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7 months ago

Make sure you watch this video a bunch!
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MrBeast 7 months ago
The winner (no spoilers haha) told me to tell you to watch this video a lot. He said he needs the money lol
Trystan Kitty
Trystan Kitty Day ago
That’s a lot of money
Quick ً
Quick ً Day ago
Ryan mccafferty
Ryan mccafferty 3 days ago
Sashas Cheez
Sashas Cheez Month ago
Are u stil paying him to this day?
Anas Month ago
GDJackShot 3 minutes ago
I love how he acknowledges Charlie
Kailer 21 minute ago
56 million views-
Pro Eternal
Pro Eternal 51 minute ago
56000 dollars how interesting
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming 56 minutes ago
I want a Bean Bag Bed!
Triston Sanchez
Triston Sanchez Hour ago
56k mrbeast
Shadowless_ Hour ago
Anyone here in January?
Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira Hour ago
This is one of my favorite videos that's why I rewatch it
Rahmatullah Musthafa
Rahmatullah Musthafa Hour ago
Tyller Wright
Tyller Wright 2 hours ago
omg he made 56,000 dollars
Ronel asis
Ronel asis 2 hours ago
Chris and carl are crazyyy
Fear A Rooney
Fear A Rooney 2 hours ago
Fatjigle Higlights
Fatjigle Higlights 2 hours ago
56 thousand dollars
I_Take_Ankles664 2 hours ago
clark wooten
clark wooten 2 hours ago
I'm finally worth something
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose 2 hours ago
Enjoy your tenth of a penny!
• Ines Kitty BG •
• Ines Kitty BG • 3 hours ago
I'm in
NahlaS124 Lol
NahlaS124 Lol 3 hours ago
Do I make them money I watched it
Huntin’ With Stephens
Huntin’ With Stephens 3 hours ago
Is this still going on
YEEE gaming
YEEE gaming 4 hours ago
$56,000 Mr
Austin Chang
Austin Chang 4 hours ago
Grim Plays
Grim Plays 4 hours ago
56 million dollars
Unpopular opinion police
Unpopular opinion police 4 hours ago
3 month before know wow 30M view know damn 60M views almost
RyanS 4 hours ago
Karl is funny sometimes
Moon._.cassandra 4 hours ago
Teebs Gaming
Teebs Gaming 5 hours ago
I never knew I was worth a tenth of a penny I thought I was worth nothing
Jose Bonilla
Jose Bonilla 5 hours ago
So 56 thousand huh wow I wish I was his dad
aliienbug YT
aliienbug YT 5 hours ago
funny_videos 5 hours ago
56 million vies
Teebs Gaming
Teebs Gaming 5 hours ago
You spelled views wrong
Kylo-X Ultra Plasma Seth
Kylo-X Ultra Plasma Seth 5 hours ago
PAKツibrahim 5 hours ago
I wonder if he has gotten his 56 k
wolfy boi
wolfy boi 6 hours ago
Imagine how much it will make after 100000years
Balazs Kabai
Balazs Kabai 6 hours ago
they have won 56 thousand
stella marr
stella marr 6 hours ago
when your family says your worth nothing, But your your one tenth of a penny :0
tommyjoe577 6 hours ago
so far i have watched this 88 time xD (haha i need a life)
Rat Burger
Rat Burger 6 hours ago
シMillie 6 hours ago
You owe him $56,000
James Eustice
James Eustice 6 hours ago
Elaine B
Elaine B 6 hours ago
Imagine if you were a sleepwalker lol lol lol
Aurora Zaldana
Aurora Zaldana 6 hours ago
Elaine B
Elaine B 6 hours ago
Yeeeeeeeha 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Elaine B
Elaine B 6 hours ago
I love how Mr Beast puts challenges in within the main challenge to make things more interesting 😋 Mario is the BEST
MemoriaHopeC.C 6 hours ago
Im worth mord than 50 dollars for watching this WAY too many times
David Diamond
David Diamond 6 hours ago
Deadpool Comics
Deadpool Comics 7 hours ago
Oh lawd no he's got 56 million dollars!
Fabio Teixeira
Fabio Teixeira 7 hours ago
Fatma Hamed
Fatma Hamed 7 hours ago
WOW ;3
Yolo1050 7 hours ago
imagine if people put viewbots on this lmao
ᗰIᒪTOᑎ ᑭᗩᖇᗴᗪᗴՏ
ᗰIᒪTOᑎ ᑭᗩᖇᗴᗪᗴՏ 7 hours ago
I'm finally worth something
Crazy Diabetic
Crazy Diabetic 7 hours ago
Vanessa Garcia
Vanessa Garcia 7 hours ago
Oh no...
Just_some_anime_wee b
Just_some_anime_wee b 7 hours ago
3mill dame
bluey 7 hours ago
56k sheeeshhh
Patrik01gyor 8 hours ago
56,000 dollars?
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson 8 hours ago
can i have a nref
Vize LRQ
Vize LRQ 8 hours ago
Omar Gaming Center
Omar Gaming Center 8 hours ago
56,000$ let's go
ASoftgirl 8 hours ago
Claim your here before a billion views ticket here
Unadorned Bike
Unadorned Bike 8 hours ago
Tariq now has $56,000
Katie Adams
Katie Adams 8 hours ago
8:06 lol that’s me
B Ahmed
B Ahmed 8 hours ago
guys we can make the winner a millionair r u ready so the plan is watch it one time minimum every day see u nxt week
Arlen King
Arlen King 9 hours ago
StarN1GHT 9 hours ago
I’m glad that I’m a tenth of a penny
zachary black
zachary black 9 hours ago
$56,000 paid so far
Aaryan Patel
Aaryan Patel 9 hours ago
If this gets more views than despacito, he becomes a millionare
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 9 hours ago
56643.696 is the norm
Molly Brewer
Molly Brewer 9 hours ago
im still worthy
Christina Medeiros
Christina Medeiros 9 hours ago
chris is so stupid
FinTheChat2005 9 hours ago
Bro my net value just went up by 0.001
DrDMango 9 hours ago
56000 dollors rn...
sam pls game
sam pls game 10 hours ago
can i compet allready
sam pls game
sam pls game 10 hours ago
Kiefer Diprose
Kiefer Diprose 10 hours ago
i will do everything to try and get alot of views on this vid
Splash FN
Splash FN 10 hours ago
its at 56mil!
Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia 10 hours ago
Is this still going
danutala 10 hours ago
Itzell Kezia
Itzell Kezia 10 hours ago
mr beast give him 56k money
The Cheap Cook
The Cheap Cook 10 hours ago
Still watching MrBeast videos repeatedly😆 inspiring!
zniszczu. pl
zniszczu. pl 10 hours ago
When you have more tanks than enemy Has amunition ∆ / ______/. Tonks / /. (I needed to put this meme somwere
zniszczu. pl
zniszczu. pl 10 hours ago
He is a ritch
Harry Ford
Harry Ford 10 hours ago
I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘❤️🥰🥰😍🥰❤️😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰
simpson cornish
simpson cornish 10 hours ago
The selective satin gradually rinse because europe ultrastructually need till a flaky description. lazy, strange bed
Alex Molendyke
Alex Molendyke 11 hours ago
There are so many views
Bob Sckandael
Bob Sckandael 11 hours ago
a love you am i fan
I hate vegan teacher
I hate vegan teacher 11 hours ago
Finally I am worth something
Christian Roach
Christian Roach 11 hours ago
Can u move to Maine plz
Emerald Of Aphrodite
Emerald Of Aphrodite 11 hours ago
My teacher just asked if I had a brain. I said no But I also said I'm worth a tenth of a penny, which is a tenth of a penny more then you
cheseeboytv 765
cheseeboytv 765 11 hours ago
Here’s a penny don’t spend all at once
Jonathan Salinas
Jonathan Salinas 11 hours ago
He won 56k dollars
salman yafout
salman yafout 11 hours ago
Ladanian Foster-Bittern
Ladanian Foster-Bittern 11 hours ago
It’s supposed to be 56 million :0
salman yafout
salman yafout 11 hours ago
Yeah bro._.
LoneWolf_PUBG 12 hours ago
hehe im god
David Niculea
David Niculea 12 hours ago
:) .
HB BANDIT. 12 hours ago
Happy 56 grand money🤣
Ttv Funny
Ttv Funny 12 hours ago
Wow 56 thousand dollars
Krystel Mari
Krystel Mari 12 hours ago
56mil xD
STARLINK 12 hours ago
give it to me bro
Danica Dodson
Danica Dodson 13 hours ago
There's 56m that's a lot!!!!!!!!
Colin Foster
Colin Foster 13 hours ago
why u guys always being mean to Karl :C
gaming with kay
gaming with kay 13 hours ago
I've watched this 2 or 3 times already
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