How I Admitted I Was An Imposter And STILL Won Against The BEST Among Us Players...666 IQ Plays

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Corpse Husband

3 months ago

CORPSE playing Among Us with @PewDiePie @jacksepticeye @penguinz0 @Michael Reeves @Disguised Toast @LilyPichu @Sykkuno @Valkyrae and @CinnamonToastKen
Twitter: Corpse_Husband
Instagram: corpse_husband
THUMBNAIL BY: chryseuswitch

mayo man
mayo man 3 hours ago
Puberty didn’t hit him, he beat the shit out of puberty
Anime_gameZ 4 hours ago
omg lily's voice when she swears is soooooooo cute
A person
A person 4 hours ago
i feel a tad guilty watching the whole thing in one go, cuz i should have been studying half the time 😛
Satheesh Kumar
Satheesh Kumar 6 hours ago
lily voice: smooth and soft ❤️ corpse voice: deep and husky 🖤
:.Kyoko.: :.Tsukishima.GL.:
:.Kyoko.: :.Tsukishima.GL.: 6 hours ago
Michael make me so laugh ! ;^;
maria bakugo midoriya-todoroki
maria bakugo midoriya-todoroki 7 hours ago
hey corpse I like your voice it's so adorable and sometimes your voice is scary but sometimes your voice is calming
Silje Helzer
Silje Helzer 7 hours ago
I love your voice I just love it and I love your vids
Morgan Slaugenhoup
Morgan Slaugenhoup 8 hours ago
who cares if you so your face or not i don't
Luci H.
Luci H. 10 hours ago
Are you imposter Corpse: Yes Everone: ingores it
Gian Antoc
Gian Antoc 11 hours ago
O i already subscribe your channel
Tracey Gelin
Tracey Gelin 12 hours ago
r i v
r i v 12 hours ago
jack: “michael convince me to keep you alive” michael: “.. no”
Lizz Tran
Lizz Tran 13 hours ago
Lily: “Corpse are you imposter?” Corpse: “Yea.” Also Corpse: Wins the game right after.
Armydude300 13 hours ago
This man has almost 7mil subs but the video gets 26mil views... what.
Blackbird 13 hours ago
0:27 that guy looks like my form tutor wtf
Iler B
Iler B 14 hours ago
My sister likes among us but she doesn’t like this one but I do like she be like if I was watching she’d be:*closes door*
Iler B
Iler B 55 minutes ago
But sometimes she does
Iler B
Iler B 14 hours ago
Like me be :stay pleaseeeee
Alex Meinstein
Alex Meinstein 15 hours ago
I am not a morning person too 😐.
Sevgi Emin18
Sevgi Emin18 15 hours ago
If corpse was my step dad uff🥵😂😂
Nora Ursus
Nora Ursus 15 hours ago
When I play with friends. I’m so so bad at fibbing. Because I don’t hurt any my friends that I consider my family. Lord knows I need few pointers.. lol 😂
Addi May
Addi May 16 hours ago
Can we talk about when he said "If you're new" and then proceeded to speak about what among us it like anyone who likes among us videos but has NEVER heard of corpse just clicking on this they'd most likely be like "WHAT THE HELL-"
Joana Wagner
Joana Wagner 16 hours ago
I love Corpse's voice, I wish he'd do a face reveal
Joana Wagner
Joana Wagner 13 hours ago
@Alex lol i do respect his privacy, and I do understand why he Dosent want to show his face on the internet, i really do. All I'm saying is that it'd be nice to see the face that belongs to that beautiful unique voice if that makes sense
Alex lol
Alex lol 13 hours ago
Please respect his privacy.
Billie Avocado
Billie Avocado 18 hours ago
When felix said "imagine having corpse as your dad" i just thought it would be a dream to have him as an older brother
Choklad Monstret
Choklad Monstret 18 hours ago
Lily and corpse have opposite voice and I love ittt
•Gacha•Wolfie• 18 hours ago
Imagine if he talked to Wolfychu-
S C Houston
S C Houston 18 hours ago
Hi corpse how was your day?, I just got off of school a few minutes ago.
ewer sdf
ewer sdf 18 hours ago
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ewer sdf
ewer sdf 19 hours ago
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Shereen Mohammed
Shereen Mohammed 19 hours ago
on discord
Shereen Mohammed
Shereen Mohammed 19 hours ago
I know your girlfriend
Tiger Lillie
Tiger Lillie 19 hours ago
He sounds like batman. Edit: Actually, he is what batman wants to sound like. Another Edit: How is corpse the imposter like 90% of the time?
stephanie vega
stephanie vega 19 hours ago
You’ve played with the best crew and you know which one I’m talking about *not this one*
•Maybe_itzu• 19 hours ago
Imagine getting pinned and hearted by corpse husband
Millisa Hartley
Millisa Hartley 19 hours ago
okay, quick and prob stupid question, do u have merch? and if u do.. where can i get it??
꧁ᴄᴀʀʟᴀ ᴘᴀʀʀᴏɴᴅᴏ꧂
꧁ᴄᴀʀʟᴀ ᴘᴀʀʀᴏɴᴅᴏ꧂ 20 hours ago
I am new to ur channel and dam ur voice- like ur voice is very deep I had to lower my volume-
Latisha Mongan
Latisha Mongan 20 hours ago
Lily corpse are you inp Corpse yeah... them ok shit Them after I think it is toast Corpse POV HELL yeah Me WhT how-_-
Declan Hopkinson
Declan Hopkinson 21 hour ago
packs of 1 lol
ShadowStalker BG
ShadowStalker BG 21 hour ago
All I can think of is how we got both ends of the voice spectrum in this video
4 21 hour ago
We have found the perfect batman animated voice actor
Ninja Gamez
Ninja Gamez 21 hour ago
Notice how Corpse Gets Imposter a lot of times it’s like if anyone gets in his way They get killed
Joshuacat52 21 hour ago
Bro I love your fucking voice
Coneja Moonstone
Coneja Moonstone 22 hours ago
I heard on TikTok someone is called kyler who is kyler? The guy that says “wasa dude” that guy
Andrea Baker
Andrea Baker 22 hours ago
How is he imposter so much?
Addison Williams
Addison Williams 23 hours ago
I could never explain the game like u
Peachy Gloss
Peachy Gloss 23 hours ago
Jamaica Estelloso
Jamaica Estelloso 23 hours ago
I do love ur voice 🥵
cheri zonki
cheri zonki 23 hours ago
I wonder is corpse is gonna show his face in the futere
mayo man
mayo man 23 hours ago
Corpse as a kid: *teaches his dad how to be a man*
gods beat
gods beat Day ago
lily: what the fuck
gods beat
gods beat Day ago
"tingles in my sack"
Yashvir Chheda
Yashvir Chheda Day ago
。    •   ゚  。   .   .  ඞ    .     。   。 .  .   。  。  . •
Toni Marcus
Toni Marcus Day ago
I think at 0:26 Its Corpse face, cauze that in my brain, and btw Corpse is this your real sound? Cauze your sound was awesome✨
fuck you my name is spelled wrong
fuck you my name is spelled wrong Day ago
Rachel bmd
Rachel bmd Day ago
His voice is so deep 😯😯😯
Alexa gaming
Alexa gaming Day ago
Woah cool voice idol
lolah ig
lolah ig Day ago
it’s sad how mostly all his fans used him for his voice :(
Leisha Sharma 4E - 16
Leisha Sharma 4E - 16 Day ago
i am OBSSESED with the intro!!!!
naruto _Team7
naruto _Team7 Day ago
Ik what corpse look like😐
King K
King K Day ago
So if you go to a video 5 years ago or scary His voice changed
Kayla Caywood
Kayla Caywood Day ago
I love him laugh it's so adorable ❤️
Can I get 50k with videos?
Can I get 50k with videos? Day ago
Who else is here in 2021?
Can I get 50k with videos?
Can I get 50k with videos? Day ago
Corpse helped among us to its popularity
Christian Belsito
Christian Belsito Day ago
Well fuck this I’m leaving
Stephanie Liew
Stephanie Liew Day ago
My best cat
My best cat Day ago
I think lily is a boy she's using voice changer
Xxheadless Day ago
I have heard about among us, and it’s not always just two, you can pick the amount, 1-3.
joce;yn wallace
joce;yn wallace Day ago
Hope u get better soon love u dude
Nike ACCT Day ago
The intelligent sweater uniformly strip because teller coherently avoid qua a lavish pyjama. hoc, far-flung freckle
Violet Lust
Violet Lust Day ago
This is the first time hearing his voice as a friend told me and hell I’m going to listen to them more XD
Jhadriana Cruz
Jhadriana Cruz Day ago
“he hit puberty twice”. ✋🏽😂✋🏽
Ryan Ahrendt
Ryan Ahrendt Day ago
5:49 the way she said what the fuck killed me😂
Ryan Ahrendt
Ryan Ahrendt Day ago
corpse: kills a real person police: did you do it corpse: yes police:ok
The Elijah Show
The Elijah Show Day ago
This is something that is crushing and breaking my mind right now. At 2:09, they mention Orange, but where is Orange? Maybe I’m just blind or not:
The Elijah Show
The Elijah Show Day ago
CORPSE: I will tell horror stories forever! - decades later- CORPSE: I will do Among Us forever.
Eesa Ahmed
Eesa Ahmed Day ago
This is how you playing on this f*** and don't tell anyone who you are Imposter or Crewe meat either
Eesa Ahmed
Eesa Ahmed Day ago
Shawanda Dixon
Shawanda Dixon Day ago
Let’s help this man get cured
Angie Locc
Angie Locc Day ago
Feezee Day ago
When you tell the teacher the truth and there actually not mad at you:
Julia Flannigan
Julia Flannigan Day ago
Corpse gets imposter every time and sometimes cremate he always wins doesn't matter if he's an imposter or not
Stxpid Melody
Stxpid Melody Day ago
Hey Chris
Asta Dzeminskienė
Asta Dzeminskienė Day ago
I play dwoday in amog us white corpse
Siyyon Oglesby
Siyyon Oglesby Day ago
Guys, stop shipping Valk with Corpse. Y'know Corpse has a boyfriend. Corpse Is freaking gay.
Vanja Ilic
Vanja Ilic Day ago
Am wtf?
Shadow The hedgehog and sonic and seelkadoom
Shadow The hedgehog and sonic and seelkadoom Day ago
He’s a good imposter
HyperCatPlayz Day ago
me being like theres someone better at me in among us thats impossple
ᚋ Ahn Jiwon ᚋ
ᚋ Ahn Jiwon ᚋ Day ago
AlfieDoesArt Day ago
His voice tho......
Ollie Vendor
Ollie Vendor Day ago
I swear this game is a whole social experiment on group behavior under pressure.
Masiya McCain
Masiya McCain Day ago
ur among us vids corpse r theee most awsome vids ever u r the 2ed best among us player ever u r the 2ed bc im the 1st bset player of among us ever
Hlami68 Day ago
Can i play Among us With You CORPSE
aiden warford
aiden warford Day ago
Joe momma
Joe momma Day ago
When impostor sus
Dead Inside Trash ÙwÚ
Dead Inside Trash ÙwÚ Day ago
Jennifer Kowalski
Jennifer Kowalski Day ago
just WOKE up i can not clearly hear that O-O
HxnnxhPlays Day ago
ASG vines
ASG vines Day ago
I'm like. Corpse Bo Vosie is amazing I need corpse voice
Jamison Hammond
Jamison Hammond 2 days ago
Michael: "Please treat me as you would a small child." Also Michael in one of his videos: "Shake the laser baby as you would a real child."
CatFor Games
CatFor Games 2 days ago
Imagine meme god was here. The docter we’ll become the killa
Cloudy Mind
Cloudy Mind 2 days ago
I lost it at "don't talk down to me" 😂😂😂
JJ Plaz
JJ Plaz 2 days ago
3:25 liliy sounds like an angel but went fck
Lady Nicola Vampla
Lady Nicola Vampla 2 days ago
Why is his voice sounds so sexy, just why. I can't be the only one who thinks this, right?!
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