Wyze Band Review: Too Much Too Soon

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11 months ago

The new Wyze Band is an ultra-affordable smart watch. But at just $25, how well does it actually work? I tested out its features to help you decide if the Wyze Band is ready for prime time. Wyze has been cranking out quite a few products lately, so I’ll also talk about why that may not be a great thing.
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Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
**UPDATE** Wyze released firmware a few days ago and now the Wyze Band doesn't disconnect from my phone anymore. Even when I exit out of the Wyze app. Also I can get phone call notifications now and alerts if I haven't stood up in 50 or so minutes. I wish these updates were there before I got my Wyze Band but I'm glad to see some of these big issues fixed. Also Wyze has a coupon code for a free Wyze Bulb for every $20 spent LIGHTUPMYLIFE and it expires 6/1/20
idkflycasual 5 months ago
it would be nice to see a review 6 months later, if the review warrants updates
MashAllah Tech Secrets
MashAllah Tech Secrets 5 months ago
any 2020 november update?
themidnightorb 7 months ago
Just a few questions, does this Wyze band vibrate for notifications?, and do you still have to have the app open around the clock to receive notifications correctly?. And can you set an alarm at all on this that notifies you either through the band itself or the phone?.
josh wester
josh wester 11 months ago
will this work on Amazon?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
@TAKV Gaming hey thanks for letting me know! I had it originally pinned but I edited the comment to add the coupon code and apparently YT removes the pin if edited.
itsGdublan 4 months ago
The battery draining isn’t a glitch. It’s China using its connection to steal your data
Mark Donnery
Mark Donnery 4 months ago
Couple questions is there a vibrator in the band to notify you? Would you still buy this or would you wait for the watch
Brian DeAnda
Brian DeAnda 5 months ago
Wyze band stopped working after a month. I wouldn’t recommend
undead999 5 months ago
considering i spent way more money on a fitbit inspire with a faction of the features, and filled with glitches this isnt looking bad. on my fitbit i dont always get my sms alerts, sometimes it loses entire days worth of activities b/c the sync function breaks and w/o any notifaction it failed sync, the Wyse band is looking really good if for nothing more than core fitbit like features
Space Explorer boy
Space Explorer boy 6 months ago
For some reason for me it was $30 on Amazon
Marian M
Marian M 6 months ago
What happened to the days where Fitbit was affordable? 😂
J. Hon
J. Hon 6 months ago
I LOVE WYZE. Fitbit products only track steps as well and dont do near what the wyze band does. I think your being very fussy considering the price tag. I will be giving this as xmas gifts to my family. My main wish is it would be awesome if it could show your wyzecam video feed. Enjoy Wyze while we can, my guess is it will either fail financially or have to increase prices or worst be bought out by google or microsoft or apple, etc.
Nicolas Sarabia
Nicolas Sarabia 7 months ago
What other smart watch device that's not that expensive do you recommend. I to was excited for the wyze band but think I'll wait for the second generation of the band .
DoozerTown 7 months ago
What are your comparing this to? I have a charge 3 and it is FAR behind this device from a connectivity standpoint.
Jacob Reed
Jacob Reed 8 months ago
Member Tools app 👀
Brian Sh
Brian Sh 9 months ago
Good job on review, I purchased the band, everything else besides Alexa on this band is nonsense, Alexa works if your phone is close to you, and respond is very slow. Well if my phone is in my pocket, why am I wasting my time, since I could manage the command on my cellphone, you are right, they need to do more updates on this band. I can't control my cameras, but just my wyze switches on my band after several attempts 🤔, if this device could connect to a bluetooth headset and capable to play sounds or music it will be awesome.
abc 8 months ago
The Alexa function on mine is what doesn't work most of the time. The other functions "work" but are very inaccurate. I'm hoping future updates will remedy some of these problems. At present mine's not working very well for me.
solarbalance 9 months ago
Does anyone else find it fishy that Wyze can put out products so inexpensively? How can a company design and produce products that are 1/4 price of other companies? That Wyze scale looks a WHOLE lot like Withings Smart scale from about 8 years ago.
BaileeGermanotta 9 months ago
I’m only interested in the heart rate option due to my atrial fibrillation. Cover any of that?
abc 8 months ago
The heart rate function on mine is not nearly as good as my ancient Fitbit Charge HR (their first version, IIRC). My Wyze band takes several seconds before it displays a HR reading, then it jumps all over the place before it settles down. My old Fitbit displays immediately and the reading is steady. If I wear them both, they finally come close to agreeing on my HR, but the Wyze band takes forever after jumping all over the place by 10 or more bpm.
NoOne_ In-particular
NoOne_ In-particular 9 months ago
Almost all fitness bands will be inaccurate when it comes to sleep. Most track your resting heart rate and movement. So by it saying you went to sleep 2 hours early just means that you were probably laying or sitting in bed watching tv and your heat rate dropped to a resting rate. GPS would kill the battery life fast. For $25 beggars can’t be choosers.
Aedan Hickey
Aedan Hickey 9 months ago
Now that's it's a month later do you still reccomend getting it??!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 9 months ago
It's super affordable so if you want to get it just to play around with, then sure. It seemed like a few updates made it better, but then a few updates made it worse again. I'm not currently wearing it right now for reasons I said in the video.
Todd Olathe Ks.
Todd Olathe Ks. 10 months ago
You know that’s aggravating $25 smart watch I’m just at a lost I don’t know what to say come on dude for what Wyze is doing at the price point that they’re doing it at. As far as releasing products before you deem it ready. How do you think they keep the cost down there having their customers test for them. Was it three years ago you couldn’t get a security camera In your house for less than $300 My mother has dementia Last night I went to the restroom and I got a notification saying somebody’s moving around the front door I would be completely sunk with out the 5 wyze cam. Sorry Thanks 🙏
Gary Kazanjian
Gary Kazanjian 10 months ago
How long does the screen stay on once activated? Is there a way to have screen on continually?
Eliza Aranzamendez
Eliza Aranzamendez 10 months ago
I really don't like mine, you me it's just a digital walk. I agree with you on the battery life and notifications however upon day 1 I noticed you need your app to be on in order to work your camera and smart products. The only reason I purchased this was because I thought you could view your wyze cams from the watch. Wrong. I can't do anything wyze/smart prods related without the app and I might as well pickup my phone and use Google home or Alexa if that's the case. Another disappointment is since Day 1 tech support STILL made no effort to make contact me
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 10 months ago
Using the Wyze Cams with it would be cool. I'm disappointed in this as well, which is too bad because I was excited by its potential.
Yung Don
Yung Don 10 months ago
Mines has ran 12 days on a single charge. My notifications barely work though.
max brooks
max brooks 10 months ago
does this count calories burned?
JUKENZ 10 months ago
I’d just pay to have Alexa on my wrist to connect with my smart home.
abc 8 months ago
Good luck! The Alexa function on mine rarely works. It either doesn't understand, says it's not sure, or that it can't connect. No rhyme or reason to when it works (seldom) and when it doesn't (most of the time). I'm hoping a future software update will make it more reliable.
ffmcmav40 11 months ago
I’ve got one and it works great. Once I had it say it wasn’t connected while my phone’s Bluetooth said it was. I shut off the Bluetooth, immediately turned the Bluetooth back on it connected automatically instantly and has never done it again and that was before I updated it. It’s always connected and I never have the app open.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Yeah it seems like they fixed those connection issues in the last firmware update. I’m glad it’s working well for you.
Todd Barrow
Todd Barrow 11 months ago
Does it work with Google Assistant?
ArcTech Design Studio
ArcTech Design Studio 11 months ago
Is it working same in another region as well ? Like some watch doesn't have that kind a feature enabled at another region , is it possible in this one in india as well ?
camaroman101 11 months ago
Since i got mine they've already had at least 3 firmware updates for the band. Definitely not yet waterproof, i showered with mine and it ended up rebooting. To expect a better product from wyze don't get the early access items. Once released to the public more common issues tend to be resolved.
Dan 11 months ago
More and more companies keep releasing products with software issues, this sucks for consumers. Guess they figure they can always fix it later, as they get the revenue now. As consumers, we shouldn't accept this kind of practice because as we have, it's become the norm.
Rage 11 months ago
I trust you. What is the most inexpensive smartwatch out today, that properly and consistently provides solid email notifications?
Rage 11 months ago
@Maxwellmark I'm in the same boat.
Maxwellmark 11 months ago
I had the best one...it was a Pebble. But it’s t the end of its life and they aren’t made anymore. I wish I could find a watch with simple reliable notifications. That’s it, I don’t need or want all the other features.
Mark McEathron
Mark McEathron 11 months ago
Great review, man! You echoed many of my experiences with my own Wyze Band. It disconnects frequently from my phone. Enough so to really be an inconvenience. The sleep tracker was so bad that I didn't even bother trusting the other tracking programs. I disabled notifications because I would rather manage them on my phone. It's been that way for me with every whereable that I've worn so that's not a dig against Wyze, just a personal preference. My wife leaves her notifications on and the difference between the 2 bands in terms of battery drain is astounding. Her battery died out in about 7ish days. At 14 days, I still had 30% on mine, but that's where the rapid battery drop hit. Mine was dead by morning. But 14+ days on a single charge was impressive. Thanks to your video, I fixed my biggest issue with the band. No matter what, the Alexa control wouldn't understand what I was saying. Disconnecting the service and reconnecting like you showed, resolved that issue for me. Thank you for that! Overall, I'm happy with a $25 waterproof watch that controls Alexa. I can't even find that at Walmart. The rest of the features are junk right now. Hopefully they get the software fixed. I'm with you, the band wasn't ready and was released too early.
Loveoldies50 11 months ago
I LOVE my band! I know they will improve. They always send updates to fix flaws. It's new, and VERY promising.
Brian Sh
Brian Sh 9 months ago
I hope so else this is really less than a toy 😁
LittleWhole 11 months ago
I still prefer the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. 50 meter 5ATMM waterproofing for $28, accurate and very fine tuned over the years sleep tracking and fitness tracking, can control Mi Home via Mi AI, NFC for contactless payments, OLED display
Don W
Don W 11 months ago
I've had my Band for two weeks now and other than some sleep function wonkiness on a few days, it has worked perfectly for me.
Bud 11 months ago
Wyze band DOES NOT receive notifications for most things on IPHONE XR
Texas Finest
Texas Finest 11 months ago
So the band works with Alexa but not with Google Home. I have all my wyze cameras set up thru Google Home.
Kung Pow Geek
Kung Pow Geek 11 months ago
The main reason I bought the Wyze Band was for Alexa, but all I get is "Connection Lost - disconnected with Wyze app" when I try to use the feature. 😟 I hope a future firmware/software update will make it usable.
abc 8 months ago
Ditto that!!!!
Muper San
Muper San 11 months ago
The fitness tracker is pretty much garbage.
Vincent Papineau
Vincent Papineau 11 months ago
I bought my daughter the same Vtech watch. Lol Ordering a Wyze band now for my wife. Thanks for the video,i collect smartwatches so was very interested.
Townie 11 months ago
Unrelated to the video how is your Wyze Smart lock doing! Do you still recommend it?
SwitchBoy500 11 months ago
I just download smart home apps on an Android watch. Done! But I still love the product! I mostly use google
DerpyDoom 11 months ago
200$-400$ vs 25$ which do you think would sell more for smarthome users?
Dustysa4 11 months ago
It's a dud. But I suppose over the years I've had good performance from their budget stuff. They're allowed one or two stinkers.
Brent Kleinman
Brent Kleinman 11 months ago
Hmm i'd rather have spent $25 on this than $200+ on my tic watch pro which I have had to replace 2 times now!!!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Replaced 2 times! Geez that's frustrating.
Tech With Brett
Tech With Brett 11 months ago
Reed, you're just using your wrist wrong. Great review!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Thanks Brett! You're probably right. I need to look at the benefits, I'm apparently running further, sleeping longer and not getting as many distracting notifications with the Wyze Band.
bobandbobandbob 11 months ago
Horray for 4k!
D'Angel -0
D'Angel -0 11 months ago
I want Google assistant on my wyze band
Joseph Romero
Joseph Romero 11 months ago
So I like my band but in all honesty, once there is a smartwatch that can work with Alexa well enough I will probably give this one to my son.
Fred Conte
Fred Conte 11 months ago
My WyzeCam v2 never worked for more than 2 minutes without failing. I won’t give a chance to this company again, sorry. Great video btw :)
the DOS
the DOS 11 months ago
My Wyze Cloud app was down for like 60% of the times I was trying to look at it.
Daredo 11 months ago
Try the mi band 4
Phuong Hua
Phuong Hua 11 months ago
hey so for my led strip lights, only the red and green led bulbs work so i can’t have colours with blue in it. How do i fix this?
Phuong Hua
Phuong Hua 11 months ago
Smart Home Solver I fixed it. I basically kept touching it and it worked
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
The light strips are probably damaged and the blue wire is probably damaged. It's happened to me before. Sometimes the less expensive light strips have this happen. If you just bought them from Amazon then I would return them.
Juice Neros
Juice Neros 11 months ago
this band seems terrible. very glitchy, unstable, and inaccurate results. the only good thing is has going for it is its price tag. but with $5 more you can buy a Xiaomi Mi fitness tracker. i guess the only reason to get this band is if you want use Alexa.
Simon Gie
Simon Gie 11 months ago
I think that they should stick to what they do best. Honestly, I was surprised to hear they'd be releasing a fitness tracker band in the first place. It seems completely outside of their product range. Looking forward to the Wyze cam exterior.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
I'm with you on that one
Grayson Peddie
Grayson Peddie 11 months ago
I would probably be the guy who would spend $200 just to get a fitness-based smart watch with their own OS that does not require a phone to operate. I don't mean circular Android Wear watches but more the square ones. I do prefer to have a watch that is cross-platform such as being able to connect with Purism Librem 5. But then, I don't know if Purism will build a smart watch in the future just to run an app that communicates with Home Assistant...
Chris 11 months ago
Does Wyze actually create any hardware themselves, or do they partner with hardware manufacturers, rebrand those items and then do software integration? Maybe they are waiting for their OEMs to innovate so they just find other products they can slap their brand on. Delay on the outdoor cam? Fine lets put a Band and a Scale out in the meantime. There seems to be no FOCUS to their business with these recent additions. Not what I'm looking for when investing in a company's products.
HGST 11 months ago
yup, its a rebranded Xiaomi specially "made" for the US market
Ron M
Ron M 11 months ago
Lol, thanks.
John Smith
John Smith 11 months ago
4:12 I thought "Haha! Why is he washing his hands a lot lately?!". Then I remembered I'm on lockdown. AKA, normal life.
Mona S.
Mona S. 11 months ago
While Wyze products aren’t perfect, I feel like they really listen to their customers and don’t rip people off with exorbitant pricing. They seem to pay close attention to the comments on their subReddit. I can’t wait to get their scale.
abc 8 months ago
@The Tango The screens in the Wyze phone app are horrible to try to read for sure.
verygoodbrother 10 months ago
@The Tango there's a resource limit to what they can address. They are not a large company like apple or google
The Tango
The Tango 11 months ago
I keep seeing people talking about how Wyze is so great at listening to the customer - BULL - If you actually follow the Wyze Community, you would be hard press to find Wyze addressing the top request of owners. Jerky Pan Cam - never fixed - / - Windows app - never addressed - / - Wyze App that is readable (tiny font & muted colors) - never addressed. Wyze is TERRIBLE at customer/produce problems.
teiczer 11 months ago
They are not Phillips ;)
chad perry
chad perry 11 months ago
Love the channel been doing alot of your ideas with my house I have a nice smart watch but work construction might have to pick this one up for a cheap alternative so I don't ruin my Samsung
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Thanks Chad! That's a good idea too!
ewijntuin 11 months ago
water problem is a general thing for cheap fitness trackers. i have a amazfit gts
James Herron
James Herron 11 months ago
Open your phone’s settings and go to the battery optimization settings. The reason the phone is quitting the Wyze app entirely is that it thinks that it is taking too much battery. Disabling optimization for the Wyze app may help your disconnection problem.
abc 8 months ago
But then the band drains my iPhone's battery horribly fast.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Hey James. Thanks for the suggestion. That's the first thing I did when I got the Wyze Band. The Wyze app has some info in there of what to do but it still didn't fix the issue. I've heard from multiple sources that the Wyze beta app fixes it though so this problem should hopefully go away quickly.
Stephen G
Stephen G 11 months ago
Are there any tricks on getting a custom background on there? I've tried like 10 different ones only to have the band show a blank black picture
Willie 11 months ago
Maybe it is the type of image .jpg v.s. .gif Try some other image types would be my best guess. support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039223872-Clock-Faces
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Oh that's interesting. I don't think I did anything special. I just selected a picture and then resized it using their crop tool thing and it worked. The only thing I had to do was try it multiple times to get it to line up correctly but that's it.
Pranav Rajagopal
Pranav Rajagopal 11 months ago
Great video!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Thanks Pranav!
TAKV Gaming
TAKV Gaming 11 months ago
This is a great vid! Your vids make me so jealous of your smart home lol. Many of these videos help me figure out what to get and what not to get without needing to buy it and then return it if I don’t like it!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Thanks and that's great to hear!
Picardo gaming
Picardo gaming 11 months ago
Wyze should make a outdoor camera
Charon 11 months ago
They already are
Picardo gaming
Picardo gaming 11 months ago
Can you make a vid on the yale all in one outdoor camera
TAKV Gaming
TAKV Gaming 11 months ago
Smart Home Solver rip
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
I just looked it up and it seems like a good camera. I don't think it's available in the US right now.
ModernDayTech 11 months ago
Not a surprise Wyze! 🤐
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Yeah I love the wyze sense.
TAKV Gaming
TAKV Gaming 11 months ago
Smart Home Solver agreed. But the wyze sense is really nice.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Yeah Wyze needs to step up their game.
Lofi Music :3
Lofi Music :3 11 months ago
Your videos inspired me to create my own smart home! Thanks! Also I watched you all day today 😂😂
Lofi Music :3
Lofi Music :3 11 months ago
@Smart Home Solver it's OK! 😊
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
That's great to hear!
Neekster Man
Neekster Man 11 months ago
Does this work with non-Wyze smart devices?
Juan Rivera
Juan Rivera 11 months ago
Yes it works with Alexa so yes you can use it to control lights. I use the Alexa on my band to control lighting. Does a good job.
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Hey no problem and I appreciate it!
Neekster Man
Neekster Man 11 months ago
Thanks! Love your videos!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Right now the shortcuts only work with Wyze devices. Everything else just use Alexa to control devices.
Dangerous Cougars
Dangerous Cougars 11 months ago
Can you do a video about the Wyze Scale?
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
I'll keep an eye on it to see if there are any good integrations. Right now I use a Renpho scale and it works well. It was around the same price so I need a good reason to switch to the Wyze scale.
Apinan Yogaratnam
Apinan Yogaratnam 11 months ago
Make a video on how to control most smartphone with Siri if possible
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Are you interested in HomeKit?
tomotow 11 months ago
Dangerous Cougars
Dangerous Cougars 11 months ago
Love your vid dude!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 11 months ago
Appreciate it!
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