DO NOT WATCH | There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

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5 months ago

Do not click on this video. There is no game. You're in the wrong dimension. Do not watch because it's not worth your time!

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John Paul Del Rosario
John Paul Del Rosario 32 minutes ago
When Triple H retires *THERE IS NO GAME*
LegitBoy80 2 hours ago
1:51 PlayStation 3 Vibes
Darkness Blade
Darkness Blade 4 hours ago
I had low fps watching something else and I had this in my bookmarks and opened it to check if it's just that video or I just have paper PC to be greeted by Mark =)) LMAO
trevor tomblin
trevor tomblin 23 hours ago
Soo sexi 16:57
Bagd Biggerd
Bagd Biggerd Day ago
Asako Mitsuko
Asako Mitsuko Day ago
Only special thing is here is you Mark! That’s why we watch videos with you!
s u n s h i n e
s u n s h i n e Day ago
"there is no game" the video : 1 hour long
Mimic_you Day ago
Mark: Leave Now Me:"But I DIDN'T LISTEN"
Ashton Lohrman
Ashton Lohrman Day ago
I'm late forgive me
Logan Quintanar
Logan Quintanar Day ago
there is no way that this game isnt huge
Dorei Day ago
21:56 Imagine getting your Nuts Kicked and Heard this during the process
ꕥsᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄᴏғғᴇᴇꕥ
ꕥsᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴄᴏғғᴇᴇꕥ Day ago
"Do not watch." 9.4M people: interesting.
HunterSlasher Day ago
I think mark played this game before
Thierno Diallo
Thierno Diallo Day ago
imagine if every december, we temporarily ceased to exist so we could have snow
Danielle Jones
Danielle Jones Day ago
If there is no game then why are you recording?😑
XxMIHAIxX312 Day ago
Ok bye
Wait not another DND channel
Wait not another DND channel 2 days ago
I couldn’t read
that one viber
that one viber 2 days ago
Oppisite day hitten diffrent
CJ Mateo
CJ Mateo 2 days ago
Your screaming hurts my ears
Ride the Gamer
Ride the Gamer 2 days ago
*wassup my bro*
Rex Chai
Rex Chai 2 days ago
The three bread aerobically suppose because berry rheologically step a a pink beret. curvy, grotesque jellyfish
Dan Hazard
Dan Hazard 2 days ago
Why I Still Here? I got nowhere else to Be😩 Thanks for not kicking me out
octave 3 days ago
Don’t watch? Ok Ciou
Marco Pereira
Marco Pereira 3 days ago
MISE EN ABYME IS FRENCH. I FIGURED IT OUT. this made me so anxious for like the first level cause here I was thinking that was some weird ass satanic invoking name. Turns out am just dumb
Galopoly 3 days ago
Wait the editor is portuguese?!?!?!? VAMOS CARALHO
Jade Lambert
Jade Lambert 3 days ago
program: GO AWAY NOW!!! mark: no I will play
Jade Lambert
Jade Lambert 3 days ago
there is no game do not watch.
Ejay Hova
Ejay Hova 3 days ago
Im watching
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson 3 days ago
Hans Lad
Hans Lad 3 days ago
I remember that :0
Ron Devesa
Ron Devesa 3 days ago
Does anyone notice why the scream of Mr Wilhelm, the part where the big H falls is like that? It's because the scream is called the Wilhelm scream
David Moriarty-Schieven
David Moriarty-Schieven 3 days ago
This had so much charm!
Imagine_Droplet 3 days ago
Title: DO NOT WATCH 9.4 million people: Wow, suddenly I am unable to read. I should obviously watch this video that most definitely isn't telling me not to watch it.
Dylan Hardie
Dylan Hardie 3 days ago
I thought you meant that "the game" doesn't exist as in "the game" that you lose if you figure out you're playing "the game"
Kai Does Stuff
Kai Does Stuff 3 days ago
I wonder if anyone took that literally even despite seeing the thumbnail and everything else
Le Liam cavene • 15 years ago
Le Liam cavene • 15 years ago 3 days ago
The voice actor is french
Yuudai Gamma
Yuudai Gamma 4 days ago
The funny thing is i didnt mean to click on the video
XxAmy EditsxX
XxAmy EditsxX 4 days ago
Incase anyone was wondering, “Mise en abyme” is a technique where, in this situation, is a story inside of a story. Sorry if that didn’t make sense
unknown_shadow 4 days ago
Lixen said if I got his name correct "he felt that" 9:05 if you didn't see it
Privacy Gg
Privacy Gg 4 days ago
The aromatic exclamation unquestionably meddle because sweater hopefully appear under a sturdy weed. quaint, giant afterthought
Lu Amelia
Lu Amelia 4 days ago
what the hell are you guys doing here
King crab rave
King crab rave 4 days ago
you're yelling in anyoning
Some Skills
Some Skills 4 days ago
Finally realized what the only if you say “please” part means. Papers Please.
Billest 124
Billest 124 4 days ago
Keanu Reeves this is what you’re up to now. Making content on USposts I see.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed 5 days ago
The young oven reassuringly bump because expert ironically hope among a grubby gruesome wrist. melted, efficacious sundial
Ishtpreet Singh
Ishtpreet Singh 5 days ago
Yeah Japan
tony zhang
tony zhang 5 days ago
There is no game Sees part 2 BRUH
Epsilon 11
Epsilon 11 5 days ago
The Narrator was voiced by a Frenchman- Pascal Cammisotto
HyperGabe M
HyperGabe M 5 days ago
cause i cant play but you can
HyperGabe M
HyperGabe M 5 days ago
you part of a hacking squad
tong dehang
tong dehang 5 days ago
i love watching markiplier movies
CherryBearie 5 days ago
1:28 Game!? **mumbles** Well that doesn't seem right..
YouTubes shit kid 2020
YouTubes shit kid 2020 5 days ago
Mark:I will touch it Boomers: O_O what? Me: I know what he means from 4 years of watching him😅😏
Snakehead Family
Snakehead Family 6 days ago
title: DO NOT WATCH 9,414,973 people: your not my dad! clicks video
CardMusician53 6 days ago
Lixian: I felt that Me: I loved that
Larcs 6 days ago
Thanks for this vid man I got to enjoy a premium game even though I'm only watching you play since I can't buy a game like this.
Lol - Bit
Lol - Bit 6 days ago
"There is no game" Mhm ok. **proceeds to watch anyway**
Alena Life
Alena Life 6 days ago
Американский Винди, ахаха простите
Sam Whinchester
Sam Whinchester 6 days ago
Mark: there is no game Also mark: here is game! HERE IS GAME!
Anina Aariona
Anina Aariona 6 days ago
random account
random account 6 days ago
so i may or may not have been watching this video at night walking around my house with almost all the lights off and i was about to turn off the last light, and the light switch is right next to the garbage disposal and i hit the wrong switch-mind you everyone is about to fall asleep in the house and it’s silent-and this scared the absolute SHIT out of me and my heart stopped for about 5 seconds
Savage Honeybadger
Savage Honeybadger 6 days ago
No game don't watch
Spooky Skeleton
Spooky Skeleton 6 days ago
Mr. Glitch is a very bad character
Jonas Pollock
Jonas Pollock 6 days ago
How are you guys in the comments on a video that’s not a video cause it’s playing not a game ?!
Wombat Person
Wombat Person 6 days ago
Game: All we have is a TV Me: And TVs have snow! Mark: * two hours later * ah ha! TV snow
BMW BMW 6 days ago
Ha I’ve broke my nose 4 times
King dedede
King dedede 6 days ago
saleem imtiaz
saleem imtiaz 6 days ago
Umm I mistakenly clicked on the video
CamilleP1ayZ 6 days ago
Rip almost broke your nose 👃
Marissa Hancock
Marissa Hancock 7 days ago
I wanna seee moreeeee
InSaNiTy PsYcHo and Sansy Fresh!
InSaNiTy PsYcHo and Sansy Fresh! 7 days ago
"I'm going to get in your secret stash of porn!" Markiplier has discovered the TRUE lyrics of the NUTcracker...
Colton Pettipas
Colton Pettipas 7 days ago
1 HOUR?!?!
Cornelia Brunner
Cornelia Brunner 7 days ago
The gamy stocking rationally educate because balloon interspecifically matter toward a courageous belief. jumbled, waiting advertisement
Clumpus 7 days ago
Mise en abyme means "a story within a story" which is supposed to be the chapter in which you go into a monitor in your monitor Edit: oh yeah and the whole going into different versions of the game
Songs That I Believe In !!!
Songs That I Believe In !!! 7 days ago
I love this game!
Hossein Sheikh Ider
Hossein Sheikh Ider 7 days ago
Very Gooooood Bro
HmMmM gamer_2021
HmMmM gamer_2021 7 days ago
If you follow the red arrows you will get an achievement
Zacarias Garduno
Zacarias Garduno 7 days ago
Best 1 hour of my life
Simon Pekarna
Simon Pekarna 7 days ago
Disappointed you say?
krazy51000 8 days ago
The unable television totally calculate because agreement spindly trace unto a marvelous kamikaze. abundant, burly fan
Henry Villanueva
Henry Villanueva 8 days ago
He looks like keunee reeves
Perfectly _Sarcastic
Perfectly _Sarcastic 8 days ago
Whammy Boy 2021
Whammy Boy 2021 8 days ago
56:44 punch it
Naoto Shirogane
Naoto Shirogane 8 days ago
27:20 All programs: Mr.Glitch! That one program: *k o n i c h i w a !*
Skid *spooky month and Friday night funkin!*
Skid *spooky month and Friday night funkin!* 8 days ago
I-I’m sorry mark! I’ll leave now! I accidentally clicked on this I was looking for your ppl playground vide0! Sorry!
karl Stokes
karl Stokes 8 days ago
GT is gonna be coming later on in the end of the game and game we will yeah so so you need to do is get some Gigi and give him give her back and while we don't have
joe1883519 9 days ago
How i leave this game?
Legendary Marcelo
Legendary Marcelo 9 days ago
Me who watched the whole thing
Its me_hayden Red
Its me_hayden Red 9 days ago
P O G 9 days ago
Why did mark speak like a British person? Is he also British?!?!
Joshua alberto Ramirez Bracho
Joshua alberto Ramirez Bracho 9 days ago
I’m disappointed there is not a Spanish program
Ebyhann MineRob
Ebyhann MineRob 9 days ago
Markiplier said do not watch but people watch lool😂
bo li
bo li 9 days ago
markiplier: Why are we still here? american no game guy: Why are we still here? russian no game guy: Why are we still here? japanese no game guy: Why are we still here? french no game guy: Why are we still here? indian no game guy: wE ArE aLL gOIng tO diE.
AbdullahTXT 9 days ago
Reply with a random or funny time stamp
Dennis King
Dennis King 10 days ago
who else was thinking OOOOOOOOOOO SAVANYA
Milan Ivanovic
Milan Ivanovic 10 days ago
Do we wont more of this game hmm yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
JOHNNIE COX 10 days ago
braedon mccabe
braedon mccabe 10 days ago
pls play more of this omg
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 10 days ago
ionut alla
ionut alla 10 days ago
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