100 Layers of Diamonds vs 100 Layers of Lava! - Minecraft Challenge

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100 Layers of Diamonds vs 100 Layers of Lava! - Minecraft Challenge with Preston ๐Ÿ‘Š
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Preston Month ago
If you could create ANY tool in Minecraft, what would it be?! Subscribe and let me know! ๐Ÿ’ช
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 7 days ago
I would build a Netherite pick to mine diamonds and netherite
THE MADDOG'S 10 days ago
Hi preston
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez 13 days ago
I heve any idea
Robert Clark
Robert Clark 22 days ago
Really big non mod bombs
Shawn Bankston
Shawn Bankston 27 days ago
Amelia Rasczyk
Amelia Rasczyk Hour ago
roshna dahal acharya
roshna dahal acharya 3 hours ago
It would be an eff 5 netherite pick
Savior Sparta
Savior Sparta 3 hours ago
Marlen Pena
Marlen Pena 4 hours ago
100 layers of...poopLol
Wolf the black127 _
Wolf the black127 _ 4 hours ago
Next do bedrock
SlimeBoi 125
SlimeBoi 125 4 hours ago
next do 100 layers of slime
Bam Dimaporo
Bam Dimaporo 4 hours ago
Me: sees Preston break diamonds :/ Me:wen i see Preston break books :)))))))) sulutes
r0blox 4rs3nal pr0
r0blox 4rs3nal pr0 4 hours ago
5:18 slingshot be like: *uno reverse card for u*
Sam Brogan
Sam Brogan 6 hours ago
Bed rock
Till lyncch
Till lyncch 7 hours ago
Bruh you really do this stuff not trying to be rude
Winda Art
Winda Art 8 hours ago
when i saw the diamond i thougth it was lapis
Kennnard yoriswan
Kennnard yoriswan 11 hours ago
i love minecraft
Brian Dawidowski
Brian Dawidowski 11 hours ago
Dang thatโ€™s just a big mess
Bailey Goss
Bailey Goss 13 hours ago
Did any body notice the stain on chases sweater?
Playful Pandaโ™ก
Playful Pandaโ™ก 13 hours ago
7:40 this is fine
Steven Harman
Steven Harman 14 hours ago
Personally Iโ€™m your favourite you tuber I said hi and say hi to your girlfriend say hi to everyone I wish I live in your city but I live in London so yes I pushed it by
Leslie Cook
Leslie Cook 14 hours ago
I would choose diamond sword
Sana Manji
Sana Manji 15 hours ago
break bedrock in real life!
zhao vicky
zhao vicky 16 hours ago
it will be like a big canon
Paul Youman
Paul Youman 17 hours ago
How do you all these materials?????
jphrady 17 hours ago
Sorry I meant famous
jphrady 17 hours ago
Preston when I was in school I had an assignment that says how fouls you are!
Azure's World
Azure's World 17 hours ago
The thing that they used in the slingshot: My brother got me a pink one of those when he was on his mission
Turtleboyofficial 19 hours ago
0:02 nice lie that is fake sapphire I can tell because gems have impurities and the thumbnail showed walls not ores so this is clickbait thank me later.
Reven Fornaliza
Reven Fornaliza Day ago
0:54 this is like an glitched
Mosnu miah
Mosnu miah Day ago
I got a challenge for prestonplayz What takes longer to break 250 layers of granite or 100 layer of diamond
Przemyslaw Mikolaj Wroblewski
Przemyslaw Mikolaj Wroblewski Day ago
Hmm break upsidion
Dzelane Saciri
Dzelane Saciri Day ago
Queen Pascua
Queen Pascua Day ago
Nadine Samuel
Nadine Samuel Day ago
Dare Devil Boy
Dare Devil Boy Day ago
Iron block
Isaac Xu Chen
Isaac Xu Chen Day ago
Hey preston is that real lava?
BL473 Day ago
7:59 bruh
Denis fan mark Ryan
Denis fan mark Ryan Day ago
THE Teacher seas read books kids say dstroy books
Martin Babakhan
Martin Babakhan Day ago
qooop !!!!!!!!!!!
Martin Babakhan
Martin Babakhan Day ago
? ? ? ? ? ? !
Martin Babakhan
Martin Babakhan Day ago
Connor Madril
Connor Madril 2 days ago
Reston next time pick a number one through one 1 billion because I got 500 million
Kayla Gonzalez
Kayla Gonzalez 2 days ago
so crasy ha ha and funny ha ha ha
nasser lootah
nasser lootah 2 days ago
subscribe and like and turn on notifications
Vortex Conner
Vortex Conner 2 days ago
Iโ€™m sorry but I donโ€™t have enough money to buy your Murch if I did I would buy song
silverfox 2 days ago
Use the infinity gotlet
Jacob Playz
Jacob Playz 2 days ago
Can you make a Roblox video an add me Thursday
I hate books destroy them haha >:)
Michaela Moodley
Michaela Moodley 2 days ago
Do bricks with all your money in it
MaryJane Pascual
MaryJane Pascual 3 days ago
MagiafolfwareYT 3 days ago
Unlocked Gg atrought (aka the gatling gun by preston) Custom Into the dead2 reference
Rikke Lund
Rikke Lund 3 days ago
koya rigdao
koya rigdao 3 days ago
Destroy iron
James Deguzman
James Deguzman 3 days ago
Emerals pls thats my favorite color
Real 3 days ago
I am your worst hater why do you have to choke unspeakable ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
rustygaming 3 days ago
I asked alexa to pick a number between 1 and 1,000 and i got 642
Suzette Hill
Suzette Hill 4 days ago
Your dead
Eddy 1788
Eddy 1788 4 days ago
hey Preston can you mine a gold
Kizel Salazar
Kizel Salazar 4 days ago
Diamond sword is so cool
kyrie mendez
kyrie mendez 4 days ago
7:50 ladies and gentelemen do not do this at home
roblox_27 karl
roblox_27 karl 4 days ago
That is a lapis
Linda Neufeld
Linda Neufeld 4 days ago
Did he just eat a book?! -_-
Unicorn kitty Brianna
Unicorn kitty Brianna 4 days ago
Jonh Norocha
Jonh Norocha 4 days ago
Preston make another USposts video that you're gonna break 100 layers of Minecraft mega
GILLES REYTER 4 days ago
Are this real diamonds
Shannon Kitchen
Shannon Kitchen 4 days ago
do you play Roblox i do and it is fun
Rochelle Aquino
Rochelle Aquino 5 days ago
Kryลกtof Vรญtek
Kryลกtof Vรญtek 5 days ago
in the next video i would like to break 100 layers of tnt
Daniel Mangsat
Daniel Mangsat 5 days ago
Nether rock
Bhone Min Thant
Bhone Min Thant 5 days ago
Diamond from Myanmer
Nuvesh Patil
Nuvesh Patil 5 days ago
Diamonds/gold/iron/chain/leather lairs
NotEnderMan 5 days ago
100 layers of houses lol jk 100 layers of water
Phoenix 5 days ago
:O is that real diamond?!
Maximiliano Campos
Maximiliano Campos 5 days ago
8:03 nice face
Aiden Temir
Aiden Temir 5 days ago
I want you to build bedrock
Fireburst Family
Fireburst Family 5 days ago
Jeha Heya
Jeha Heya 5 days ago
0:55 and 0:56 PRESTON & CLAIR EXE
Adrian Silver
Adrian Silver 6 days ago
WAIT i am what i eat im Not a tree
Christy Joe
Christy Joe 6 days ago
Hit that like boten
Roland Spurgeon
Roland Spurgeon 6 days ago
100 layers of the new coming copper and ice
Jacob Aaron
Jacob Aaron 6 days ago
But Iโ€™m not trying to be toxic
itz parkchops
itz parkchops 6 days ago
Do you know just dustin
John maxin Flores
John maxin Flores 6 days ago
At 2:19 Your playing Undertale
Aradia Lucier
Aradia Lucier 6 days ago
You are so coolllllllll
ThE sOdA PoP
ThE sOdA PoP 6 days ago
This video needs more likes like 10000000000000000000quad
Nui Gordon
Nui Gordon 6 days ago
You should get bedrok
DK Pacifix1502
DK Pacifix1502 6 days ago
7:36 this is like a firework minigun
Huang Chin
Huang Chin 6 days ago
Or bedrock
Huang Chin
Huang Chin 6 days ago
How about obsidian
TotallyNotWor 6 days ago
Preston seeing JustDustin 100 layer videos "I must replicate this in the walmart version."
Nikesha Davis
Nikesha Davis 6 days ago
You wonder why diamond are expensive Preston:... sorry not sorry
devin dodgson
devin dodgson 6 days ago
โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡พโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘†โ™Ž๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ”†๐Ÿ†•๐Ÿคฃโ™Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
Zeny Encalada
Zeny Encalada 6 days ago
Rip tv
Nolan Plunkett
Nolan Plunkett 6 days ago
hello preston
Womba Silumbu
Womba Silumbu 7 days ago
Preston do a give away where you give 1 diamond each to ever one who subscribes
Angela Widener
Angela Widener 7 days ago
Matteus Ronn
Matteus Ronn 7 days ago
No wonder diamonds are rare prestons taking them all XD
Crystal Caudill
Crystal Caudill 5 days ago
Yayyyy Yayyyy
Angela Widener
Angela Widener 7 days ago
Hi Tj
Ava Lee
Ava Lee 7 days ago
Ava Lee
Ava Lee 7 days ago
I play fortnite Jacob Richardson
I play fortnite Jacob Richardson 7 days ago
Is it real ores
Juana Revidad
Juana Revidad 7 days ago
Preston is that real diamond s
renz epic
renz epic 7 days ago
Preston: diamonds Me: no its lapis
Ezra Reynolds
Ezra Reynolds 7 days ago
The diamond looks more like lapis
Mike Rathmill
Mike Rathmill 7 days ago
Obsidian and I would have a screwdriver
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