The WORST Fan Ever

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Mono ClairX
Mono ClairX Month ago
I remember this!! I remember you saying at the time in a video you said there was someone sending you those awful things... You LITERALLY recognized me after I changed my PFP. Or the fact on Twitter when I tagged you I would like die of happiness if the creator I looked up to would follow me and you did it. You did it out of SPITE. I literally adore you so much. I’m so extremely sorry you’ve had this experience.
Yukon Yuki
Yukon Yuki 3 days ago
Awww that’s sweet
Nevaeh Love
Nevaeh Love 18 days ago
Ironxx 20 days ago
L ,
L , 21 day ago
i hope everyone in this comment section has a good day
Jerry 22 days ago
@Alanna C ;)
C Williscroft
C Williscroft 51 minute ago
“Jerry” Me: “BEN AND JERRY ICE CREAMMMMMMMMM” I’m sorry this was so random
s villanueva
s villanueva 4 hours ago
so.... i know this is supposed to be serious and stuff but i have just come to let you know that the left leg on the bear is much longer than the right one
Michelle Belle
Michelle Belle 6 hours ago
Eels lay eggs
DrippestGoblin 13 hours ago
Hearing these stories make my day. Thank you
Terry Inanutshell
Terry Inanutshell 15 hours ago
I just HAD to search up how eels reproduce.
Kat Potato
Kat Potato 15 hours ago
But we are not there yet-
phwog 21 hour ago
USE CODE NBIRD FOR 10 PERCENT OFF ALL PURCHASES. also. hope you're doing ok now:)
Sean K Art
Sean K Art Day ago
To ease your fear of eels I think it has been confirmed that they only develop reproductive organs at one point of their life witch is when they go to reproduce. I can’t remember all the details but I think i hearted that somewhere
Scavenger Day ago
Wait I wasn't listening when did we start talking about eels? 3:07
Rosemay Crichton
Rosemay Crichton Day ago
i'm so sorry that your sibling died, it scares me to see any of my family at least get injured and to see you lose someone and stuff telling you that you should hurt yourself and that he "isn't proud of you" is sick. this "fan" is SHIT.
Abigail The Dog Lover
Abigail The Dog Lover Day ago
I hope you 2 are doing alright now!
The ULTIMATE Karen!!!!
ash mills
ash mills Day ago
when you talked about you not having something to call us, I immediately thought of us being called creepers and creepies 😂
Boo. cos
Boo. cos Day ago
3:20 “i’m swared of eels now”
Milica Borisov
Milica Borisov Day ago
13:00 "My mind is made of flesh and bone" WHERE'S RHE BONE SHANNON WHERE'S THE ✨B O N E✨ WHERE IS IT
Milica Borisov
Milica Borisov Day ago
What app do you use for your drawings
Milica Borisov
Milica Borisov Day ago
Change the name of this video to: JERRY THE B!CH If this comment gets 300 or more likes you have to Let's get this to 300 or more likes I didn't finish this vid btw I just finished it
Milica Borisov
Milica Borisov Day ago
Art idea: Creepy doll
Lauren Gatti
Lauren Gatti Day ago
take a shot ever time shannon says we arent there yet
Lauren Gatti
Lauren Gatti Day ago
3rR0r 404
3rR0r 404 Day ago
This is how eels reproduce. The females release their eggs, the males fertilise them, and the adults die after spawning. The eggs hatch into larvae that float to the surface and drift back towards New Zealand. They may take about 17 months to arrive. ... Over a decade (or more) later, adult eels head out to sea to spawn, and the cycle continues. Odd right?
STATUSreality 2 days ago
I really missed your story times
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings 2 days ago
Because you dont know what to call your fans, you could call us creepers!
you don't faze me
you don't faze me 2 days ago
no because obsessed
Alex 2 days ago
I'm new to your videos and I'm already loving it
Kierria Neely
Kierria Neely 2 days ago
So uh don't know if this is still a concern or not but um here's how eels preproduce, it scares me more than not knowing The females release their eggs, the males fertilize them, and the adults die after spawning. The eggs hatch into larvae that float to the surface and drift back towards New Zealand. They may take about 17 months to arrive. ... Over a decade (or more) later, adult eels head out to sea to spawn, and the cycle continues
Endless 2 days ago
Who watches iNabber here?
Amanda Cano
Amanda Cano 2 days ago
I feel your pain im totally the same way as you. I'm actively trying to change myself but it is hard! Bless you 🙏 I wish you nothing but great things in life!
。i am sugartea可愛い 。
。i am sugartea可愛い 。 2 days ago
Jerry is the irl version of Kokichi Ouma but less cool and less supreme leader *and you can’t convince me otherwise*
eacarriere 2 days ago
girl i want you to go on dr phillip w jerry!!
BrainSteam 2 days ago
This is post op primink
Annie 2 days ago
Scared me at 29:14 when u just straight addressed me by name
Wedge Antilles
Wedge Antilles 2 days ago
That is in no way, shape or form a fan... That is what we call a looney.
ratking 3 days ago
I have no idea who you are but I'm glad you set boundaries. cheers
Blazing Productions
Blazing Productions 3 days ago
"my mind is made of flesh and bone" "bone?"
Michelle Harding
Michelle Harding 3 days ago
I am scared by these comments now because I'll never truly know if these are fake accounts or not... 0-0
Yukon Yuki
Yukon Yuki 3 days ago
I love your drawings
Leasingr 3 days ago
Did you kill Jerry? Please tell me you did
Jana Emilija
Jana Emilija 3 days ago
bruh i love watching u draw, it just makes the video 10x better, its so calming, i found u today and i already love you xx
{ Spirit }
{ Spirit } 3 days ago
Hopefully you will be okay. My mom saw me watching you and because she saw the f word she's banning me from your channel. I'm so sorry.
m k
m k 3 days ago
can we just step back and look at what is important? She shares a phone with her husband. Tell me more.
Sydney 4 days ago
When you said "JerBear" it scared me so much bc that's my Xbox user lol (I'm not jerry btw)
Splash of Magic
Splash of Magic 4 days ago
Have you seen eels? Yes, they're from the deepest pit of hell. End of.
Skaisa the Dutchie
Skaisa the Dutchie 4 days ago
born_child 5 days ago
29:40 ok I feel like boinkers should absolutely become a real word in the English lexicon
LuckyBlackCat 5 days ago
That is AWFUL I mean why tf do people do these things, also going so far to say that someone who died is hahaha so funny?!?!?!?and good!?!?!?! Like man, no..... just no. You obviously do not know ANYTHING about this wonderful person that was so close to your “friend” stop, just stop Jerry ;:^
LuckyBlackCat 5 days ago
I’m really really sorry that this happened to you:( people are just awful and rude 😞
WhooptyDoo 5 days ago
SHE BACKFLIPPED INTO THE GRAN CANYON!!!!!!! but we aren't there yet
ivypool x blossomfall UwU
ivypool x blossomfall UwU 5 days ago
a r e w e t h e r e y e t ?
Lexi 6 days ago
This is a new type of fcked up You are an amazing person and you have so much talent I am one of your biggest fans and you should not have been treated like that no one should. Like it hurts me to even begin to imagine what type of pain that you would’ve went through during that time. I hope you are much better and you are always a funny and bright person. anytime you have a new video it brightens up my day! it’s nice to know that even someone you look up to has problems and is willing to share them that is inspired me so much. lots of things happen in life and mine is not that great but hearing your story makes me wanna try and do better. Thank you so much! you’re one of my favorites ! I hope you are having a good day as well and you have a happy Easter!
Letong Xu
Letong Xu 6 days ago
“My husband” Me that thought she was 15: O k a y ✨
izuka 7 days ago
My grandpa has stage 4 cancer and hes dying slowly it makes me sad to think people make things up and think "oh maybe its not that bad" and then be sad after people "harass them"for them for lying, like if you don't want people to educate you on how to get better then don't fake anything especially deadly sicknesses and disabilities
Stary dark
Stary dark 7 days ago
"im currently braless sitting in a sweatshirt" can you see thought my screen or someing?
Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer 8 days ago
I kept waiting for the part where Jerry made you lose your job. I was waiting for that moment, that shocking, that almost moral-corrupting sentence where you explain how Jer-bear called your boss or decided to show up to your place of work, I would have even settled for them tagging your co-workers with the animal abuse posts that Jer-jer was defending you so heroically over. Mr. Jer-berry, if you're reading this, you need to go back to looney 101 class because everyone knows getting in contact with their boss is the gold standard. 31 minutes and 52 seconds of my life were stolen from me and I'll never forgive that.
Kamryn Dunkin
Kamryn Dunkin 8 days ago
This has nothing to do with the video but u had a argument with a lady who's hair looked like chicken roman noodles
banna bread
banna bread 7 days ago
Flowel Playz
Flowel Playz 8 days ago
To late 19k already Agree with you and care about what you say lol XD
Peachygirl Roblox
Peachygirl Roblox 8 days ago
Let’s get this started again Get this comment more likes than the actual video!
Peachygirl Roblox
Peachygirl Roblox 8 days ago
What art app do you use? And is it free?
Vincoltte 8 days ago
how can i see the full drawing???
Chicken Draws Dogs
Chicken Draws Dogs 8 days ago
"This you?" said CreepShow Art as she reached for the remote, and closed the garage door.
Elyse Rosenberg
Elyse Rosenberg 9 days ago
ive only bene her for a few days but im sorry that you had to go through that crap
mo no
mo no 9 days ago
you have to look into comments balls to the stalls fuck I quit art bc one of my "friend" I used to draw so much and then my "friend" threaten to stop drawing. Moral of the story never give a shit about dms
*Clay *
*Clay * 10 days ago
That *243* dislikes is just Jarry still fucking mad and making 243 accounts
New phone who dis?
New phone who dis? 10 days ago
Oh wow. So sorry you went through this, but keep reading-- Whoever Is reading this. You are beautiful, you matter, and lastly you deserve respect no matter what. If someone does not respect you, on literally anything. Leave them, you don't need them, you wanna know why? No?? I'm going to tell ya anyway- Because you'll find someone else who'll respect you and you're boundaries, and If you find that you are having Issues with this, I don't care who you are, what you've done, what your name Is, or whatever number you have beside your name. Talk- It Is never okay for this to happen, no matter what the situation Is. It Is still wrong and can be considered as stalking/harassment. And If you are doing this to someone. Stop, It's not okay. It NEVER Is, death threats and etc are not funny. Don't Joke around about that.
Sleepy Beanz
Sleepy Beanz 10 days ago
Whenever I watch youre videos I feel like you're ranting to me idk why
Doppo 10 days ago
Moral of the story; If you want someone you want to talk to you to keep talking to you, be yourself and be kind. And maybe that amazing person will respond to your amazing vibe. So keep being amazing, Shannon.
Nyrionna Gorton
Nyrionna Gorton 10 days ago
jesus loves you ALL put your trust into him today hes coming soon!
Tape Faced
Tape Faced 10 days ago
mansplaining isn;t a real thing, its jsut a dipshit giving you his wrong opinion
Alex Louise Reyes
Alex Louise Reyes 10 days ago
lmao use code NBird at G-fuel for 10% off
Yumemi Yumemite
Yumemi Yumemite 11 days ago
ಠ_ಠ should i be worried
Ruby Barnes
Ruby Barnes 11 days ago
shannon: does a commentary me: yes yes yes give me the asmr for my drawing hours.
The Queen Of Cringe
The Queen Of Cringe 11 days ago
I am absolutely down to call the step above bonkers “boinkers”
Nova 11 days ago
I love you so much! You don't deserve it. I watch your videos every time i study , come after school to de-stress and for somone to do this to u is digusting.
black mes
black mes 13 days ago
Are we there yettttt????
addisons gameplay White
addisons gameplay White 13 days ago
ummmm what app does she/he use or. what app do you use for your art its amazing
xcutekaix 11
xcutekaix 11 13 days ago
Hold on I’ll be back I’m gonna google eels
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay 13 days ago
Guys, if you don’t want to go through stuff like this just remember to use code NBird at G-Fuel for 10% off....
Alex Andrews
Alex Andrews 13 days ago
Use code Pewdiepie for 69% off of Gfuel
David Cordero
David Cordero 13 days ago
When you say you are human, it makes me believe you are not.
Aficionado Of All Things Gaming
Aficionado Of All Things Gaming 13 days ago
You are literally Steven universe in Steven universe future lol he has problems but he wants to help others to much and doesn’t do anything about his problems
Helena Higgins
Helena Higgins 13 days ago
I love your energy - so real and down to earth
FoxyTinnie 14 days ago
If I took a shot for everytime you’ve said we not there yet, you’d be owing me a new liver lol
Teagan Wiseman
Teagan Wiseman 14 days ago
I'm so fucking sorry you had to go through this. The internet, although I've never experienced firsthand some of the worst parts of it, can be a very dark, disturbing place. I think I'm going to check out your very first videos. I don't really know you, (Not that I want to become Jerry 2) But I feel like you're a kind person whose gone through a ton of shit nobody should go through. And... I guess I just wanna be there for you...? Man, this sounds corny.
Amy Roberts
Amy Roberts 14 days ago
Lol I thought it was a like story time about like just getting hate but damn do I feel bad
Tiny the swift spear
Tiny the swift spear 14 days ago
we arent ur fans, we are ur creepers :3
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂
꧁ Akane Draws ꧂ 14 days ago
The fact that we don’t know how eels reproduce even though we clearly have the technology to watch them 24/7(which I am sure we have done) frightens me more than a little.
Breh Mah dudes
Breh Mah dudes 14 days ago
So wait, at the beginning I was listening to the “about halve a million subscribers” and I looked at the subscribe button, and I hadn’t subbed.. I’ve been watching you for like a year and a half and I wasn’t subbed.. the heckle nugget.. lol
Molly Barron
Molly Barron 14 days ago
Shannon: nobody will do it! Me: *goes to the comments* use code embered to purchase fReE v-bux!
Raven Sponsler
Raven Sponsler 14 days ago
Your good to fall asleep to 😴
kiyavi 15 days ago
This is beyond hectic! Sending you all the well wishes! You're a star for overcoming that debilitating mental-manipulation mess and I wish you so much luck in all of your boundary-setting endeavors!
Cursed Cat
Cursed Cat 15 days ago
This person is a *premium* spoon licker, like the audacity that is required to hurt a person like that is disgusting. You did the best you could and I'm just so proud.That you were able to do this. You are a literal star .
Silversong 15 days ago
use code NBird at G-fuel for 10% off
• Heartsuku •
• Heartsuku • 16 days ago
You:posts your pfp as thumbnail Me:Thinking this text is taoking about you,so i think you are ranting yourself.I hope this made sense
PepperrMiintte 16 days ago
I’d love for this artwork to be on a shirt, I’d waste all my money on it
Klevisa Bashalli
Klevisa Bashalli 16 days ago
One question, where are we?
ᦓꫀꪖꪀ ᥴꪖ᥅᥅
ᦓꫀꪖꪀ ᥴꪖ᥅᥅ 16 days ago
does anyone else remember her telling this story last year?
e is best letter
e is best letter 16 days ago
_ruix 16 days ago
jesus christ listening to you while drawing is really calming for some reason but also what the fuck jerry
Høt-dõg Bûrgäłär
Høt-dõg Bûrgäłär 16 days ago
Ok litsen I’m new to creepshow art and I’m DEFINITELY not hating because I absolutely love her channel) I did not know that she was 24+ years old she sounds like a 15 year old and when she said “husband” I was so confuse lmaoo anyways I love creepshow art and have a good day:)
vanillabeanzzz 16 days ago
I can’t imagine what you are going through, but stay safe and strong And Use the code Nbird at gfuel to get 10% off
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