Money Is Pouring Into Carbon Capture Tech, But Challenges Remain

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Month ago

Elon Musk, Microsoft and oil giants like Occidental and Exxon Mobil are investing in carbon capture technologies. Carbon Engineering and Climeworks are two start-ups that have built machines to suck CO2 straight out of the atmosphere in a process known as direct air capture. But the technology faces a number of challenges, one of which is that there’s currently no market for the captured CO2. As a result, some companies are selling their captured CO2 to oil companies, which use it to produce even more oil.
Correction (March 4, 2021): At 9:08 we misstated a company that invested in Carbon Engineering. The correct company is BHP.
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Money Is Pouring Into Carbon Capture Tech, But Challenges Remain

Cryptotrippers Day ago
What's depressing is 35 years ago i did a school paper regards this exact IDEA ! HMMM
Dag_of_the_West Day ago
The number 1 greenhouse gas is water vapor for trapping heat in the atmosphere and methane is 5 times worse than CO2. CO2 is not the problem, it helps plants grow please leave it alone and go after methane.
charlie fruirtbat
charlie fruirtbat 4 days ago
Plant more trees
Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi
Emil Nicolaie Perhinschi 8 days ago
plant fast growing trees make charcoal and use the gases and the heat to make the process self-financing dig big pit and put charcoal in pit or mix the charcoal in soil there you go, you captured CO2, fixed it in charcoal
mooodswings 8 days ago
So, corporations(most of which are responsible for the vast majority of co2 emissions historically) "pour money" into this parody better known as carbon capture and in return get tax credits that exceed the value of their investment? While free to provide no proof of it? Nice job. Anyway, you got one thing right: Challenges Remain. Yes, they sure do remain - although they are not many but just one. The challenge is for people to become aware that they are being robbed by those corporations that really don't give a sht about the environment or the humanity in general. All they care is profit, that's their only ideology and they'll do anything to maximize it. The very next moment people realize this and understand their power and role, this rotten, appalling structure of capitalism will drop like a stone. And sooner or later they will :)
Adam Dewis
Adam Dewis 9 days ago
This is the stupidity, let’s jump through all these hoops to make a machine that runs on electricity to take a byproduct of making electricity out of the air it doesn’t make any sense at all why not just plant a tree, unless you are running these things on 100% nuclear power it’s all a waste of time, and no solar energy is not carbon neutral,Sure it’s less carbon producing than burning coal but huge amounts of resources are used in making the solar panels, and eventually you’ll end up with a bunch of hazardous waste from old solar panels... also, they are acting like CO2 is the biggest problem, methane is something like 20 times more harmful to the earth than CO2 why not focus on removing that, to me it looks like their priorities are all screwed up
hà nhung nguyễn
hà nhung nguyễn 10 days ago
Simply just plants more trees. Why human makes everything more complicated. In the end, they still destroy everything.
Sylvester Skyes
Sylvester Skyes 11 days ago
Want to capture carbon ? Grow trees ! Everywhere !
Beau Braunberger
Beau Braunberger 12 days ago
I agree that carbon needs to be mitigated, but direct air capture is a stupidly inefficient technology. With 100% capture you have to process more than 3,600 tons of air to capture 1 ton of CO2.
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 17 days ago
Nice video.
GIGGITY 18 days ago
This might sound crazy, but *why don't we just stop using oil* ?
kewal kumar
kewal kumar 19 days ago
trees....assholes...are we even discussing this...
Max Kewel
Max Kewel 20 days ago
The fact that the removed CO2 is sold rather than permanently stored underground completely defies the purpose of these companies imo. Only if we start treating these facilities like sewage treatment plants, that is a societal necessity, will this technology make any sense. Governments (as representatives of the people) have to get involved not companies! Anything is more affordable than the climate crisis we're heading towards.
surjaa 22 days ago
We can't stop people using cheap fossil fuel unless we give good and cheap alternative. The biggest denial come from environmentalists who still believe nuclear energy is unsafe and dirty.
I C 24 days ago
Just grow some more trees?
SammyAce 24 days ago
What if there is like an earthquake, and cracks form from the floor, doesn’t the carbon just come back up from the ground?
allyourcode 25 days ago
natalism = ecocide
renegadeR31 25 days ago
You said "Oil Giants, including BPH and Chevron ", but you highlighted BHP, which is a Mining company in Australia like Rio Tinto. This is bad info. It is not BP the oil giant, but BHP the Mining giant.
Phillip Price
Phillip Price 25 days ago
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Claudetty hussenh
Claudetty hussenh 26 days ago
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Jeremy Vest
Jeremy Vest 26 days ago
People don't we all realize, if we haven't forgot that trees/plants freaking breathe carbon dioxide? She thats how we get oxygen
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh 27 days ago
One word of advise and general direction. I know nothing about its technology mumbo jumbo. NATURE is God MOTHER EARTH is God. that is it That is all there is to it
Zedant 27 days ago
Can we use Azola carbon sinks? create a lake in a low production land,let Azola grow,cover it up from the sun for a week so it sink under it,repeat.
Wasi islam
Wasi islam 29 days ago
So at the end of the day governments are gonna be to slow to do anything and we’re all gonna die🙂
Kevin Miklos
Kevin Miklos 29 days ago
Seems like pulling C02 out of the air is one of many solutions we need. Economy should be built around reducing C02 emissions, not pie in the sky cool ideas requiring support from billionaires and extreme environmentalists
Sara Wärlestedt
Sara Wärlestedt 29 days ago
Small ones in every ac
Jeffrey Fugh
Jeffrey Fugh Month ago
And just like plant-based spreadables, the fact that it contains less saturated fat than butter makes you consume more of it. If we find a way to somehow make all the CO2 disappear, we will be even less motivated to reduce fossil fuel use.
M R Month ago
Stop the carbon capture big oil BS, we need more electric cars and solar panels.
sandas turner
sandas turner Month ago
5:27 to 5:45 mission failed, we'll get em next time.
sandas turner
sandas turner Month ago
Finally, youtube recommendations come through.
Edin Husic
Edin Husic Month ago
It is a catastrophe even worst than CO2 in the air, this bloody idiots are pushing our oxygen from atmosphere to underground and we do not have chance to access it again. Today it is not a problem due the very beginning of this industry but on large scale that is the end of our atmosphere (will reduce the atmosphere density and accelerate dissipation of that into the space) and it will be end of the life on the earth. The human idiotism has no limits :). Lets stop this crap now before the CO2 capture lobby become too powerful and Jewish large money get in
ORLaNDoS Month ago
Humans are made up of carbon, remove them
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi Month ago
I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business-minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with *metro__kelvinfx* on insta as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades..
Sakthi Month ago
Humans cut the trees also Humans invents complicated methods to remove CO2. Earth would have been a great place without humans.
sravan kumar A
sravan kumar A 12 days ago
Don't worry everyone either dies or relocates to Mars after that earth will heal itself
esmBOS SsU
esmBOS SsU Month ago
Step 1: Plant tree Step 2: Use tree to build something Step 3: Profit+stored carbon
SoloSailor sv
SoloSailor sv Month ago
Cut down the forests, then create a Carbon Empire - brilliant psychopaths
DarkPope666 Month ago
Trees are useless.
Matheus Lima
Matheus Lima Month ago
Why do you want to starve plants?
Andrei Sevostianov
Andrei Sevostianov Month ago
A cattle management? Oh. OK. May be we can just stop eating animals and see how it goes?
SirCavemaninthewest Month ago
Seems like rich people are more harmful than a homeless person.
Nordak Balrem
Nordak Balrem Month ago
Graphene production, why is this not discussed?
Aran Singkum
Aran Singkum Month ago
Simeon Kolev
Simeon Kolev Month ago
I win - just plant trees - they capture carbon and other great extras for humanity. But humanity is too dumb to do it ...
SoloSailor sv
SoloSailor sv Month ago
can't plant trees on land owned by those who only want fast money with no concept of "enough"
Dizzy N
Dizzy N Month ago
What about the methane from the american cows?
Dizzy N
Dizzy N Day ago
@Dag_of_the_West Yes! If the focus on america is quantified and addressed then a large and global business model can exist to solve the problem. Don't suffer the illusion that you are going to make all these powerful fools do a damn thing.
Dag_of_the_West Day ago
I'm 100% sure that all cows make methane, not just the American ones.
Arthur Aldridge
Arthur Aldridge Month ago
To all the people saying plant trees instead: trees are not a viable method of carbon capture. Not only is the amount of land needed to plant enough trees prohibitively large, but trees don't actually "capture" carbon in a way that would be useful in stopping climate change. The carbon causing the problems was stored in the ground for millions of years. The only way to reverse climate change is to return the carbon to the ground and remove it from the "carbon cycle". Trees are part of the carbon cycle and all their stored carbon will be returned to the atmosphere eventually. I'm all for planting trees though, just not as a solution to climate change. Cheers!
johnel gonzales
johnel gonzales Month ago
Just plant trees bruh. No more gimmicks. Just do it. It works. 🌴🌴🌴
munyumba mutwale
munyumba mutwale Month ago
Don't trees and Grass capture carbon.
Arthur Month ago
it sounds to me like selling the captured carbon will just release it into the atmosphere again. it has to be put underground, or at least sold only to companies that won't cause it to be released into the atmosphere again.
Ms. Gina
Ms. Gina 3 days ago
Like those that will use it for greenhouses
Worship Da King
Worship Da King Month ago
Nathaniel Hellerstein
Nathaniel Hellerstein Month ago
If EOR sequesters more carbon from the air than is in the oil that it pumps out, then it is carbon-negative. That's admittedly an 'if'. Unlike direct carbon sequestration, it has a business plan, and thus is economically sustainable. It is a temporary measure; it will last only as long as there is oil; but if it's carbon-negative, or at worst carbon neutral, then it will work during that time. EOR is economically sustainable, but not resource sustainable. Direct sequestration is resource sustainable, if renewably powered, but not economically sustainable. Conversion to feedstock is sustainable both ways, but is only carbon-neutral.
rudra mahadev
rudra mahadev Month ago
In 2012 in india a engineering student used direct electrical charge to settle carbon from atmosphere on to metal plate directly but didn't found any one to forward that tech further
rudra mahadev
rudra mahadev Month ago
Humans will do everything else then planting trees and saving forest Also keep using fossil fuel So when planet is doomed only humans are responsible for it
Lee Roy
Lee Roy Month ago
How do they plan on making Mars livable but cant stop earth from heating up from overuse of fossil fuels?
No Name
No Name Month ago
These people are all fools, we live in the end times exactly as the Bible has prophesized! The solutiona can only be founs in the holy scripture!
Sven Month ago
Great documentation! As always, policies seem to be the limiting factor here.
Kapil Sane
Kapil Sane Month ago
Before cut trees in the name of carbon, now as there are less trees ,use these methods to capture the carbon, which was done by the trees. What a joke.
Ergzay 7 days ago
Trees are a one time carbon capture. Once you have a fully grown forest the forest is carbon neutral and doesn't capture any more carbon. It's impossible to plant enough trees on Earth to pull out all of the carbon that was buried in the ground before.
Skelleton Man
Skelleton Man Month ago
is it possible to combine carbon capture and vertical farming to increase crop yield?
Spartanunit117 Month ago
why not convert instead of storing which be useless
bis lel
bis lel Month ago
jack regans
jack regans Month ago
Hydrocarbon fuels from direct air capture co2 is exciting so why don't do it?
Grox44 Month ago
We need to make a machine that turns carbon into oxygen.
Grox44 22 hours ago
@Dag_of_the_West Oh shut up troll.
Dag_of_the_West 22 hours ago
Why not go one step further and turn them both into gold. Then we will have plenty of money to throw at all the problems of th world.
Christian Hosle
Christian Hosle Month ago
yyyeeeess, more ideas like this! less of oil and gass
Billy Beck
Billy Beck Month ago
The climate on Mars didn’t look so bad
OneShot-Berry Month ago
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dinar qurbanov
dinar qurbanov Month ago
05:48 "The first is to inject the CO2 deep underground into saline formations, as well as old gas and oil fields where it can be permanently stored." - i think, that co2 is going to go out through volcanos after millions of years.
Ben Sanspiro
Ben Sanspiro Month ago
Or just plant trees...
I Hate Google
I Hate Google Month ago
So, climeworks uses electricity from the grid to capture carbon, then sells it to places like coca-cola and farmers who ultimately will release that carbon back into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, they're selling carbon credits so other companies can pollute more in their name. All they're doing is using energy to move carbon around, and allow everybody else to pollute more. What a scam.
nirmal jeo
nirmal jeo Month ago
Large machines that helps trees. saving a lot of land. don’t think plantings trees could solve the entire carbon dioxide problem we created. Good innovation. we need a cleaner healthy atmosphere.
Dag_of_the_West Day ago
The current and near future CO2 levels aren't "unhealthy" in fact it is opposite. Study prehistoric CO2 levels there were many periods had higher CO2 levels and amazing animal and plant growth for example the Devonian and Carboniferous periods.
Gordon west
Gordon west Month ago
Why do you speak so quickly?
HKspurs10 Month ago
question: can the captured carbon be turned into solid state? it can then be used to reclaim land or as a building material
Albert jai
Albert jai Month ago
@Valeriy Proklov Actually, we can just pump the CO2 into magnesium hydroxide, and let them turn into magnesium carbonate. After filtering and drying, we can use the magnesium carbonate as a building material.
Valeriy Proklov
Valeriy Proklov Month ago
Technically you can. Heat magnesium in carbon dioxide. This gives you magnesium monoxide and pure carbon. Then treat the magnesium monoxide with hydrochloric acid. This gives magnesium chloride and hydrogen. The hydrogen can be stored for later. Melt down the magnesium chloride and do electrolysis. This gives you back the pure magnesium and chlorine. React the chlorine with the hydrogen and you got your hydrochloric acid back. No waste products, pure carbon output. The problem is that you wouldn’t want to do this if you want to profit in any way because the costs outweigh anything you can make selling the carbon.
Jack Luo
Jack Luo Month ago
people will hate me for this but the best way to reduce CO2 is reduce humans.
Sanidu Dinethma
Sanidu Dinethma Month ago
adhisetyorahman wardanu
adhisetyorahman wardanu Month ago
Use trees and plants.
Kosmogonik Month ago
logic dictates planting trees. but no big money there. CO2 is very important and we will have no oxygen without CO2 and trees. so dont remove too much.
HKspurs10 Month ago
They should partner with waste to energy plants as well!
mack Month ago
How much carbon can be stored in the ground before that becomes a problem? Hopefully it’s endless.
Tristian Capozzi
Tristian Capozzi Month ago
Technically all the carbon we've released into the air was originally stored in the ground in the first place, we just dug it all out of the ground to burn it. So there's probably room for lots of carbon in now empty reservoirs underground, depending on what method is used to store it
Obsidian Nebula
Obsidian Nebula Month ago
This Standford guy sound like He was paid to say that.. It sounds stupid. Besides, the fuel itself is not the problem, it's what's left after it's used. If You can make a mess and then clean up after Yourself then it's all good. Neutrality is the key here. Fossil fuels are going to be in use for decades still and renewables are not without their cons either (i.e. 30-40% efficiency of solar panels). Devices that make power from renewables require a lot of rare elements that are toxic to obtain and to use in manufacturing. Those device are not gonna work for decades and utilising them afterwards is going to be toxic af. IF We mass produce them it's gonna be a disaster. We have to take a little bit from every solution. Besides, I get a feeling that this technology might end up being "a seed" for terraformers in far future
Dale Norenberg
Dale Norenberg Month ago
Plant trees
guitarsANDcars39 Month ago
John Hale
John Hale Month ago
Let me tell you I have captured something that you can't see or tell and charge you big dollars for it. What a f n scam.
Jack Mcslay
Jack Mcslay Month ago
So, people had the 'brilliant' idea of trying to reinvent trees and now they're having trouble trying to make it viable, imagine my shock! 6:48 "Incentives that would make the fuel competitive are lagging" In other words, they want government subsidies to fund their inviable energy source
Krishna Adettiwar
Krishna Adettiwar Month ago
@gabriel giovani storing CO2 is safe. Oil and coal is literally CO2 stored naturally. What they’re doing is the same thing as what nature already does, except more quickly and purposefully
gabriel giovani
gabriel giovani Month ago
Fossil fuels has huge subsidies as well... The problem is that they pretend storing CO2 is safe
Account Name
Account Name Month ago
imagine being CNBC and trying to rally people against a cause that is returning money to the common man from the hyper rich. For shame CNBC, you're on the wrong side of history and have been wrong about GME every time you mentioned it. GME 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Louie G
Louie G Month ago
It's not ideal and some of these companies only care about money, but at least it's something. Funny thing is, most people who are commenting about "just plant trees" haven't even planted a single tree😂.
Ja Month ago
We already have carbon capture, every car burns air co2 to burn its fuel, the only figure you can get though is the pollution at the tailpipe, not what goes in to create that, figure.
C B Month ago
combustion does not have CO2 as a reactant...
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Month ago
What can one invest in at this point? BTC, ADA, ETH,ALT? I’m just now so confused with all the fluctuations
JRNY Crypto
JRNY Crypto Month ago
You can still start now, it’s still not late. It’s better today than tomorrow
Advaith Chabra
Advaith Chabra Month ago
I wanted to get into crypto since 2018, but my friends discouraged me, now price is up almost 50% since then ☹️
Alan Baker
Alan Baker Month ago
You can reach him on tele-gram Look up “Dr Gerald Joseph”
Alan Baker
Alan Baker Month ago
@Paul Wilson he’s really good, I can’t testify to that too, he has been managing my account for about 8 months. No issues
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson Month ago
I’ve seen a lot of positive testimonies about Gerald trading services, He must be exceptional for people to talk this much about him, because I would like to invest with him
Cristian Dinca
Cristian Dinca Month ago
Yeah, what else shows this absurd urge to invest high amounts of money and research into capturing carbon form the atmosphere, instead of stopping releasing it in the first place, other than stupidity? Would it be the interest of big players in the industry to keep on playing business as usual, despite their business is the root of all problems?
commander Shepard
commander Shepard Month ago
This will not be "locked away for good".... Ever heard of plate tectonics. Dumb Dumb
commander Shepard
commander Shepard Month ago
Idea!!!! Why not separate the oxygen from the carbon. The carbon can be used for building material and the O2 can be used for other things. Solar power would be required for this system to benefit.
peter frank
peter frank Month ago
C ommunists N ational socialists B olsheviks C able Das einzige Problem auf dieser Welt sind Politiker, Reiche, Megakonzerne, FED, und bestimmte Familien. Beseitigt das Problem und der Welt geht es gut.
Ruel Almeda
Ruel Almeda Month ago
Can plant grow without co2?
Jarurote Tippayachai
Jarurote Tippayachai Month ago
I didn’t understand why they didn’t plant trees to absorb CO2 instead. It is so simple and sustainable to solve problems. The carbon engineer seems clever but do something too complicated and unusable.
Gazr Gazr
Gazr Gazr Month ago
You can not take carbon out of the atmosphere as quick as it is put into the atmosphere, I think this is just a gimmick so more fossil fuels/carbon can be burnt, do they really think people are so stupid to believe this pie in the sky tech !
Nicholas Mine
Nicholas Mine Month ago
The questionable chalk spontaneously whine because pain psychologically move amid a crooked libra. pale, pathetic need
John Keenlyside
John Keenlyside Month ago
Direct air capture is never going to work
Ty Ch
Ty Ch Month ago
I’m disappointed this didn’t dive into the fact carbon capture is how hydrogen vehicles will dominate the future
Dx Mx
Dx Mx Month ago
Plants capture CO2. Plants do not require billions of dollars to develop. Plants produce oxygen. We need oxygen. We are also in the beginning of an ice age. The planet is not heating up as much as it is cooling off (their "evidence" is highly selective and meant to mislead you ignorant plebs.) This is mostly propaganda. In the end you will find that the new boss (clean energy) is same as the old boss (fossil fuels.) The environment will still be ruined by mining, battery disposal, electrical fires. The people behind "climate change" are either stupid or evil. The results of what they are attempting will be more devastating to humanity and the planet, many people will die and ecosystems all over the Earth will be disrupted. I'm okay with lowering the population, this is the true goal of the elites. We should find better ways to lower the population like moving people off planet or sterilization of undesirable populations like millenials.
Vladimir Sapalicio
Vladimir Sapalicio Month ago
The stupidity of humans amazes me.
Woke Nation TV
Woke Nation TV Month ago
Prem Aji
Prem Aji Month ago
Elon : Offers 100M $ for carbon capture. Me : My solutions:- (1) Introducing Wild Algae culture 2.0 (2) Introducing Genetically Modified Rapid growing trees. (3) Introducing Plant a thicc tree belt to stop cold air from artic towards Texas.(atleast 1-10 km thicc) stop desert expansion towards south of africa. (atleast 1-10 km thicc) Thank you for your tolerance on my stupid ideas.
Dan Schween
Dan Schween Month ago
2:45 the oil is going to be burned no matter what. it won’t be “more air pollution” smh so dramatic for no reason. i think the co2 capture is a great idea we have to start somewhere.
Andre Castro
Andre Castro Month ago
Blow up earth 101
Robert Speirs
Robert Speirs Month ago
meanwhile 1 billion cattle globally emit more methane than cars and industry combined
Dag_of_the_West Day ago
They should be spending their money on capturing methane instead of CO2.
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