How Android users view IPhone users #shorts

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Iballright Celebs

Month ago

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Iballright Celebs
Iballright Celebs Month ago
Checkout the IPhone Users view video too.
Sophie Hill
Sophie Hill 5 days ago
@INFINITIVERSE OF SWAG Yeah, why spend so much money on the exact same phone 🙈 Did you not do research? 🙈
Sophie Hill
Sophie Hill 5 days ago
@INFINITIVERSE OF SWAG Yeah, why spend so much money on the exact same phone 🙈 Did you not do research? 🙈
Lisa Kim
Lisa Kim 8 days ago
i just came from there
HAFSA SHAKEEL 9 days ago
@INFINITIVERSE OF SWAG this guy just demonstrated the show of part......
Sangita Banerjee
Sangita Banerjee 13 days ago
@선풍기다만 Ur an army?
beautiful girl
beautiful girl Hour ago
My friend has an iphon12 she droped it and the screen broke she paid almost 500 dollar to repair it What a lost 😑
Spaceflight Bro
Spaceflight Bro 2 hours ago
But the truth is: Apple has some great iPads and MacBooks. Yea the iPhones are overrated tho.
Quantum X Universe
Quantum X Universe 2 hours ago
Paying more $500 for 2x Ram Paying $250 for I pods Sorry guys am not able to make a meme🤐🤐😂
Tanu Shree
Tanu Shree 2 hours ago
Man,your videos are the best!!! 👍 Stay blessed !🙌
GARIMA SHARMA 3 hours ago
This guy🤣🤣
fResH-a-Vo-cAdo 5 hours ago
watching this on my iphone 11 *air punch*
Lawrence Topoatsi
Lawrence Topoatsi 13 hours ago
Do u have a video for how mr. Bean was created" . I wanna see that
Aryaman Dobhal
Aryaman Dobhal 16 hours ago
I believe in Nokia supremacy
Puppi UvU
Puppi UvU 20 hours ago
*me, a iphone user* i really like both phones tbh 👁👄👁✋
Raka 7
Raka 7 Day ago
why wasting money on these when you can have Nokia for your lifetime?
Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago
Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago Day ago
All those 4.8k dislike are from IPhone users
Josh Edwards
Josh Edwards Day ago
No iPhones were harmed in making this video.
jungkooks banana milk
jungkooks banana milk Day ago
I hate it when I tell an iphone user I have an android and then they be like "androids are bad" 💀 tbh I think android's are better then iPhone's but that's just my opinion- dont come at me iphone users-
AbbyPlaysGames Hai
AbbyPlaysGames Hai Day ago
It's not my fault that's what my dad got me
Laxmi Pokhriyal
Laxmi Pokhriyal Day ago
This is the only you tube channel whose videos i had to/can watch in 720p😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Elpislynn 2 days ago
Still smh y’all’s android stop working after one year of purchase lol keep buying new phones which add up to the same amount as a good iPhone 👵🏻👵🏻
Luom112 2 days ago
Now iPhone 12 screen is the most shatter resistant. How the tables have turned...
Pedro com P
Pedro com P 2 days ago
I don't care if someone has an Iphone, but from the moment you show off because of a fucking cell phone, my respect for you goes down the drain
Toph the melon lord
Toph the melon lord 2 days ago
Yeah pretty much lol
Mūn Man
Mūn Man 2 days ago
I honestly use an iphone because my mom bought it and I honestly didn’t care which phone she got
TigerFrostStudios 2 days ago
I like iPhone...
Potato TV
Potato TV 3 days ago
me wondering what this man does with the water after every video :) btw i love your videos
doki edits & mashups
doki edits & mashups 3 days ago
My phone is older than my little brother
Bhavi Rana
Bhavi Rana 3 days ago
The dislikes are from those people who have i phone and the likes are from tjose who have androids You can see how many people have androids
Liliana Gomez
Liliana Gomez 3 days ago
Fr tho💀
Mugi 3 days ago
iphone users r so annoying and they can't take any criticism (no offense or anything)
hi 3 days ago
Yes very true
SpeedyAzaan 3 days ago
Dude, android and iOS phones break too easily, imma switch back to Nokia
Gigi -Chan
Gigi -Chan 3 days ago
How the dude got so much water tho?
moony 3 days ago
*me who uses an ipod:*
black jack1171
black jack1171 3 days ago
Why are you always carrying a piece of paper?
Julia Dawns
Julia Dawns 4 days ago
An Apple a year makes your money dissapear
Ferry Purnomo
Ferry Purnomo 4 days ago
Iphones lose battery too fast i hate it so i use andriod
Wolfy 150
Wolfy 150 4 days ago
Why is this so true
SomeRandomNoob 4 days ago
Me that has an iPad instead of an iPhone: Good thing they aren’t Insulting me :)
Søçîäłłÿ āwkwärd
Søçîäłłÿ āwkwärd 4 days ago
I have an iPhone but I really don’t get why we have to compete over a phone ;-; can I just have an *electronic device* in peace? I kinda agree with the price thing tho- even tho I have one
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 4 days ago
I have both iPhone 11 pro and Samsung s10 plus
Alex the egg
Alex the egg 4 days ago
As an android user can confirm.
Anime Loves
Anime Loves 4 days ago
As a proud Android user I find this very accurate
Anime Loves
Anime Loves 5 hours ago
@Klaziks about the Android's or how I phone users view us ??
Klaziks 6 hours ago
It isn’t tho
ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴀ ɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴ
ᴊᴜꜱᴛ ᴀ ɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴ 4 days ago
rich 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
gothical x
gothical x 5 days ago
I swear I am an iPhone user and when I say the screen is hella weak I MEAN IT! I literally dropped a spoon on my phone and it cracked
Hrishi Sunder
Hrishi Sunder 5 days ago
Android phones stop working and usually start to heat up over a year or so while apple phones work perfectly fine for over 7-8 years I literally use a 7 year old iPhone 6s+ and there is nothing wrong with it lol so suck on that android stans
Pedro com P
Pedro com P 2 days ago
with this text, you confirmed with no effort that you never had an Android. After you finish showing off on a cell phone, go get information
Sunbabbyyy 4 days ago
Nah cos I have a Samsung and it heats up a little bit and it doesnt get too hot and it never stops working because of it so next time do your research before you talk shit
worthman9 5 days ago
As an android user, this is the most accurate thing ever 😂
Klaziks 6 hours ago
Yea as an iphone user he is definitely right, everything he said is exactly how the toxic android users be like😂
Ebi animates
Ebi animates 5 days ago
Whether you take it personally or not, android is ultimately better than apple or iPhone, you wanna know why? Cool I’ll tell ya’ ; firstly storage; android has both better storage and storage options than apple or iPhone(that’s a fact, do your research) Vulnerability, apple and iPhone’s are way more vulnerable than the much more sturdy android, which has something to say about it’s quality(another fact do your research), next, potency of updates, do I have to even talk about this one? Android updates actually included more features and improve on old ones, unlike the apple or iPhone which basically gets away with so much more of your money, by just adding an extra camera and making it look a bit more flashy, maybe a little tweaks here and there(another undeniable fact), Finance, android offers you better for cheaper, literally, and I understand that this isn’t often the case but it is now because, IOS devices are fricken expensive for no apparent reason(matter of factly...), next is that android is easier to use, and I would know since I’m unfortunately using an IOS device to type this in right now(proven by individual experiences and statistical research) AND most importantly; flexibility..., android users get to enjoy much more flexibility, freedom and added features, since android is naturally more flexible than IOS, you basically see half the features with lower quality grade when you choose IOS(a bit exaggerated, and some may perceive that IOS’s rigidness in its design contributes to it’s amazing security( I must admit exists ) but I honestly disagree except with the fact that IOS has better security than android) MBA users, come out here and show these iPhone users that their devices that are so expensive and flashy and fragile can’t even allow the use of a frickin emulator. And with my points here I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you, that android is indeed better than IOS, apple and iPhone, whatever you may call it.
Sophie Hill
Sophie Hill 5 days ago
This video should literally be called: "Facts about iPhone users" 😂
Flowery. Jin
Flowery. Jin 5 days ago
dayum is this how you see us loll
Sunbabbyyy 4 days ago
Yes and its facts
Jayla Challenging
Jayla Challenging 5 days ago
Why are people always coming for iPhone users i use to have an android to iPhones are just phones honestly i just think some people might be jealous not all of them but I know I used to be....
Klaziks 6 hours ago
Tbh they seem jealous at this point , i dropped my phone 50 times minimum not a single crack , been having this phone for almost a year still runs the same my battery is perfect got it for under 300 and the 1000$ iphone joke is getting old , and they assume anything like the taking a selfie joke everyone is saying in the comments
Navyaa Kochhar
Navyaa Kochhar 6 days ago
The battery life of an iPhone is 5 mins and yet they say android is worse 😃🤚
Ayodeji Flashy
Ayodeji Flashy 6 days ago
Tell em brother
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos 6 days ago
Tbh as a android user, he ain't wrong
Md Akond
Md Akond 6 days ago
I use both-
Gowri.R 6 days ago
Android, peaceful life 🧬
McKinley 6 days ago
Me watching this on an iPhone 👁👄👁
yOuR dOg SpEaKs ChInEsE!?!
yOuR dOg SpEaKs ChInEsE!?! 6 days ago
Iphone a bit late with their technology and half of the users I've met cannot spell or even think to do research. And some are pretty careless. Why would you sit your $1000 phone in middle of the floor? Pretty accurate video tho
•DarkLight_Afton• 6 days ago
Bruh. I have a IPhone and I dropped it 1MILLION Times aND it nEvEr bRoKe
harry styles
harry styles 6 days ago
If u guys wanna know the worth of iPhone... U must play play PUBG mobile.... 🤟💥
Rose_Gold_ Teddy
Rose_Gold_ Teddy 6 days ago
Im a Android user
Distya Fihinna Gitrie
Distya Fihinna Gitrie 6 days ago
Accurate as an android user
Nehal rana
Nehal rana 6 days ago
Well apple is such dumb company , android phone are much cheap and way better
Green potato With jellybean
Green potato With jellybean 7 days ago
Welll Me being a ex iPhone user : wELl dAt iZ tUrU-
Ivan Gabriel Tomas
Ivan Gabriel Tomas 7 days ago
iPhone users and Android users: *Fighting* Nokia users: weaklings WINDOWS PHONE USERS: **pathetic amateurs**
hey yo
hey yo 7 days ago
airdop? we have nearby share. the only reason is that you peeps all you the inferior iphone
hey yo
hey yo 7 days ago
research skills are facts
He forgot one thing - taking selfie from rear camera by standing in front of mirrors
Im Just Emily
Im Just Emily Day ago
what kind of peanut brain would do that
꧁Call me Boba꧂
꧁Call me Boba꧂ 7 days ago
Me waching dis wiff a iPhone be like ⓌⒽⓎ
Jxnet Mxy
Jxnet Mxy 7 days ago
Me be like: *My android is better than an iphone lolol* Also my parents said Iphones sucks so I wouldn't bother to hate it anyways.
AMV Mantis
AMV Mantis 7 days ago
This is painful for me, tbh. I don’t do any of these things as an iphone user, I swear. I know a big part of apple users are like this, doesn’t mean all of them are the same😕
Janvi Maan
Janvi Maan 7 days ago
So you mean you can't use headphones while charging your iPhone? Wow
Dheeraj Allam
Dheeraj Allam 7 days ago
It is impossible to know how both feel at once incredible superpower
EggBuddy 7 days ago
as an android owner, this is correct Minus the showing off and more dumb
Mumtaz Begum
Mumtaz Begum 7 days ago
Rasb3ry 7 days ago
0:25 laughs in nokia
Killerchef ;3
Killerchef ;3 7 days ago
I am an Android user - U -
Jayla Challenging
Jayla Challenging 7 days ago
Well I grew up in Android and just got an iPhone so yes that’s how I viewed us iPhone users but now I have a different view for both phones
Breeze Gaming
Breeze Gaming 7 days ago
the iphone 12 screen is though as heck man, but really, them androids are bad quality AND they also cost a lot of money
Alhassan Wunnam
Alhassan Wunnam 7 days ago
Agree with all 😂😂 Except for the screen though iPhone screens are really durable
Trifi 7 days ago
This is me with every apple product that exists. Please do not make the replies a war zone.
Adeela Imtiaz
Adeela Imtiaz 8 days ago
iPhone users be like ^ OH it has the apple logo let’s buy it and it’s ok if they remove the Home botton and add an camera that is literally no use ^. Me having an iphone , I guess I’m one in every person who has iPhone 🤔😬
Dusty Park Kim
Dusty Park Kim 8 days ago
All of this is super true. I'd always stay with Android
EscapeTheOrdinaryyy 8 days ago
The main question is ................. What phone does this guy have
Trustfrated_ ajju
Trustfrated_ ajju 8 days ago
Before watching this video I accidentally dropped my phone for 12345th times from my desk- It's hella strong.
Teume Blink
Teume Blink 8 days ago
I am comfortable with my android itself....
14 Jared Steven
14 Jared Steven 8 days ago
I think this short video is shot by an iphone..😆
Iamvida Hayes
Iamvida Hayes 8 days ago
I’ve dropped my phone a lot of times the screen is still fine??
ItzJust_Cece 8 days ago
I have an I-Phone 5 and dropped my phone from somewhere a little smaller than my roof, accidentally flung it in the air and it came out of the case, and I drop my phone all the time, yet my screen still isn’t broken. Weak screen? *I THINK NOT*
I Fit U
I Fit U 8 days ago
This Man famous just pouring water, I
sodawasfound 8 days ago
i swear i’m not an iphone 8 plus user
Stxrglaze 8 days ago
His career is pouring water into a bowl. Tbh that’s got to be the most easier job ever 😂😂😂
Lena Veerasamy
Lena Veerasamy 8 days ago
I used to be an Android user but people in my class all had apple so I decided to buy an iPhone 11 so I’m not left out-
Naziha Here
Naziha Here 8 days ago
April 1st, 2021 I miss having a samsung honestly
ChestnutPlayz 8 days ago
Ouch. Except.... I have an iPad not a iPhone
Monokuma 8 days ago
Me: *has android bc thats what my parents got me* Any Iphone user I've ever met: LMAO BROKE
NISTHA KAKATI 8 days ago
chassi 0407
chassi 0407 8 days ago
iPhone screens: *cracks when you drop it* Me with a screen protector: I AM INVINCIBLE
Kearny Chen
Kearny Chen 8 days ago
What broke people say ^
Vaidik Vines
Vaidik Vines 8 days ago
Even if Apple sells an "Apple" with the APPLE logo......People are gonna buy it🤣🤣
Singh Karuna
Singh Karuna 8 days ago
lol How android phone users see iphone users: Only one Kidney 😂😂😂😂😂
Apple 8 days ago
they think we use them as gucci
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