French Montana - Hot Boy Bling ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk [Official Video]

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French Montana

14 days ago

French Montana - Hot Boy Bling ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk [Official Video]

"Hot Boy Bling" performed by French Montana ft. Jack Harlow & Lil Durk
"Hot Boy Bling" available at:

Oh lord, Jetson Made another one

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling

Hot boys in the building, ching ching ching
Bad bitch pull up, ting ting ting
Whole team full of captains king king king
We the best in the game, put em in the ring baby ding ding ding
Ball like Telfair Sebastian, got a mill’ ain’t word in your caption
Another brown bag under the mattress,
Got the thing tucked, came through the back with it
Everybody rich, started from the trap with us Shawty bad might pickle, no cap with it
Ran it up came back to the trap with it
20 years in the game still that n***a (Haan)

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling (yaaa)

That Boy Hot, I’m the mother f*cker they trying to boycott
Heard you were speaking on me, boy stop
Crank that song, she was like oh ya
French got big whips sitting in the garage
Smells like money in the damn foyer
Got 2 pools and he got 4 yards
Big ass trees, sequoias
Fuck around with us, I’m sick for you
Range rover was an explorer
Remember them girls used to ignore us
Now she wanna be my senora
Is that your girl, shit sorta
I got one in Georgia, in Florida
All she wanna do is hit Sephora
French went got another hit chorus

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling

My first catch was juvie, hot boy n***a like juvie
Let a bad bitch hand out coochie
Ooh we diving in the face, be crushed up use it
Pop Percocet, turn to a dog, scooby
You can tell a n***a if he real from his jewelry
Goggles from Gucci my ass is blurry
Ran up that check and I bribed the jury
Hot boy bling bling, ride the Urus
Blow a bag when I go to Paris, I’m a tourist
Shot a video in your hood, no security
Black, 23 put the clip on curvey
Got a little bitch from ATL, ask what you can like Durk you hear me?
Run up that check check check check check, gun gon get get get yeah yeah

Mm, ay, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Han, Hot boy bling bling bling
Mm, Hot boy bling bling bling

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Wayz _ytb
Wayz _ytb 48 minutes ago
urjdsmw fjdnsmwk
urjdsmw fjdnsmwk Hour ago
Why is the refrain so goofy?
Achraf Wapo
Achraf Wapo 2 hours ago
مغربي بان هنا
Joey Elliott
Joey Elliott 5 hours ago
This song is ass.. I mean trash.. nobody said anything that’s worth a damn honestly.
GMK Megatron
GMK Megatron 5 hours ago
Jak Harlow, BARZ💯
Radja Maulana
Radja Maulana 7 hours ago
Thank god he featured Jack Harlow
Rigorous KID
Rigorous KID 9 hours ago
Why Jack Harlow sounds like NAV in this track, but it dope though.....
Stavros Graefen
Stavros Graefen 10 hours ago
This is a little more than trash. Lol
Anthony Bradford
Anthony Bradford 13 hours ago
Love how slime thew up ATL
YG HIGHLIGHTS 13 hours ago
Song starts at 1:11
BIBHAS GAYEN 14 hours ago
The girl in cage look like kristy black
Billy Amin
Billy Amin 15 hours ago
The 1% who see's this comment i pray you become successful in life.
Waheed Sabar
Waheed Sabar 16 hours ago
Dy Ty
Dy Ty 17 hours ago
William Hagan
William Hagan 18 hours ago
Ye jack Harlow killed it
matthew olson
matthew olson 19 hours ago
Lol where is thug to fry this fool. French who.....??? #Kingslime #SLATT
Meny6boy 20 hours ago
French hits are basically other people kiliing it cause da part he raps is disgusting 🤮 Ma biy jack harlow and durkio killed it🔥👑
TDMG Inc. 20 hours ago
Wow I honestly never hate on youtube but that french montana verse is TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRIBLE and this video is terrible cmon now yall got money. It's easy to make things look cool.
bobby myers
bobby myers 21 hour ago
Harlow best verse
9mm Capone
9mm Capone 23 hours ago
Bling bling boy is now calling for copyright infringement.Now he made a new enemy and it isnt only johnny test.
9mm Capone
9mm Capone 23 hours ago
Somebody been watching too much johnny test.."it is I bling bling boy" 👀
menor infrator
menor infrator Day ago
French really finessed the rap game he been making trash songs for 20yrs n still poppin
Samuel Jean-claude
Samuel Jean-claude Day ago
Wtf is french Montana saying
ki ki
ki ki Day ago
Wld bladi rak nadi ❤
MSG Citi
MSG Citi Day ago
C.J Halliday
C.J Halliday Day ago
Durk Definitely gave the worst verse here was close between durk and french..but french jus wins by a tiny bit
Anthony Adkins
Anthony Adkins Day ago
They could’ve left Durk out of the video with the green screen affect...🤦🏾‍♂️
MH ABiR Day ago
Tenza Zangetsu
Tenza Zangetsu Day ago
Song trash as hell
Sinor Banks
Sinor Banks Day ago
Range Rover was an Explorer 🔥🔥🔥
Ahlicks Day ago
Can someone edit this song and take French Montana off I just wanna hear jack and durk I can’t stand French
Wicket video
Denis Dangelo
Denis Dangelo Day ago 😍😍😍😍
Keilayé Mikayla
Keilayé Mikayla Day ago
I’m just here for Jack 😭🔥
muhammad ammad Ejaz
muhammad ammad Ejaz Day ago
What this crap this ?🤔
Drakula 18
Drakula 18 Day ago
REDA 07 Day ago
Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦 = montana 🇲🇦🇲🇦✌️
KeRv LO Day ago
Haaaaaaaan i spit shitt haaaan shity shit
Retro97 Day ago
Nice to see durk is sticking by the guidelines of social distancing with the green screen
Queen Blueberry
Queen Blueberry Day ago
If it was French ft lil Durk ft lil Wayne..🔥🔥🔥
E Wayne D
E Wayne D Day ago
Question: I’m white, for starters. So all I gotta do is snag a bunch of tats, a crazy ass haircut and mumble then I’m famous? It’s crazy to think I can actually rap, just need a SoundCloud and a dj I reckon... Anyways, pot pie ting ying bling or whatever.
DkGlobalswagggeneral 2 days ago
Why do I feel like this wiz khalifa flow
James 2 days ago
When you copy two lil wayne tracks and combine them into one but yet still can't do it like Wayne. French Montana need to change his name to Mexican Jersey cause he a real life bum
Ana Guerrero
Ana Guerrero 14 hours ago
What does bum has to do with Mexican?
Sara Hm
Sara Hm 2 days ago
TerArist GameoN
TerArist GameoN 2 days ago
PUBG Vibeing 😪
Zakaria Mowlid
Zakaria Mowlid 2 days ago
French Montana the master of carrying by
TO YOU IDEA / إليكة فكرة
TO YOU IDEA / إليكة فكرة 2 days ago
The Morocco is here ✌
Sheena Cantaros
Sheena Cantaros 2 days ago
You're a great singer 🤩
Sheena Cantaros
Sheena Cantaros 2 days ago
I love you're song with Monsta x 😍🥰
Aj Shah
Aj Shah 2 days ago
French looking more n more feminine every year
Fati Itaf
Fati Itaf 2 days ago
Please French when you came in Morocco try to have a good language..avoid swears words live...your tiny fans watch your videos...thanks..your the best
Matt 2 days ago
This song is shit, and I don’t even know what to call french’s hook.
Akil Harris
Akil Harris 2 days ago
Put juvenile on the remix, should been on the original. #504 #influence
Texas Made
Texas Made 2 days ago
This song foreal ?mayne .!Montana flow falling off.
Mo Hussain
Mo Hussain 2 days ago
Take Harlow out and this is grade a trash!
Go Beyond
Go Beyond 2 days ago
Light skins going crazy on this 😂😂😂🤣
Tage Lovens
Tage Lovens 2 days ago
Durk o block pop gimme more sosa
Teivan Resquer-Yorkman
Teivan Resquer-Yorkman 2 days ago
whats up with going hard for a music video but got a soft beat?
أكلات من جميع أنحاء العالم أكل وديكور
أكلات من جميع أنحاء العالم أكل وديكور 2 days ago
Elf 2 days ago
did anyone else notice it...
bobby myers
bobby myers 2 days ago
Big ass trees lmao
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas 2 days ago
jack floated on this my boy
getyapaper 2 days ago
That French would become that successful over the 2010's up to now, I didn't saw it coming when I first stumbled upon him in the late 00's. He is a decent enough rapper, but he isn't great. You could easily find some struggling battle mc's who outrap him in front of their neighbourhood's bodega. However, it is not a coincidence where he is right now. He is a hard worker. Talent is overrated, if you don't put work in it. He obviously knows how to social network and connect to new artists to stay relevant. He understands the zeitgeist and how to adapt to new times just like Madonna did over the last 40 years, but here is the most important thing and where the artistry comes in... he understands music. He might not be the greatest lyricist or has the most memorable voice, but he understands what a hit is. He has an amazing taste in music. For radio hits as much as for straight rap tracks. Even on his mixtapes back in the day, he always had great beats. That flipped C.R.E.A.M beat on one of the Coke Boys mixtapes is just one example amongst many. He obviously loves Hip Hop and pays a lot of respect to the icons as well as paying his dues to leave his footprints to the culture. I just wanted to pick up the top tracks of CB5 and I ended up listening to the whole mixtape, several times. That doesn't happen a lot these days...
Kanil Basumatary
Kanil Basumatary 2 days ago
I love to sing this song 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hot boy bling bling; what a beautiful Song 🤩😍😍😍.
Jas99 2 days ago
jack never dissapoints
Rangnahan48 2 days ago
French bought a new hair piece ahah nigga was balding like 3 years ago 😂
Robert Wilbert
Robert Wilbert 2 days ago
Song is 🔥
michael burke
michael burke 2 days ago
Hot garbage
Sumay Trivedi
Sumay Trivedi 2 days ago
Jack Harlow's verse was fire, but the last line in his verse is straight up wrong lol
rofllmao 2 days ago
My god this was hot garbage till harlows verse came in. And what is that refrain. Hot boy bling bling bling ? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Yung Content
Yung Content 2 days ago
Ben Watts
Ben Watts 2 days ago
Durks verse was trash. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Jacob Ballantyne
Jacob Ballantyne 2 days ago
This song would be lit for a new mad max movie
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid 2 days ago
Top B
Top B 2 days ago
Bro Harlow verse🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mandi 2 days ago
Hey French those cornrows are wats up🤤🤤😛 #hotboybingbingbing🔥🔥❣
Jay Sena
Jay Sena 2 days ago
The cinematographer is amazing
Ima Baddie
Ima Baddie 2 days ago
The lady when I ask for more sauce on my pad Thai: 0:26
Frantzly Joseph
Frantzly Joseph 2 days ago
Lil durk killed it
SonoDaPlug Productions.
SonoDaPlug Productions. 2 days ago
The Melody Smooth 😌🎶
Kame 2 days ago
Where's the version without french montana
JP THE ROCKSTAR 2 days ago
Asmaa Bartholmey
Asmaa Bartholmey 3 days ago
مغاربة هنا ديرو جيم 💃💃
Destiny 3 days ago
should that be an allusion to 2 Pac´s California Love ?
LUIS GARCIA 3 days ago
This song is dog $hit French give it up you ain’t poppin like 2012
Ruttz Belize
Ruttz Belize 3 days ago
Hot bwai bling bling bling bling
young jr
young jr 3 days ago
I. M high every night ☠️☠️☠️🎶hot boy 🔥
john santiago
john santiago 3 days ago
Bro Durk slid da fuck off
N I G H T C O R E 3 days ago
This shit almost sounds like Made In Bangladesh by Bhanga Bangla
JayMasaki 3 days ago
Imagine how good this song would be if French wasn’t on it
Janna Ty
Janna Ty 3 days ago
J MR 3 days ago
Tas pegao French triunfa tu solo no con los demás, arrimaooo que te pegas a cualquiera que sube jajajaja 😂
mosez khan
mosez khan 3 days ago
Richard Knight
Richard Knight 3 days ago
Good ok make new song ok okres ok so yes
Pharrel Wiliams
Pharrel Wiliams 3 days ago
Likes come in 5-6 business days
Vellux 3 days ago
French Montana verse wasnt that bad
Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly 3 days ago
Hot boy bling bling bling am gone French 🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂
Katerina Gennitsari
Katerina Gennitsari 3 days ago
Pure fiyahhh 🔥🍭🔥
Edward Skera
Edward Skera 3 days ago
A vibe 🔥🔥 how many of you think French should, make jams like this, and the one with Tory?❄️❄️❄️ 🌬🌬
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