Social Media Humble Braggers That Can Go Away NOW - REACTION

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Charlotte Dobre

Month ago

Social Media Humble Braggers That Can Go Away NOW - REACTION
Hey guys, today on my channel we are reacting to some social media humble braggers that can go away now. Enjoy :)
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Hi, I'm Charlotte Dobre. I'm an actor, reactor, singer and sometimes (not really) comedian. On this channel I do reactions, commentary and occasionally I crack a joke or two. I upload daily, usually 7 days a week, unless life gets crazy or I get lazy. Come hang out, it's a good time.
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Charlotte Dobre
Charlotte Dobre Month ago
I realized while filming this that I am guilty of humble bragging...😂
Angel eve Harinandan
Angel eve Harinandan 17 days ago
The one that leads to the kitchen
Jill Sacsayhuaman
Jill Sacsayhuaman 28 days ago
LOL Oh dear you earned it just by doing this video. The humble snob voice you do is killing me. I was the poor scholarship girl at a rich snob high school and several of the girls that summered in Europe would come back sounding just like that with a freaky, from-absolutely-nowhere accent. You did it so well it sent a shiver down my spine.
Agnes Mina
Agnes Mina Month ago
I think we all are, I think it's a coping mechanism sometimes where you just post publicly your CBT reformulations, where you find a way to turn that damn lemon into the lemonade of remembering that you're actually fine to be having such a problem in the first place. Of course: those are not inalienablly formulated as flexes
Larissa Month ago
Everyone has at least done that once!
tintinismybelgian Month ago
At 6:48, the person's post reads "i almost spilled coffee over six hundred dollar *dollar* shoes."
Stefan Premdas
Stefan Premdas 15 hours ago
I only watched cause the pic had a ring busting through a glove... :) the struggle is real. Some ppl's trade is making rock & metal bend to our vision as crafts ppl./artists, then others spend countless hrs discussing status of the wearer. but seriously, someone needs to reinforce gloves in that area, because no matter the size of the gem, raised gem mounts are shredding gloves. (but u are funny though)
මේ කරුණාවන් මහත්මය
මේ කරුණාවන් මහත්මය 21 hour ago
11:55 Thts real tho
KS 23 hours ago
You’re the best! Your sarcasm is on point!😂
Andrew Corcoran
Andrew Corcoran Day ago
Your jeffree star is more like a slow motion seizure. In the cutest way of course
suzy rox
suzy rox Day ago
The person who isn't going anywhere but wearing over $800 in clothes... anyone else picture someone just wearing a sh!t ton of clothes??? like 10 shirts and 12 pairs of sweatpants? 15 pairs of socks? ....
suzy rox
suzy rox Day ago
That girl's English teacher mom dying over all those lower case "i"s lol
Carrie M
Carrie M Day ago
What a bunch of phonies 😂😂
humixmusic4lyf Day ago
2:35 - ROASTED! the sarcasm of this video is everything!! 🤣👌🏼 Her 🙄😐 face in the thumbnail is the reason I clicked. 1 second ago
Rock O
Rock O Day ago
Such a ridiculously vain world we're living in
FLdancer00 2 days ago
I'm pretty sure anyone can get on iMDB. I have one. It's really worthless unless you been in actual notable productions.
FLdancer00 2 days ago
That first one isn't even humble :/
M K 2 days ago
kim's was a joke response i think in reference to the time when the media ate up the fact that kanye was like $53 million dollars in debt. Now he's like a billionaire, so yea...
Estrella Dearborn
Estrella Dearborn 2 days ago
Who else pays for their own car insurance and bought their car in cash cause they are smart with their money and not spoiled. Rich doesn't equate to good spending habits.
Georgia Elderfield
Georgia Elderfield 2 days ago
Get better gloves if you have a ring like that? 🤷🏼😒
Adele Philpot
Adele Philpot 3 days ago
Sssniperwolf? 🤔😂
emily mulcahy
emily mulcahy 3 days ago
The $600 shoe girl might not have meant her own, I almost spilled coffee on louboutin (I had to google the spelling of that) shoes and they were very much not my own, my most expensive pair of shoes were $47 from payless many many years ago lol
Miranda Anderson
Miranda Anderson 3 days ago
Its probably not real diamond
Aurochs hunter
Aurochs hunter 4 days ago
You can also lose rings to latex gloves, it happened to me once.
Chiara 5 days ago
The girl with the English teacher mom wrote that ig post really badly for being someone that’s able to read Shakespeare “effortlessly”
NEWdansuyume 5 days ago
I think the last one was meant to be a joke, but maybe not. I don't follow the guy. The rubber glove rip was for sure fake. How does it rip in a circle w/a "stem" attached? Girl, w/English teacher mom? There's a grammatical error in there. Not impressed. also, Jeffree Star. You don't follow him, do you? I only hear about him when people complain about what a jerk he is!
R.N Thomas
R.N Thomas 5 days ago
Only 54 likes for the Shakespearean mechanical artistic genius?! I just can't fathom why?! Such a soliloquy.
Ansie Powell
Ansie Powell 5 days ago
Girl with the broken gloves, Stop buying cheap gloves or get a dishwasher like the rest of us. 😀
Julie Helliwell
Julie Helliwell 5 days ago
I have more under my tree for just me and my son ...
alyzu 6 days ago
Yeah, it's too bad the Chinese government prevents it's citizens from access to the outside world via social media and cracks down on said citizens when they try to protest. What a shame for YOU, spoiled world traveler! 🙄
Sasha Aimey
Sasha Aimey 7 days ago
The least annoying to me was actually Mayweather. His didn't say or show anything to do with luxury or money, probably except the suit he was wearing haha. Now if he threw his bank balance in there.... he'd def have been no. 1 on this list.
AJ Alves
AJ Alves 7 days ago
07:17 This is the most satisfying humble bragger up until now...
AJ Alves
AJ Alves 7 days ago
I really love when she does the spoiled influencer voice
AJ Alves
AJ Alves 7 days ago
Do all americans separate three figures with a comma? I assumed everyone separated three figures with a dot an comma only for the cents... 02:29
Matt C
Matt C 8 days ago
The Wells Fargo receipt is probably fake. No one with that kind of money posts a photo of their bank balance on Instagram, unless you’re new money like Jeffree Star.
Joonee Garcia
Joonee Garcia 8 days ago
Someone should tell the “seasoned traveler” at 6:08 that Twitter is available in BOTH Singapore and Hong Kong. It’s Mainland China that doesn’t have Twitter. Neither Singapore nor Hong Kong are in Mainland China.
abvmoose87 8 days ago
haha omfg, I just found the channel, man I lost it when the little alien guy popped up from the door and started waving his hands :)
Demetria Davis
Demetria Davis 8 days ago
The eyebrows... them damn eyebrows.
its jeong
its jeong 8 days ago
"First of all, I can't see your niece" 😆😆😆
A R.
A R. 8 days ago
Is she Canadian? Got a bit of Northern Minnesota accent mixed with sort of soft irish sounding accent? Is this a Toronto woman?
Whitney 9 days ago
Perhaps she forgot that the letter "I" should be capitalized.
Toni-Ann Thompson
Toni-Ann Thompson 9 days ago
I like Charlotte so much.
Sandy Bigara StarViking
Sandy Bigara StarViking 9 days ago
Um.... The ring one... The flap is bigger than the ring... So most definitely torn for the shot.
kateri17 9 days ago
social media emboldens people to say the shit that shouldn't ever leave the confines of their brains and this is the result.
Quorra Kai
Quorra Kai 9 days ago
This video came up in my recommendations. I don't have social media so I had to watch this. 😆 What a fake, narcissistic and entitled world. Why is anyone sane still on social media?? What happened to privacy and keeping your shit close to you. Barf.
Sinethemba Ngcobo
Sinethemba Ngcobo 9 days ago
OK the ice cream guy...needs to chill bro
Marina Angelska
Marina Angelska 10 days ago
Her mother is an English teacher but she spells English and I with lowercase letters... Reading all that "shakespeare" didn't teach her much.
Kit Culver
Kit Culver 10 days ago
Omg when I was 16 and like really wanted a car my mom laughed at me and told me to get a job, then she handed me a bus pass and told me to gtf over it 🙄
Storytelling Mama
Storytelling Mama 10 days ago
So I had to laugh at the lady traveling back and forth because I too know the pain of having two sisters and a mother being far away. I was only across the country and I only got to visit once a few years but to call sad face seems a little over the top....🤢🤮🤣
ShoyuNYC 10 days ago
I would never keep more than a quarter of a million dollars in any of my checking accounts. Anything more than that would not be FDIC insured. 🤷 People can be such fools.
Tanya Tiger Marshall
Tanya Tiger Marshall 10 days ago
🎶ALIENS IN MY KITCHEN, TURKEYS IN MY CLOOOSEEET! 🎶OH WHATS A GIRL TO DO???🎶🎶 I'll....uh I'll see myself out now.......
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia 12 days ago
If that Wells Fargo receipt showed the balance in dirhams, they person really only has half a million in usd. Still a good amount, but not much comparatively.
Brandi Munguia
Brandi Munguia 12 days ago
My favorite car was my 1991 Honda Civic hatchback that I paid $2k for. It was my first car and I bought it with my own money.
Brittany Murray
Brittany Murray 12 days ago
The last guy,. What's up with those chains??? They look dirty, like maybe they are turning green. Ummm if your a millionaire I think you could afford better.
mirilion79 13 days ago
Oh god your "pretend suffering" faces are hilarious
MINKYGIRL1 13 days ago
Why the stupid voice/accent?
MikeyGrrrace 13 days ago
Okay, the ring looks like a literal dandelion ring that kids would make when they're playing with grass.
Crystal M
Crystal M 15 days ago
Your hair matches your eyebrows perfectly
XO Emilee
XO Emilee 15 days ago
okay i hate to be one these people but wtf is a imbd?
Shawn McDonald
Shawn McDonald 16 days ago
@5:21 for whom
samantha bramasco
samantha bramasco 16 days ago
Bruh..... if my parents bought me a car I would be so happy and crying not because what car it is but the fact I got a car. I had to scrape and save for almost 5 years to get my little bucket I have now!
Thomas Smithson
Thomas Smithson 17 days ago
OMG!!! That “pretty persecution” line had me rolling 😂🤣😂
Gerard Perry
Gerard Perry 17 days ago
The best are dating profiles of women who humble brag about how many likes/matches they have in their queue. As if they had uncovered more Dead Sea 📜 s.
floatingeyeballs44 18 days ago
I had a friend in high school who said she wished she could be a librarian one day but that she couldn't because "they don't let people who look like models be librarians because it would distract the people trying to read." My mom and I laughed about that comment for years.
jennifer rebacca
jennifer rebacca 19 days ago
Anyone else stuck on a Charolette dobre marathon? God, you're so funny!! 😂😂
Nera Hamzah
Nera Hamzah 19 days ago
The lady on FB with the 30-40 likes is not a “weird flex but ok” moment... the best one is the big guy with the greek probiotic ice cream as a mid day snack. THAT is the true meaning of “weird flex but ok”
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 19 days ago
Humble Braggers are just begging to be robbed constantly, their free advertisement says so😑
Jerry Hohl
Jerry Hohl 19 days ago
Hey Charlotte, are you fred armisen's sister or fred in drag.
Shocking Honesty
Shocking Honesty 20 days ago
7:58 that bike is over 8 grand
Ane Mikaelsen
Ane Mikaelsen 20 days ago
The snapchat hit right but different, you know when your phone just staps your back, and doesn't notify you. 🙃
Noldo 21 day ago
BMW is not a brand, that's a diagnosis.
heyysimone 21 day ago
The ring and gloves one - that pisses me off. You dont wear jewellery under gloves unless its maybe a plain band. Hygiene and sterilisation rules breached. And whatever you might be touching that means you need to wear gloves, its gonna get all over that ring and inbetween the stones. IMDM also isnt a valid form of ID, lying humble bragger.
Julia Zanardo
Julia Zanardo 21 day ago
Is snapchat still a thing? Thats so 2014.
Tiffany Miller
Tiffany Miller 21 day ago
The gloves don't tear directly over the ring 😂 usually tears the glove somewhere on the way down. And definitely not a perfect little circle for your massive diamond to peek through. Yes, I know because my massive ring rips mine sometimes 😏 My massive $40 CZ ring. Don't stare, I know I'm boujee.
hannahxx17 22 days ago
Mother is an English teacher? Bet she's real proud of the lack of grammar.
Sam Haine
Sam Haine 22 days ago
The others were definitely bragging but I think Floyd was genuinely proud of his son doing something he wasnt able to do because he had to drop out of school. The others deserved all the commentary tho 🤣
JD Bimmer
JD Bimmer 24 days ago
John Porter
John Porter 24 days ago
The Wells Fargo douche only took out $120 bucks. lol
Nair 24 days ago
Pretty persecution😂 never been there never done that
Nair 24 days ago
Pretty persecution😂 never been there never done that
emilysael 24 days ago
Ohhhhhh busted!! You can get Twitter in Hong-Kong! Thats actually where I started using it.
Maggie Blackbird
Maggie Blackbird 25 days ago
Charlotte, I love your shirt! Where did you get it? I've been looking for a similar shirt for a long time. What's with the bragging about ridiculously large bank accounts that only show that the person is financially illiterate? They're not making their money work for them. The prudent thing to do is put your money in accounts that make more interest than a checking account does. The wealthy invest their money instead of letting it sit in low interest rate accounts. If you need money, you can transfer it back to your checking account. But most millionaires wouldn't have large bank account balances because it's foolish. That money can make thousands of dollars in interest if it's invested correctly. The only reason why I think someone might have that much money in their checking account is if they just sold a house. There's a reason why in movies where rich people have loved ones kidnapped that they ask for a few days to get money together. They don't have a couple hundred thousand dollars sitting around in their checking account or in a Scrooge McDuckian vault.
Monica Mayo
Monica Mayo 25 days ago
Seriously, the chic with the rubber gloves & diamond ring! Take the damn ring off when you’re wearing the gloves! Geez, these people!
༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻
༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻ 25 days ago
Why is she doing the semi-Irish accent???
༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻
༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻ 25 days ago
Okay, the wedding ring one sounds like a little bit of jealousy. My wedding ring, AND ALL MY DIAMOND RINGS, in fact, are very large (see what I did there?!) and were gifted to me by my husband. Should I just never share any frustrations that come with wearing them, like when they scratch the interior of my new Camaro (Doh! Did I do it again?!) or when they snag my damn hair when I run my fingers through my hair? I was really pissed off the night one of them snagged my new Chanel sweater (3rd time's the charm!) when we were out to eat with my dad. Yes, these are all true stories (OK, except the brand of the sweater, which was actually NOT Chanel - I only own Chanel bags, lol - oh, there's a 4th one!). I didn't ever post any of them because I realize how it sounds - if your biggest problem in life is that your giant diamond rings are scratching the interior of your new Camaro (none of which you paid for), then your life ain't that damn bad - but it IS frustrating. No one wants their car scratched or their clothing snagged. And if any of my Chanel bags - or Louis, or Gucci, or Fendi - are ever damaged, I won't be able to keep myself from crying publicly! (Aaaaaand she closes with a 5th!! LOL!!!) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻
༺Thund3r Cl0udz༻ 25 days ago
Ugh, when will everyone stop using the term "filming"??? THERE IS NO FILM IN YOUR FKNG PHONES, PEOPLE! lmao!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
TheBschmitty 26 days ago
I can vouch for the McDonald’s one. Wearing square toed shoes, high waters, and a ketchup red shirt three sizes too big- tucked in, and a visor and I never got hit on more in my life than when I worked there lol.
arezo salem
arezo salem 26 days ago
Love your necklace
Pyromaniacal Magpie
Pyromaniacal Magpie 26 days ago
okay the Floyd Mayweather one was really sweet and wholesome, humblebrag or not.
BlackExolBaby 26 days ago
Release these people's names, I need to follow them to laugh!
remy r
remy r 26 days ago
The only one I didn’t find cringey was Floyd Mayweather full-on bragging about his son! I think he has every right to brag that his son graduated HS when he did not. Yes, FMW did make a lot of money in boxing, but he also literally fought to get it. He saw a tough way out of poverty and was definitely successful, but his son doesn’t have to take any punches. I don’t follow boxing, I also find the publicity of the sport disgusting - there’s very little respect. However, education is so important and does offer more opportunities than people realize. The best thing about getting an education is that a person learns to think for themselves, it’s why historically, education is taken away from those who are looked down upon. During the Pogroms, it was ILLEGAL for Jewish children to go to school. American slaves were not taught to read and write either. In this case, and in my humble opinion, I think FMW praising his son and openly bragging about this important accomplishment is perfectly acceptable. It also demonstrates that FMW didn’t just fight to better his own situation, but his future as well. Bragging about punching someone out, can go away along with BMW gal, Corvette dude, Jeffree Star’s ‘$60,000 rare Birkin bag’ 😒! Education is priceless. I also don’t see anything flashy in that picture that could take away or diminish what that young man did ❣️
Tara Johnson
Tara Johnson 26 days ago
LOL I just saw your IMDb page
Dwight Nkomo
Dwight Nkomo 27 days ago
The ice cream guy is the worst bro😂😂😂
M D 27 days ago
SNL....she is ready!
Liz Pantelis
Liz Pantelis 27 days ago
pinkberry dude was just a straight up brag lol
devinedragoon 27 days ago
the last guy is apparantly fake flexing on social media from what i've rread
Nikki Simmons
Nikki Simmons 27 days ago
I freaking love you!! I just can’t..!! You are hilarious!! I love your royal accent 😂 😂
Barbara Ruks
Barbara Ruks 27 days ago
Bentley of the month 🤣🤣
Miss B
Miss B 27 days ago
Could recite Shakespeare but can't capitalise her I.
Real Deal
Real Deal 27 days ago
Marie Armada
Marie Armada 27 days ago
I love Charlotte! The face reactions tho! ! 😂😂😂
Crystal Harvey
Crystal Harvey 27 days ago
Supreme and S&M retro 1995 BMX sold last year for anywhere between 2000 to 4000. Supreme is not a bike brand they are cloths and stuff. S&M are the bike company they collaboration with to make a retro 1995 BMX bike for today's generation to enjoy. The more you know! Love the video's.
Aubry Penton
Aubry Penton 28 days ago
off topic but your room is so cute! miss watching you on io, you were my fav host 🥰
White Lilly
White Lilly 28 days ago
Well, I heard a saying from a supposedly rich person: some people think it's great riches that i have, but for me it's like a minimum
White Lilly
White Lilly 28 days ago
I thought that by the time that you are that rich you already see it as a norm. We don't brag that we have a car, central heating, or can vacation in a place we can easily afford. Or maybe their wealth just fell on their heads only yesterday
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