DJI MINI 2 Beginners Guide - Start Here

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Jeven Dovey

5 months ago

Are you new to drone flying? Did you just get the DJI Mini 2? This video breaks down everything you need to know about flying with the Mini 2 and some ways to get better looking footage out of this drone.
Get the DJI Mini 2:
00:00 - Mini 2 Beginners Guide
01:15 - Part 1 - The Drone
06:48 - Part 2 - The Controller
11:16 - Part 3 - DJI Fly App
31:58 - Part 4 - First Flight
35:55 - Part 5 - Exposure Guide
41:09 - Part 6 - Color Grading
△ Cinematic Color Grading Tutorials:
△ Unique Color Grading with your drone:
△ Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make:
△ 10 Shot ideas for your drone:
△ Filmmaking Complete Gearlist:
△ Editing Setup & Software:
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△ Better MUSIC for your USposts (30 Day Free Trial):
△ Best Way to Get Captions (Free $10 Trial):
△ Cinematic Stock Footage:
△ Color Graded using this software:
△ Step by Step Courses on being a Creator:
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Jeven Dovey
Jeven Dovey 4 months ago
Here's some of the biggest mistakes new pilots make with their Mini 2:
NCS Music Nation
NCS Music Nation 13 days ago
@Ryan Marvell be careful Using an iPad
hermezism Month ago
Hi Jeven, thank you for all the videos you make, I’ve been wanting to buy my first drone for a year now but I lost my job last year and very tight on money. I learn a lot on your videos. For now I am waiting for any give aways or contest any of youtubers might put up so I can join and hopefully win at least a beginners drone. Id love to use my drone here in Nova Scotia Canada. Im an immigrant and loving this country. You inspire so much, someday hopefullly I’ll have the resources. Thanks again! Hermes.
Jay Odon
Jay Odon Month ago
@Indoor Cycling Revolution I thought the same thing!
Ryan Marvell
Ryan Marvell 2 months ago
@Mark Wornom thanks man
Mark Wornom
Mark Wornom 2 months ago
@Ryan Marvell I've seen various videos that show you can use anything including an iPad Pro. You just need the appropriate additional mounting hardware. I plan to use my iPad Mini with a small clip that mounts between the rods on the antennas and extends sufficiently beyond where the phone would normally fit. Anyway, that's my first and cheapest attempt to use a tablet. More expensive but certainly not bank-breaking options will be tried next if that fails to work out. I can't add any personal experience because I'm still charging the batts for my first flight.
Average player
Average player Hour ago
I own an DJI magic and I’m happy with that I can’t get an new one tho
mk crown
mk crown 11 hours ago
I had a hard time connecting to my phone. The DJI Fly app doesn't exist in the Google play store. I had to download it from the DJI website. Once that happened things went a lot better
Kevin Mai
Kevin Mai 16 hours ago
If we fly the drone in the area where there is no cellular signal, does it still work with the cell phone? Thanks a lot.
BrockKane 16 hours ago
How do I add my height and distance into the drone recording?
IRAQI -YT 19 hours ago
I am following you from Iraq. Can you add the translation into Arabic because I understand English a little and I love your content? Thank you very much.🇮🇶❤️
nikos nerantzis
nikos nerantzis 23 hours ago
Minh Vu
Minh Vu 23 hours ago
Thank you for a great tutorial! By the way, are you aware of any drone that allows one to control by simply drawing paths on an Ipad?
Mark Russell
Mark Russell 23 hours ago
At 19:37 in the bottom center of the screen, you have the Controller in relation to the mini icon, I do not have that my firmware is updated to the latest. How can I turn that on?
shkrimau Day ago
Very concise! Thank you for your effort
Boss Ronz TV
Boss Ronz TV Day ago
I just ordered this drone and supposedly arriving in 2 days. I cant wait to use and apply all the info you just shared everything in this drone! Thanks so much...
Rick Mentore
Rick Mentore Day ago
This has inspired me to go get a drone! Hey, how good is the simulation, for dummies like me? This was a through introduction into not only drone operation but also photography and video editing. You Sir are a Master; I liked, subscribed and hit the notification bell, I'll now binge at @Jeven Dovey.
Marlene Hielema
Marlene Hielema Day ago
Very helpful tutorial Jeven. Thank you so much! I'm considering getting this drone. You have pushed me closer to it.
Chris Watkins
Chris Watkins Day ago
You should've elaborated more on the grid lines like say for instance I use all 3 choices simultaneously because it gives you the normal great lines then it also gives you the target view which the left and right horizontal line on the crosshairs are the wits of the quadrocopter can like cat whiskers so of your flying through the whole of attire you can do it by lining up the crosshairs
Maine North Woods Hunter
Maine North Woods Hunter 2 days ago
excellent video, thank you
newie 2 days ago
theres a mistake in your guide. you mention zooming to equivelant of 50mm to get paralax, this camera only has digital zoom so its only zooming in and cropping. this will not give you a more exaggerrated paralax shift effect
Jan R Olsen
Jan R Olsen 2 days ago
What is the totalt weight of the fly more combo for Mini 2?
Dennis Perrie
Dennis Perrie 2 days ago
good job on your video
Snozzy Bosch
Snozzy Bosch 2 days ago
Hey great and thorough video, many thanks. 👍
doruk kesici
doruk kesici 2 days ago
thank you bro.
blather funnel
blather funnel 2 days ago
thanks. very helpful.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 2 days ago
Thankyou very much dude, your vid has helped heaps
Ted Kidd
Ted Kidd 2 days ago
34:45 quickshots
Shubham Kumar
Shubham Kumar 2 days ago
Awesome, well explained !! Detailed and cool presentation... loved your presentation and explanation !!
John DAKIN 2 days ago
Brilliant stuff - this gentleman knows what he is talking about !
nielsonrc 3 days ago
Fantastic video! I am super impressed by how detailed you were without making it boring at all. I just got one of these yesterday and with your help, I am already confident taking it out. Thanks a million, man! You definitely just got a new subscriber :)
e val
e val 3 days ago
Great video, love it
Mark Mehanna
Mark Mehanna 3 days ago
Amazing tutorial, thanks
William Graphics
William Graphics 3 days ago
I already own a DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 and I have just ordered the DJI Mini 2. Now that I saw your entire Beginners Guide I can't wait to fly this little thing! Thanks for the video!
Faraz Muhammad
Faraz Muhammad 3 days ago
Excellent briefing 👍🏻👌🏻
YABO YU 4 days ago
Super helpful, thank you for the awesome tutorial!
Tre kast mere
Tre kast mere 4 days ago
Thank you for a really great intro to my new drone :-) It's my first drone and I'm going to use it primarily for creating fishing-videos. I'm going to watch your color grading videos as well - it's exactly what I'm looking for and need to know a lot more about to get the shots that I want. And once again - thank you very much for a great video.
Tman 4 days ago
Excellent video! Informative, well-arranged and comprehensive. Thank you for your effort on this!
LytosRaj Since 2013.
LytosRaj Since 2013. 4 days ago
Bret Dethlefsen
Bret Dethlefsen 4 days ago
This is one of the best most detailed videos for new pilots and creatives. Absolutely phenomenal job. Thank you so much!
Bob Petrone
Bob Petrone 4 days ago
Even, thanks for a great introduction to the Mavic Mini 2. I have just upgraded from the Mavic Mini and this gives me a better feel for operating my new drone. Can I use the black battery charger to charge the gray batteries that are used for the Mini 2? Can I use my old black batteries from the Mini in the Mini 2? Thanks
ᴋ ɪ ɴ ɢ
ᴋ ɪ ɴ ɢ 4 days ago
Thanks the best review
Sparrow Dynamics
Sparrow Dynamics 4 days ago
Excellent video! Very helpful! Thanks!
Eric Wiley
Eric Wiley 5 days ago
I never got the secure strap
Bintang Kecil CH
Bintang Kecil CH 5 days ago
TheWebStylist 5 days ago
Fantastic Tutorial walk thru 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Moh. Awad
Moh. Awad 5 days ago
i have some DJI Drones..this small one is great..somtimes i like those footages more than his bigger brothers..and soo small.i think to purchase one..rhanx great video again :]
Duncan73 5 days ago
CM3 Vids72
CM3 Vids72 6 days ago
ISO THANKYOU had the ZINO 2 Plus but..... Gonna try this DjI
Jas 6 days ago
Thank you do you know how many minutes video you get per GB with this drone ?
REMROD 6 days ago
hey bro i cant find picture proofiles. can you shoot in raw profile or natural?
REMROD 2 days ago
@Matthew Myren bro can you please show me the settings!!
Matthew Myren
Matthew Myren 2 days ago
@REMROD Yes you can take videos in RAW
REMROD 2 days ago
@Matthew Myren raw video?
Matthew Myren
Matthew Myren 2 days ago
you can shoot in raw
Eric Lipinski
Eric Lipinski 6 days ago
Excellent Video !!!! Great Job !!!
GELECEK DURAK 6 days ago
Your videos are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations. I'm following you. Thanks for the useful information.
John O Callaghan
John O Callaghan 6 days ago
Just watched part 1. Looking forward to getting my hands on one! From my experience with power banks, they usually say not to charge a device when you're charging the power bank itself, maybe the dji one is more advanced to allow for it but just something to double check 👍
Brian Grega
Brian Grega 6 days ago
In the application part he mentions the follow button yet the mini2 does not have that feature........what other mistakes did he make?
Jorg Schlagheck
Jorg Schlagheck 6 days ago
Thanks for making this. I just bought this drone after learning some flying on a budget drone. Your tutorial really helps. I'm a cycling enthusiast and this drone is easy to pack.
Victor Gibson
Victor Gibson 6 days ago
I'm having trouble connecting the drone to controller. What app should I be using?
BotasULU 6 days ago
You are the best of the best, thank you for your time,God Bless,
edwin pagan
edwin pagan 7 days ago
two questions how long is fly time and and what's the distance from point A to point B ?
Mickey McH
Mickey McH 7 days ago
I have a Mavic Mini 2 and a Mavic Pro, both record in 4k. I'm not a photographer, I know nothing about white balance or any other setting so I find it much easier to get decent videos out of the Mini 2. The Mini 2 is my go to UAV.
Ondřej Kovařík
Ondřej Kovařík 7 days ago
Thank you.
Hugh Mowat
Hugh Mowat 7 days ago
I just bought a DJI Mini 2 and have looked at a bunch of videos and this is my favourite. Explanations are really good and well structured. The only thing I had a problem with is the acronyms, not everyone new to drones knows the meanings so maybe first time you use one describe what they stand for. The other thing I would have added was how dangerous the props are when they're spinning. I accidentally put my finger into the path and it sliced it like a scalpel. I won't ever do that again. I'm looking forward to using my new drone and learning how to get the best footage possible from it. Thank you!
Bear up
Bear up 7 days ago
Thanks for the video am very interested in more Thanks
Seth Ray Malik Garcia
Seth Ray Malik Garcia 7 days ago
Can you make video of starters but a drone with no camera because the drone with camera i dont have that drone only the drone with camera because its cheaper and the drone with camera is to much money i need more money to buy it
keithpaw 7 days ago
Great content thanks
SimonHolmCort 7 days ago
How did you came into the camera settings? There you can choose between 4K, 2.7K and 1080P.
Dave's Lotto Madness
Dave's Lotto Madness 8 days ago
Thanks a lot, I am a first time Flier with the Mini 2. I have two channels here in Las Vegas, and I thought some drone footage for both channels would be really great! Thank you for all of your help in videos like this 👍😀👍😀
Thomas Anger
Thomas Anger 8 days ago
I cant find which app to use. I have Mavic Mini 2
framezg unstoppable
framezg unstoppable 8 days ago
Just got one never flew before want to get some cool footage of places people tend to overlook around them
Find Everybeach
Find Everybeach 9 days ago
Thanks for this video. extremely helpful and very easy to watch. Thank you
John DAKIN 9 days ago
An excellently presentation of this video - whether a “novice” or established drone operator . -a great way to open up all the aspects of this fantastic piece of kit !
Hasan Ghodrati
Hasan Ghodrati 9 days ago
Thank you for your effort and time, you did so well :)
michael Weeks
michael Weeks 9 days ago
I do believe that app is a true parasite for Android
Trish Pastors Hough
Trish Pastors Hough 9 days ago
Very good instructional video.....Thanks!👌
Chris Umali
Chris Umali 10 days ago
Thanks for the demo and info, very helpful. Have a great day
Double AA
Double AA 10 days ago
I want one but this feels like so much stuff we need to to before we fly
Flying double leg
Flying double leg 10 days ago
This is the best information you can get... Thank you for the help👍👍
Dude With A Laptop
Dude With A Laptop 10 days ago
Thanks for the vid bro 👍 very very helpful 🍻
Arthur Verhulst
Arthur Verhulst 10 days ago
I just got my DJI Mini 2 drone. Before using it I stumbled on this video. It really is splendid! This is all I need before taking off. Thanks very much for all the effort you put in! PS why are you wearing a cap inside 🤔
The Gadget Dad
The Gadget Dad 10 days ago
Seriously can’t believe I watched the whole thing. It felt like 5 minutes lol. I just picked up the mini and will do a review. It’s my first ever drone super excited. Thanks for this video!!!
Benjamin Kidman
Benjamin Kidman 10 days ago
Benjamin Kidman
Benjamin Kidman 10 days ago
I AM beginner
Chizzle Beatz
Chizzle Beatz 11 days ago
does mini 2 need registered?, its under the weight limit i hear but if you post footage on youtube even if its for non profit its considered commercial i hear. so whats the latest?
Karanbir Singh
Karanbir Singh 11 days ago
Purchased it today let's go
wesley thorne
wesley thorne 11 days ago
First time drone purchase mini 2. Just been delivered today. Have been checking out your videos over the last few days and love your clear speaking. Time to charge up and do that first test flight.
Direct Control
Direct Control 12 days ago
Good job thank you
Pascal C
Pascal C 12 days ago
Great job ! that's the video tutorial i needed to be confident to start. I recommend you. thank's
gks12 12 days ago
Nicolai Appleyard
Nicolai Appleyard 13 days ago
thank you for this video im now more now thank you
Juan Carlos Garcia Tirado
Juan Carlos Garcia Tirado 13 days ago
What a great teacher you are. Thanks
NCS Music Nation
NCS Music Nation 13 days ago
This video is a manual 🔥
NCS Music Nation
NCS Music Nation 13 days ago
This is a great video 🔥 I have t last 3 hours of training so far. My equipment didn't come with extra rotors. It shows it on the box.
Thank you very much for this informative video. My mavic mini broke last month and tried to get a new one. This made me buying one of Mavic mini2.
John Anthony
John Anthony 13 days ago
What resolution do u see on the phone from this drone? I want to see it in 1080p
Annie K
Annie K 14 days ago
Just got my mini 2 yesterday as my first ever drone and your video has been awesome! I’ve watched and rewatched different sections multiple time as I’ve gone. Thank you for being so thorough!
5a Avenida
5a Avenida 14 days ago
Nice video!! I watched your video because ill fly my first time with my Dji Mini 2. Thank for your time and lessons.
John Anthony
John Anthony 14 days ago
Hello guys! What resolution does this drone transmit onto phone whilst filming live video (On Phone)
Thee GOAT 13 days ago
serg bolotov
serg bolotov 14 days ago
God bless you, dude!! Everything is clear for me now and I am ready for the first flight on my new mini 2 drone. Tnx a lot!
Matt Faraday
Matt Faraday 14 days ago
Waiting for my mini 2 to arrive tomorrow, just watched all of it. Great video!! I feel prepared.
chinedu olisa
chinedu olisa 11 days ago
@Matt Faraday wow that's wonderful.. But what if I want one say like how much can it cost to send it from there..
Matt Faraday
Matt Faraday 11 days ago
@chinedu olisa £400 for the DJI Mini 2. Although I managed to pick up the Mini 2 fly more package for £450 which I thought was pretty good. £50 extra for 3 batteries, extra propellers and the charger. Normal price for the fly more mini 2 kit is ££550
chinedu olisa
chinedu olisa 11 days ago
@Matt Faraday what's the price over there
chinedu olisa
chinedu olisa 11 days ago
@Matt Faraday ok
Matt Faraday
Matt Faraday 11 days ago
@chinedu olisa I'm in the UK, they're in stock practically everywhere?
kyle potter
kyle potter 14 days ago
Thanks Jeven! Just bought my mini as I want to dive into the drone photography space. I love watching epic landscape edits. Would love to see tips and tricks on how to film/edit for that scenario. This is by the far the best video I've watched when talking about the dji mini 2. Thanks for all the effort. Liked and subscribed.
Christophe Mazeaud
Christophe Mazeaud 15 days ago
Great explanation. Thank for sharing
yeungscs 15 days ago
i don't own a mini 2 but i sat through the whole video anyway. it was so easy to follow and i wanted to see if it were any good for a casual like myself
Fox River Bushcraft
Fox River Bushcraft 15 days ago
Hey what’s up ???? I just purchased the DJI mini 2 but forgot to get a SD MICRO CARD what is the best match witch SD card should I buy ????
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22 15 days ago
Great video will be getting my DJ mini soon
All Over Scotland
All Over Scotland 15 days ago
Great comprehensive video. I've been a user of the original Mavic Pro since it came out but feel that I am getting forced into getting a lighter drone to enable me to get footage in more restricted places since the rules in the UK and Europe have changed at the start of this year.
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