Wyze Plug - Ideas on how to use it

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Steve DOES

Year ago

Wyze released the next item in it's Smart Home empire, the Wyze Plug. In this video i show you a few ways to use this plug both in the Wyze environment and in the Amazon environment.
Wyze Plug: geni.us/nJL2 Amazon
Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack - geni.us/SBL4G Amazon
Wyze Cam: geni.us/KQYU Amazon
Wyze Cam Pan: geni.us/AwGRW Amazon
Wyze Sense + Cam: geni.us/4D0TPEv Amazon
Wyze Bulb - geni.us/plJyAkN Amazon

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carlos53 22 days ago
So does this mean. I can never do it manually? For example... Let's say i have an air conditioner plugged in with the wyze plug. But my wife decides to turn it off manually instead of using a voice command or the app.
Jim Avila
Jim Avila 4 months ago
I wanna thumbs down this just for the Packers blanket! lol Da bears!!!!
ChumpSauce 4 months ago
Thanks for the video I will be picking some up for sure.
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez 7 months ago
Can you use the voice plug without wise lightbulbs?
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy
Preston Cheap BT headphones test guy Month ago
noweyjose1 8 months ago
Do you need the “bridge” installed in the back of a camera to be able to set up the motion sensor? I bought the plug and the motion sensors separate but I can’t set up the motion sensor
Joe 8 months ago
I was wondering the same exact thing
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto 8 months ago
Go Pack go!!
Jason King
Jason King 8 months ago
I do have to say that Wyze has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with.
Yolanda Evangelist
Yolanda Evangelist 4 months ago
I sent a msg and got no reply
Dean Thorton
Dean Thorton 10 months ago
Can't turn it on with a simple timer?
Brian Sh
Brian Sh 11 months ago
Cool plug, could you please give more info abut wyze plug? What I need to know is the power capability, can this plug used to plug a pool pump? I have a waterfall in my backyard, it could be useful if that waterfall to be controlled by Amazon Echo.
thank you,i was wondering how to use this
Bill Kranz
Bill Kranz Year ago
Mine would not set up so I do not use them. Cool ideas however! Thanks...
Chris Di
Chris Di Year ago
That setup in the garage wouldnt work for me. If I'm working at my work station it would turn off.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
I’ve had that happen several times and it’s annoyingly. But 95% of the time we’re just running out to the garage to grab something really quick.
MrDill Year ago
Can you use this for a multi plug outlet surge protector where I have my sound bar and tv plugged into?
John King
John King Year ago
yes you can... I use that exact setup in my home.
Willie Year ago
@3:48 The Green Bay throw is hung upside down. The image of the upside down G and other letters might come to predominate the girls memory and really mess them up when they try to write in school. Our kids don't need anything to hinder their learning.
donmoemu Year ago
With either of your scenarios, do you need to have The Wyse cam?
The Matrix
The Matrix Year ago
Bro you didn’t say how you did it with Alexa .
The 3D Czech Tech
The 3D Czech Tech Year ago
What if you didn't pay internet bill? Will it still work just hooked up to network.
rollover36 Year ago
JD Stolz
JD Stolz Year ago
Way to go! Start your kids off as Packer fans right away. Go Pack go!
Packer_NA Gaming
Packer_NA Gaming Year ago
ankie dy
ankie dy Year ago
does it work with any plug or just wyze? i have the amazon plug and it does not appear on wyze app
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 11 months ago
rollover36 Year ago
Freddie the Fly
Freddie the Fly Year ago
Well of course an Amazon plug will not show up on the Wyze app. The Wyze app is only for Wyze products.
Richard Year ago
When every gadget has an app. Welcome to the future.
YGDiget Year ago
When every gadget is controlled by one app. Welcome to my dreams.
justus005 Year ago
If I have this with a siren plugged into it, can I set it off manually, like a panic button?
Freddie the Fly
Freddie the Fly Year ago
Allen Rhodes
Allen Rhodes Year ago
I cannot find a “Lullaby” station on Pandora. Would you explain how you setup that station ? This would be great for my kids room.
TJ CRIM Year ago
Can you use the app to turn the plug off and on with out the motion sensor??
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 11 months ago
Watch the video again. There was no motion sensor in the bedroom. However, you will need a Google Home or Amazon Alexa so you can say a word or phrase to control the plug.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
Yes you can.
ahmedadelhosni90 Year ago
Does it work with google home ?
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 11 months ago
sbergs13 Year ago
Go Pack Go!!!
phuc huynh
phuc huynh Year ago
They need a delete more than one button.....my wyze cam is great but I need a feature where I can delete more than one 12 sec video at a time. Most the of the records are of trees and leaves
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 11 months ago
I have the same problem with my Wyze camera that looks out a front porch window. At some times of day, the shadows of tree limbs moving trigger the software. They say they are looking into this issue. Adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection is about all we can do for now.
lpz Year ago
Green bay ..thats child abuse !
myHomeKithome Year ago
The Wyze stuff really seems too good to be true. Too bad that they haven't gotten HomeKit worked out yet.
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 11 months ago
@gangstaBJK that sentence makes no sense at all.
gangstaBJK Year ago
They now apple is going down
Sherilyn L
Sherilyn L Year ago
*thanks for not setting off my Alexa with your little beep. :-)
Transplant Helper
Transplant Helper Year ago
Great video. I notice the little things...that’s my favorite Children’s bible ever. I’ve been reading it to my children every night for years.
Daniel Christian
Daniel Christian 11 months ago
Transplant Helper Caught my eye also. Now part of the bible rotation with daughter #2.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
I was wondering if anyone would notice that. It's a great children's bible.
Manuel Ibarra
Manuel Ibarra Year ago
Thank you great video ❗❗
Love Sue
Love Sue Year ago
Can you please advice what should I do why the wyze plug turn off my fan but won’t turn it on? Thank you
Andy Year ago
You need to set up an trigger that turns it on.
Genius by Design PRESS
Genius by Design PRESS Year ago
Where/What is the motion sensor ?
Terry Thomas
Terry Thomas 11 months ago
He pointed right at it. The motion sensor is on his left just as he entered the garage and is sitting on some sort of shelf.
Genius by Design PRESS
Genius by Design PRESS Year ago
a reduce cooldown timer would be mine wish list
goldfishgames Year ago
Thank you for this video! Explains benefits of the rules which I had learned yet.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
Happy to help.
peter rasmussen
peter rasmussen Year ago
Still need light switches in case any guests come to your home.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
Very true. It really becomes an issue when our parents come to visit.
kungfoochicken08 Year ago
Jokes on you, I don't have any friends.
Wayne Glass
Wayne Glass Year ago
She's adorable!
Wayne Glass
Wayne Glass Year ago
@Steve DOES My pleasure!
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
Thank you!
MikeFusion Year ago
Green Bay fan, a family man who loves smart home tech..... Dad of the year! Fantastic video. Thanks for taking the time to make this. Really simple and effective.
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
Thank you! Go Pac GO!
Timothy James
Timothy James Year ago
Do you have to (or can you) name the outlets to identify them? And if so, is there a nice way to label them?
Steve DOES
Steve DOES Year ago
Yes you can give each of the Wyze devices a custom name. Since i have so many brands that i'm testing i start my naming convention with the brand name and then where it's located or what it controls. For Example "Wyze Garage Outlet" or "Wyze Avery's Fan"
luis gutierrez
luis gutierrez Year ago
Yes on the app wyze and amazon. You can name them
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