I Became Wildcat's Pet in Among Us

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2 months ago

I decided the best way to follow people around in Among Us is to make them care for me and trust me as their pet. It worked surprisingly well.
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Mediana Rush
Mediana Rush 4 hours ago
please do more PET vids
LassieOW 6 hours ago
5:57 best part
Jesse Ruiz
Jesse Ruiz 12 hours ago
I really love Dergie's voice
CMartiniYolo Gaming
CMartiniYolo Gaming 13 hours ago
Cat be like: you never know you love her till you let her go
MrSanfrinsisco 15 hours ago
*Wildcat calls emergency meeting* "Has anyone seen my pet" Dude I fucking can't, that had me fucking dying
Retro 21 hour ago
Missed out. Should’ve named yourself Cats Cat
Felhice 23 hours ago
Grizzy and smiity laughing for a minutes straight was pure content
betty garner
betty garner Day ago
Having A Cat In Amoug Us Is Insta Win
Randal Day ago
How quickly Wildcat went from "stay the hell away from me" to "WHO VOTED FOR MY FKING CAT?!" kills me every time
Red head Works
Red head Works Day ago
hold up what did aaron think he did in the end that would make grizzy get out?
FreakAzoid Day ago
Can you do more??
Jyhmi Sims
Jyhmi Sims Day ago
I hereby order SMii7Y to create another video like this
sofia valbuena
sofia valbuena 2 days ago
4:45 okay but that was fricking cute
Julian Heng
Julian Heng 2 days ago
Im sad Tyler didnt upload this footage...
Clean Ya Act Up
Clean Ya Act Up 3 days ago
The fact he didn't name himself "WILDCAT'S Cat" is making me mad.
The random man
The random man 3 days ago
dergi sounds exactly like a dude in a mobile game ad
Grim 13
Grim 13 3 days ago
Shark bait who ha
Thrtzy Turtle
Thrtzy Turtle 4 days ago
When he does it it’s so easy but when I do it I get voted out immediately wtf
EmmaCat 4 days ago
In the least rude way possible Dergie sounds like Arman from the abridged attack on titan lmao
Carrigan Sevedge
Carrigan Sevedge 4 days ago
Did wildcat post this from his POV?
Rat_girl112 5 days ago
Wildcat: Can I get an Awa Awa Smii7y: ѧẇѧ ѧẇѧ
Carter HOOKER 6 days ago
The fact that the timing of the nemo clips were so on
Kathy Cutie
Kathy Cutie 7 days ago
We need more of this
Gamerboy Gaming
Gamerboy Gaming 8 days ago
Be Grizzy pet
Gamerboy Gaming
Gamerboy Gaming 8 days ago
Snoopie 8 days ago
Ritu Biswas
Ritu Biswas 11 days ago
Good job doing this video
SyCo clouds 101 hi
SyCo clouds 101 hi 11 days ago
Did wild cat do a video on this?
Trevor Bixby
Trevor Bixby 11 days ago
10:47 Idk if Aaron understands how the game works
Kacper edits
Kacper edits 12 days ago
Me: they call a meeting Karl's there Me: u can't swear cuz Karl's there 2 secs later: WTF
John Merritt
John Merritt 12 days ago
Zuli Curah
Zuli Curah 12 days ago
that laughter is the most contagious I've ever heard XD
DOCTOR CAT 13 days ago
Midnight S2
Midnight S2 13 days ago
I couldn't stop laughing while watching this, I have actual tears in my eyes.
Dynamo317 13 days ago
I love how this has replayability
hannahara._.537 14 days ago
I really want to see this continue I love it so much XD
Zyxify Yt
Zyxify Yt 14 days ago
8:56 this is just for me
Hestia Artworks
Hestia Artworks 16 days ago
I need more of this.... platonic pet play is my life juice!!
Canadian Baca
Canadian Baca 17 days ago
Part two plz
Sawyer Myrstol
Sawyer Myrstol 18 days ago
5:58 shark bait uh ha ha
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller 18 days ago
The first kill Just the way smiity stood there I laughed way too hard😂
ArcAngel1125 19 days ago
Smii7y needs to do this with proximity chat now
Jonathan cruz
Jonathan cruz 19 days ago
Do more I expect more of this
Joseph Rogers
Joseph Rogers 19 days ago
I don't normally like these without proxichat... But this was gold
AGUST DEVIL 20 days ago
I just found this and... I LOVE IT SOOO FUCKIN MUCH LMAO
Bella Flores
Bella Flores 20 days ago
Meow Bitch meow! I keep rewatching this one lol
iFyzx 20 days ago
bro my throat hurts from how much i laughed at the end when aaron killed wildcat LMAOO
Jackabox Miller
Jackabox Miller 20 days ago
Part 10:31 is lol
rackkzs tv
rackkzs tv 21 day ago
we need more of cats pets
Christy Brackin
Christy Brackin 21 day ago
WildCATS pet So did get a baby pig or a kitten? 😂
Xzacter Gaming
Xzacter Gaming 23 days ago
Proximininy chat pet
_im_ _tired__
_im_ _tired__ 23 days ago
I never really watched SMii7Y individually until his more recent among us videos, and I can say......... *I've dug up gold ladies and gentlemen*
Lance Gaming
Lance Gaming 23 days ago
8:58 meow
_SaturnVr 23 days ago
Stop everyone watch this at 2x I’m LAUGHING 😭😭😭
N I L 1107 01
N I L 1107 01 24 days ago
That was the best video I've seen in my entire life.
Alysha Kinzumi
Alysha Kinzumi 25 days ago
My stomach hurted so bad XDDD
Alexis Pizarro_jr
Alexis Pizarro_jr 26 days ago
the wizing at the end made me cry XD
UnovaChampion Matthew
UnovaChampion Matthew 26 days ago
Sharkbait Ooh Ha Ha! 😂
The Engineer
The Engineer 26 days ago
Dad: doesn’t want a dog Family: gets dog anyways Dad and the dog:
ben laker
ben laker 27 days ago
Why say to vote for them when your were marked before the game started
BrecciSkills 27 days ago
My gf loves this video she's volunteering me to ask for another one of these
Kees Bellaar spruyt
Kees Bellaar spruyt 27 days ago
i don’t know why but i fucking love this video it’s actually funny that i have watched this 3-4 times
Nickotine 27 days ago
“Who the hell voted for me?” “WHO VOTED FOR MY FUCKING CAT?!?!”
Grid 27 days ago
Where’s wildcatt’s pov
DALTON PRICE 27 days ago
10:45 pigs
Wells Blessing
Wells Blessing 27 days ago
What was the stream name that Wildcat had this on?
Gate Master Epsilon
Gate Master Epsilon 28 days ago
I have watched this too many times and still find it funny
kahlil fainza
kahlil fainza 28 days ago
please do more of this!!!!!!!!! its awsome :D
Jase 28 days ago
I’ve wanted to say this for so long You became cats cat
Wells Blessing
Wells Blessing 28 days ago
Does anyone know if wildcat made a video of this and if so what the title of the video is??
Lennon Roque
Lennon Roque 28 days ago
Ooooh your wildcats pet;) lmao
RIP Malice
RIP Malice 28 days ago
Who knew Pezzy would go from chip trolling to playing with Wildcat and SMii77y lol. He's going places lmao
8-Bit Ted Gaming
8-Bit Ted Gaming 28 days ago
man looking like colgate
Caleb Wainscott
Caleb Wainscott 29 days ago
“He’ll kill you, I’ve seen him do it!”😂😂
Clevan G. Cabuhat
Clevan G. Cabuhat 29 days ago
Idk why but people who swear just hit different
Ryan Cowan
Ryan Cowan 29 days ago
They really said some Nemo memes though-
R NT 29 days ago
Where’s wildcat point of view
Annoying Toads
Annoying Toads 29 days ago
This is actually cute and sad 😂
Izhanae Terry
Izhanae Terry 29 days ago
Yeah I'm ppppp~mmm~
Izhanae Terry
Izhanae Terry 29 days ago
Yea hall no problem
lady right?
lady right? Month ago
11:21 "my tomach it's so tight"
Alice Mae
Alice Mae Month ago
I’m crying, I’ve seen this from a bunch of other peoples POV but it still cracks me tf up
Atomic Toast
Atomic Toast Month ago
Brayden Bates
Brayden Bates Month ago
Does anyone know where I can find Wildcats prospective of this, cause I can't find it anywhere
Landon Pigg
Landon Pigg Month ago
When your first pet dies but you ask god for him back
Eden Henderson
Eden Henderson Month ago
lll man
lll man Month ago
Ending Ignorance
Ending Ignorance Month ago
Omgness. Content.
Crystal Vissiny
Crystal Vissiny Month ago
6:13 *WHO VOTED FOR MY F**KING CAT!?* Who did it?! Who the f*ck was it?! I'll find out! *He'll kill you I've seen him do it.*
Lucy Heisey
Lucy Heisey Month ago
did charlie post a vid on this?
Alexia Cruz
Alexia Cruz Month ago
Can you make more of these but your someone else’s pet
Gloom_Azy YT
Gloom_Azy YT Month ago
Grizzy is dying from laugh afther aargonomic killed CAT the owner of the pet of CAT pet I’m confused with this nickname nvm.
Gloom_Azy YT
Gloom_Azy YT Month ago
Can u be Dergie pet :D
Aidan beastmode
Aidan beastmode Month ago
Shark bait ohh haha
BB8IDEN Month ago
I just seen smitty. And geesh what a forehead 🤣 money maker
Garrett Baxter
Garrett Baxter Month ago
Who’s bophee
The Narrator Trio
The Narrator Trio Month ago
Dergie’s voice is really annoying AAAAAAAAA
Kaia Month ago
Need a proximity version
Alex GamingForFun
Alex GamingForFun Month ago
If their is a video where smity acts like someones pet again and they are the killer while hes crewmate. I need to see that video. Edit: im so going to do this when I play among us.
Emily Differenz
Emily Differenz Month ago
Time for my daily dose of serotonin!
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