mia Hoops Month ago
Dominique Smith
Dominique Smith Month ago
8:40 cause i had school
Khazimla Matross
Khazimla Matross Month ago
Its weird how when Klailea friend said we pulling an all nighter I got a notification from Klailea saying Pulling an all nighter in College. How weird is that 😂
Samantha Stencil
Samantha Stencil Month ago
I slept till 8:30. What state are you going to college in?
Kristine Øvergaard
Kristine Øvergaard Month ago
I slept til 6:45 am today 😅
K Steavenson
K Steavenson Month ago
I slept til 8:00 am
Queen Ethnah
Queen Ethnah Month ago
Tell me I’m not the only one who heard drivers license intro 😭😭
Life With Niah
Life With Niah Month ago
What’s Riley’s yt
Rebecca Turner
Rebecca Turner Month ago
Maybe u could go to a sharp shopper to do a discount haul. You can save a lot of money
Haneen H
Haneen H Month ago
I did an all nighter so i didnt sleep
Lexy Conway
Lexy Conway Month ago
I didn’t sleep in, I got up at 6:30am because I had school✨
Makena Month ago
I slept in till 11:00
Nab_74 Month ago
how do u know sophie?
Victoria Cookie
Victoria Cookie Month ago
i thought you were 16 how are you in college
Adeline Gibowicz
Adeline Gibowicz Month ago
I woke up at 8
Layla Queens
Layla Queens Month ago
She is wearing a boys hoodie she dose not do volleyball
Aubrie Dressler
Aubrie Dressler Month ago
Woke up at 5ish lol :)
Ruby Kay
Ruby Kay Month ago
i had to wake up at 6:15 for school
phoe2340 phoe2340
phoe2340 phoe2340 Month ago
phoe2340 phoe2340
phoe2340 phoe2340 Month ago
What is Riley yt channel
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