Top 10 Smart Watch 2021 - Best Smartwatches you can buy right now!

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4 months ago

Top 10 Smart Watch 2021 - Best Smartwatches you can buy right now!
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Links for ALL Smartwatches Featured in Video
✅ Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 or LTE
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2:
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Samsung Galaxy Watch OG
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Huawei Watch GT2 Pro
➡️ UK:
✅ Honor Watch GS Pro
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Apple Watch SE
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Apple Watch Series 6
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Amazfit GTR2 (Sports)
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Zeblaze Thor 6
➡️ US:
✅ Huawei Watch GT2
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Honor MagicWatch 2
➡️ US: / UK:

Other Mentioned Smartwatches:
✅ Kospet Prime 2
➡️ US: Aliexpress: UK:
✅ Xiaomi Miband 5
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ AIPOWER Earbuds Pro Smartwatch
➡️ UK:
✅ Nubia Smartwatch
➡️ Aliexpress:

Smartwatches for Small Hands:
✅ Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm):
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (44):
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Samsung Galaxy Watch OG (42mm):
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Amazfit Bip S
➡️ US: / UK:
✅ Honor Magic Watch 2 (42mm)
➡️ US: / UK:

luis marrero
luis marrero 46 minutes ago
good video but i get confuse you gave a category of best watch to almost 5 watch of 10 so your review is good but confusing . which one is the best then?
О АЕ 54 minutes ago
А какой тогда браслет или часы более точные по своим показателям)))? Просто в зале когда апле и другие сравнивают, то другие часы запоздало отслеживают ритм сердечный((( А есть ли часы точные по своими показателям как эпл или Самсунг, но по стоимости были около сотки долларов и автономностью на неделю)) Чтобы не по телефону в них болтать или музыку через них слушать, а как фитнес браслет, но с точными показателями и надёжностью как эпле вотч)))😊 И есть ли аналог какой-то чтобы были просто хорошие и верные показатели, но чтобы автономные и без звонков и камер на часах, они, я считаю, для игрушек)) Дааааа, хоть что сравнивавай, но аппле вотч меряют сразу пульс во время спорта, а эти все с опозданием....
Refaiath Hossain
Refaiath Hossain 3 hours ago
Top 10 0:00 Best for iPhone 10:11 Best Google Wear OS 10:42 Full Android 11:30 Small Wrist 12:40 Basic Affordable 13:54 Innovative 16:00
Oscar Jr Daison
Oscar Jr Daison 4 hours ago
Love the review. Hope to have that Huawei GT 2 Pro for my Birthday.😍😍😍
Nishal vujini
Nishal vujini 8 hours ago
why was the fossil watches not mentioned fossil gen 5E
Blackout Tints
Blackout Tints Day ago
Is there a smart watch that lets you sync to 2 phones same time? I have a Samsung and an iPhone and want notifications on my watch from both. A lot to ask I know!
Brent J
Brent J Day ago
Great video. You've made my purchasing decision far easier. Thank you.
Chigz Tech Reviews
Chigz Tech Reviews Day ago
Your welcome
Tony Marfo O
Tony Marfo O Day ago
Thanks for this video..
Chigz Tech Reviews
Chigz Tech Reviews Day ago
Your welcome
Faragan 2 days ago
So, im still living with my sony smartwatch 3. Love it.
George Sherry
George Sherry 2 days ago
Can anyone advise me what should I buy? I’m 72 years old and I want a smart watch. • Larger display (44mm) • Be able to answer my call and communicate (with my iPhone by) • Be able to see text message • Good GPS • Good battery life • Extra long band for large wrist • Health tracking ability: blood pressure & heart rate would help • I don’t need to know how many steps I have taken • Maximum cost $300.00 Thank you, George Sherry
Rajdeep Barman
Rajdeep Barman 3 days ago
Your reviewing style is excellent
Ahmad 3 days ago
Where is garmin and fitbit versa
On a Gaming YT
On a Gaming YT 3 days ago
12 lack wiew And 12K Like 😀👌
ZekeMagnum 3 days ago
anyone of these has always on display?
Mohamed Allaabei
Mohamed Allaabei 4 days ago
Wow man You deserve to subscribe
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson 4 days ago
Absolutely top review mate 👍👏.
Noel Supetran
Noel Supetran 4 days ago
Wow thank you
Where we gonna be next
Where we gonna be next 4 days ago
All those smart watch screen turning dark after been put down, all of those doesn't deserve to hold a title "watch". Wearable maybe. That's why im choosing amazfit neo.
Stephen Koya
Stephen Koya 5 days ago
A great review! Loved every minute. Got me loving the MOBVOI TICWATCH!!!
Spotex Print
Spotex Print 6 days ago
Many thanks for this awesome work. Thanking u on behalf of all Bangladeshi.... Cheers.....
Gintautas A
Gintautas A 6 days ago
No polar, no Garmin :D this review is about budget watch with 1-3 days battery life lol
luciddreaming jollyjolly
luciddreaming jollyjolly 7 days ago
Heider Sati
Heider Sati 7 days ago
Best review I've seen so far, thanks very much for your time making such a great video
Brandon Mick
Brandon Mick 7 days ago
What's your top pick as of April 2021?
ranjit sanghvi
ranjit sanghvi 8 days ago
What about OnePlus watch ??
Rocco R
Rocco R 8 days ago
The gt2 isnt wearOS
Brav0! 9 days ago
What about oppo watch
P. Say
P. Say 10 days ago
Is there a smartwatch that can comnect on my laptop? Windows 10
Jaciel Espinosa-Severo
Jaciel Espinosa-Severo 10 days ago
Im probably gonna get the hauwei watch
George Kyriakakis
George Kyriakakis 10 days ago
Very helpful video!!!! May I ask, watches like "Thor 6" do they have a Bluetooth calls or only with the Sim card?????????
Soto K Gilbert
Soto K Gilbert 10 days ago
You can use sim card
Taddeo Jude Mugagga
Taddeo Jude Mugagga 11 days ago
You're welcome 👍
Prince Zamunda
Prince Zamunda 11 days ago
Thanks for the review. I am going to buy the ticwacth based on your review.
Syed Qumber Raza
Syed Qumber Raza 12 days ago
I have hweawi GT 2 pro
崔俭元 12 days ago
If you have samsung mobile, then select galaxy watch, otherwise, I think huawei watch gt2 pro is the best one. Of course, u have to choose iphone only if you want to buy an apple watch.
sangeeth joy
sangeeth joy 12 days ago
Apple 🍎 review this
ovidiugeana 12 days ago
Hi I appreciate the video and I have a little question I cannot find anywhere the Honor watch XX pro can anybody tell me how to find it ? It possible to have another comercial name?
JNG Smart Tech
JNG Smart Tech 12 days ago
jng smart tech
SamCode 13 days ago
disappointingly, most of them are chinese brands
Shakil wahid
Shakil wahid 14 days ago
Very helpful video brother. Nicely categorized and very good explanation for selecting a suitable smartwatch. Keep it up 👍👍
SteMir ReViews
SteMir ReViews 14 days ago
Prasad 14 days ago
how samsung watches are 4 out of top three when they dont support Google pay and Samsung pay is not available for many banks? Ticwatch on top is acceptable, otherwise most of the top watches might be apple watches... huawei and others most likely dont support payments or speaker calls... so not sure how you are recommending...
Sreeji Nair
Sreeji Nair 15 days ago
is there an android amoled display circular watch which is 1.56 inch or above?
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 15 days ago
Got a Samsung phone and decided on the Samsung Active II. The other watches look good as well but most of them are pretty big and I am looking for something that will look good on my wrist and not something that takes over my wrist lol. Thanks for the video definitely helped with my decision.
Dan Eli
Dan Eli 16 days ago
what's the thoughts about the oneplus watch??
Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil 16 days ago
Amazing review... But I think so you have missed fossil gen 5 smartwatch in this list
Leon 16 days ago
Huawei GT2e the best by far! 👍🏽❤️
Rajan Saravanan
Rajan Saravanan 16 days ago
I’ve purchased pro3 after seen you video... let me how is the watch
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 16 days ago
I like the oppo watch
Arnold Farkas
Arnold Farkas 16 days ago
samsung watch is the best in the world :) :) :)
insane reply7
insane reply7 16 days ago
Andrius Zareckas
Andrius Zareckas 17 days ago
will stay with my Garmin Fenix 6
Zack Jones
Zack Jones 17 days ago
You forgot to dub over the times you say "twenty twenty" during the clip, to match the Bogus title of 2021!!!!!! From what I hear the No.1 watch you picked is your Sponsor!!!!???!!!! Come clean if you have any integrity dude.....
Chigz Tech Reviews
Chigz Tech Reviews 17 days ago
Shot this video end of 2020, choices still valid for 2021. This video is not sponsored. I have bought every single watch you see in this video. With receipts to prove.
Learner 17 days ago
Well, if you want nfc that works around the world, wear os isnt the way to go. go samsung.
Trebron Librando
Trebron Librando 17 days ago
Maybe Samsung and Ticwatch are better by features but I go for Huawei GT2 Pro for it's long battery life. I hate to charge everyday but sometimes you're tired and forget to charge your watch then the next day you will be surprised your watch is dead... So, I'd rather have a less featured watch with longer battery than a full featured pack with a one day battery life. This is also the reason why I have some G-Shock Solar Powered Collection.
Bill Mathioudakis
Bill Mathioudakis 18 days ago
Your presentation is very nice and I would like to thank you for this! But I think that you forgot two great smart watches companies. Fitbit and Garmin. So, Fitbit Versa 3 and Sence are two remarkable models. And Garmin Vivoactive 4 and Venu are great models, too, or Lilly is I think, the best fitness tracker for ladies!
PatsaRules 18 days ago
Any of them keep tracking of VO2?
Dawson Ford
Dawson Ford 18 days ago
great video
Zack Jones
Zack Jones 18 days ago
Why does the title say "Best Smart watches 2021" but during the clip he keepzs saying "Best Smart watches 2020"????🤔🤔
Youssef Selkani
Youssef Selkani 18 days ago
Its a USposts scam where you change the title to fool everybody, I knew this guy dishonest ranking sponsored brand at #1 🤮
Hybrid InfoDesk
Hybrid InfoDesk 18 days ago
That Kospet is massive. Did you put a EMF scanner on it cause that looks scary cell frying big.
Nick Johnson
Nick Johnson 19 days ago
Fantastic Video ❤️Most newbies often undermine and most often neglect the importance of Technical analysis with regards to trading. Technical analysis overly predicts the movement of asset prices regardless of what is happening in the wider or broader market.
Ana Hernandez
Ana Hernandez 19 days ago
@Nick johnson When you are in it for the long run, you don't worry about the dips in the market!
stephen rodriguez
stephen rodriguez 19 days ago
we dont care just do u invest and keep that shit to urself unless ur giving a 101 because y'all new investors are fuckin killing me
Johnathan fisher
Johnathan fisher 19 days ago
This is a chance I'm willing to take. 🙌
Analiny gonzalez
Analiny gonzalez 19 days ago
Since bitcoin could get to 58k so quickly then 150k ending of this year is very possible...
frank werner
frank werner 19 days ago
Nick Johnson... I bought 2 options based on your first post... one $310-10/15 and a $320-10/15. Doing well, up $1065 on one and $905 on the other already!
sunkid86 19 days ago
great review
Massimo Carlo Moscardi
Massimo Carlo Moscardi 19 days ago
I love your video Very nice view more video plz i Want to see more
Ariyamaan .V
Ariyamaan .V 20 days ago
I need an opinion.... should I wait for oneplus watch or Amazfit GTR 2??
Leon Lange
Leon Lange 20 days ago
I would buy the ticwatch pro 3 lte immediately IF it would support esims that are not from Vodafone. That's a definite deal breaker for me.
Mr G
Mr G 20 days ago
This review was simply awesome, loved it . Tons of info and a little bit for everyone. I subbed 👍
Marco P.
Marco P. 20 days ago
The problem with smartwatches is that in Sunny light☀️😎 you can't see anything or barely see unless you turn on the screen full light. Unless you use the old Amazfit Bip or Stratos always ON transreflective screens.
SpaceXtreme 20 days ago
TicWatch Pro 3 is superb. I have it n it's excellent in every aspect
Johnson Mathew
Johnson Mathew 20 days ago
No Garmin, No suntoo, No Casio GBH, No Corus, No Polar
craig woodgate
craig woodgate 21 day ago
I currently have the samsung galaxy watch 46mm i was thinking about upgrading to the series 3 one next year as i have it on contract i like having the ability to make a phone call from my watch so i can leave my phone at home when i go out on my bike
Sheriff Agbolade
Sheriff Agbolade 13 days ago
uncertainty principle
uncertainty principle 21 day ago
Best smartwatch in the world with no nfc payment options, o2 and a horrible run time? Lol...kay....
Sam A
Sam A 21 day ago
Is the t500 or something better though? Like how's lemfo.. since u included zeblaze.
Praveen Pokharel
Praveen Pokharel 21 day ago
Looking forward to your review of the One Plus Watch releasing soon. 👍👌
Upbey com
Upbey com 22 days ago
very good video
Chiara Carla
Chiara Carla 22 days ago
Waaaa 💪🏻🤟🏻 I bought today an huawei pro for my honor view 20
Melendez Jonas
Melendez Jonas 22 days ago
The true blinker conformably care because thistle conspicuously hum amid a nervous kilometer. fast, puzzled fish
HÆÏĐƏŔ BÕÖM 23 days ago
I am using my galaxy watch 46 MM and its amazing 😇😇❤
an la
an la 23 days ago
I have the Kopset Prime 2, certainly the most functional other than activity monitoring, the only one that allows you to easily use the keyboard without difficulty, to browse the internet easily, it also allows you to select from the phone book a contact by typing the name
P. Chris R
P. Chris R 23 days ago
The Apple Watch is definitely the best, it’s a miniature smart phone on your hand.
Edgar Gabriel
Edgar Gabriel 23 days ago
I've got TicWatch 3 LTE for myself 😎 Amazfit GT 2 for my middle daughter T-Rex Pro for my older daughter my son didn't want any as he doesn't like watcches at all 🤷‍♂️
MSI Gaming Z
MSI Gaming Z 23 days ago
I can’t find zeblaze anywhere, will galaxy watch og perform ok with IPHONE? (I got an iPhone as a gift, but don’t like Apple watch)
gimble guy
gimble guy 24 days ago
LTE and 5G is the future in smart watches and it's a must
Hybrid InfoDesk
Hybrid InfoDesk 24 days ago
It boils down to what you want to do with it. I love getting those 2 party authentication codes on my watch and not having to scroll thru notifications on my phone. Texting and placing calls are a breeze. Of course battery life. A bunch of useless apps on a small screen not feasible usage of time. I went with the Samsung, it syncs to all my other Samsung products effortlessly dont have time to waste.
Sheriff Agbolade
Sheriff Agbolade 13 days ago
Simrandeep Sandhu
Simrandeep Sandhu 25 days ago
Don't buy Samsung powered by Exynos. Used Fit2Pro, Galaxy Active, Galaxy Active 2 - all of them died in less than a year. On checking with Samsung, they said motherboard malfunctioned due to processor. Samsung representatives themselves don't recommend buying Exynos powered devices. Don't buy Samsung with Exynos
lilmario0 25 days ago
Bro when I saw the GT 2 pro. I paused the video and went straight to amazon. Holy shit thats a good looking watch.
崔俭元 12 days ago
@gamer216 bbb any android phone can use, even iphone can use it, only thing is that some of the functions will not work with IOS
gamer216 bbb
gamer216 bbb 12 days ago
@Alejandro Macias do u have to use it with huawei phone or any android, dose have an app to link it to phone.. im a little hesitant bcz of Google apps ban on huawei
Lakshan W
Lakshan W 13 days ago
I did the same 😂😂😂
Alejandro Macias
Alejandro Macias 14 days ago
its a BEAUTY!!! i put a tpu cover on it whenever im doing workout or labour but when im leaving i take it out to let the Titanium case shine... plus batt life is INSANE, ive never seen it die on me in 3 months usage
Kelvin Cuevas
Kelvin Cuevas 16 days ago
Lol I did the same
robert angelo
robert angelo 26 days ago
so you hate apple 6
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby 26 days ago
Just wondering where is garmin smartwatch?
Zlatomir Georgiev
Zlatomir Georgiev 26 days ago
I want the best watch for I phone, but Apple Watch looks to small on my wrist ... which bigger watch you will recommend? Thanks for review!
Sheriff Agbolade
Sheriff Agbolade 13 days ago
Albana 26 days ago
Who has the galaxy watch active 2 👇🏼
Ivan Mochalov
Ivan Mochalov 26 days ago
Thank you from Russia ++
Bro gift me a watch 😂❤️ u have 10 give me 1
ප්‍රසංග වේදිකාවේ
ප්‍රසංග වේදිකාවේ 26 days ago
Huawei gt pro2♥️
LOrD WiZ 26 days ago
You are awesome. I subscribed 👍.❤️
Gina Jannah Lapoc
Gina Jannah Lapoc 28 days ago
Thanks for this video very informative
Chigz Tech Reviews
Chigz Tech Reviews 28 days ago
Your welcome. Thanks for watching.
Ritik Kumar Kurmi
Ritik Kumar Kurmi 28 days ago
Ye kitne me milta hya Nepal me
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 28 days ago
Best review this Year. Thank you!
M O 29 days ago
I really like the TicWatch 3 but it's just too big for me
Donald Stead
Donald Stead 29 days ago
As a diabetic l am interested in the new technology for tracking highs/lows of blood sugars, which l understand Apple & Samsung are working on, do you have any information on these proposed technologies?
Abra Cadabra
Abra Cadabra 29 days ago
John Vargas
John Vargas 29 days ago
Great video!
Edna's Lutong Bahay
Edna's Lutong Bahay Month ago
Wow may touch screen na cellphone pa, double purpose.
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