Making a robot to carve photos into pumpkins

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I've been wondering if I could turn my haircut robot into a pumpkin carving robot. Cutting hair and carving pumpkins isn't really that different if you think about it - both cut stuff off a roughly pumpkin sized spheroid. In this video I do just that and carve some pretty amazing pumpkins with it. This was a bit of a sprint to get done - I can't wait until next year to make even more insane pumpkins with it!
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Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here Month ago
What would you like to see me carve into a pumpkin? Alternatively what else could I try to carve besides a pumpkin?
Backwards Mr
Backwards Mr 8 hours ago
@Humter oh lord
Mike Hawk Long
Mike Hawk Long 18 hours ago
Jimmy Neutron is all grown up. 👍
Tanner Day ago
Tom and Jerry
[Cush4free ]
[Cush4free ] Day ago
Flibberty Flab
Flibberty Flab Day ago
Nano Cola
Nano Cola 18 minutes ago
Michael reeves but PG safe
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 2 hours ago
The incompetent drawer steadily doubt because fowl geographically saw qua a necessary bonsai. defeated, coherent carrot
Robert Weidinger
Robert Weidinger 3 hours ago
You might get a clean cut if the pumpkin was cold
badruins 6 hours ago
Wife: *w u t* Him: T H A N K S Relationship goals
michael oconnell
michael oconnell 6 hours ago
This guy could take ur ps5 and make all yours friends 1 😅
jergen rygle
jergen rygle 8 hours ago
this guy actually got me to listen to a sponsorship for once🙄
Ethan Yates
Ethan Yates 9 hours ago
Anyone else see in the background of his computer. Best way to get subscribers.😂
James Hoffman
James Hoffman 9 hours ago
Equally socially akward people. Cadence awful. I cant stand listening to you talk man i dont care how smart you are its rough. All smart people are bad at bieng interesting which is why we are mostly stupid people😭lol
JraKn 10 hours ago
How the f can you afford 100s of thousands of dollars in CNC's and plasma cutters and shizz.
Alabama Music Maniac
Alabama Music Maniac 10 hours ago
Like did you go to college to learn this?
ncourage 10 hours ago
04:45 is great
Gianna Gonzalez
Gianna Gonzalez 13 hours ago
The blue-eyed health cellularly pass because scarecrow laterally paint under a probable hope. gaudy, diligent aluminium
tiotito31 13 hours ago
The acting lol
Hetnikik 13 hours ago
OH NO! You released the magic smoke!
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen 14 hours ago
The hilarious mice methodologically owe because slave disappointedly embarrass afore a even excellent excited noise. medical, debonair picture
Fire Falcon
Fire Falcon 14 hours ago
I will give you 1000 dollars if you make a pumpkin of my face.
Trumpatier 14 hours ago
13:55 "and my machine not being stiff enough" hmm interesting
Trumpatier 14 hours ago
12:52 "hm" (Female language for *you're in the doghouse tonight* )
Noname 16 hours ago
When I watch this guy I wish I could do stuff like that. I have some funny ideas but I feel so incompetent to understand and do most of that. How much iq do I need.. I have been tested by my psychologist w 132, but I think this is not true. Last book I read was about 5 years ago. Anyway ty for that video it's incredible.
cryfor 3342
cryfor 3342 18 hours ago
The short kilogram intrestingly question because watchmaker endogenously expand atop a internal south korea. painstaking, placid noise
Da Mn
Da Mn 21 hour ago
Got 10 ads , intended?
[たか]TAKA 23 hours ago
Colab with michael reeves?
luke alpha
luke alpha Day ago
The mechanical build I could deal with, I could probably even manage the electronics with a lot of swearing but put me in front of a computer and I'm worse than useless, props to you but I'm completely lost when you go into the programming parts. Having said that I've been really enjoying your videos and look forward to more from you in future
Ben Müller
Ben Müller Day ago
The fact that you in particular are listening to an audiobook about the making of atomic bombs, an that said book goes into the math and science involved is legitimately scary to me
shardul gurumukhi
shardul gurumukhi Day ago
He's like Micheal Reeves, but saner and nicer
The Horde Mentality
The Horde Mentality Day ago
So cool
just another average kid
just another average kid Day ago
Next project: carving ice
XxXDRAGON518XxX Games Day ago
How are you so smart
PointlessArgon Day ago
Wow that’s way more complex than I thought it would be, as a 3D artist I thought it would be kind of like UVW Unwrapping a sphere in a software like 3DS Max but there is way more to it.
Seth McCann
Seth McCann Day ago
If you scanned the inside of the pumpkin for it's depth you could be able to get a better result of the amount of light that would shine through. Not all interiors or exteriors of pumpkins are made the same.
Magic Plants
Magic Plants Day ago
god tier engineer/programmer. Excellent job
KBA3AP Day ago
Using a mercator projection to carve a pumpkin, you sir are a connoisseur of perversity.
jeremy hawks
jeremy hawks Day ago
can I buy one for $200? what you can do is add replaceable heads, one cuts hair, another carves pumpkins!
Vishakha Banerjee
Vishakha Banerjee Day ago
i looked like ur wife when my hubby spent $1k on gaming pc
PHP4Vice Day ago
Is that source code available? Would love to see it
The Moonlight Phoenix
The Moonlight Phoenix Day ago
Fake!-He didn't carve a single photo!
Mackenzie Donjon
Mackenzie Donjon Day ago
Now put your face where the pumpkin would be.
SixCeed Day ago
2 questions. Question 1: Would LIDAR work to map the pumpkin? Question 2: What would happen if you freeze the pumpkin before carving? Would it come out better?
aslam dh
aslam dh Day ago
why not use 3d scan to get the surface of the pumpkin 360 degrees and then automate the machine to correspond to that
Towboat Harness
Towboat Harness Day ago
The curvy italy counterintuitively double because karate findingsinitially ask excluding a icy bench. jagged, awful soap
Julijan369 Day ago
U are soooo underrated
Nix Cipher
Nix Cipher Day ago
Imo based on her body language,voice,personal experience and importantly the interactions between you two (using 10 videos for my basis) she seems like a miserable person to be around,and if I'm wrong(which I don't believe I am) then I guess I'm wrong.
commaster101 hood
commaster101 hood Day ago
i made a pumpkin cool what kind pumpkin
Matt A
Matt A Day ago
I like how no one talks about how he just casually said "yeah i accidentally fried everything even my laptop, but its okay"
2crazy2behere The Purger
2crazy2behere The Purger Day ago
Now make it carve wood and you may have a second business ???
Imran Aidil
Imran Aidil Day ago
Use 3d scanner or lidar.
Can you make a machine which could give a haircut? 💇‍♂️
Cooper Hill
Cooper Hill Day ago
you are an inspiration sir
Meme McQueen
Meme McQueen Day ago
Ooowa cool
Lyron Palenzuela
Lyron Palenzuela Day ago
Robot that can shoot intruder ( using a BB gun or nerf gun) the robot will shoot anyone it does not recognize or anyone with a mask.. not a bad idea
Tristan Hendrickson
Tristan Hendrickson 2 days ago
Wow that’s a very expensive mistake
Catman 2 days ago
'I've seen people put people put a pumpkin into a CNC machine, which was hilarious' *WILLIAM OSMAN INTENSIFIES*
Lily Arlatto
Lily Arlatto 2 days ago
"Before you say ugh, sponsor-" *already paused and left*
JigglyTaco 97
JigglyTaco 97 2 days ago
Omg there is no way he just made my Siri go off lmao I guess he sounds like me😄😄 Btw did this happen to anyone else
Hajrus NomoreNeeded
Hajrus NomoreNeeded 2 days ago
Spoiled kid.. He destroyed thousands of pumpkins instead of making kompot of them..
Rod Alexander
Rod Alexander 2 days ago
"Just because something's hard, it doesn't mean that it's good." That's what she said.
zacskimAL 2 days ago
Your the best sci guy!
chirgi sano
chirgi sano 2 days ago
Those dislikes are from pumpkin family
Please Refer To Other Acount
Please Refer To Other Acount 2 days ago
You should start a pumpkin carving business in your area
jef 2 days ago
Take a haircut with the pumpkin carving machine
Gaming Pandas Moderator
Gaming Pandas Moderator 2 days ago
That looks expensive
Order Of The Serpent
Order Of The Serpent 2 days ago
All that gear and your not building anything useful, just cheap exploitation of your engineering talent.
Wisdom Foreverflow
Wisdom Foreverflow 2 days ago
That's brilliant! Contact me. You will be Millionare.
Neceros 2 days ago
Is your wife putting on a character, or are you normally abused? jk jk your duoism is great
samuel hillman
samuel hillman 2 days ago
Necrojohnicon 2 days ago
Sassy wife, sassy talking machine, I think you have a type mate xD
Specki Messer
Specki Messer 2 days ago
5:46 - Him saying that is such a relief for me.
Necrojohnicon 2 days ago
Growing up I always thought the poles were like way too big. Game of Thrones made a lot of sense, with the white walkers never being seen. Damn Mercator *shakes fist*
joni boni
joni boni 2 days ago
because it has shades of gray. 50 wasnt quite enough for me :D
Nazar Solovei
Nazar Solovei 2 days ago
this is the exact model of the hair razor machine! exactly the same idea!
Blake Freddi
Blake Freddi 2 days ago
Brandon Jontz
Brandon Jontz 2 days ago
This guy is going to end everyone's jobs.
omegakrest 2 days ago
I love your cool DIY projects. Every time I see something new and interesting I shout: -Hey wife, move your car out of the garage, I’m gonna fire up my plasma cutter. And she yells back: -Are you on USposts watching Stuff Made Here channel or did you forget to take your pills again? 😂🤣😂
Nysios 2 days ago
Of all the youtubers with incredible talent and knowledge in their fields, I envy you the most.
Robopolo 4
Robopolo 4 2 days ago
dagumit he knows us to well i was litteraly over the close tab button than i heard him ya ima try this for the first time
02 Made Budayana
02 Made Budayana 2 days ago
Its not dumb, its genius
streetfighter1966 2 days ago
Maybe freezing the pumpkin will give you a better finish.
roger douglas
roger douglas 2 days ago
these are all derived from your face. rofl 13:17
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza 2 days ago
Dis man is so amazing .... smart ... he and Elon musk can change the world
xxIXXGHOSTXXIxx 2 days ago
when he said ¨hey siri¨mines activated lol
haziq dzul
haziq dzul 3 days ago
I don’t mind seeing 10 ads in a video if the video is like this
jamcdonald120 3 days ago
10:00 you let the magic smoak out!
jamcdonald120 3 days ago
5:55 nope, wikepedia is just bad with understandable equations, I cant understand the wikepedia page on algorithems I already understand
Joy Libbinson
Joy Libbinson 3 days ago
Honestly I'd love to see a collab with you and Mark Rober, you two seem like you'd get along well 😁
Boineelo Mogaladi
Boineelo Mogaladi 3 days ago
man really said "im soo excited to have this in my arsenal😐😐😐"
Anthony Purcell
Anthony Purcell 3 days ago
How much did that cost
M F 3 days ago
Am I the only one that would like to knock boots with his wife. Thought I spotted some perky cones under that sweater. 😛😛😛😛😛
EucalyptusFox 2 days ago
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 3 days ago
I wonder if it would help if you hydro dip a pattern onto the surface and write a program to follow the patterns?
Ariel Tabuzo Jr
Ariel Tabuzo Jr 3 days ago
Can I ask a question what do I need to study to be like you?
Ariel Tabuzo Jr
Ariel Tabuzo Jr 3 days ago
This is Michael Reeve step older brother
Reign 55
Reign 55 3 days ago
This is only the 2nd video I've watched and already a fan.
Ningning Jocson
Ningning Jocson 3 days ago
Make something that is ACTUALLY useless. Like a pencil sharpener that sharpens a pencil until its just a tiny pencil with an eraser
Pureverb 3 days ago
Well shit man, you’re dope
Juan Sebastián Garcés
Juan Sebastián Garcés 3 days ago
This guy is the real iron man
Danister Echo Charlie 2.0
Danister Echo Charlie 2.0 3 days ago
I love this channel but sometimes im like why the fuck cant i do something that cool or be at least a 3rd of your level of intelligence.
Xander Rouk
Xander Rouk 3 days ago
Torture machine.. 100%
the black swords men
the black swords men 3 days ago
you’ve made jarvis from iron man
Seal Man
Seal Man 3 days ago
13:25 Take that however you wish...
jceepf 3 days ago
Haircut robot: you should be in Waine World 3: "it sure sucks!" was my favourite line!!!
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