Georgia man charged in US Capitol riot dies

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15 days ago

Christopher Stanton Georgia, of Alpharetta, has since died.

Cyn T
Cyn T 18 minutes ago
Died of shame
Showboy Tizzy
Showboy Tizzy 12 hours ago
And trump is in his mansion with some secret service still guarding him, soon he will resume golf, and doesn't even know this individual well such is life of a foolish mind.
Larry G
Larry G 14 hours ago
The only people i feel sorry for is the officers that died and murdered.
truth be told
truth be told 17 hours ago
Covid-19, I bet
Rick Tandron
Rick Tandron 19 hours ago
Scumbags die every day. #traitors #HumanGarbage #DeportTraitors
Ron Lawray
Ron Lawray 20 hours ago
To add speculation about his death, of course they had to tack on at the end, they removed two rifles, but NO cause of death! Sad to say, under the circumstances, he won't be missed, at least by locals here.
KCs Funhouse
KCs Funhouse 22 hours ago
I hope he didn’t commit suicide, I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen eye with him at all but the mental hell you have to be in to commit suicide is a hell that no one deserves to be in.
Diane Lengyel
Diane Lengyel 23 hours ago
He died,so did others inside those riots! Let's not forget that.
Stud Bourbon
Stud Bourbon 23 hours ago
Oh well, one less traitor.
Virreal World
Virreal World 23 hours ago
Suicide. What do you think his last thought was?
Autumn Beautiful
Autumn Beautiful Day ago
People there isn't nothing hilarious about someone passing away. Rather by suicide, etc. It makes no difference who are what party they supported. Sending my condolences to all of his family and friends...
Gil Devos
Gil Devos Day ago
Good riddance... If they could ALL follow his path...the Nation would be A LOT BETTER !
WithUr Shield
WithUr Shield Day ago
Sucks when the world you spat on, fights back.
Coffey's furry friends
Coffey's furry friends Day ago
When they come to your door just blow their heads off. Set your trip wires
wtmpotus Day ago
Now HE joined THE ARMY OF HIS IMAGINARY REVOLUTIONARY FRIEND JESUS OF NAZARETH whom according to them will come back to set LAW AND ORDER, and all of them will have golden special weapons. These religious people are worse than Covid19, 20, 21, etc.
Malik Martin
Malik Martin Day ago
He Died Of Natural Causes of STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE.....Saifd the coroner
Amaya Strata
Amaya Strata Day ago
So sad for these deluded people. They have placed such complete faith in one person who has blatantly lied to them and his lies being reinforced by Fox news, etc. What do they do now. They will hopefully quickly realise that the democrats are not what they have been fearmongered into believing and realise that democrats are normal human beings and just want peace and quiet and a chance to live a decent life, just like republicans do. I would share values with both party’s so I would choose to vote on who is best for me and the country for that time. My freak now is that the republicans have lost quite a few of their voters. If trump and his cohorts come out with a different party then that will most likely split the republican votes so much that the democrats will have a strong foothold in power. I don’t like it when this happens as over time arrogance, complacency and potential corruption takes hold so whatever party this happens to isn’t good for the country. Just the behaviour of some Republican senators, etc have shown that arrogance from years of control. It isn’t good. Perhaps to counter that effect, rules need to be put in place to try and prevent this from happening. These leaders are paid a salary. That should be the complete extent of their income. They should not be allowed to have interests in companies with stocks and shares or ownership of businesses. They should not be allowed to be sponsored by organisations of any kind. They should be forced to declare any conflict of interest in any vote and if they ignore that then their vote will be null and void if discovered and some form of punishment brought on them for it. No one should be allowed to tout for a voting preference either so no lobbyists. Will this happen. No, of course not but it’s what I would like to see. A transparency of politics that the voters can see out front instead of these lobbyists going around and bribing, persuading and buying votes for their interested parties to the detriment of the people who voted for them. If the voters actually made the effort to see what these politicians vote for or against and why (who has paid them to vote a certain way or bargained for something to offset another thing, etc) I think that age old loyalty to any party or politician would cease to exist.
Jason N
Jason N Day ago
Trump has shown throughout the decades that he'll drop you like a hot potato when he doesn't want to be associated with you. His Presidency fans must have forgotten. He did the exact same thing to them. He did it with Roy Cohn, he did it with Epstein among many others.
D L Day ago
I wonder if Trump sent a sympathy card?
love & respect
love & respect Day ago
Ho NO one less stupid in the world.🙄
RedGryyn Day ago
What an idiot, holds that rifle like a damm toy, good riddance!!!!!
williamgeorgefraser Day ago
Probably COVID caught at the super-spreader event.
601salsa Day ago
One of 4 reasons.... he killed himself, he died from covid, he died from heart attack or died from some other cause.
Elsa Bean
Elsa Bean Day ago
This guy killed himself when he realized how he’d been completely duped into believing a con man and knew he was going to prison for a long time because of his stupidity. If that’s not sad enough, his wife then posted-days later-about the left organizing all these things to “trap patriots” like her husband. So basically, her husband took his own life, their kids no longer have a father, she no longer has a husband, and she’s still stumping for trump online and has learned nothing. His death was completely in vain. What a tragedy.
Lorena Arias
Lorena Arias Day ago
If he offed himself, he might have had something big under his hat
El Chuco Indigena
El Chuco Indigena Day ago
Saves us taxpayers some money...
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto Day ago
Guilt? Realizing that you committed an act of treason upon your own country.
Verity Day ago
Wait, his name was Georgia and he lived in Georgia?
Scott Baxendale
Scott Baxendale Day ago
Live by the gun die by the gun.
KaiserSchnitzel Day ago
Another entitled Trumptard snowflake displays ignorance in a shameful display.
Don Ramon SWR
Don Ramon SWR Day ago
He will find no peace
Raymond Stanczak
Raymond Stanczak Day ago
Judging by the way he’s carrying his rifle, all it would take is dropping it cause it’s aimed at his own head. Poor sucker probably died like so many in this childish country-by mishandling his own weapon.
Dean Allan
Dean Allan Day ago
IF - - - he took his own life, he would be following historical examples set forth by the Nazi's before him.
Lauren Daryani
Lauren Daryani Day ago
I'm not sure what the precise motive was, but I have seen multiple reports that she shot himself in the chest.
Esphaeras Praestans
Esphaeras Praestans Day ago
Well so much for guns protecting yourself. Can't protect you from your own stupidity.
Vera Lenora
Vera Lenora Day ago
Dave Espo
Dave Espo Day ago
Morons Are Getting Arrested.
Val Valerio
Val Valerio 2 days ago
True justice
Died of broken heart
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson 2 days ago
Incredible the misery one man can create in people’s lives around the globe. I’m so sad. None of this needed to happen.
raul maldonado
raul maldonado 2 days ago
Reality sets in!
Mr. Relámpago Negro
Mr. Relámpago Negro 2 days ago
If his death is ruled a suicide then he is a coward. If his death is from natural causes then one less mouth to feed in prison.
John Crighton
John Crighton 2 days ago
Wow! All that revolution talk and these punks drop at the thought of prison 🤣
A. NOAH 2 days ago
They committed treason against USA, but those Republican members who also committed treason against USA, and Trump also should be brought to justice.
Richard Rodriguez
Richard Rodriguez 2 days ago
all you negative commenters below will soon realize you have Joe Biden for president, when your job evaporates do to his policies.
BBT MAC 2 days ago
Sandra Wade
Sandra Wade 2 days ago
Covid maybe? Sure looked like a superspreader event
Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson 2 days ago
Hillary killed him
Andra Greene
Andra Greene 2 days ago
Thoughts and prayers for the family
Matt Marzula
Matt Marzula 2 days ago
COD? Butter.
Summer Tea
Summer Tea 2 days ago
I wonder if he committed suicide fearing he was going to prison.
LEGOSTEVE0937 2 days ago
at least he did take his family with him..thank God for that !
ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;
ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ; 2 days ago
God will still make him do the time.
odinmp5 2 days ago
i hope to be wrong, but he will not be the last.... as the days go by, plenty of this conspiracy theorists are going to have their moment of clarity and truth is going to hit them hard.
Paul Kolloch
Paul Kolloch 2 days ago
9 mm headache
Conrad Ochoa
Conrad Ochoa 3 days ago
Can they all follow his lead? What a true American. Who's next??? Come on guys? Get in line
Annette Bryan
Annette Bryan 3 days ago
So sad... to die for a lie..
snow fall
snow fall 3 days ago
Poor guy, i think the protesters are being bullied much too much
The Devil's Advocate
The Devil's Advocate 3 days ago
Stop attacking Americans. It’s over move along
David Stewart
David Stewart 3 days ago
Did he have some Kool-Aid.
Senny_sen 3 days ago
Coward if he committed suicide.
Eric James
Eric James 3 days ago
This is sad!
Maru Parra
Maru Parra 3 days ago
Do you think trump even cares?
Martin Grey
Martin Grey 3 days ago
He was probably fat and the tear gas put extra stress on his heart. "Get stupid prizes"
encycl07pedia 3 days ago
He committed suicide, genius.
mark liquigan
mark liquigan 3 days ago
That's God saying kill the beast
John Nemesh
John Nemesh 3 days ago
Let me shed a single tear for him...oh wait, I don't have any tears for traitors. May he rot in pieces.
Jose Hernandez Martinez
Jose Hernandez Martinez 3 days ago
Another one bites the dust. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Luz de Luna
Luz de Luna 3 days ago
The day after ..
kenneth hites
kenneth hites 4 days ago
Blue 4 days ago
Reality finally entered his head and he couldn't cope with it. Sad way to live even more pitiful to die for ... Hopefully his soul will be given a chance to redeem itself. Rest in peace. 💔🕊️🙏🏿
Sully 4 days ago
most likely a suicide
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia 4 days ago
MAGA coffin?
Jimusmc0311 4 days ago
Will the Trumps attend the funeral...Matt Getz, Limbaugh, Graham Hawley Jeff VanDrew
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown 4 days ago
How tragic.
Mr. Cosmos
Mr. Cosmos 4 days ago
He was heartbroken when trump after calling him “ special people,I love you “ said you don’t represent us, you are going to pay.
Jim Red
Jim Red 4 days ago
Of Covid 1776
Jim Myers
Jim Myers 4 days ago
Sadly this is most likely just the first of many Q related suicides...
Gina O
Gina O 4 days ago
All these Trump supporters need to sue Facebook, Newsmax, Trump corporation for destroying their lives. Class action lawsuit. They believed insurrection was legal. Very 😥 😔 😟 🙁 😞
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 4 days ago
No big loss, saves tax dollars with no need for a court case
T C 4 days ago
I guess they are special after all.
President Camacho
President Camacho 4 days ago
one MAGAt less to worry about,..
J B 4 days ago
Are we sure it wasn't covid that got em
Tonation50 4 days ago
Killed in jail? Or instead of going to jail?
I hope trump will go to his service.
Patti Ellis
Patti Ellis 4 days ago
Oh well
Mike Peterson
Mike Peterson 4 days ago
Oh no. Here comes another conspiracy.
Mary Edel Guzman
Mary Edel Guzman 4 days ago
Call Trump for burial assistance.
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 days ago
He was scared to death after learning that he would be indicted, I guess
Big Smoke Guitar
Big Smoke Guitar 4 days ago
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman 4 days ago
RIP George Floyd!
Freedom Finder
Freedom Finder 5 days ago
How sad, even though he was an insurgent who participated in an attempted overthrow of the Republic, it’s just sad. Those of us who love our Democratic Republic will be moving beyond the hate, destruction and division of T****ism. Better days are here! Stay healthy everyone so we can enjoy them together!! 🇺🇸😷
Allie #TrumpLOSTgetOVERIT
Allie #TrumpLOSTgetOVERIT 3 days ago
The irony is that republics ARE democracies, by definition. A direct democracy is where everyone votes on everything, while a republic is an indirect democracy where everyone votes to elect their representatives who then vote for the policies, and they are beholden to the rules of the Constitution. It’s simply an extra step.
Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson 5 days ago
Now he's Satan's problem. 🤪😈
tracy daly
tracy daly 5 days ago
Yeah I am no Einstein but ugh? Maybe the maskless covid19 party he was at ?
doire aintu
doire aintu 4 days ago
He was scared to death after learning that he would be indicted, I guess
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez 5 days ago
Klangelicals and Teleklangelists now you can join the rest of us saying GD IS GOOD !!!👏👏👏👏
Jim Thumerzs
Jim Thumerzs 5 days ago
This man and Ashli Babbitt are victims of a man who led them astray and then abandoned them.
encycl07pedia 3 days ago
Any of the rioters who got violent for Trump were wastes of space anyway. I'd argue 90% at least of those who voted for Trump both times are wastes of space, and 100% of the cowards who support him after 1/6 are wastes of space.
Annette Melnychuk
Annette Melnychuk 5 days ago
One less Trump supporter! Yeehaw
Eddie Valdi
Eddie Valdi 5 days ago
He took the easy way out
Media Monarchy
Media Monarchy 5 days ago
T D 5 days ago
Alpharetta - down the street from me. One less person we have to deal with.
Andrew Leibenguth
Andrew Leibenguth 5 days ago
Life in prison for all responsible.
David Garcia
David Garcia 5 days ago
Died laughing at his own stupidity.
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