My ~Non Aesthetic~ Morning Routine

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Month ago

Welcome to a very merry ~non aesthetic~ morning routine!! Huge thank you to HUM Nutrition for sponsoring this video! Take their quiz to get the perfect products for you + 15% off with the code: HOWiHUM
#HOWiHUM #StartWithin

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Emily Ferralls
Emily Ferralls 17 hours ago
Anindita Chatterjee
Anindita Chatterjee Day ago
Oh my God. The one who films alisha, TK, she butters Alisha up so much !!!!
Kendra G
Kendra G 2 days ago
You can’t help but love Alisha. She’s always been so real. 🤍
Sophia Cortes
Sophia Cortes 3 days ago
Lux 3 days ago
Omg yez
Arina Milyusha
Arina Milyusha 3 days ago
Love doing squats while brushing teeth. Alisha’s method is another option to save some morning time😌 looove it🤍
Gabriel Castaneda
Gabriel Castaneda 4 days ago
Movie I wish I could watch again is The Godfather part 2 or La La land
ilove lacriox
ilove lacriox 4 days ago
Adriana Lipinski
Adriana Lipinski 4 days ago
Omg I stretch too!!
Annale Doan
Annale Doan 4 days ago
if u wake up and look good like naturally with the bed head and the cute puffy eyes, ur blessed
Emma Audas
Emma Audas 5 days ago
Gabi Films
Gabi Films 5 days ago
Wait, I clicked on this video. And when you were doing the outro. I checked the time of the video because I actually no joke thought I just clicked on the video. It went by so fast!!💖
Sairah 5 days ago
LOVED this b
World Of Libby
World Of Libby 5 days ago
I would love to watch friends for the first time again!!
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain 5 days ago
5:19 I'd love to watch Pretty Little Liars again for the first time my friends kept spoiling everything for me 😭
devil xoxo
devil xoxo 5 days ago
Not me screen shoting the first few seconds of the video to make Alisha my new phone backround
Cynthia Mugure
Cynthia Mugure 6 days ago
I 😍 this channel because it's a real ,channel that you can believe not that a person wakes up with makeup . A person wakes up like her so it's a normal channell .
Katie Orf
Katie Orf 6 days ago
definitely greys anatomy
Ur pretty even without makeup
Ayesha Ali
Ayesha Ali 7 days ago
i love your piercing so freaking much queen!!!!!!!!
Jake Flocco
Jake Flocco 7 days ago
Fun fact: Vitamin D (or cholecalciferol) also helps the body absorb calcium 🙂 Also: love a positive queen! 😍👸🏻
Felix mallards Wife
Felix mallards Wife 8 days ago
LOL that’s not the proper use of The word aesthetic
hind hamza
hind hamza 8 days ago
The confidnce in the intro
Addison Lee
Addison Lee 9 days ago
6:13 like you know I'm upset, like you know I'm tRyInG LiKe yOu pUt mE iN sUcH aN UnCoMfOrTaBle SiTuAtiOn
XDreamx weird
XDreamx weird 9 days ago
Yo this is like the most realistic morning routine XD
Nine Innit
Nine Innit 9 days ago
the brushing teeth speeded sounds like whitty fnf
Chloe Anne Reyes
Chloe Anne Reyes 9 days ago
this just feels like a vlog lol
Jill Balchunas
Jill Balchunas 10 days ago
I started using HUM nutrition after this video and feel so much better!
Rohini Priya
Rohini Priya 10 days ago
Guys don't forget to only consume supplement vitaminss when your doctor told you to IN THE NEEDED QUANTITY. If you don't have anything wrong, you don't feel anything abnormal, don't take vitamins by yourself, keep up witha healthy diet
Kensington 10 days ago
not alisha painting white over her nails...what a queen
Creative Thinking
Creative Thinking 10 days ago
I really wish I could see endgame for the first time againnn
Simrah Sabiha
Simrah Sabiha 10 days ago
Stranger things n Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani its an bollywood movie n still to this day my most fav movie ever in the world
Simrah Sabiha
Simrah Sabiha 10 days ago
U look like a baby waking up hahahah so cute
rizan riyal
rizan riyal 10 days ago
Audrielle Kurban
Audrielle Kurban 11 days ago
5:19 Definitely Stranger Things.
Julie Fossett
Julie Fossett 11 days ago
ok im sorry... "I get my validation from work not men"... YES GIRL AS YOU SHOULD B AS YOU SHOULD
Tiny Sarah
Tiny Sarah 11 days ago
Thank you Alisha for this video ❤️ The show that I would love to rewatch like it was the first time is "The bold type"
Reese 11 days ago
I would want to rewatch the vampire diaries for the first time again because so much happens
Prynsess Partridge
Prynsess Partridge 12 days ago
I know I'm so late with this but if I could rewatch something for the first time again it would be Vampire Diaries!
josie bowe
josie bowe 12 days ago
I would say the rookie
Emma Honkanen
Emma Honkanen 12 days ago
i like stretching while brushing my teeth tooo!!!! 🥰
Allison Berhorst
Allison Berhorst 13 days ago
i loved this
Amira Khan
Amira Khan 13 days ago
Ok wait am I the only one who still watches her old diy vids and remember how happy she made me and it literally still satisfy’s me like I’ve been watching her for like 7 years😫🤚🏻
Gwen B
Gwen B 14 days ago
I love it here
Aliya Anne
Aliya Anne 15 days ago
I feel like I’m literally the only one but I just unsubscribed from Alisha because honestly she used to feel like she was more for adults and now I feel like she’s acting like a teenager ever since she joined tik tok. Like a very young teenager. It’s like not schoolisha child like but edgy angsty teen child and it’s just really weird cuz she’s like 30? (Ps I don’t mean her videos really but nmostly the way she acts online )
Яна Бортникова
Яна Бортникова 15 days ago
I wish I could rewatch Vampire Diaries and The Originals !!!
Vilma Primdal Kæregaard
Vilma Primdal Kæregaard 16 days ago
I wish I could see homealone again
Lara Craft
Lara Craft 16 days ago
This really makes me less insecure..
katarina cebic
katarina cebic 17 days ago
I wish I could rewatch Grey's Anatomy!
barbiehouse 17 days ago
Oh my gosh Alisha with the powder on her face made me think of white chicks the movie!! When she says to powder her nose 😂😂 If you know then you know!
Meghan 17 days ago
I love how Alisha is so real and isn’t faking for the camera anymore. I’m living for it ❤️
Jocelyn Wood
Jocelyn Wood 17 days ago
I really wish I could see Avengers Endgame again for the first time
Cristian Piccione
Cristian Piccione 17 days ago
Ya know what I’m just gonna give you a round of applause that transition into the ad 👏 👏 👏 It’s the team work between you and TK for me 😂😂😂
alyssa berg
alyssa berg 18 days ago
I knew I would love this vid after she said “sometimes when I brush my teeth I like stretching” 😭😭💀💀✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨🦷✨
alyssa berg
alyssa berg 18 days ago
“Sometimes when I brush my teeth I like stretching” AN ICON
leesa dielewicz
leesa dielewicz 18 days ago
Luv and Maddie
Elisabeth Acrylic
Elisabeth Acrylic 18 days ago
“abigail i’m going to call you right now” girl i- this was the most relatable video ever hahaha!
Royal Ame
Royal Ame 18 days ago
Ur the only I can watch the sponsors xd
Suyane Reis
Suyane Reis 18 days ago
If someone here wants a Brazilian friend I'm here❤️ let's exchange our contacts
[: shivanshi :]
[: shivanshi :] 18 days ago
Pillow lol
cole 19 days ago
Mary Evans Castle
Mary Evans Castle 19 days ago
yacotiamo1 19 days ago
Alisha in the morning you look like my 60 year old aunt lol
Mary Evans Castle
Mary Evans Castle 19 days ago
Outer banks
Happy Lifestyle
Happy Lifestyle 19 days ago
This video is everything!😂
emily B M
emily B M 19 days ago
I love how she is so open and she is so open about talking about her anxiety. WE LOVE YOUU!
Spiral Lightning
Spiral Lightning 19 days ago
omg loved it, new sub!
Mattie Boone
Mattie Boone 19 days ago
hayley.nxo1 19 days ago
i love her for doing this video because lowkey in the mornings i be so confused why people be looking flawless but i have the puffiest face ever
Kelly Hickam
Kelly Hickam 19 days ago
I wish I could re watch clueless omg I wish
simply deidra
simply deidra 19 days ago
Why are you tubers deleting their old videos this is the third time I saw one of my favorite USpostsrs delete their videos do they not know that we love their old videos and that sometimes we still find them helpful ♥️
Eva-Norah Huysse
Eva-Norah Huysse 19 days ago
the Big Bang theory def
Sanchia Verwant
Sanchia Verwant 19 days ago
See Max
See Max 20 days ago
hello everybody
Ruby Eckert
Ruby Eckert 20 days ago
I love it!!💜❤️🥰I just 😍 it!!!
dia jaime
dia jaime 20 days ago
MAHNAM KHAN 20 days ago
Alisha after waking up is BEAUTY GOALS like Kylie jenner who?
Paige P
Paige P 20 days ago
this channel is slackin
Hannah xx
Hannah xx 20 days ago
Yea she hasn’t posted in ages
Fluffy Loves bones
Fluffy Loves bones 20 days ago
Anyone notice alisha made her old videos private like the back to school ones and halloween
Erin Fader
Erin Fader 20 days ago
I wish I could watch the good place for the first time again...
Hadiya Shaikh
Hadiya Shaikh 21 day ago
because I love this new rebrand so much, I would love to see a "meet my team" or a "BTS of the Alisha Marie brand" video!
Emma Pedersen
Emma Pedersen 21 day ago
I see my baby sis in her
Gianna Williams
Gianna Williams 22 days ago
I love the fact that alisha isn't one of those people to wake up with instant make up, and is honest. I've been watching since like 2015, and she has grown up and became better.
Ava Lovely
Ava Lovely 22 days ago
I wanna rewatch vampire diaries again for the first time
LifeWithAlyssa 23 days ago
Brialynn Lizarraga
Brialynn Lizarraga 23 days ago
I love the movie ZOOTOPIA and I wish I would of watched it for the first movie I watched
Maiya Tribble
Maiya Tribble 23 days ago
I love how her nails are black underneath the white lol
miss em
miss em 23 days ago
sorry i don’t stretch with brushing my teeth. just you 😂
Cassie B.
Cassie B. 23 days ago
Nobody stretches while brushing
Simran Singh
Simran Singh 23 days ago
i love how real this is HAHA
Ana Mamić
Ana Mamić 23 days ago
I like these tipe of vlog because is so realisticcc❤❤❤
Sadie S
Sadie S 23 days ago
Where’d you get ur light? Ik you won’t see this but if you do...where?
Vincentas G
Vincentas G 24 days ago
i love how alisha is so confident and strong I love her so much!!!!! QUEEN.
Karly Laura
Karly Laura 24 days ago
So much love for this! 😍 and i LOVE vita gummies too! 💋💫🌼
amber hernandez
amber hernandez 24 days ago
😝 dang she was really cozy at night
Jacky Almeda
Jacky Almeda 24 days ago
Can you do a video step by step of how to start a clothing line/brand like your merch??? Love ya❤& You always keeping it real 💯😌👌
noobmaster rrr
noobmaster rrr 24 days ago
HollynVanWinkle 24 days ago
Yo ur non aesthetic routine is better then some aesthetic ones I've seen also thank you so much this goes to tk too you've totally got me hooked on forkin also I look olive the acne patches u suggested that's why I watch all the Amazon vids cause everything u get is freaking amazing well I've tried most of it lmao
h0neypuff_ //
h0neypuff_ // 24 days ago
girl please toss those nasty nails in the garbage
Vyga Sreejith
Vyga Sreejith 24 days ago
she do be looking like an egg sorry ali
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