Mom Says Girls Can't Play Video Games and Regrets It

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Month ago

This is the greatest warzone gaming of All Time

Timother Timother
Timother Timother 19 hours ago
P3ashooter025 19 hours ago
alright your grounded, gimme back the barbie girl. and no food for a day bruh i laughed so hard
GamingAxolotl Day ago
AT the end of any Dhar Mann video title "instantly regrets it"
Paul Beverage
Paul Beverage Day ago
Dahr Mann's videos are so cringe; they're all like a shitty 1940s- / 1950s-era government-funded "educational" film...but somehow, even worse.
iiJoshieBoix Day ago
1:25 where the fuck did she pull a whole ps5 from
yung Savage man
yung Savage man Day ago
She wins one game know she's in clans some shit doesn't make sense dar man
cart1270 cart1270
cart1270 cart1270 Day ago
Flame Fierce
Flame Fierce 2 days ago
Amazing what beautiful teacher. She brought perishable unhealthy food, in large quantity to a poor family with no father. Also, I can proudly say. I can fake playing on a controller with a keyboard and it'd still look better than that
Lucky Lane
Lucky Lane 2 days ago
Not a gamer girl I'm a gamer. Anyone who claims "gamer girl" is a thot.
That's Interesting
That's Interesting 2 days ago
Are these people sponsored by Konami? Or are they just waiting to have their whole careers copyright sticker?
ツKiso 2 days ago
5:20 the dad actor just passed away Press F for respects
ツKiso 2 days ago
Didn’t know I just have to write a letter to the teacher so I can get more shit during christmas parties then
GrapeJam 2 days ago
Girls can't be games!! UGH 😤😤😤
Objectives 2 days ago
evolve ?
evolve ? 2 days ago
Nah g have you seen a female esports team
Badmi 2 days ago
i love how 1 win got her in esports team LMFAO
eric bruh
eric bruh 3 days ago
it’s so stupid yet so addictive lmfao
Sam Davis
Sam Davis 3 days ago
This is so not believeable, no ones favorite USpostsr is sssniperwolf 😂
Oliver McCombie
Oliver McCombie 3 days ago
I got 8 wins in a week where's my popular esports team?
Blue 3 days ago
*Wins one match* Becomes a successful streamer
Pinged 3 days ago
eleanor's tears
eleanor's tears 3 days ago
i think im high
Big Nut James
Big Nut James 3 days ago
She low key has more wins than me in war zone😭😭😭
Jugg Chugger
Jugg Chugger 3 days ago
I would like to see her get 50+ wins, but naaah
Shadowpotat0 3 days ago
I have one question, why does the spoiled kid b l a c k ?
lo ko
lo ko 3 days ago
I can't watch this zhit
BAD gamer
BAD gamer 3 days ago
“Gamer name” yes she is a real gamer but some how gets a PlayStation 5
Tryhard Nub
Tryhard Nub 3 days ago
0:13 "My favorite youtuber, SSSniperwolf" Rights denied.
magica1l 3 days ago
Congrats on joining Waze clan
Joshua Barbanel
Joshua Barbanel 4 days ago
SniperWolf sucks
MeThOs 4 days ago
one fucking win ... gets you to the ESPORTS ?? .. **gamur intensifies**
Brady Kanoff
Brady Kanoff 4 days ago
Yo the girl had no recoil on her gun when she won. Imma call activision
PistolPete_1890 4 days ago
BananaDerp 4 days ago
Why does she get signed up to an e-sports team by camping near a tree and lasering the last person
Dawgsrlife 4 days ago
Dawgsrlife 4 days ago
'video games aren't for girls' wtf sexist lool xD
Mr. Donkey
Mr. Donkey 4 days ago
well no wonder she lost that warzone match, she was using the origin 12. noob edit: psycho mantis is a metal gear reference if you didn't know :)
Brannon Duley
Brannon Duley 4 days ago
Parents say son cant be a drug dealer soon get knocked out
Enchanted Studios MK
Enchanted Studios MK 5 days ago
Donald trump
Korean Jesus
Korean Jesus 5 days ago
Tbh id be pissed to if someone just started playing my console *pc cuz I iz cool* without asking me...
vg3x 5 days ago
"Mom Doesn't Give Child Robux Instantly Regrets it | Dhar Mann"
Benmxd 5 days ago
Why can't the girl just play call of duty on her cracked iphone 6
ChoccyF1 5 days ago
I wonder when Sam is going to realise that sssniperwolf isn't a gamer and doesn't play any games
Tahsin Alpaydın
Tahsin Alpaydın 5 days ago
My mom: Mom Says Humans Can't Play Video Games and Regrets It
vun 5 days ago
i forgot how to spell pokemain
DefNot Lesi
DefNot Lesi 5 days ago
Anthony Manning
Anthony Manning 5 days ago
i can’t believe no one is talking about how she joined “waze clan”
NotJugernaut McSandwich.
NotJugernaut McSandwich. 5 days ago
WAZE CLAN!! im bouta have a seizure.
lazer kitten
lazer kitten 5 days ago
psycho mantis hmm wait snake snake snakeeeeeeee
Jester animations
Jester animations 5 days ago
Sams name is exposed
Myles S
Myles S 5 days ago
Guys, I am so oppressed right now. My mommy says I can’t be a gamer😭
taco tuesday115
taco tuesday115 5 days ago
dharr man tho
Cursed Cat
Cursed Cat 5 days ago
"NYC rejects God from March tea party, instantly regrets it."
Quentin H
Quentin H 6 days ago
"Santa told me this was just for you" I guess Mom gets starve this Christmas. Thanks a lot Santa, hogging all the fossil fuels and all the food.
wil 6 days ago
epic epic?
meme bean
meme bean 6 days ago
4IMAN XI 6 days ago
Whenever I hear gamer I feel cringe
syruppie.mp4 6 days ago
“Mom, it’s not gamer girl, it’s just gamer.” - Psycho Mantis
SxldMyKid2Coles 6 days ago
Teacher cheats on his wife with a 6 year old girl, instantly regrets it
Speedrun 64
Speedrun 64 6 days ago
Now, I will show you why I am the most powerful practitioner of psychokinesis and telepathy in the world. No... there's no need for words, Snake. I am Psycho Mantis! That's right... this is no trick. It is true power. It's useless. I told you... I can read your every thought. Now... let me read your mind. No... perhaps I should say your past. You are a very methodical man. The type that always kicks his tires before he leaves. You are a highly skilled warrior, well suited to this stealth mission. You are extremely careful of traps. You are either very cautious, or you are a coward... Still don't believe me? Now I'll read more deeply into your soul. Ah...I can see into your mind... So you like SUIKODEN? So you like AZURE DREAMS? You like Castlevania, don't you? You enjoy role-playing games. I see that you enjoy Konami games. Hmmm. You have not saved often. You are somewhat reckless. I can read you like an open book! You still don't believe me? I will show you my psychokinetic power. Put your controller on the floor. Put it down as flat as you can... that's good. Now I will move your controller by the power of my will alone!! What do you think now!? Can you feel my power now!? The demonstration is over!!
CRASTID 6 days ago
Girl: *Starts streaming* USposts age limit: "Allow me to introduce myself"
lif3_0 6 days ago
Waze Clan pog
USN M3SSA 6 days ago
grandpa that is having a heart attack: 1:12
Your Normal nothing
Your Normal nothing 6 days ago
dhar mann: underaged or 13 year old girl joins e-sports team
King Slayer1191
King Slayer1191 6 days ago
Look up psycho Mantis and you can actually find her channel
KiuanTroll 6 days ago
Of course girls can be gamers. But this video sucks ass and feels like propaganda.
Moses Landaverde
Moses Landaverde 6 days ago
2:16 wins one game goes to E-sports me wins 153 games and doesn't even go to a rip off version of one
Moses Landaverde
Moses Landaverde 6 days ago
2:00 imagine being so dog water u had 50 games and you win 1 game out of them all
Moe Lester
Moe Lester 7 days ago
2035:Women can cartwheel
Martynas bukovskis
Martynas bukovskis 7 days ago
cant watch those wtihout cringing each second
Bernice Anders
Bernice Anders 7 days ago
You know what i say, let the women play. As long as it keeps them away from trying to get into real fields, like STEM, there is really no harm done 😂.
Eberzeey 7 days ago
Homeless guy becomes rich and instantly regrets it
pixel boy
pixel boy 7 days ago
"Video games arent for girls" me SHUT
blaze keller
blaze keller 7 days ago
when was the last time sniperwolfplayed a video game tho
ultrasolgaleo 321
ultrasolgaleo 321 7 days ago
"kid lets his mom count till 5 he lives to regret it"
Carl West
Carl West 7 days ago
Lmao sniperwolf plugs everywhere. Also notice the subtle ps5 flex. Were in a depression and youtubers can’t help flexing
pixxelh 7 days ago
When you win 1 game and you get into a e-sports team
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 7 days ago
What i’ve noticed in these videos: “INSTANTLY REGRETS IT”
Cupcake Kitten
Cupcake Kitten 7 days ago
“Mom says girls cant be gamers” Me sitting at the computer speedrunning Hollow Knight: Well no but actually no (I got a time a bit under 3 hours, struggled with watcher knights, and had to go get monarch wings and shade soul)
Legionary assassin
Legionary assassin 7 days ago
"Girls cant play video games" Devs that made barbie dream house for the wii: *SH1T*
metal 2
metal 2 7 days ago
Girl gamer....u mean gamer girl? I mean gamer
Snow 8 days ago
“Yeah he said that? Get him on the phone, let me talk to him.” LMFAO
JimFlyMan 8 days ago
Psycho mantis?
Speedemon 8 days ago
Man this video is c a p (Talking about the gamer girl vid) Twitch loves Gamer girls to the point they treat them better than the males. And people say girls are "oppressed"...
BOomBoom bom
BOomBoom bom 8 days ago
R.I.P Karl Judie
NitroIndoPhazrX 8 days ago
Dude if I saw my sister playing a game like warzone or something I would absolutely LOSE MY SHIT WITH HAPPINESS
Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme 8 days ago
Crazy thing is that there legit a part two where the same girl (with same gamer name) actually gets bullied and plays with sssniperwolf
clxud’s caffeines
clxud’s caffeines 8 days ago
No one plays with toys anymore
Saptak Roychoudhury
Saptak Roychoudhury 8 days ago
Tye 600 dislikes are from the Karen moms who think that girls are only meant to play with barbies and stuff
Eugene porter
Eugene porter 8 days ago
5:24 that actor actually died:(
Pricey 8 days ago
Bruh she only won a war zone game
nikos 8 days ago
the person who makes these videos tries very hard not to be seen racist.
Shark Lord
Shark Lord 9 days ago
So that one gamer girl in the discord servers isn’t real?
Alexrulestheearth 9 days ago
4:15 bruh i died
# 1000
# 1000 9 days ago
1. Girls CAN play video games as long as they're good enough to be on an E-Sports team 2. Its ok to treat a child like a piece of garbage if they aren't poor 3. If spoiled kids just watched more homeless families interact they wouldn't be so selfish God damn it Dhar Mann you glorious fuck I don't know what I'd be doing in life without these crucial lessons
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna give you up 9 days ago
If winning one game gets you a spot in an e sports team then why am I not already playing with cloud 9?
Kajai-Kamiche Dennis
Kajai-Kamiche Dennis 9 days ago
Bro I started playing overwatch at 6yrs old and im not kidding and im grandmaster now
IGuess YourGood
IGuess YourGood 9 days ago
make more
Emanuel Zuniga
Emanuel Zuniga 9 days ago
i love how the name of the clan is called waze clan
Timothy Holloway
Timothy Holloway 9 days ago
*pulls ps5 out of pocket
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