Wyze Lock Review - Unboxing, Features, Setup, Settings, Installation, Testing

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Year ago

Today, we are going to test out the new Wyze Lock. I ordered one when Wyze did a pre-order run last month. They will start selling this next month and the keypad will be released sometime after.
***Update*** Wyze sent me the keypad for testing and it works pretty good - usposts.info/vision/fqzYzNynkWaeoKI/video
We will do the unboxing, check out its features, set it up, do the installation and test and see if this $90 dollar smart lock is a good option to upgrade your existing deadbolt lock.
I also reviewed a couple of smart locks which I will link below if you want to check it out.
Nest X Yale Lock Review - usposts.info/vision/m6m7283RhZObla4/video
Ring Alarm + Z wave Smart Locks - usposts.info/vision/m5yxzKiwrWavptQ/video
The Wyze Lock is a pretty good smart lock given its price. I like the auto lock feature which it automatically locks the door when it is closed. Also, this lock can sense and knows if the door is closed or open... this is the feature that got me to buy this lock.
My Nest X Yale lock which is a a $280 dollar lock doesn't even have this feature.
The Wyze lock needs the keypad though and I hope Wyze will release it sooner... At this time, you still need to have a key or at least have your phone with you when you get out of the house.
Wyze Lock - amzn.to/2VDtMh1
Nest X Yale Lock - amzn.to/2G0I8k3
Shop WiFi Security Cameras - www.amazon.com/shop/lifehackster
My Camera/Studio Gear - kit.co/lifehackster/video-creation-kit
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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen 22 days ago
My next lock for sure!
Juan Gutierrez
Juan Gutierrez Month ago
The best product so far from Wyze
speedlever 3 months ago
I just became semi-interested in security cameras and locks. I happened to be at Costco last night and found the Kwikset Smartcode 916 on sale for $140. I was tempted to buy it, but didn't. I've also become interested in Wyze products and found this review of the Wyze lock. I have to say the single piece Kwikset seems a better design than the separate lock and keypad of the Wyze, although there may be benefits the Wyze offers that I'm not aware of.
Junkie P
Junkie P 3 months ago
Thanks for the link. I also bought it because of the ability to detect open or closed door, because you can't lock an open door. However - I have had nothing but trouble with their server and connecting and holding the connection. I complained like many others but it's been almost 2 weeks and still offline. They pass the blame down stream to aws but then all quiet. No more details not information on when to expect to be back online again? Wyze just seems like they want sales without having the products market-ready. In my case the lock gateway has never worked out of the box but it's the only lock with open close detection built-in. Just wondering if you or any others have had similar offline issues? Thanks again for good review, you pretty much covered all the features.
Omar R
Omar R 4 months ago
I’m trying to hear how loud is the Smart Lock when is lock and unlock, but I can’t
Barbara Madden
Barbara Madden 4 months ago
Thinking about buying this today for a Black Friday purchase. I have a Wyze camera, which has been a great investment! Excited that today shoppers get a FREE keypad if they buy this lock! Great channel, BTW!
LifeHackster 4 months ago
Thank you.
Hitagi Gaming
Hitagi Gaming 5 months ago
can it filter the visitors? example : allow my friend to enter between 8am to 20pm (monday or whatever) but lock him out the week end or past 20pm ?
Nathan Lara
Nathan Lara 5 months ago
Great video just bought new locks for front and back door, deadbolt set. May add this to the front door.
The Architect
The Architect 5 months ago
wyze is a great company with very good products at reasonable prices
SHOT CALLER 7 months ago
After leaving your home, can you set it up where even if someone has a physical key can't get in?
Bob Clough
Bob Clough 5 months ago
That wouldn't be too smart. What if the motor fails? What if the batteries die? What if your phone battery dies or you lost/forgot your phone? You need a manual/emergency means of entry.
S Bark
S Bark 7 months ago
We have very intermittent rural internet. Can my blue tooth work with this or can a key pad work when there is no internet
LifeHackster 7 months ago
Yes on both..
Omar O Williams
Omar O Williams 9 months ago
So I would be locked out if I went outside side,leave my phone to charged
MrXsuperkoolX 8 months ago
If you didn't bring a physical key yes you can also turn auto lock off
cop con
cop con 9 months ago
what is the working voltage of the Wyze Gateway? Can it work on 220V? Because I love to use it in Asia, where we have 220V system!
Stephen Ducar
Stephen Ducar 9 months ago
Do you still have the Wyze lock installed and is it working like you would expect it to?
Bob Clough
Bob Clough 5 months ago
@LifeHackster pretty good? Are there issues?
LifeHackster 9 months ago
Yes, I do and it is working pretty good..
Jerome’s Bowell movements 100x longrrr
Jerome’s Bowell movements 100x longrrr 9 months ago
Is it possible to open the door with a normal metal key with the Wyze lock still installed?
LifeHackster 9 months ago
Yes..the outside key lock will not be replaced..
Nathan McMahan
Nathan McMahan 10 months ago
Picked one up. Super easy to install and glad to have the keypad as well. Really like the auto lock and door sensing features.
Alain Name
Alain Name 10 months ago
What if you forget your phone when going out? Also could you install it in the deadbolt that is single sided?
LifeHackster 10 months ago
It does needs the keypad to be fully functional..I have reviewed the keypad too..with it, then you will have no issue being locked out.. I’m not sure about single sided deadbolt though..
Shawn Tartaglia
Shawn Tartaglia 11 months ago
I don't see this for sale on AMAZON
Alfie the Eclectus Parrot
Alfie the Eclectus Parrot Year ago
Great, informative video.
Jeffrey Clement
Jeffrey Clement Year ago
So does it tell you when the door is open or when the door is unlocked? You said open but you just showed the unlocked image.
GeorgeandDad Decker
GeorgeandDad Decker Year ago
Is the base plate or adapter plate the lock attaches to made of plastic or metal ?
celina santos
celina santos Year ago
Can I use this product on a sliding door?
LifeHackster Year ago
Not really. It is a replacement for a deadbolt lock.
Nice video as usual and full of info and the good the bad and the info you need and extra suggestions. I always like that you do not just test one item you have ago at showings your subscribers plenty of items on short and long term test. Hope you and the family are doing well. THANKS
private anonymous
private anonymous Year ago
Haven't been able to get the auto-unlock to work. Is there another setting besides turning the auto unlock feature on?
LifeHackster Year ago
No other setting but make sure you have your location services turned on the phone.
Bub Patterson
Bub Patterson Year ago
Thanks for the video. Looks like Wyze is going to take over the world. Have you done bit on your wall lighting? Looks neat.
Gregorio J
Gregorio J Year ago
It doesn’t appear that this would work on newer, 3 point locks, where you need to lift the door handle before bolting.
dan conatser
dan conatser Year ago
good review. but can you go into more details on how the proximity unlock works in actual practice? Seems that the lock will keep unlocking and relocking if i am working outside in my yard and just walk by my door. this would be a bit annoying. Same question about if you have guests over and then that just walk outside) and the lock keeps locking the door on them. Yes, most people are saying that you will just have to change all the settings to disable everything. but if you have disable all the "cool automation" then the lock looses a lot of its features. your good comments and real-world experience could help a lot of people.
SanBlast Year ago
Lockpickingguide bypasses lock “you now have a useless lock that everyone can defeat”
Shai Yammanee
Shai Yammanee Year ago
This is a very clear and informative breakdown of this new product. I look forward to watching more of your reviews. You have a new subscriber.
Norbert Davis
Norbert Davis Year ago
Life Hackster, I sent a message through your website contact page. It’s regarding a security concern I’m experiencing with the Wyze lock and hope you can at least read my message.
Keribi Year ago
Dont trust cloud based home automation. If their server goes down or your dada gets stolen you are out of luck. Keep devices in your control on your local network of possible.
alex schubert
alex schubert Year ago
while I agree its better as it uses your current lock and key so if it goes down you are not locked out.
theshadow21 Year ago
Thanks for the video! Looks like a great product for those of us in Apartments, we only have to change the inside. One question, what happens if your internet service is disabled during a storm or other event, can you still use the lock?
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes. When you are close to the door with your phone, it uses Bluetooth to open the lock.
C DeasonIV
C DeasonIV Year ago
If the power goes out, with this lock work with Bluetooth if you are nearby?
LifeHackster Year ago
ARI I Year ago
Is the gateway dual voltage or just 110 only? Thanks
ARI I Year ago
Excellent. I've relocated to the Philippines so I can use it here. Thank you
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes..100-240 volts
Sarah Year ago
if you have the auto lock feature on can you lock yourself out if you leave without your phone or keys ? Also not available in Canada yet which SSSUUUUUUCCCCKKKSSSSSSS
Grayden Park
Grayden Park Year ago
Great review thanks dude! Would love to see a follow up in a few months time when you've had it in stalled for a while. Do you know if the Hub will be available for wall sockets for other regions? I'm in Australia so it would be good to not have to install an international converter on the wall socket just to be able to plug in the hub.
Wil Lavender
Wil Lavender Year ago
Thank you for reviewing this product. I think I will go ahead and buy and I also subscribe to you channel.
Wayne Glass
Wayne Glass Year ago
Great stuff! I just ordered the Wyze Lock.
Wayne Glass
Wayne Glass Year ago
@trey cowherd All we need now is the keypad.
trey cowherd
trey cowherd Year ago
Me too I've waited almost 2 months and now its finally back in stock
mzd604 Year ago
I love me some WYZE products unfortunately right now this lock has missed the mark. I’m on the second lock already as the auto lock and Auto Unlock do not work well right now. The lock unlock itself when it wants to. They are working on this however I’ve already been going through this issue over a month now. Auto Unlock when i get close to the door after leaving the geo fence is also hit or his. I’m sure they will resolve all issues, but might be worth holding off on purchasing until they work out the issues. They are a great company so I am not saying not to purchase from them in any way, just hold off a bit. Install is SUPER easy. Literally 10 minutes start to finish.
All ways on point and getting down to the review and a in-depth review with things you like and things that may need changing. Nice to see that you always fit and try the items that you show on your channel. I am waiting for the WYZE to hit the UK. I’ve watched other USposts channels but I find the reviews that you have uploaded good clear advice and i wish you and your family all the best for 2020
Maggie McSpadden
Maggie McSpadden Year ago
Do you think the Wyze lock is as good as August smart locks? I have 3 August locks. I have the 3rd gen smaller cylinder/oval (has separate keypad attached & has open/close separate DoorSense sensor) & the 2nd gen homekit enabled large circlular hockey puck style lock and the 3rd is the Yale Assure keyless touchscreen smart lock connected by August (keypad mounted to actual lock outside on external door & also has separate open/close DoorSense sensor). All three have their own August Connect wifi bridge. Other than Wyze not making you buy the WiFi bridge separately like August does (if you don’t buy a bundle) and having their open/close door sensor internally built into the lock are there any other major differences between the 2? Price I guess... but August had some of their 3rd gen locks priced at $60 on Black Friday last year. I personally love my Yale Assure Real Living keyless touchscreen smart lock connected by August because it has a actual keypad physically connected to lock, has the DoorSense tech (open/closed sensor), Auto Unlock/auto lock & Bluetooth/WiFi remote capabilities. I love Wyze & im a big fan but I think they shouldve had an external keypad physically connected to internal lock with the built in open/close sensor they would’ve been a level up on August & Yale connected by August locks. Even better if they could have WiFi built in & no plug in bridge like the Schlage Encode (I also have this smart lock too). The only thing they have that no one else has is the open/close door sensor internally built in lock (not just locked/unlocked), since August gives you that feature with a separate sensor to mount/install. I appreciate that because they could’ve not put that in considering they make wyze sense contact sensors.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Year ago
Does it work with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
Yolanda Nelson
Yolanda Nelson 6 months ago
MrVegas Year ago
And thanks for the video. I'm interested in this lock.
MrVegas Year ago
All this was happening on a single smart phone. Do you know if I this settings (especially geofencing) will work for family members?
NC Styles
NC Styles Year ago
Outdated tech. Requires you to have a Smartphone with you. I prefer a fingerprint lock.
Vgp 1982
Vgp 1982 Year ago
I have a Kwikset 914 smart lock that no longer works on my door it has the keypad but also a normal key. Would I be able to just remove the inside part and use the outside part since it does have a normal key as well?
Vgp 1982
Vgp 1982 Year ago
I really wish they would have this in stock already. It's Feb and still not available. They said the keypad would be available early Feb as well.
Matthew Gallantar
Matthew Gallantar Year ago
Y’all got smart locks, bruh for me, I have to kick the door for it to lock
Roberto Martin
Roberto Martin Year ago
Will it work if there's no internet?
Mikahl757 Year ago
Yes via BT but you won't be able to read this reply without internet.
JZuniga81 Year ago
Have you tested slowly closing the door ? I seen that the door was moved very quickly and slammed closed. I have a Yale asure with august lock i had to install a magnet for door sense in which will give you door status open or closed it will also detect if the door is slightly open. Please respond not all doors close aka latch correctly every time .
jareza Year ago
August does everything the Wayze lock does
jareza Year ago
Geovane Morgan not true: the lock costs 80 bucks on amazon; granted less the WiFi bridge but I have seen it drop to 30 dollars. The price gap is not that big
Geo M
Geo M Year ago
For on,y more than double the price
LifeHackster Year ago
For 90 dollars with the WiFi bridge?
CaptRR Year ago
Good value, but I will wait until we can put it into local control only. Don't want to put something as important as locking my door "in the cloud".
Nick B
Nick B Year ago
It's amazing how wyze almost exactly copied the August lock. I hope they get sued
Inquiring Minds
Inquiring Minds Year ago
Turn off that auto-lock setting. The moment you forget your phone or keys you will be locked out of your own home. I just wouldn't do that one option.
GD N00b
GD N00b Year ago
True, But that's just one or 2 things that can go wrong with having the lock. If the battery dies, that'd also be a problem
Andrew Wylie
Andrew Wylie Year ago
Reminds me of the Lockitron
TLB099 Year ago
Can't wait for China to open all our doors remotely so that their spies can install cameras in our homes unknown to us
LifeHackster Year ago
That will be great! I can’t wait for them to that..
DigitalIP Year ago
Have to say, using 14500 or similar rechargeable batteries instead of AA's probably would have been better Shame my house doesn't use dead bolts.
zigolleid Year ago
Do you know how does the lock recognize whether the door is closed?
wraithlet84 Year ago
Might be a laser or light beam out of the base sensing if there isnt a door jamb close to it.
Fume Year ago
can you link more then one phone with it ? i live with my gf so she would also need access to the house
DigitalIP Year ago
Wyze allows device sharing through the App so its likely possible
B McD Year ago
I want these types of locks on my periphery doors. It helps to maintain a nice traditional feel from the outside, and doesn't reveal to everyone it is smart. Only want a code for one door that get high traffic but where looks aren't such an issue, like the one to the garage. Doors needn't be locked out here in the middle of the day all the time. Auto lock for night, or an away setting, sounds perfect.
Greg Geis
Greg Geis Year ago
Do you know if there is going to be any support for Apple Watch?
JB Dragon
JB Dragon Year ago
Ya, WYZE needs Homekit support. They are ignoring half the country with iPhones. I have a WYZE cam I use for the garage, but I refuse to get anything else without Homekit support. I'm a growing Homekit house.
Steven Priefer
Steven Priefer Year ago
August has door sense that also allows you to see if it’s open or not. It is an extra piece to install.
Danielle Wong
Danielle Wong Year ago
Steven Priefer I switched from the August lock to the Wyze lock. August lock door sense never worked. Ever.
David Beiler
David Beiler Year ago
looks like a cheaper version of august lock huh
SolarizeYourLife Year ago
Problem with my door, you need to press door tight before locking door, or lock hangs up. Weird most outside doors swing in....they put wrong door on your back door....
Max Year ago
Nice! Does Wyze lock work Google Assistant? 🤔
W C Year ago
I don’t have the Wyze Lock yet, about to order one, but I can say that other Wyze products, like the outlet & cameras work in Google Home. Wyze Home is one of the “Linked Services” available for Google Home.
ryan robicheaux
ryan robicheaux Year ago
Looking forward to the keypad update
LifeHackster Year ago
Me too.
Mari Zamudio
Mari Zamudio Year ago
Omg i like this i wish wyze will be sold in japan...i kust bought the sesame smart lock this is much smarter
Steve Whitmore
Steve Whitmore Year ago
Will this work with alexa?
Richard DeGuzman
Richard DeGuzman Year ago
Can u review the lockly pro smart door please. U r the best reviewer on USposts, very detailed thanks man.
Otto Yiu
Otto Yiu Year ago
How's the lock's integration with Google Home? I have a Google Home Hub and curious as to whether or not you can see whether or not the lock is locked or not through the Hub.
Jason Cochran
Jason Cochran Year ago
Yes you can. It will also be compatible with Alexa and goolge home for voice control per their website
Ethan Turner
Ethan Turner Year ago
Why would you have a Nest Yale lock mixed with a Ring Alarm system? Like instead of buying a system that all works together.
Giancarlo Tinervia
Giancarlo Tinervia Year ago
@LifeHackster Always wondered the same thing, makes totally sense more that you put it that way.
LifeHackster Year ago
I do test products so I have luxury to do it but it is also better to have a mix and not rely on 1 ecosystem because if something happens like account is locked, hacked, or server is down, then you have a backup.
disciprine Year ago
seems virtually identical to the old old august lock
Gabar Adama
Gabar Adama Year ago
Can you use this with Alexa or Google
mkiitmr2 Year ago
@LifeHackster How do we check the battery level?
UttR Concrete
UttR Concrete Year ago
I wish ring would make smart locks
Giancarlo Tinervia
Giancarlo Tinervia Year ago
I hope you'll be able to review best smart lock for Ring (the one you did I believe was the cheapest model you found). Especially now that Schlage released a WiFi model that doesn't require Base Station, a comparison WiFi vs Z-Waves would be helpful.
Jan Yarbrough
Jan Yarbrough Year ago
August Lock does tell you when the door is not closed!!
Reef Year ago
You should group up your products, it cleans up your home page for the Wyze app. Thanks for the review!
JD Year ago
As always Nice video. Thank You.
Twelvegoldteeth Year ago
Based on the installation, I’m curious how it knows when the door is left open.
Big B
Big B Year ago
I own one as well. When you 1st install the lock, you calibrate it by opening and closing the door, as well as the turning the cylinder on the lock. I believe it uses some type of gyroscope. Hope this helps
pacificformula Year ago
Ring compatible?
LifeHackster Year ago
Sorry, No.
Curtis B
Curtis B Year ago
This, like August, is a not go for any primary door as a keypad is must for us. Haven't used keys for years and like you mentioned, do not want to have to get out phone, go to the app, etc. Also makes it a lot easier to deal with giving trusted neighbor or relative way to get in if you aren't available to do it remotely. Might be an option for something like a garage door once they release the keypad. The auto lock with a door close sensor is impressive though. Have family member with some auto lock deadbolts and they have big divots in the frame because the autolock engaged after the time out but while the door was open and swinging closed.
LifeHackster Year ago
Wyze should have released this at the same time they release the keypad. I'm with you, we use they keypad all the time.
rollover36 Year ago
Please point me to where to purchase that LED triangular lamp thing hanging on the wall behind you. Thanks!
Maria T Paltin
Maria T Paltin Year ago
Best Buy has it
rollover36 Year ago
@LifeHackster TY!
LifeHackster Year ago
Here you go _> amzn.to/38dS99E
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan Year ago
Components and app look like August manufactures this for wyze. Or a clone from the same Chinese factory.
disciprine Year ago
Probably the same ODM
LifeHackster Year ago
I was just checking it and the features are the same. Wyze collaborated with Lockin (which I haven't heard of ) in making this lock.
WS P Year ago
Seems like a heck of a value, thanks for the info.
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes, this is going to be an affordable setup and it will be great if they have the keypad released soon too.
The Tango
The Tango Year ago
I just returned the Wyze lock for a refund - the open/closed feature was nice but the Geo/Unlock was terrible. Using the phone to open the door was way too much trouble - Take out phone / Start Wyze app / Select lock / Select unlock / Wait for the connection to take - a key is a lot easier. Also the notifications got out of hand. As usual you review was spot on!
The Tango
The Tango Year ago
@LifeHackster If you look at the Wyze forums - a lot of problems with this product, the latest is the lock is unlocking the door on its on for no reason. Not something any lock should - even it happens just once, the trust is gone.
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes, but they will be releasing the keypad...and these issues will be addressed...except for the geofencing...but I will not turn it ON when I have the keypad anyways. I don't trust the app in the background checking your location...
Denerick Brooks
Denerick Brooks Year ago
The Tango when new Wyze keypad release, u won’t worry for good
Rattius Finkius
Rattius Finkius Year ago
Always on point. Been waiting for this from you. They definitely need the keypad. Fingerprint would be nice too.
mobgma Year ago
@LifeHackster keypad needs to be large enough so when you take the round side off, it doesnt look like shit. it looks too skinny.
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes, it definitely needs the keypad.
Jeff Winland
Jeff Winland Year ago
Will this work with Apple Watch?
LifeHackster Year ago
No.. or not at this time..
rollover36 Year ago
Denerick Brooks
Denerick Brooks Year ago
Jeff Winland no
Chris Year ago
Can you test how the auto-unlock feature handles GPS drift? Meaning if your phone has a poor GPS signal due to the construction of your home and your GPS position shifts around. Will it auto-unlock if it thinks you left the house and returned? This is a common thing for some people, especially in apartment buildings.
Chris Year ago
LifeHackster I think if it used a combination of GPS positioning and Bluetooth signal strength to determine its true location it could be good enough. I just don’t want to be sitting in the living room and all of a sudden My front door unlocks. I’ve asked this question of Wyze before and they never have responded.
LifeHackster Year ago
I know that you need to be out of the zone.. and probably there is time also that you need to be out before it will activate..It also uses bluetooth to open the lock and not from the gateway.. I'm not really fond of this feature anyways and I will rely on the keypad when it is released.
Denerick Brooks
Denerick Brooks Year ago
Chris if poor gps, Auto Unlock is still work which the phone running on Bluetooth when u come to home.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Year ago
Cool review.can you add this to your ring security system?
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Year ago
Thank you
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Year ago
Denerick Brooks thank you
LifeHackster Year ago
No it will not integrate software/app wise with Ring...
Denerick Brooks
Denerick Brooks Year ago
Alex Lopez no
NonNobisSolum Year ago
Brother, you're the best. You are the model of what other YT'ers should aspire to. Concise, thorough, genuine. Cheers, and thanks.
LifeHackster Year ago
Thank You. I appreciate it.
KiDFINITE Year ago
Pare, just subscribed! Wishing you great success in 2020 and onward!
LifeHackster Year ago
Thank You.
Speeding in progress
Speeding in progress Year ago
I installed mine a few days ago. It was a super easy setup, had no issues. Very happy.
Speeding in progress
Speeding in progress 11 months ago
@J Ptdo left or right same install procedure. 👍
J Ptdo
J Ptdo 11 months ago
Please let me know if this can be installed either left or right handed doors thank you.
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes, it is an easy install.
Brandon B
Brandon B Year ago
Why doesn’t Lockly get any love? It’s always Yale, August, Kwikset, and now this. Lockly appears to offer some people high speed features. And now they’re about to release a first of its kind (I think) a smart lock with camera - Lockly Vision. And priced nicely for everything you get....
LifeHackster Year ago
Lockly is on the expensive side...
Fabien Charbonneau
Fabien Charbonneau Year ago
Battery status/warning? What about the "Device info" tab at the bottom - Does it tell you the battery status? I've got 3x August gen 2's and one gen 3, by far the gen 3 is superior and works great but I cannot get an actual reading of the battery status at any given time which is a bit frustrating. Thanks for yet another great review.
LifeHackster Year ago
Yes, it does on the device info tab..
Denerick Brooks
Denerick Brooks Year ago
Wyze lock has that
nick34377 Year ago
Being in range to change the settings I think is for security reasons so if someone did hack your account well they couldn’t mess with it
Louie Payton
Louie Payton 27 days ago
dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hack enjoy!
LifeHackster Year ago
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Year ago
Good point 👉📲⚙️🔒🔓
Quang Tran
Quang Tran Year ago
Too bad I have both deadbolt and bottom door knob lock.
LifeHackster Year ago
Just use this for the deadbolt and don't lock the door knob.
Paul Storic
Paul Storic Year ago
Everyone does. Just don't use the door knob lock
Tirath Singh
Tirath Singh Year ago
Hi, I am from India where smart locks are not very common. Can you tell me what should be minimum thickness of the door where these locks can be installed?
Tirath Singh
Tirath Singh Year ago
LifeHackster ok. Thanks.
LifeHackster Year ago
If your door has a deadbolt, then this should work. It replaces the inside part of the deadbolt.
Tirath Singh
Tirath Singh Year ago
Curtis B Thanks a lot. I got it.
Curtis B
Curtis B Year ago
This is not a lock. It attaches to an existing deadbolt lock, replacing the inside portion. So door thickness is irrelevant. The question is whether your existing door has a deadbolt that it supports. You'll have to review the Wyze site for the info. And if you are currently in India and looking to buy for use there, you'd have to check as to whether Wyze (or whatever other smart lock) offers service there (I believe it will work buy they may not offer support if they don't officially support it there).
Handyman Year ago
Great review ..thanks👍👍🇨🇦
LifeHackster Year ago
You are welcome.
tbird81 Year ago
I've got a whole heap of Yi cameras, because they were the first cheap ones. Is wyze a better move?
LifeHackster Year ago
If you already have the Yi cameras... stick with them.. I still have and using my dome 1080p one. Wyze is cheaper and they are getting on the "smart ecosystem model" which there will be a lot more smart products from them in the future.
rollover36 Year ago
Yes indeed. Wyze prdocut is made in chine but the fimware and platform are US based. Yi is all china, I don't trust Chinese cameras
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Year ago
tbird81 when you combine the Wyze Sense sensors that can control bulbs, plugs and initiate camera recordings the Wyze system is far superior. It will only get better and bigger with outdoor cameras and video doorbell in development.
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Kourtney & Addison Bunker Down: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S20, Ep4) | E!
Kinigra Deon
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The Next Chapter...
FaZe Rug
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