iPhone 11's Are Built Different...... Restored #Shorts

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Month ago

Why u do dis apple....
Thank you for watching!
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Heat Gun: amzn.to/2WqDi84
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Winter Assassin‘s
Winter Assassin‘s Day ago
I am using a iPhone 11 to Watch this
tiny 592
tiny 592 Day ago
can i ship u my phone is a iphone x water damage
Giselle Maraj
Giselle Maraj 2 days ago
What phone u have
Devin Collins
Devin Collins 3 days ago
Thought someone was gonna crack an egg on their bicep.
Akwasi Gaagai
Akwasi Gaagai 4 days ago
Did you just use a metal to clean up the charging port ? You literally said it was not advisable to do that rather use plastic or toothpick 🥵🥵 Bruh I am getting confused now
Sonic tails bloger White
Sonic tails bloger White 5 days ago
How can I send stuff to you
Nil Desperandum
Nil Desperandum 5 days ago
I listened to Pope Francis last night. He has praised poverty to the utmost. I felt sorry for the rich all night and cried until the morning!
Ian 5 days ago
What is the programmer thing for?
SiLeNt GameR
SiLeNt GameR 5 days ago
Very Crunchy❤❤😍😂
John Patrick Pineda
John Patrick Pineda 5 days ago
I have an iPhone X that died last year. I plugged it in to a rental car, and after that both of the car and my phone TURNED OFF. The rental car was a hybrid (I forgot the cars name) and i can’t get it turned on. Can I send it to you and see if you can make it alive again? 😍
MRK vlog
MRK vlog 8 days ago
His Logic in A Problem 1)Unscrew 2)open it up
Zachary Peltonen
Zachary Peltonen 8 days ago
‘’Remove that big ass metal plate’’🤣
Brock Vadner
Brock Vadner 8 days ago
Wait so are 11’s bad
Im a gamer
Im a gamer 9 days ago
Why you built like that
Otty Matir
Otty Matir 10 days ago
seeing people reduce their phones like that (especially red iPhone 11s which are the same as mine🥲) makes me wanna wanna cry
David Jovanovikj
David Jovanovikj 10 days ago
Does anyone know what case is on the phone?
Helenhazelnut 10 days ago
𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚊𝚒𝚍 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚋𝚎𝚎𝚗 𝚊𝚋𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚍🤣🤣
Marcus Simardwescott
Marcus Simardwescott 11 days ago
They make it hard to take it apart so you can't fix it and then tbwy get more money
IcedTeaa 11 days ago
Maple Chan
Maple Chan 11 days ago
Dude I have had iPhones and Galaxy Phones and I never got them to this point. Wth man that poor phone went through hell wtf?!
Kasim Ridwan
Kasim Ridwan 11 days ago
Crunch..... Oh a screw was on the board...
Luke_random 5569
Luke_random 5569 11 days ago
What do you mean by cook the screen do you literally heat it up
Jonedolsa Jone
Jonedolsa Jone 12 days ago
Sir my airpods are broken can you please fix it
Meem Lord
Meem Lord 12 days ago
iPhone van astra 😳
Baseball boy Forever
Baseball boy Forever 13 days ago
Do you have to take the SIM card out while you do all that work?
DeividasNeciuskis 14 days ago
No mate, mesaage will be not displayed with most premium quality iPhone 11 xr screens, we have no mesaage for last 8 months on all our Chinese OEM quality screens they copy lcd screens, not incell or TFT.
Bart 14 days ago
your "under screen" names...... FLEX
Yeetforever 14 days ago
Mom : what are we having for dinner tonight Him : my specialty old cooked screen
Brandon Ainsworth
Brandon Ainsworth 14 days ago
I had an iPhone 8 Plus that just stopped charging, one day I got mad and starting trying to clean the charger port..... bro let’s just say it never not charged again! So much shit inside 😂😂
unknown world
unknown world 15 days ago
Cook the old screen Me : COOKIES
Avery Alden
Avery Alden 15 days ago
@PhoneRepairGuru in what way does the screwdriver clip the screen. Can it damage it? Im doing repairs as well. I started a couple months ago.
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur 15 days ago
Nobody: iPhone 11: *"i'm built different"*
GeekoLord_Gaming 16 days ago
So you love guitar
Sub Elik
Sub Elik 16 days ago
iPhone:dies, Phone repair guru:i can fix you
U.N.I 16 days ago
🙏✝️Hey everyone I just want you to know Jesus loves you so much and Jesus d!ed for our sins please repent and turn to Christ before it's too late🙏✝️
mr Karol Chilinski
mr Karol Chilinski 16 days ago
0:03 face reveal
{Destiny} {Divine}
{Destiny} {Divine} 16 days ago
Going thru his videos to see the face reveal becuz he said he will do a face reveal at a million 😔
Evvqx 17 days ago
Ding dong! You’ve reached 1 million! Now where’s the face?
Lewis caird
Lewis caird 17 days ago
Crunch chain ! I'll start, CRUNCH
Nikt ważny
Nikt ważny 17 days ago
I never take my phones outside so none of them broke I have 1 from 2016 or 2017 and other from early 2020
Billy Buskens
Billy Buskens 17 days ago
Wy do jou make da fone hot
III .alxssia
III .alxssia 17 days ago
How much do u charge I have a iPhone 6s and my screen is messed up u can see the battery a little bit at the bottom and top right of the screen
Glo Hunchoz
Glo Hunchoz 18 days ago
Help me I have one that’s like this
Steve // Obby Master 357
Steve // Obby Master 357 18 days ago
U look like Jarvis tbh
ConnorKoopman.official 19 days ago
You know I never broke any of my phones and never cracked it’s screens either it stopped working cause of old age but it can still do what it could when it was new I just don’t use it anymore
hyperbeast3974 3974
hyperbeast3974 3974 19 days ago
My iphone is still in good shape lmaoo clear case to lmaoo
Alyvia Coderre
Alyvia Coderre 19 days ago
Meet the outside of his face I paused the USposts story 4 and honestly I didn't know his hair boys curly
Billy Sullivan
Billy Sullivan 19 days ago
Seems man confuses me lol I repar phone all the time. I never have had to reprogram a screen, or have I had a phone tell me I wasn't using genuine parts and I definitely don't buy oem apple.
Braelyn Moddrelle
Braelyn Moddrelle 19 days ago
Do you work at the phone fixing place
NoeditswithRyan 20 days ago
I feel like Apple is challenged you like they want people to go to Apple to fix it then I told since the mic is a little bit broken you have to pay is 10k
Rabih Khatib
Rabih Khatib 20 days ago
Make a face review
Rabih Khatib
Rabih Khatib 20 days ago
Make a face reveal
Rabih Khatib
Rabih Khatib 20 days ago
I'm going to like a video but make your face reveal
Frosty Cebrus
Frosty Cebrus 21 day ago
My iPhone has a hole in it and it is broken from when I fell onto the table on a chair then the floor and my phone fell from the table and my elbow crushed it
Paul Lipscomb
Paul Lipscomb 21 day ago
You can copy the screen data with jcs programmer
fat rat
fat rat 21 day ago
these vids are what make me keep my phone in its case and tempered glass screen on bc of all the gunk and stuff
Mezzi 21 day ago
Honestly I would never unscrew that cowling to unplug the battery first when I was at apple. Always did the larger cowling so there wasn’t ribbon cables covering that screw. Respect for doing it though🙏🏼
Sterben 21 day ago
0:01 "it's been abused" me *looking down at my phone* : i guess you're not alone (⊙_⊙;)
Jack Hood
Jack Hood 22 days ago
Bruh why do ppl keep buying apple
Malik Morse
Malik Morse 22 days ago
I need my iPhone 11 fixed
Club penguin penguin
Club penguin penguin 23 days ago
Apple: has massive metal plate Also apple: we can’t fit a headphone jack
Sdoodles Studios
Sdoodles Studios 23 days ago
"It's been abused, but it's still alive though" The story of my life right here
Yuki 23 days ago
I have an iPhone 8 and i have dropped it so many times and still not a single scratch on the screen. I even threw it up really high by accident while raging on a rhythm game and it didn’t land back down until 5 seconds later. Still nothing wth.
Ellie Bear
Ellie Bear 23 days ago
Why do you abuse an iPhone 11? I WOULD PROTECT IT WITH MY LIFE
xcyro cyborg
xcyro cyborg 24 days ago
Could I send one in?
Ryan Geeslin
Ryan Geeslin 24 days ago
I have notice a large amounts of IPhones are being fixed more than Androids
Zeiad Ahmed A
Zeiad Ahmed A 24 days ago
تم رؤية phone repair with guru رفعت الجلسه
Ayaan Datoo
Ayaan Datoo 24 days ago
Gauge 24 days ago
Lord I can't imagine how expensive this is
Rose Vela
Rose Vela 25 days ago
“Move this big @$$ middle plate” LMAOO
Cierra G
Cierra G 25 days ago
I love a nice crunch
Leeanza Hadome
Leeanza Hadome 25 days ago
Me when he said it been abused: Howwwwww I’m stuck with an iPhone 6 Plus I’m getting an iPhone X soon tho 😌😌
Tractor Mechanic
Tractor Mechanic 25 days ago
How do people break their phones is bad I dropped my phone on concrete and it barely scratched it
ctrains123 567
ctrains123 567 25 days ago
I saddens me to see these 1 year old phones destroyed like this i had a phone that was from 2016 and it did not look like this i still uses it to this day but thankfully I have a new phone from 2020 its the Samsung galaxy a21 its a bit dinky but I like it
WholeLottaRed 25 days ago
“Cook the old screen.” *instructions unclear: What seasonings do I use cuh?*
Crow 25 days ago
No wonder why apple phones battery last only 2 mins It's because they're so small
Clowdy 25 days ago
Face reveal ohhhhh
WhoisDILPREET SINGH 25 days ago
Van Hofeldt
Van Hofeldt 25 days ago
Is there a way to retain Face ID even after a screen replacement?
# FancyFox78
# FancyFox78 25 days ago
"It's been abused, but it's still alive" I felt that-
Sob- ankles
Sob- ankles 25 days ago
My charger part don't work
shehzy malik
shehzy malik 25 days ago
I hv an iPhone 6 plus and screen does flickering and then touch doesn’t work..what might cause this?? Plz reply
kitten lover
kitten lover 25 days ago
Ayooo no cussing dude
Joshua Yip
Joshua Yip 25 days ago
Is that a guitar pick
Amy C
Amy C 26 days ago
Wait... you mean to tell me, the majority of the inside of my iPhone is battery, and it still only lasts 7 hours???????
Salvador Ochoa
Salvador Ochoa 26 days ago
Yo that’s my iPhone😂😂😂
IdiotiK 26 days ago
I will ask you to fix my iPad mini it so broken
Xxlulu._.gachaxX 26 days ago
Is it jsut me or is it the FIRST TIME I HEARD HIM SWEAR-
Xxlulu._.gachaxX 25 days ago
Including the spelling mistake
TTV AXLR88 26 days ago
they rnt built different, they are built by asian sweat shop workers in horrible fucking conditions, thats how they are made, wake the fuck up
Ryder Cod Boss
Ryder Cod Boss 26 days ago
6s are billy different I have one and I feel like it should of cracked or just plane out stoped working, but it doesn’t even have 1 crack on ot
xXdeadninjaXx Kid
xXdeadninjaXx Kid 26 days ago
Bro how tf are u going to buy like a 1k$ phone and do that to it wth
LifeOf Me
LifeOf Me 26 days ago
I'll buy this off you no cap
Martijn Broeren
Martijn Broeren 26 days ago
When he said it is difficult to remove the battery my minds was blown cause i thought iPhones don't have a battery
joaquin lipszyc
joaquin lipszyc 26 days ago
From the inside it looks like a iPhone xr but with an extra camera on the back.
General Hunter
General Hunter 26 days ago
Do you fix Xiaomi phone
GBK Trap
GBK Trap 26 days ago
Shai Ohaion
Shai Ohaion 26 days ago
Where can I get good iPhone screens for a low price?
Chris Tucka
Chris Tucka 26 days ago
iPhone 11: my body different
Singularity 26 days ago
Last time I heard you eat phones, now you cook them too? You sure are evolving. Next time we'd see him growing his own phones.
Ziad Nimer
Ziad Nimer 26 days ago
Do you have a store because my iPhone it won’t charge it’s not the cord it’s something at the bottom were I plug it in and I have everything on it so I really need it...
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