Saucy Santana - It's a Vibe (Ft. DreamDoll & LightSkinKeisha) [Official Music Video]

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Saucy Santana

13 days ago

The official music video for Saucy Santana's song, It's a Vibe Feat. DreamDoll & LightSkinKeisha.

Kyng Paco
Kyng Paco 29 minutes ago
Y’all ate
Tanya Price
Tanya Price Hour ago
🔥 🔥 🔥 this shit litty
Linfred Jacobs
Linfred Jacobs 5 hours ago
DreamDolls verse murder 😩😩
say. liilk
say. liilk 15 hours ago
Look at Shirley 😂😂😂😂
forsythia witch
forsythia witch 23 hours ago
this video reminds me of a trashy citrus county drug party lol
Relle Golden
Relle Golden Day ago
Londyn Mi'Cole
Londyn Mi'Cole Day ago
Pay pal zelle cash app PERIODT
Londyn Mi'Cole
Londyn Mi'Cole Day ago
Unfortunately I never heard dreamdoll rap but after this fiya ass verse I will definitely go listen to some of her music. Light Skinned Keisha never fucking fails me gawt damn she ate that shit the fuck up
Quanna Dondodda
Quanna Dondodda Day ago
Yall hea dream talkin her shit 🔥
Tyrese Edmonds
Tyrese Edmonds Day ago
The beat 🔥
Q Day ago
Capo Kishibe
Capo Kishibe Day ago
Matthew Mingus
Matthew Mingus Day ago
TattedViolinist Day ago
I’m the plug I’m ya only connect 😂❤️
youngawds music
youngawds music Day ago
Can someone make a instrumental please
Jaya Jaya
Jaya Jaya Day ago
Lizz A
Lizz A Day ago
Here for light skin keisha 😍
ermasing Day ago
Big FREEDA who? Messy Mia what? The vibe is Saucy!!! These bitches know too and stay tryna get a feature with Santana. #imhere4it
Carti With Uzi
Carti With Uzi Day ago
Satana dancing at the end 😂
Kelsey W.
Kelsey W. Day ago
Lmaoo keisha rap voice irratating 😂
nino trill
nino trill Day ago
It’s the female verses for me ❤️👑
MizzyTv .
MizzyTv . 2 days ago
Hello you guys I’m an new USpostsr , I just started I would gladly appreciate it if u fits can go maybe like it to help a girl out 😫💓!
yourriderdie 2 days ago
Lightskin Keisha ate
chile anyways so
chile anyways so 2 days ago
dream is giving me very much nicki minaj vibes
Keyelle Thomas
Keyelle Thomas 2 days ago
it's them doin the chickenhead fa me
Nasia 2 days ago
Dream bodied her verse🔥
Alisha Moss
Alisha Moss 2 days ago
Now See This Is The Shit I Cant Fuck With He Was Doing Good Til He Brought The Flower That's Supposed To Be Cocaine In The Video. It's one thing if he really did then That can be respected. It dont even go with The Video. Y'all Can have this dumb Bum Shit
Krystal 2 days ago
Tee Baby
Tee Baby 2 days ago
Santana's just always LIT!! It's the Lyric's and, energy he gives for me NOBODY!!! ain't doing it like him🤔 all these rappers sound the same Santana AIN'T came to play!!!!🥵💜 and Santana in his bag give NO f#uc#$ about working with certain female artists 🤑🤑 beef for what CUT THE CHECK I love it
Dream Boy
Dream Boy 2 days ago
Lightskinkeisha killed dream doll 😂😂😂😂
Solid as they Come Neva Fold
Solid as they Come Neva Fold 2 days ago
The REAL city gurl
Tiveah Egypt
Tiveah Egypt 2 days ago
It’s Dream verse for me js 🔥
Debbie Currie
Debbie Currie 2 days ago
T Joy
T Joy 2 days ago
It's the proud family chicken head dance for me!! 👍👍🥳
toto rey
toto rey 2 days ago
Not t all the song I was looking for
BriSlay Henry
BriSlay Henry 3 days ago
I fucks wit it 🎵💜💕
Kandace Kandace
Kandace Kandace 3 days ago
It just looks like they had so much fun! Keisha love her ❤️❤️She bodied her verse 😩👏👏👏
Kandace Kandace
Kandace Kandace 3 days ago
I just love Santana!
Magic Dreaa
Magic Dreaa 3 days ago
It’s the everything for me! 💜💜💜
Lifewithposityxo 3 days ago
It a vibe fa me 😩
Shaquelle Lynk
Shaquelle Lynk 3 days ago
Sick Dream couldn’t keep up with the DRIP 🥵🥵🥵
Shinobi Wave Clan
Shinobi Wave Clan 3 days ago
Dreamdoll saved this song
D. Matias
D. Matias 3 days ago
Dream doll never sounded like that rapping . She trynna sound like lil kim and nicki Minaj 🤦🏻‍♀️
LIFEWITJAE 4 days ago
Yall look good purr
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 4 days ago
Not dream doll really rapping finally everything else was alright Im starting to hear sum bars 😃
Relyt Goddess
Relyt Goddess 4 days ago
It’s a vibe everyday, I gotta play this every time I’m going to work okay!
Angelique Smith
Angelique Smith 4 days ago
Dream doll has come a long way.
Essence V
Essence V 4 days ago
Yaaaass Dream killt it!
Shanice Johnson
Shanice Johnson 4 days ago
Pay for a b&@ch for u lose her💋
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 4 days ago
It's The femme energy fa me💚💚💚👌🏿
Keshana Lutchman
Keshana Lutchman 4 days ago
Sharie D
Sharie D 4 days ago
Dream doll ode wack wtf was that
TONE TONEE 4 days ago
Motherlynne Mimi
Motherlynne Mimi 4 days ago
Soooo fire 🔥
dazia ray
dazia ray 4 days ago
If Santana laugh like that in the beginning, you know it’s a bop
Ella White
Ella White 4 days ago
Killed it 👏🏾❤️
Mobetta2012 4 days ago
Lightskin ate.
Weekends with Mimi
Weekends with Mimi 4 days ago
Light skin Keisha killed that!!!!!
Where Are The West Boys
Where Are The West Boys 4 days ago
You can tell lil Kim put dream doll under her wing
hyder ahmed
hyder ahmed 4 days ago
THEY STUDY NICKI STYLE lol then girls really really trying to look / sound like Nicki what an impact
Odell Dixon
Odell Dixon 4 days ago
hyder ahmed you're delusional
Jkknbv Vbbj
Jkknbv Vbbj 4 days ago
If he want to be a girl so bad please get ride of the beard 😭🤦🏾‍♀️🅿️
Jarade Blackmon
Jarade Blackmon 5 days ago
ΤΞΖLΛ 5 days ago
The dislikes are the people who DIDN’T pass the vibe check
cuzIcan 5 days ago
It's The femme energy fa me💚💚💚👌🏿
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 days ago
i'm not gone even lie this song "it's a vibe" love those queens
lllLadydeathlll 5 days ago
But his pockets ain't slim
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor 5 days ago
It’s his confidence for me☺️, it’s his influence to make people love themselves and carry themselves like royalty for me😘
moniana781 5 days ago
THIS. IS. A. VIBE. *correction* THIS. IS. THE. VIBE.
AGENT#007 5 days ago
Keisha thighs. Can i hv some sis lol
Rock girl
Rock girl 5 days ago
Dream dolls verse sounds so familiar to me is it just me ?
RipleyThe Phoenix
RipleyThe Phoenix 5 days ago
Dream doll is up next, I don’t care, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but she sounds like old Nicki.
Madam.C.J.Walker 5 days ago
Wtf is this😭
Asia’sUnique Life
Asia’sUnique Life 5 days ago
It’s Keisha for me 😍😍😍
Brianna 5 days ago
That's dream doll? She look different....sound different too
Angel shonette
Angel shonette 5 days ago
Dream for me
Berri Hill
Berri Hill 5 days ago
Its BIG BANK BEISHA for me.....
Cymera Kearse
Cymera Kearse 5 days ago
Christa Parks
Christa Parks 5 days ago
A vibe fore sure..............
Gregory Shaw
Gregory Shaw 5 days ago
Dream ate like duhh.
I like Pancakes
I like Pancakes 5 days ago
Okay I like this👏🏽👌🏽💯
Knowingly 5 days ago
NO!!!!!!👎his voice is irritating asf.
Bella’s Shmoney
Bella’s Shmoney 6 days ago
Wow, dream doll actually sounded good , that’s a first 😜
The Magical Raven
The Magical Raven 6 days ago
It’s the illegal activity for me.
The Magical Raven
The Magical Raven 6 days ago
It’s the table flip for me.
Lexie.D 6 days ago
Dream dolls verse sounds so familiar to me is it just me ?
Destiney Lucero
Destiney Lucero 6 days ago
Lorelei Crothswaight
Lorelei Crothswaight 6 days ago
Just here to get saucy
Mani Banks
Mani Banks 6 days ago
Shirleyyyyyyy 😍
Thomas JONES
Thomas JONES 6 days ago
I always knew Dream could rhyme But I am glad she changed her voice deeper❤️❤️❤️💯
Ehh Okaayy
Ehh Okaayy 6 days ago
With every music video dreamdoll’s voice gets deeper
Odell Brown
Odell Brown 6 days ago
Hell nooooo
Iraliud 6 days ago
LightSkinKeisha is eveeerythiiiinnng!!!
Crave Quay
Crave Quay 6 days ago
Y’all ate that
Georgio Richy
Georgio Richy 6 days ago
Not to throw shade but Dream look like Nicki when Nicki was in Big Bank video,
Tyeisha D
Tyeisha D 6 days ago
They killed this
mariah 6 days ago
not keisha and dream killin they verse! this song a bop fo sho!!!
Cece Black
Cece Black 6 days ago
Is this what WE came to 🤮🤢 #WeNeedOurMen
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 6 days ago
The “ got them addicted like is crack” face, got me weak💀
Robloxwevys 6 days ago
OH YEAAAAAA😝, all of y’all ate!
ShayMariie 6 days ago
Dream doll has been sounding like lil Kim to me
Shirdell Watson
Shirdell Watson 6 days ago
This whole song is a vibe 🔥🔥🔥
Alexis Rivera
Alexis Rivera 6 days ago
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 6 days ago
What is he saying? What are we slapping to the side? 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tiffany Porter
Tiffany Porter 6 days ago
Great song. But why they pushing the drug scene. Gonna be rehab vibe smh
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