DJI made an FPV drone. It's freaky. Do you want it? (DJI FPV Drone Review)

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Joshua Bardwell

Month ago

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DJI has released an FPV drone. They say it's the easiest, best way for beginners to get into FPV. And true to form, it is easy to set up and fly. But is it really an FPV freestyle and racing drone? Or is it just a souped-up Mavic? #DJIFPV #FPV #DJI
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0:00 - DJI can make whatever they want. So what did they intend to make?
2:40 - Normal Flight Mode
3:39 - Obstacle detection indicators in goggle
4:12 - Augmented reality home point in goggle
4:47 - Why this won't replace your Mavic
5:15 - Sport Flight Mode
6:01 - Auto-banking turns with just the left stick
7:24 - Cruise Control holds speed automatically
8:38 - Full Manual Flight Mode (the freestyle flight you wanted)
12:30 - Crash time! Is it durable?
14:24 - Battery and charging info. Flight time. Charging time.
15:20 - The controller. New "brake button". Can you remove the throttle spring?
16:17 - The goggles. Comparison to the V1 goggles.
16:44 - Watch this before you use aftermarket antennas!!!
18:50 - Output video over USB to smart-phone
19:39 - Goggle battery bank is not actually USB
21:30 - Firmware update and register
22:15 - How to bind the goggles, drone, and controller
23:14 - How to activate the system using DJI Fly app
23:54 - Installing props
24:47 - How to switch the DJI FPV goggles back to Air Unit / Vista mode
25:48 - Drone safety settings
26:04 - Controller customization and mode change
16:47 - Video quality settings (resolution and framerate)
27:41 - Electronic image stabilization
28:28 - Cinelike-D flat color profile
28:51 - 16:9 vs 4:3 field of view comparison
29:27 - Should you buy it?

Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell Month ago
I know I must have missed a few questions. Let me know underneath this comment and I'll try to answer as many as I can.
Benjamin Ehrenberg
Benjamin Ehrenberg 4 days ago
One question - can you use the new DJI FPV remote included in the package with their earlier released air unit for self build drones or will you need two sets of googles and remote? Also will it be geofenced and don’t allow me to fly responsible inside NFZ ? Thanks for the help.
Hans Guichardo
Hans Guichardo 7 days ago
I'm a Mavic 2 Pro pilot and a world traveler, how transportable is this drone compared to the Mavic? I'd be looking to transport it in a camera bag along with my camera equipment. So, wouldn't want to increase weight and bulk in my bag with this drone. Thanks.
Ghost 14 days ago
Do you know if you can sync up 2 DJI goggles v2 to the same drone simultaneously? Like having a friend "ride a long" with a second set of goggles. I know it works with all analogue signals of 5.8ghz but I'd like to know for sure before I buy a second goggle set for the dpi fpv.
zeng BG
zeng BG 20 days ago
Do you know how to invert roll stick? I usually use model2 but the roll stick is inverted.
tatfung 24 days ago
​@Clean1 Wish more people would be aware of this when they are promoting this brand. Its a company that committed genocide, reviewing its products its like reviewing Nazi Germany's gas chamber technology........
Er kan
Er kan Day ago
I would say at this price point use the drone only in normal or sport mode and buy a cheaper one for manual mode.
maor mazor
maor mazor 3 days ago
hey :) any news about the remote controller support for the air unit?
Blixi Bubba
Blixi Bubba 3 days ago
From sport mode to manual mode to actual manual mode to ... crash. You are hilarious, Josh! Great entertainment, great video!
Lets Go Flying
Lets Go Flying 3 days ago
great video as always
KingCobra707 4 days ago
It wouldn't fry your phone lmao
Benjamin Ehrenberg
Benjamin Ehrenberg 4 days ago
One question - can you use the new DJI FPV remote included in the package with their earlier released air unit for self build drones or will you need two sets of googles and remote? Also will it be geofenced and don’t allow me to fly responsible inside NFZ ? Thanks for the help.
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 4 days ago
You cannot use the controller with the older air unit. The drone is geofenced. You can get flight permission by hooking up to the mobile phone app.
Robert Rosenberger
Robert Rosenberger 4 days ago
That onscreen homepoint is something I always wanted but never got into. I might try programming a module for betaflight for this.
dave w
dave w 5 days ago
Do they, or will they possibly in the future, sell it without dual joystick controller, just with goggles and the small one handed controller ? Would the braces going from front to back arms they have for them have helped ?
dave w
dave w 5 days ago
How not to cut trees down. Does DJI make chain saws ? NOPE.
cibbasd 5 days ago
So stupid to not use USB-C PD from the start!
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar 7 days ago
Yes definitely it need it (the drone). But for free
Javier Medina
Javier Medina 7 days ago
tree tree hahaha, I was looking the speed?? lol
steven james
steven james 7 days ago
Just think in 5 years from now, this will be, in effect, the eachine wizard. And the top drone will fly you!
Hans Guichardo
Hans Guichardo 7 days ago
I'm a Mavic 2 Pro pilot and a world traveler, how transportable is this drone compared to the Mavic? I'd be looking to transport it in a camera bag along with my camera equipment. So, wouldn't want to increase weight and bulk in my bag with this drone. Thanks.
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 7 days ago
It weighs 800g and it doesn't fold down like a Mavic. But I don't think it's particularly big.
sobayintegrators 8 days ago
Had placed an actual order for one from BB, saw the result from the crash, and cancelled the order. Thanks for the review!
WayNorth Drones
WayNorth Drones 8 days ago
Cool looking video, good tips and thought about the new drone. We enjoyed watching, thank you for sharing
Tangent To The Earth
Tangent To The Earth 9 days ago
Btw they have done fpv drones so this isn't exactly there first fpv drone, well at least frames, esc and motors in the past it was called snail or something
Ary Widos
Ary Widos 10 days ago
This product is not for newbie, once crashed u wasted ur money :D
Swag Nificent
Swag Nificent 10 days ago
I don’t “like” videos unless it’s got some work in I “liked” this one! Good work brother man!
innocent idiot
innocent idiot 10 days ago
I've put 30v to phone without frying it, it just won't charge at voltages above 10v. I'm also charging my phone from lab bench powersupply because why not..
coscos 11 days ago
My first drone and i fell in love with it 😍
David Washburn
David Washburn 11 days ago
Have you figured out how switch back and forth between modes without having to do the little stick move thing?
X and B
X and B 12 days ago
How much did they pay you
SpecKz TV
SpecKz TV 13 days ago
Nice review.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 13 days ago
I crashed it 🥴
Qual 14 days ago
is it me or most of the time it feels like it's leaning to left ?
VTR- VegasTeslaRides
VTR- VegasTeslaRides 15 days ago
So this would be my first FPV drone. My idea would be to buy the combo. Can you then build another drone and use the goggles and all for the next self build? I guess I need a new remote, but are the goggles compatible with something else like a self build and solder FPV and I can save myself buying Fatsharks?
Ozzie Alarcon
Ozzie Alarcon 15 days ago
The only thing I learned from this video is to never fly an FPV drone like the DJI FPV around so damn many trees while flying the drone like it was stolen. I mean for real. Who the hell flies an FPV drone so carelessly in an area filled with so many things to possibly hit???
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 14 days ago
My whole point was that this is NOT a crashable FPV drone like the ones you see guys like Steele flying. As a reviewer, it's my job to figure these things out. If I had done a whole review of the drone and NOT crashed it, I wouldn't be doing my job. You're actually right that the FPV drone is not appropriate for aggressive proximity freestyle like I was doing. But it's being marketed against drones that can take that crash and keep going, so that point has to be made.
Ozzie Alarcon
Ozzie Alarcon 15 days ago
@Joshua Bardwell welp, I guess it’d be awesome to crash a $1300 drone if you have an extra $1300 that’s annoying your wallet. lol
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 15 days ago
May as well ask why jump out of an airplane, why drive a race car 100 mph. Because it's awesome. Watch the flights I linked...
Ozzie Alarcon
Ozzie Alarcon 15 days ago
@Joshua Bardwell You’re right, I’ve never flown an FPV drone. But like I said, why would anyone fly an FPV drone like what you did in an area with so many trees. Especially when you said yourself how the drone will hit an object directly in its path. Just doesn’t make sense to me.
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 15 days ago
I'm going to guess you're new to FPV. That was an incredibly timid flight.
CHPOUKY 15 days ago
Had the chance to try it for a week without buying it. The only thing it made me want to buy, is DIY parts to make my own FPV quad ! Good entry level to get into it, but even for cinematography it's not great. The image is average, and the bitrate is not high enough to have a good 4k50p, and you can't even set it to 25p :/ BUT, that augmented reality home point is crazy good ! You can imagine a future where a whole race track is in AR.
Steve Foster
Steve Foster 15 days ago
Hummm, I'm expecting Amazon delivery, any moment! They do look "fragile". I wonder how long before Amazon Warehouse has a bunch of these "used" as is units for sale? Might be lot's of parts around after a bunch of crashes, Ebay, etc. etc.
Kjell Rune Tangen
Kjell Rune Tangen 16 days ago
Why don't they mold the frame in carbon? The price? Plastic is baaaaaaaad!
Kjell Rune Tangen
Kjell Rune Tangen 16 days ago
Like the iFlight Morgoth X5
Dale A
Dale A 16 days ago
Not for that price.
Grok Science
Grok Science 16 days ago
Between Liftoff and all your videos I've watched, when I watch a video I know just where you are; or it could be the doobie. lol
Marius Schmitt
Marius Schmitt 16 days ago
Yeah Yeah Yeah I wont pay 1200 Euros for a drone that is not really a camera-drone and not a FPV-Drone. So im absolutely underwhelmed bay DJIs new stuff. It goes like that......... I will use may mavic for nice videos on the beauty of the world and i will use my hardened Carbon-frame drones for crazy flying. Then a crash like the one Joshua did will cost 30 cents for a new prop.
Michael Law
Michael Law 17 days ago
Warning : this review is not for DJI fans who have never flown a real FPV drone
Storm-Traders 18 days ago
No room for error. Cool though
Ruslan L
Ruslan L 18 days ago
I was waiting for this drone for 2 years!!!
Katrina LeFaye
Katrina LeFaye 19 days ago
Joshua Bardwell, since your title is, "Do you want it," yes, please do send it to me, I really need a drone.
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films 19 days ago
Full DJI babysitter home mode😂
Turd Peterson
Turd Peterson 20 days ago
really cool tech but as a person who suffers severe motion sickness from any VR game that dosent have teleport to move options, i would imagen FPV flying drones would be the mother of all motion sickness for me
Jeff Rhatigan
Jeff Rhatigan 20 days ago
Love the depth you go into on these vids, very helpful, keep it up!
Ƶoya I
Ƶoya I 20 days ago
Orderd from the manufacturer (DJI) about a week ago ( ) and recieved yesterday, I have to wait to go to a remote location because I live in a city... it's way too risky.
Eric H
Eric H 20 days ago
Thanks for the review ! Any chance of a review with the new motion controller too? Curious to see that as well . Thanks again 😁👍
Jeff 20 days ago
Good stuff man!!
shadowrydr1 20 days ago
Great Review , BUT.....Please turn down the background music, barley hear you speaking.... Thanks
PixelSheep 20 days ago
whats that with the ending? :D it kina freaked me out - your're okay?
PixelSheep 20 days ago
why on earth is this thing not compatible with V1 DJI Googles ... that's just so damn unnecessary *WHY?*
PixelSheep 20 days ago
@Joshua Bardwell true but it would still be possible to use them I guess just only in 5 GHZ mode which would reduce the range but technically it should be just fine or am I wrong? :)
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 20 days ago
The v1 goggles don't have a 2.4 GHz radio.
andy parry
andy parry 21 day ago
To me it looks like it would be good for sport / action shots. e.g. racing and filming from the drone while motocross bikes are going at speed would add more impact than regular footage. It's lack of home user repair-ability would make me question doing that while racing between trees though.
Ishmael mountain biking
Ishmael mountain biking 21 day ago
20:9, my phone can fast charge at 9 volts so perfect!
ToshnotOcom 21 day ago
Hey do you have to use the goggles in order to fly this FPV drone?
Flat Drive
Flat Drive 22 days ago
While watching, I thought I recognised the yard. Is that the course on the Liftoff game? Or am I just imaging it? 😅
Harry Thomas
Harry Thomas 22 days ago
I bought one. The bundled goggles never did power on, so I'm involved in a lengthy return process. Yes, I know exactly how to power on DJI items, and I am using the included 12v battery as the power source, and yes, that battery has been charged to full capacity beforehand. Anyway, the dead goggle from a company that should have pretty high standards by now really put me off.
tony0000 23 days ago
I've never flown a drone before. Could I start with this?
alexgxsr25 23 days ago
I think this is exactly what I'm looking for. When I fly my mini or Phamton I want to push them a little harder, to do some acrobatics moves, but they don't let me.
Marcelo 23 days ago
i could not understand what you were saying, the music is way too loud
davood ghandaly
davood ghandaly 24 days ago
This drone is only made for RFPV pilots (R=rich) crash is inevitable and once crash happens you need to get a new 1 probably
David Tate
David Tate 24 days ago
It's a professional mans woman photo drone .very 😎
Thales Haskell
Thales Haskell 24 days ago
This is the only video that I've seen that isn't a straight up ad. DUDE. GOOD FUCKING SHIT.
Full Price For Your House
Full Price For Your House 24 days ago
That crash, then the look, the hesitation, then wait for it.... "So... you CAN get DJI Care for this drone..." That was perfect and I lost it, LMAO!
Levente Zári
Levente Zári 24 days ago
Best instruct video
L Wood
L Wood 24 days ago
Where does the review start?
Quad123 25 days ago
They sent you 2. Lol smart move.
wildestanimal 25 days ago
is it possible to arm the drone using a custom switch rather than moving the 2 sticks inwards or outwards? Also I noticed that in normal and sport mode you can disarm it by holding the throttle stick down. Not sure what happens when you cut the throttle in manual mode will it disarm mid air?
wildestanimal 25 days ago
@Joshua Bardwell thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 25 days ago
It isn't possible to change the arming procedure. In manual mode, if you lower the throttle, it does not disarm.
Sideburn 25 days ago
You didn’t mention how annoying it is that when you switch modes in the goggles you have to re bind all of your devices and then when switching back to the FPV drone you have to rebind it back to the controller and the goggles. What a pain 🤨
kenny newton
kenny newton 25 days ago
You FUCKIN crash a mavic is over ,WTP???? POINT
Mr Franz
Mr Franz 25 days ago
One important question: can I use my glasses „under“ the godels?
Knowledge World
Knowledge World 25 days ago
Hi how much is this
Ben Rossman
Ben Rossman 25 days ago
Can I use my old V1 goggles for audience mode with the newer V2 goggles?
Luke Dodge
Luke Dodge 26 days ago
I just found out about this FPV drone thing because of this DJI model, but I gotta admit, for a noob like me, I still may get into this buy building my own drone thanks to the USposts FPV community. I'm finding a lot of good info about these things, and so far, I am hooked. But the DJI may be a hard pass for me. The Mavic, on the other hand, might be something I pick up just for making cool vids....
Jan Janás
Jan Janás 26 days ago
Wow, this made me think. Would the sport mode features like the auto-banking be achievable with regular drone like another flight mode? Something like mixing yaw with roll and pitch. I think that you can make turns like that with plane using inav for example.
Mårrabrødet 26 days ago
Getting back into fpv. Its like $1600 with the fly more pack, googles and the drone here. Is it worth over buying Tango2 and a couple fpv drones with batteries and using my old FatShark Hd hwatever it is?
Michael K
Michael K 26 days ago
Hey bud - this was an exceptionally articulate and informative review. I am hoping someday to get one of these, as it looks to have ‘enough’ capability to provide the excitement of FPV flying. U got another subscription 👍👍
That Guy
That Guy 26 days ago
I had to buy a c to c cable to activate the drone, that USB adapter did not work.
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 26 days ago
USB cable has to plug into the goggle.
Fee 26 days ago
I have a weird question. I don’t think I’ve ever asked this of someone on USposts but...where do I know you from? 😂 do you have any videos a non drone guy would know? I feel like I know you for some reason. I feel like I went to soldering school with you but I never went to any such school, wtf is happening to me. Am I drugs? 😂. Did you make soldering tutorials or something ? Or iron reviews? I must know the secret
Fee 26 days ago
Will you sell me the broken one please
Scott Gist
Scott Gist 27 days ago
Good review, but I have to disagree about repairing DJI drones. I have dam near done a full rebuild of my Inspire 1. Replaced motors, main board, GPS antenna, body, wiring harness, and more. Yes it’s not easy, but very doable.
burt panzer
burt panzer 27 days ago
Send a message to DJI and the FAA by NOT buying this product...
Worsin 27 days ago
I think its incredible and im buying one for my survival shelter. Got to have good recon ;)
Adwin Correya
Adwin Correya 27 days ago
wait what? did they send you 2? lol I didn't expect that 27 days ago
Spot on review. Thank you.
IllinVillain FPV
IllinVillain FPV 28 days ago
The future of FPV? LOL, let's hope not...
Ben Foong
Ben Foong 28 days ago
So basically a modern day Connex Falcore . A RTF craft that promised high end beginner to intermediate fpv setup at the cost of proprietary components, high cost and being “locked” into a unique ecosystem.. I received my fpv kit today but i’m not opening it until i can afford the care package after seeing the already crash reels of this thing. BTW you cant update firmware with the fly or go4 app?
Lucas Wolfe
Lucas Wolfe 28 days ago
I totally feel with the "H" HUD that this could have a future with WiFi/bluetooth capabilities incorporating a "Virtual" dogfighting game
Lucas Wolfe
Lucas Wolfe 28 days ago
simple controls for easy, intermediate-sport and hard-acro. Local gameplay only of course for you and others flying around you
Prince 28 days ago
Whats really nice about dji fpv drone is that its super beginner friendly for people who have the money and want to get into flying fpv drones. Later if people need more power and want to do crazier tricks they will be able to buy themselves a custom drone. I was wanting to get into fpv but was always worried about the learning curve for flying without assistance. This dji drone seems like a good start for me before I spend 2k for a fully custom fpv setup.
ger troyne
ger troyne 28 days ago
That's what I like about this guy no snarky comments you won't hear him calling people pussies for flying off the shelf fpv's.
Mike Shivvers
Mike Shivvers 28 days ago
Omg I live it !! I've been waiting for a drone just like this...
Wander The World
Wander The World 28 days ago
I feel like if you don't have FPV goggles, you could factor this into the cost and write it off as an investment towards hobby fpv drones.
Wander The World
Wander The World 28 days ago
Literally the best reviewer I've ever seen on USposts. Holy smokes..
WolfEatSheep 29 days ago
Amazing video and what a beautiful spread
S H 29 days ago
Guess ya didn’t Rep it For Nothing show on USposts
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw 29 days ago
No flios or roll what?...
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw 29 days ago
Very nice ranch
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw 29 days ago
Over priced best buy drone for noobs and rich kids i can make one for half the cost and better
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw
London Ont Canada Drive Threw /Walk Threw 29 days ago
Not for me its a big waste of cash i can biuld one for half the price .
A A 29 days ago
Too expensive for what I can build myself for a fraction of the cost
Yojimbo007 29 days ago
can the camera be rotated 90 degrees down for vertical shots..( straight down) ?
Joshua Bardwell
Joshua Bardwell 29 days ago
Mr. Feathersmith
Mr. Feathersmith 29 days ago
Well done. Thank you. Subbed.
Gizmo Drones
Gizmo Drones 29 days ago
Excellent review
mick2d2 Month ago
The H feature, banking and cruise control would be great features to have on the other Mavic drones.
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