Dream got his teacher fired

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credit:@gogyanddre on TikTok
full video:usposts.info/vision/m8euysbbm2aXsNA/video
If you want me to remove the video for copyright reasons, I will do so. Most streamers enjoy seeing clips/montages of them because it helps them grow. However, I understand copyright usages and streamers have the ability to strike me.

The G
The G 2 hours ago
I wish my kid is like this
Root 2 hours ago
i got suspended for doing this shit in middle school, running a batch file 😭 i didn’t know better back then and bragged about it so i got caught smh
James Lamper
James Lamper 20 hours ago
shutdown -i
Harry Wood
Harry Wood Day ago
My friend did something similar using python on a non admin computer
Dominik Doesn't do anything
Dominik Doesn't do anything Day ago
I had a teacher scream at me in fifth grade for a math mistake and throw my papers on my desk, they flew everywhere and I cried.
vElecktrixz 8 days ago
I hated the kids that did this in high school not gonna lie. Need to get some friends
FX Fallen
FX Fallen 8 days ago
And then his classmate finds his channel and leaks his face
0jacon0ice0 8 days ago
"Dream got his teacher fired" no the teacher got themselves fired by blowing up on a student
tsumeiji 8 days ago
Well hey, atleast Dream and I have something in common! 😃
Jalen Kwong
Jalen Kwong 8 days ago
freshman in middle school
redfear77 8 days ago
Lmao all these 14 year olds being like "TEACHER BAD DREAM INNOCENT", when he shouldn't have literally turned off all the computers. That interrupts education, it costs money. Not like any of you would understand nor care about education or money. That's the perfect formula to socialists
silentlore Day ago
Based and redpilled or should I say redfear?
Lazy_Marlin61 8 days ago
“Freshman in middleschool” Sir have you been drinking?
Coby 9 days ago
Not a fan of teachers assaulting kids but always a fan of someone who puts Dream in his place.
Justin Te
Justin Te 9 days ago
This proves Dream/Clay is really smart in middle school.
Liam Jackson
Liam Jackson 9 days ago
The science teacher can now tell his kids, yeah I pretty much drop kicked the famous USpostsr and Minecraft player dream
Gemini 9 days ago
No one gonna talk about how he was a freshman in mid school
Trenton Martin
Trenton Martin 9 days ago
freshman in middle school?
MILKYFILMZ 9 days ago
Once I was in band. We were all waiting outside in the back parking lot for our bus because we had a festival to March at. People were chillin talking, and one of the percussionist decided to open up his drum and practice a little. I guess it wasn’t allowed or it annoyed her or something, so her response to get him to stop was to walk up to him, grab his hair, pull on it and tell him to shut up, which is what she did She was gone for about a year, we had a sub the whole time, who btw taught us so much better than she ever did. We were so upset when she returned, that Our 150+ marching band had reduced to a measly, I believe it was around like 40-50 kids that were left, because so many people ditched when she came back, including myself. She was awful. Ms. Calame, if you’re reading this, you suck. :)
George Summers
George Summers 9 days ago
So just wondering...what was that command?
flo 9 days ago
shutdown -i or something
Terminator 9 days ago
It was kinda dreams fault
Dank Jaycobi
Dank Jaycobi 9 days ago
Seems like a fake story to me
BradTheGamer 9 days ago
Me:Oh no Me again:Anyways I'm proud
Starry Night Playz
Starry Night Playz 9 days ago
Him: I was a freshman in middle school Me:...so sixth grade?...
AXELProductions 9 days ago
Iorek the war
Iorek the war 9 days ago
Do we as a dream community need to extract revenge for the push?
Mr. Glitch
Mr. Glitch 9 days ago
Ok so why is there crying emojis I’d pray for my teacher to get fired
Mr Niggaman
Mr Niggaman 9 days ago
popcorn chikkin
popcorn chikkin 9 days ago
Mercii Rush
Mercii Rush 9 days ago
I mean I don’t blame the teacher he was being really stupid he needed to be taught a lesson
AdventuresGamerTv 9 days ago
teachers in the us : push a kid off a chair gets, understandably fired Teachers in Africa : whips a child with a pipe on the souls for not understanding algebra and making noise In class, gets told nothing
BW STUDIO 9 days ago
He’s lying. Cameras aren’t in class rooms. And what he’s saying isn’t true. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
KitKat. 9 days ago
This one kid made one of my favorite teachers quit their job he (the boy) had mentioned about her (teacher) husband and it wasn't anything good and she got really like sad about it and she kept the job for a few more days so they could find another teacher and then she left
Labroderick Cawthorne
Labroderick Cawthorne 9 days ago
How you move that fast
Xero64 9 days ago
Persona 5 flashbacks
Omar Perez
Omar Perez 9 days ago
If I did this my teacher would be proud lmfaoooo
Anonymous 9 days ago
Yeah, you’re just erasing everyone’s work. The teacher is in wrong. No doubt. But come on...
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Ángel 9 days ago
That is a pretty douchey thing still if i was the teacher i wouldnt push him it isnt worth itp
plot twist: dream was using the computer to subscribe himself
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 9 days ago
I always did shutdown /i at school and put a funny message there
Connor Springer
Connor Springer 9 days ago
My friend got SLAPPED by her teacher in the face and the dude is now dean somewhere. That's sooooo f'd up.
Виктория Торгашова
Виктория Торгашова 9 days ago
Срцулсвипсормиигчтсрмв олвмрк🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🌵
DamBoy 9 days ago
Everyone: hahahaha Me: what's the commend
J. Helm
J. Helm 10 days ago
The hacker known as 4chan
11M 10 days ago
I live in kazakhstan... Teachers always push us around. In primary school teachers hit our hands for bad handwriting.
big_mz 10 days ago
This guy had a computer science teacher in middle school? Is CS being taught that early, now?
Sa!ah 10 days ago
Who be a freshman in middle school.
George 10 days ago
Same guy who says he doesn't cheat too hmmmmm
Shaboygin 10 days ago
So being a piece of shit is habitual for dream. I'm not surprised.
Central Fights
Central Fights 10 days ago
I remember 2 of my friends were fighting in 5th grade n I was chanting fight n she tried to blame me and called me a disgrace as a human being and put my desk in the corner
Biker Scout Productions
Biker Scout Productions 10 days ago
EXtremeGamer536 10 days ago
Whats the command? asking for a friend
easysqweasy 10 days ago
shutdown -i
EvanWatcher 10 days ago
**”My TeAcHeR pUsHeD mE!!!!”* That’s fucking stupid to complain about I like how he took the computers down tho Shit finna complain about being pushed, had two racist teachers in the same grade, hated both of their asses Hated my race the most, gladly they were fired but hope their lives aren’t great rn
Jocelyn Gonzalez
Jocelyn Gonzalez 10 days ago
If I were his teacher, I would be impressed
Feed Monkey Now
Feed Monkey Now 10 days ago
Ooo they pushed you. Who cares? I had teachers that cursed you out and would throw those heavy metal staplers at you.
L Bradley
L Bradley 10 days ago
Capitalize your Is
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams 10 days ago
Who tf says freshman in middle schooo is my question
JanusSnekBoi 10 days ago
I almost got my Spanish teacher fired because he refused to teach me anything because I was a seventh grader and should've been in his class but because I did Spanish 1-A in 6th I had to be in his class. (That teacher was an asshole)
Amarelows 10 days ago
if she had pushed harder the world would be a better place
BananaBoy101 10 days ago
Teacher: pushes kid Dream: MoM dAd gEt HeR fiReD sHE puShEd mE
FaultLine 10 days ago
Also did the same, run some commands where it shuts off a particular pc and they never used that one PC again, or I at least until I graduated
Altsum 10 days ago
Pssst : "shutdown -i" i don't know what that mean but someone told me to say this :)
Jason Zheng
Jason Zheng 10 days ago
What middle school has a computer science class
Venu Ganga
Venu Ganga 10 days ago
‘•. Louisa .•’
‘•. Louisa .•’ 10 days ago
I remember one time my entire class teamed up (literally none of us got along) and got a substitute teacher fired because we were talking about racism and she said “I’ve never been racist because I’m Irish and I know how it feels to be discriminated against. You’ve all been racist before.” Yes, this is exactly what she said, I remember that moment very vividly
Adam rahal
Adam rahal 10 days ago
dreams a dumbass
Soothing Station
Soothing Station 10 days ago
Glad to hear you guys have such good teachers. But sadly I got an asshole of a teacher and that's not an exaggeration. Computer class in my school generally sucks balls. It's pretty bullshit ngl.
Miranda Herndon
Miranda Herndon 10 days ago
i’m pretty sure i’m a freshman in middle school~dream
Madeline Draine
Madeline Draine 10 days ago
titles like "dream got him fired!!!" But like nah dude got himself fired when he made the decision to lay hands on a kid
Succmy Phatnutz
Succmy Phatnutz 10 days ago
My teacher threatened to pick me up and throw me down a flight of stairs. All I did was drop an eraser and got up to grab it :\.
Jesualdocrack games
Jesualdocrack games 10 days ago
Denotive Berry
Denotive Berry 10 days ago
even at a young age dream was so smart
AnonymousMusic 2625
AnonymousMusic 2625 10 days ago
Dude I actually did the same exact thing in junior high I never got caught
Pandeire 10 days ago
lmfao i sent my 'homework' file to my teacher once but it actually ran a script that turned off his computer. didn't get in much trouble. he just said i couldn't use the computers for a week
Iype Joseph Alexander
Iype Joseph Alexander 10 days ago
pretzel the pooch
pretzel the pooch 10 days ago
Some people are saying that the teacher pushing him was okay and it's not. All he did was turn computers off, it's not like he installed a virus. It's easy to save your work in 30 seconds it's like 3 buttons you have to click. Anyways, the teacher is getting paid to be around children, and if they can't handle a little harmless prank, then they shouldn't be teaching. What if they stayed at that school, and actually hurt a kid later? It doesn't matter if they got annoyed, they're paid to deal with shit like that.
Ryder 10 days ago
I mean teachers don't get paid much so i think the teacher was just mad or maybe I'm asian and it's normal to me.
Shedding 10 days ago
If he can do that, then he has admin access. Shame on the person login in those accounts with admin user rights. Start learning about group policies.
Heroes Of Balkan
Heroes Of Balkan 10 days ago
Why my teachers don't get fired?
sarp Mamal
sarp Mamal 10 days ago
Our class got the teacher fired that hit our friend and made him cry
ding dawng
ding dawng 10 days ago
Mans: *could have broken the entire school system, being charged 100s if not thousands* Teacher: I'm about to save this mans whole career
Finn Brewer
Finn Brewer 10 days ago
Shutdown - i
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 10 days ago
Don't use gods name in vain
boots1232 chimp
boots1232 chimp 10 days ago
A Person
A Person 10 days ago
Sounds like something my classmates would do
Janus 10 days ago
it's literally just a shut down lmao it's not a big deal 😂😂😂
Ebrahiem •
Ebrahiem • 11 days ago
I'm starting to see Dream being kind of an Asshole in many instances
Ryder 10 days ago
Yea I know right man.
Aesthetic_zoey9 Playz
Aesthetic_zoey9 Playz 11 days ago
i think dream is the villan
Ryder 10 days ago
Yes i agree.
Steven Voutchkov
Steven Voutchkov 11 days ago
The teacher didn't give dream ender pearls
Southlagoon 11 days ago
Fun fact, the command is just: shutdown -i all you have to do is put it in the windows search bar and then you can select whichever pc you want to shut down as long as you have the perms to do so
Austin Chan
Austin Chan 11 days ago
this isnt cool wtf
NeedyBoBeedy 11 days ago
i’ve always heard of kids doing this like 10 years ago
Austin Chan
Austin Chan 11 days ago
nobody talking about how dream escalated that and made him lose his job and stain his record??? thats fucked up dude
Tyler Christensen88
Tyler Christensen88 11 days ago
Him mining leaves with an ace hurts me
Voided Legacy
Voided Legacy 11 days ago
Dreqm didn't get his treacher fires
deplizz 78
deplizz 78 11 days ago
"Freshman in middle school"
BrotherInnit 11 days ago
Freshman in middle school
Steven Hernanadez
Steven Hernanadez 11 days ago
My teacher quoted because we were being to loud and didn't listen she got an headache and left
Tyler Avery
Tyler Avery 11 days ago
I was t a fresh man but I was in 7th I rebooted the computer and pressed f12... anyway long story short I put a password that would be required to start up the computer and a second password to remove restrictions the problem was I made it so that all computers on the network had a password on them so I ended up shutting down the system for a few days because I refused to give the password because I hated the place they never found out about the second one though so I had unlimited access to those computers for the duration of my 7th grade (I got kicked out after that year)
TheSoupyStyle 13
TheSoupyStyle 13 11 days ago
Freshman in middle sxhool
Son Goku
Son Goku 11 days ago
I hate dream I think all his friends are yes men but the teacher shouldn’t have put his hands on him that was to far
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