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17 days ago

OMG OMG HI!! This has been a secret that I've been hiding for a while now!

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see you babes in my next bideeeeo

AlondraDessy 16 days ago
Stay tuned for bennys reaction 🥺❤️❤️
Ingrid Garcia
Ingrid Garcia 16 days ago
I wanna see it already 😩❤️😭😭😭
Leah Romero
Leah Romero 16 days ago
Sooo excited for you
Emely Nerey Hernandez
Emely Nerey Hernandez 16 days ago
BRB crying 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Nati Vlogs
Nati Vlogs 16 days ago
Omg drop it tonight !!! 🥺
MabSlayss 16 days ago
bella M
bella M Hour ago
Aww im so happy for you you are going to be an wonderful mommy and I love you!
J J 12 hours ago
❤❤never seen their videos and this made me cry ❤❤
uHm No
uHm No 14 hours ago
Jesiana Santiago
Jesiana Santiago 16 hours ago
I'm so happy for you
Angela M.
Angela M. 18 hours ago
Tip. Definitely make sure you have way shorter nails when you get closer.
Chloe Dinerstein
Chloe Dinerstein 20 hours ago
girl I love this video so much and I’m so happy for you !!!! I cants stop watching it over and over because it makes my heart so happy 😢😓🥺💖💖💖💖💖not crying but period
Maria Saldierna
Maria Saldierna Day ago
My sister was with me when I found out also awwwwww💟💟💟
Maria Saldierna
Maria Saldierna Day ago
Congrats beautiful welcome to motherhood you're gonna love it sending blessings 💟💟🎉🎉🎉
taniasworld Day ago
omg im crying !!! im so happy too
Babygurll 98
Babygurll 98 2 days ago
It amazes me how people take pregnancy so lightly nowadays! Omg if I get pregnant before getting married my parents will KILL ME!!! 🤣🤣🤣 just thinking about it scares the shit outta me💀
Rinesa Murati
Rinesa Murati 2 days ago
tre is looking like👁💧👄💧👁
Pinky 206
Pinky 206 2 days ago
Joan Barquezalos
Joan Barquezalos 2 days ago
😭😭😭 congratulations girl
Hello There
Hello There 2 days ago
Her nose looks so much smaller now it’s so pretty either way but did she get it done? 😍
Dria C
Dria C 2 days ago
Oh my goodness alondra congrats 🤗😳🥰🤪
sandy6500 2 days ago
Welcome to the club get ready Not sleeping, cooking, cleaning, strss, yelling, scheduling kids appointment, doctors appointment, washing, Repeat....😂
Bella G
Bella G 2 days ago
Girl I’ve had ovary cyst removed surgically also & fell pregnant right after I think those surgeries make you fertile . Lol Congratulations 🥳 🎉 ❤️🧿
Anna Gerald
Anna Gerald 2 days ago
Congrats hun😌❤
Anna Gerald
Anna Gerald 2 days ago
My pause raise😭❤❤
Lena Ybarra
Lena Ybarra 3 days ago
Elsys gonna be sooo excited
Helen Gutierrez
Helen Gutierrez 3 days ago
Congratulations Alondra!! You’re going to be an amazing mother. And you’re gorgeous family just got bigger congratulations!!🥳😽
Jenessa Rodriguez
Jenessa Rodriguez 3 days ago
Probably the only realll you tuber that it’s actually real and not sum joke ughh I love Youu congrats mama 😍🥰♥️Teammm Girlll 💖💖
stephanie herrera
stephanie herrera 3 days ago
made me want to cry 😭
K 3 days ago
She got the first response the one is quick and accurate 😂
Shantale 3 days ago
Nallely Escajeda
Nallely Escajeda 3 days ago
Girl be happy at least benny is the father 🥺♥️
Lifewith aliciaa
Lifewith aliciaa 3 days ago
😭💖 congrats!!
Citlally & tavito!
Citlally & tavito! 4 days ago
your reaction was everything!
Izh Clark
Izh Clark 4 days ago
I’m not crying you are
aileen lievanos
aileen lievanos 4 days ago
Aunty evelyn dancing while youre aboutta cry had me dying 🤣😭😭😭💀💀💀
Jennifer Palomar
Jennifer Palomar 4 days ago
she’s so happy to build a family with benny !😭🥰♥️ love itt 😩
Cristina Ascencio
Cristina Ascencio 4 days ago
This exactly what I went through. I suffer from ovarian cysts and was told I couldn’t get pregnant naturally. I was with someone for over 7 years and someone else for a year and never got pregnant (they were not nice men) and then I met the loml and got pregnant a year later but unfortunately miscarried. But now I know I can. I had the same reaction as you btw lol
Krissy Kat
Krissy Kat 4 days ago
from past videos I always thought you didn't want kids, but regardless if its a boy or girl it'll be a beautiful baby!! Congratulations
dianaa5794 4 days ago
Whoever disliked this video, YOU A HATER!! We love you ALO! May god bless and protect you and your lil family! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery! ♥️
Joce V
Joce V 4 days ago
I am so happy for you Alondra 🎉 I am a new subscriber, like today lol and I've always seen you and Benny's videos on IG and I loved seeing you too goof around and I love you and Benny's personality it's so cute and it never crossed my mind that you guys we're youtubers. Came to youtube and read that you were pregnant?! I couldn't believe it that made me so happy, you will be a great mother and Benny a great father, the baby is so so lucky to have you two! I wish you the best Alondra take care and follow doctors orders so your pregnancy turns out smooth! 🎉🎉
Denisse Martinez
Denisse Martinez 4 days ago
I'm crying with you 😭😭
Jessica Avalos
Jessica Avalos 4 days ago
i’m crying evelyn saying “ima be an auntie or uncle?” 🥰 something i would say
noveisha 4 days ago
I cant stop watching this OMGGGGG 😩😩😩😢😢😢🥰🥰🥰
Dizzy The Coachh
Dizzy The Coachh 4 days ago
Thank you for giving me hope❤️ I went through an ectopic pregnancy and my Fallopian tube ruptured . I can still have a baby , but my risk of getting another ectopic pregnancy is high. Just thank you , thank you for giving me hope 🥺❤️
Zoom2English 4 days ago
Stay lucky!
freelancelady 5 days ago
I hope you don’t have these long nails when you handle your baby...
Jazzlyn Coria
Jazzlyn Coria 4 days ago
I hope you learn to mind your own...
Yajaira R Araiza
Yajaira R Araiza 5 days ago
You weren’t getting pregnant because they weren’t the right one Benny is the one 🥺🥺❤️
John Doe
John Doe 5 days ago
Oh great another spawn...
Gisela Saute
Gisela Saute 5 days ago
Omggggggg ❤️❤️
Yulisa Casarez
Yulisa Casarez 5 days ago
Im not crying you are ❤️🥺
Eli Hplacaus
Eli Hplacaus 5 days ago
Why am i crying 😭
cubeincubes 5 days ago
I’m praying it’s not yours
diana diana
diana diana 5 days ago
Killa.dollas 5 days ago
Sunny Stars
Sunny Stars 6 days ago
A cyst does not make you infertile trust me I no , unless you had one of those rare cyst that has teeth and hair which I’m guessing you did sense that one requires surgery.....I had a ruptured cyst awhile back and didn’t need surgery because it was a normal cyst
Sierra Gunderson
Sierra Gunderson 6 days ago
Yesss bb in so proud of u
Damani Cunningham
Damani Cunningham 6 days ago
Congratulations 🎉🇯🇲
Damani Cunningham
Damani Cunningham 6 days ago
manii & malii gang was here 💙🥺🇯🇲
Jackelin Castillo
Jackelin Castillo 6 days ago
I have seen ur videos for so long I can’t even believe it I’m so happy for u and Benny not me crying to😭
Cassie 6 days ago
first like, then to watch video :D?
Lidia Garcia
Lidia Garcia 6 days ago
Gods timing is perfect. Your reaction is so beautiful but you see mamas miracles do exist. Her reaction is so sincere. She looks so happy and so surprised for the blessing God has sent her. Muchas felicidades alondra. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu bebé. Será una aventura inolvidable! 💕💕💕
Cirreya Mori
Cirreya Mori 6 days ago
What was elesy reaction
Cassie 6 days ago
Absolutely fantastic work!!!?
Brandi Robinson
Brandi Robinson 6 days ago
Awee this is so cute
Brent Lang
Brent Lang 6 days ago
Disgusting nails. I dont get it
Rosie Lopez
Rosie Lopez 6 days ago
Omg Evelyn said " yea ur pregnant bitch" omg lmao ughhhh I wanted to cry with u!!!
Matthew Showalter
Matthew Showalter 6 days ago
Dont. Care.
Joseph Rikers
Joseph Rikers 6 days ago
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Perla Garcia
Perla Garcia 6 days ago
It’s a boy ima say it first 🥰👶🏻💙
Teresa Perez
Teresa Perez 6 days ago
Ive never been this happy for someone i dont even know awwww i love you & Benny era lo que diosito quiso congrats!! ❤💘❤💘❤ 👶
Destiny T
Destiny T 7 days ago
I tested 3 days after you, took 8 tests cause I couldn't believe it!!!! Congratulations ☺
jAzLyNn MaRtInEz
jAzLyNn MaRtInEz 7 days ago
I'm calling it rn she gonna have girl
Sofia Mayorga
Sofia Mayorga 7 days ago
She’s going to be a great mom!
Luis Solorzano
Luis Solorzano 7 days ago
lmao i can already c benny saying OMG YES A FAMILY CHANNAL
lilmonie09 7 days ago
she must be having a nba baby thats why she filmed this shit ole nasty ass
Nina Malkoun
Nina Malkoun 7 days ago
ohhhh my goddddddd
nick black
nick black 7 days ago
U were not holding a baby, so how do u even know its yours.
Natania Ofarriel
Natania Ofarriel 7 days ago
This really made me cry!!! Congratulations beautiful ❤️
Jacqueline Cruz
Jacqueline Cruz 7 days ago
God’s plan.. god’s timing 💛
Lovi Toli
Lovi Toli 7 days ago
Yay ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Guadalupe Lopez
Guadalupe Lopez 7 days ago
I’m be an “uncle or an aunt “😂😂😂 lmao meeee
Carter 7 days ago
Cash in on human life. Always use your pregnancy and child as a money grab.
Karen Bejarano
Karen Bejarano 7 days ago
I’m crying 😭💖💖💖💖
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson 7 days ago
Having sex before marriage is sin. Hell will be your home. Don't be fool by Satan. Repent and follow Jesus.
Evelyn acosta
Evelyn acosta 7 days ago
If he’s not willing to marry you then why you willing to give him a kid? I feel like this is why kids grow up without the 2 parents together because they don’t wait till marriage
Destiny Palm
Destiny Palm 7 days ago
The fact dat ur sister loves u so much to hug u on da toilet is amazing y’all just have dat connection also very happy for u
LaLa El
LaLa El 7 days ago
I’m so happy for you! This is my second time watching this. Last week I was celebrating for you and this time, I’m celebrating with you!!! I just found out that I’m pregnant as well after 10 years of trying. I share your pain with thinking that you can’t have babies. It’s truly an emotional experience. I’m so happy for you. I’m so happy for us!!!!
Lizabella Hugh
Lizabella Hugh 7 days ago
Awww i am so happy for you girl🥺
Liza 8 days ago
Congratulations mama 🥺❤️
Costa Lual
Costa Lual 8 days ago check this out she made it hurry up before they sell out!
Zulema Rodriguez
Zulema Rodriguez 8 days ago
That’s how you know Benny was the one n not her ex
Meila Lecei
Meila Lecei 8 days ago
Aweee I’m crying too. Congratulations 🙏🏽❤️ bendiciones
Sophie Lazu
Sophie Lazu 8 days ago
Awwww congratulations!!!
keyonah marshall
keyonah marshall 8 days ago
Joined this journey and so much more!!🤍✨
M M 8 days ago
I have so many questions ! We’re you guys trying ?
juliet hernandez
juliet hernandez 8 days ago
When i got pregnant two lines showed up and I was barley putting my pants up!! It’s crazy lol ahhhh I’m so happy for you!! You’re gonna be the best momma ever 😍😍😍😍🥰
Nicholle Navarro
Nicholle Navarro 8 days ago
Oh meee watching this video every couple days to get re surprised
Joanna 8 days ago
Well done babish?
Jessica B
Jessica B 8 days ago
Damn sis not u making me cry my ass off right before bedtime lol 😂
Sarah Kerns
Sarah Kerns 8 days ago
I found out the day before Christmas Eve HAHA. Was also 5 days late😭😭😭!!!! Don’t even watch your content tbh, but I’m so excited for you and all the new mommies!!!🥺🥰❤️
Sarah Kerns
Sarah Kerns 7 days ago
@Joanna My baby is due in August 31, so hers will definitely be late July, early August 😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗!!!
Joanna 8 days ago
Does that mean bby boy or girl is gonna be born July SUMMER VIBESSS🤩🤩🥰🥰
Julia 8 days ago
We’re going to cry when Benny reacts too!! 🥺😫😫😫🥰❤️❤️❤️
MissNanii 8 days ago
Congratulations beautiful!!
Sonia Gonzalez
Sonia Gonzalez 8 days ago
Sarah Slykhuis
Sarah Slykhuis 8 days ago
Omg my baby was born October 12, 2020
whoiskaren 8 days ago
Wait time is crazy bc I could of sworn you were just 22😭😭😭 congrats!! Wishing you a healthy journey 💛💛💛
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