Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

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Demi Lovato

17 days ago

Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”
Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.

Mags Yilden
Mags Yilden 17 minutes ago
Gosh...... Demi..... 😭🥺 this is why I love you🥺
jack watson
jack watson 18 minutes ago
No one cares
uriel boldman
uriel boldman 14 minutes ago
About your comment
Music TheorY
Music TheorY 47 minutes ago
Nikeysia Butler
Nikeysia Butler Hour ago
Still looking forward to watching it, but based on this trailer I definitely think it will be more dramatic/hyped up than Simply Complicated
Yukozuna Hour ago
So... she’s a satanis? How stereotypical #SpiritCooking
Is there an unlimited button for ♥️ in here?
Kimberly Michelle
Kimberly Michelle 2 hours ago
“Dance with the devil might last you forever”
Kimberly Michelle
Kimberly Michelle 2 hours ago
“Dance with the devil might last you forever”
Mya Porras
Mya Porras 2 hours ago
Wow. Just wow... She is the definition of amazing strong and unstoppable, she truly is comment or like on this if you agree.
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth 2 hours ago
1:27 can we talk about the guilt look? So hard to see that.
andrea celine
andrea celine 2 hours ago
she’s always so honest and open even when the truth is ugly, and painful. i’m glad she’s finally getting to set the record straight
Raul Salas
Raul Salas 2 hours ago
Tatiana Blackthorn
Tatiana Blackthorn 2 hours ago
Dude my Mom and I talk all the time about the Disney star girls. Demi, Miley, Selena etc. We freaking hate seeing them struggle like this so much. It sucks that Hollywood hurts them so much and then bam this stuff keeps happening. I'm so worried about Demi Lovato and seeing this? I hope it sheds better light to people who are confused or hateful without a cause. This is all very serious.
Melanie Kay
Melanie Kay 2 hours ago
Seeing this, is making me tear up... I know that I never knew Demi (nor will I ever), but I grew up with her acting and singing careers. I always understood that darkness from a sunny disposition.. And the thought of never being able to see her again breaks my heart.. 💔😢
David Garcia
David Garcia 2 hours ago
She’s a junkie that talks about how talking to someone helps so much with her ads on tv but she keeps going back to drugs and overdosing so she’s a hypocrite, why are people praising this, she runs to drugs for her problems, because she admits it and she’s a young famous woman? Poor her. If being famous is so hard and you’re turning to drugs, then leave Hollywood.
YD 223
YD 223 2 hours ago
Is she going to make a documentary every time she relapsed?
Dhashvin Deva
Dhashvin Deva 3 hours ago
Damn it’s a heroin addict
Pable Blowfish
Pable Blowfish 3 hours ago
e foi aqui que a moreninha me matou
squiddy ft.insecurities
squiddy ft.insecurities 3 hours ago
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper 4 hours ago
When you dance with the devil and win then you better be thankful you come back and learn your lesson. I know I to have a had stroke before but idk I had one till after the fact. Plus my Girl dances with devil many years and she finally learned her lesson when he put her in the hole and now she is earning her life back one day at a time
AlbaDoggy 4 hours ago
I really want to watch this! I remember when i hrars about the news I was crying. I was so mad and so scared at the same time! And I've NEVER felt that way towarda ANY celeberty/person i don't know personally. Even now I remember...and i still feel
MelancholicMist 5 hours ago
I knew Barney was the devil
ChRis Wilson
ChRis Wilson 5 hours ago
Lol drug addict
Shotzi Blackheart
Shotzi Blackheart 6 hours ago
Mike Gorgonzola
Mike Gorgonzola 6 hours ago
USposts I don’t care
Micah Fleischman
Micah Fleischman 6 hours ago
When African American men are victims of drug abuse, they get ridiculed. When Demi is a terrible coke addict who can’t stop relapsing DESPITE support and resources, it is “empowering”.
Sky Walker
Sky Walker 4 hours ago
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler 6 hours ago
Comethazine has entered the chat
Nathan Lucero
Nathan Lucero 6 hours ago
She's a horrible person...
Eliza R
Eliza R 7 hours ago
Where can I find it? In full?
andrea celine
andrea celine 2 hours ago
it’s not out, it’s coming out in 4 episodes. the first two come out march 23rd
Mina Ashido
Mina Ashido 5 hours ago
i don’t think it came out yet
Parry this You filthy casual
Parry this You filthy casual 7 hours ago
0:12 No carol you can drink more you have a spouse and kids you shouldn’t do it it’s making you abusing
Jamie Loupee
Jamie Loupee 8 hours ago
I just love her
LIFEofSASHABAW 8 hours ago
Do anything for the money
hey vih
hey vih 8 hours ago
eu to toda arrepiada
Jasmine Delgado-Guerrero
Jasmine Delgado-Guerrero 8 hours ago
where can i watch this
Vee Spinelli
Vee Spinelli 8 hours ago
💎🤍💙 Demi
JvVar2120 8 hours ago
Dancing with the devil and sold her soul just like the rest of Hollywood. Don’t follow these people they will destroy your lives.
Amber Leyah
Amber Leyah 4 hours ago
In Hollywood I feel like nobody loves you.
BeetleSaysOH [NWOD]
BeetleSaysOH [NWOD] 8 hours ago
KPNvKenyan 9 hours ago
rylee_cow 9 hours ago
I've watched this so many times and it's only the trailer
kodi 9 hours ago
1:37 last photo before the overdose
summerlouiseofficial 10 hours ago
This is so sad and so intense, demi I love you!
destinys lps
destinys lps 10 hours ago
i love demi so much.
Kinnie Burton
Kinnie Burton 10 hours ago
This is such a publicity stunt
Kinnie Burton
Kinnie Burton 10 hours ago
She definitely fits her stereotype
Yung Moco
Yung Moco 10 hours ago
More like dancing with needles
{COTTEN CANDY} 10 hours ago
Is thos a real song cause this is amazing
MoneybaggMya _
MoneybaggMya _ 11 hours ago
So when is this supposed to come out?
Dante Grim
Dante Grim 11 hours ago
I wasn't gonna comment except USposts and Facebook feels the need to ram this ad down my throat. So word, stop blaming the devil for being a drug addict. Just take the L. Yall think she'd be doing this if her situation wasn't public? Be honest.
The purple clown
The purple clown 11 hours ago
Dancing with the DEVIL?
Luca Souza
Luca Souza 11 hours ago
19 days
AngelGaming 12 hours ago
The fact that she thought she needed drugs and alcohol to make herself better to ,begin with a he is already amazing. I love Demi!!!!!
BangtanBabyyyandBlink 12 hours ago
Wowww vocal queeennnn
gumita 12 hours ago
Es de las personas más fuertes que conozco, la quiero mucho
Renee Alessi
Renee Alessi 12 hours ago
I’ve watched this trailer countless times..... I’m SO excited for this to be released.
Xx_H-A R-U_xX
Xx_H-A R-U_xX 12 hours ago
Don't let a drink take over you and bring u down,She Worked har for where she is and she isn't loosing it GO TO THE TOP EVERYONE demi lovato
t h
t h 13 hours ago
I need heroine
yuri 13 hours ago
vem pro brasil porra
yuri 13 hours ago
te amo viu
Grayceelou 13 hours ago
I love her. 🥺❤️
Emmanuel Rex
Emmanuel Rex 13 hours ago
Seems like every three or four years there's another documentary on her and her addictions/healt problems. I remember seeing a promo like this at least two times in the last five years...
Sevilla tiene un color Especial
Sevilla tiene un color Especial 13 hours ago
Brandon Shere
Brandon Shere 14 hours ago
I’m so happy she is sharing the realities of drug addiction with her fans. Mad respect Demi! One day at a time 😄❤️
Justine Panzarella
Justine Panzarella 14 hours ago
The fact that she said she doesn't know why she's sober now screams that she still needs help and she doesn't like her life. If she believes that she can't be sober, she won't be.
Justine Panzarella
Justine Panzarella 14 hours ago
When does this premier?
BTS lOvEr :3
BTS lOvEr :3 15 hours ago
I love her u-u 🥺❤️❤️
Roblox_gal1234 _bruhh
Roblox_gal1234 _bruhh 15 hours ago
She’s like a mortal
B B 16 hours ago
She has no control over herself. You will never have a normal life. I'm sorry, though she's very talented.
Sauce Maker
Sauce Maker 16 hours ago
Z Riley
Z Riley 16 hours ago
Ik you won’t see this Demi but your a very strong person and keep doing what your dong and making music, the past is in the past, ya know, it happened. You’ve grown as a person for the better. Your amazing Demi
Ralph Westington
Ralph Westington 16 hours ago
This video makes me crave heroin
Rayssa Sepolar
Rayssa Sepolar 16 hours ago
José Gouveia
José Gouveia 16 hours ago
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 17 hours ago
Piatt Johnson
Piatt Johnson 17 hours ago
She really is a very beautiful woman
Joey J
Joey J 17 hours ago
I like things like this. Even celebs have problems .. NO BODY IS PERFECT. And they should stop portraying These celebs as such
Юлия Ермакова
Юлия Ермакова 17 hours ago
That’s the pay for playing on devil’s side for fame and money. I don’t feel bad for her at all.
Tabitha Howard
Tabitha Howard 17 hours ago
The ruin of Disney slaves.
Non 17 hours ago
She got a fat after the heroin
Nasr VRC
Nasr VRC 2 hours ago
So what ? Bodyshaming in 2021 , like w t f is wrong with yall
Manu Venân
Manu Venân 17 hours ago
Não vejo a horaaaaaaaa💜🤧
Giuliano Bravin
Giuliano Bravin 17 hours ago
So beautiful!
Giselle Martinez
Giselle Martinez 18 hours ago
Demi with her short hair is AMAZING
KYS Mf 18 hours ago
Once a druggy always a druggy .
Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez 18 hours ago
I feel so sad for her 😭 I hope you feel better😄
SheWhoMust NotBeNamed
SheWhoMust NotBeNamed 18 hours ago
i just remember all the people (especially black people) who made fun of her drug issues for laughing about a meme and now shes using her platform to fight for their rights. i hope they watch this and regret everything.
Shawn Spencer
Shawn Spencer 18 hours ago
Nobody cares
Christina Watkins
Christina Watkins 18 hours ago
I do, if you don’t, why are you here commenting? Go back under your bridge troll.
Bill Bob
Bill Bob 19 hours ago
Doesn’t she still do heroine
Nasr VRC
Nasr VRC 2 hours ago
Christina Fuller
Christina Fuller 19 hours ago
Hopefully the talking about the sober documentary they were making was she was still at the height of using 🥴
nicholas gfrvr
nicholas gfrvr 19 hours ago
Brisa Portillo
Brisa Portillo 20 hours ago
15 millones ❤️
Dustin 20 hours ago
Easy Money
Easy Money 20 hours ago
She’ll relapse
Travis Keeton
Travis Keeton 20 hours ago
She pissed all over the toilet seat on Ink Master.. Gross.. Another druggie seeking attention from people she couldn't care less about. Then again i'm not surprised I mean this is the same chick who faked having strokes and a heart attack after all.
Sam De Deyn
Sam De Deyn 20 hours ago
It's the "MORE" part for me...
David Torres
David Torres 20 hours ago
She loves the devil
Demi is still on drugs i know her dealer personally!!
Rahim Rahaman
Rahim Rahaman 20 hours ago
Okay hater
Dezzy A
Dezzy A 21 hour ago
She was literally my child hood if she would of died I would have never been the same
B3 Landing
B3 Landing 21 hour ago
comethazine watching this with his meat out rn lol...
big lou
big lou 22 hours ago
Heart attacks and strokes, should have just said over dose
Joseph Cervantes
Joseph Cervantes 22 hours ago
I wonder how hot her spoons got?
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 23 hours ago
I can’t believe we almost lost her....
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