Some of The Best of "Arguing With Myself!” | JEFF DUNHAM

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Jeff Dunham

Month ago

After playing comedy clubs around the U.S. and Canada for almost 20 years, my first special, “Arguing With Myself,” aired on Comedy Central in April of 2006, and launched this ongoing amazing run that no one saw coming... And all thanks to my amazing fans. In that special, I was able to introduce my cast of suitcase dwellers to new audiences around the world, and it started an unrivaled touring career that continues today. Check out some of our best clips from “Arguing”, and let me know which is “arguably” your favorite!
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Rain A.
Rain A. Hour ago
Is the 2006 to actually show how old this is, or is the 2006 supposed to say this is when this was shot, well before Covid-19. Please do not sue Jeff Dunham, the establishment he performed, and the people that attended.
Sandy Degener
Sandy Degener 2 days ago
"Attention Central, we've got a good looking, clean cut, prosperous, wealthy young man, with some carrying cases, out of one I could hear voices and one even had a mexican accent, what say you?...Yeah, me too, he's either a Trump supporter or a Coyote bringing in children!"
Cory Peters
Cory Peters 3 days ago
Thank god I have the DVD collection.
Jien David
Jien David 4 days ago
Jeff dunham's the best
Henry Dawkins
Henry Dawkins 4 days ago
I have the DVD to this show but where is ackmed the dead terrorist 💀
Jeffrey St.George
Jeffrey St.George 5 days ago
What happened to URL? Does anyone know ?
Kathryn Greiner
Kathryn Greiner 5 days ago
All I can say, once again, is thank you for sharing your gift with us. ❤
Kathryn Greiner
Kathryn Greiner 5 days ago
All I can say, once again, is thank you for sharing your gift with us. ❤
Kendra Clemons
Kendra Clemons 6 days ago
kendra mom
JeanAnn Vinson
JeanAnn Vinson 7 days ago
Have you noticed how much Walter resembles our newly elected president of the US...Uncanny...
jon sayers
jon sayers 9 days ago
Jeff Dunham...idol for me. How about you?
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander 11 days ago
I just want to know what Peanut said. 😂😂😂
Wills Real Talk
Wills Real Talk 11 days ago
Terry was one of the aliens in dude where’s my car
Malene 11 days ago
".. And then she smiled.. What a tooth!"
julian brown
julian brown 12 days ago
Absolutely brilliant that when he's insulting people and you think it's the puppet amazing funny as hell
King G
King G 12 days ago
You rock bro , your videos have kept me from killing myself... Walter is my favorite.
Ghost the singing Demon
Ghost the singing Demon 13 days ago
I’d love to see Walter at Walmart who else🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
electromaniac1 14 days ago
That was so funny!
Linda Lee
Linda Lee 15 days ago
This was the best of peanut!
Jenna Pawlaczyk
Jenna Pawlaczyk 19 days ago
Jeff, youll prob never notice me but i love your shows and you are so talented if im having a bad day i come and watch some of your vids, instantly they make me feel better. -Jenna Pawlaczy
Yoel Armas Jr.
Yoel Armas Jr. 19 days ago
Jeff: Did anything else happened today? Peanut: No! Jose: Si. Peanut: Damn!
Improving The Impossible Since 1999
Improving The Impossible Since 1999 20 days ago
This is my go to happy feels and it never gets old 🤣🤣
Lynda Aten
Lynda Aten 20 days ago
Jeff did you create WALTER after sleepy, creepy Joe Biden. I swear they look like twins, but Walter has less hair, and has brain to carry on a conversation with people, BUT he has guts of Donald J. Trump.😊
Bill Baildon
Bill Baildon 20 days ago
my favorite is bubba j
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 21 day ago
This has to be the best Peanut performance ever!!!
Brad Hagen
Brad Hagen 22 days ago
I laughed all the time
Lin Moore
Lin Moore 22 days ago
Can’t believe you didn’t have one of the little people start talking that would have been so funny😆
Kevin Chong
Kevin Chong 23 days ago
Jeff: Apparently, I look like a terrorist with a trunk. Me: No, you have a terrorist in a trunk.
Vegas Tank Destroyer
Vegas Tank Destroyer 23 days ago
Jeff you are FABULOUS. Love your shows, and if Edgar Bergen were still around he would indeed be PROUD.
Sheryl Dougherty
Sheryl Dougherty 23 days ago
And now if you look at joe he looks like Walter. Poor Walter!
Orlando Aviles
Orlando Aviles 23 days ago
Jeff Dunham and your puppets are awesome
Joyce Miraglia
Joyce Miraglia 24 days ago
When my husband was living I used to tease him saying "he was a cross between Archey Bunker and Walter"
A Raptor Jesus
A Raptor Jesus 25 days ago
But where is sweet daddy Dee
tony kulis
tony kulis 26 days ago
Lol was biden modeled after walter? Or walter after biden lol sorry walter no disrespect to you
RacingPower19 26 days ago
*"New from the colonel, CHICKEN AND TITS!!!"* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Donnett Hood
Donnett Hood 26 days ago
I love this guy and all of his friends 🙂🤣😂
Eric Monaco
Eric Monaco 27 days ago
So i guess lotion was illegal in Santa Ana
Tom Schliskey
Tom Schliskey 29 days ago
Would you please go to DC and retrieve Walter He’s killing jobs
Beng Keng Ng
Beng Keng Ng 29 days ago
The hallowed cherry neurally waste because moon resultantly murder above a nice ravioli. unadvised, giant waterfall
Col Sparky
Col Sparky 29 days ago
You sir are absolutely Awsome
Denise Abrams
Denise Abrams 29 days ago
Beng Keng Ng
Beng Keng Ng 29 days ago
The meaty raven extracellularly wriggle because goose secondly cough over a plucky reason. naughty, teeny pelican
robin traina
robin traina 29 days ago
nice show
David Welsh
David Welsh 29 days ago
The signer at the DC show that Peanut messes with is a great bit.. and really.. a group of deaf people at his show?!?
Marianne Apers
Marianne Apers 29 days ago
Oh my a i got a lazy eye,
bette huntsinger
bette huntsinger 29 days ago
Good to have a laugh
Square Birdie Productions
Square Birdie Productions Month ago
OMFG I'm crying after that last part about the signer. Well I'm off to smell some Pink Floyd...
Dayle Nagel
Dayle Nagel Month ago
Feels good to laugh
Janet Zuercher
Janet Zuercher Month ago
Holy shit ,I not going to say who Walter looks like😀😀😀😀🤪
mike hunt
mike hunt Month ago
Anyone notice Walter looks a little like Biden
Mornay Fouché
Mornay Fouché Month ago
Jeff one question please . When you made Walter did you have a pic of Joe Biden?
Salcedo, Rizet D.
Salcedo, Rizet D. Month ago
I was rolling on the floor laughing the first time I saw this clip 😆
Kevin Clarke
Kevin Clarke Month ago
His stand ups no walter and the gang yes .
The Global Network
The Global Network Month ago
Great video
Breanna Burton
Breanna Burton Month ago
Private Person
Private Person Month ago
He speaks like some of his characters... Lol oh wait...
Breanna Burton
Breanna Burton Month ago
Yea I watch him all the time
matthew mann
matthew mann Month ago
Top ten comedians of all time
David Moore
David Moore Month ago
I think i saw walter at a wal mart here in Dallas . Coincidence ?
•Queen_Nugget :P•
•Queen_Nugget :P• Month ago
The lotion story like🤣🤣🤣
ricky bourn
ricky bourn Month ago
so ff
1ripsap Month ago
get on other platforms, dailymotion, rumble etc
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng Month ago
The amused mask significantly marry because stranger internally expand anenst a well-groomed canvas. didactic, miscreant ukrainian
Amzar Nacht
Amzar Nacht Month ago
What he needs to do is have someone secretly videotaping while he goes through one of these airport screening areas... throwing his voice as Bubba or Achmed begging to be let out of the box.
dager s
dager s Month ago
You are business 🤭
Sherry Hesner
Sherry Hesner Month ago
XxEsterthebestxX Too
XxEsterthebestxX Too Month ago
Omg i loveeeee u so mush and how u Mack all thos characters come to life and ots just so cool and my dad loves how u Mack those characters come to life ita really cool and your soooooo funny.😂😂
R C Month ago
Dann Clubb
Dann Clubb Month ago
I am a big fan of Walter he reminds me of a few people I know. However I do love Peanut, he is a nut. I also have to say that Jeff Dunham is very talented, thanks for ALL the laughs.
Anything Magic
Anything Magic Month ago
I love watching Jeff Dunham he makes me laugh in every single video
Mike Mangieri
Mike Mangieri Month ago
Me too love bubba and peanut there a hoot
Calista Coetzee
Calista Coetzee Month ago
3:30 Ahmed is guilty 😨
Reese Metzinger
Reese Metzinger Month ago
How do you do this I'm of the floor laughing so hard I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣
Metal Music Maniac
Metal Music Maniac Month ago
When is achmed gonna bring up the subject of executing order 66
Daniel Claw
Daniel Claw Month ago
Funny thing is, I can actually believe that Jeff did that last one with Peanut as part of the show! About the deaf people watching his show live and not talking to see how they react.
Living Life Behind A Camera!!
Living Life Behind A Camera!! Month ago
Can we get new material
Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas Month ago
This never gets old. Always makes me laugh.
nokulunga shozana
nokulunga shozana Month ago
Nintendo Gamer
Nintendo Gamer Month ago
Ahhh child hood memoryies
damnation Month ago
it's disturbing that 'peanut' is a 'he'.
Tracey Meli Music
Tracey Meli Music Month ago
What a great impersonator 🙌😊
f cell
f cell Month ago
Jeff sounds like a young Walter. They've got to be related
Rain A.
Rain A. Hour ago
@Everything Else Plot Twist; but are they?
Everything Else
Everything Else Month ago
Plot Twist: They're not!! LOL
Christopher Dalmau
Christopher Dalmau Month ago
Walter’s Catchphrases: *Dumbbutt* and *D U U U U U U H* Peanut’s Catchphrases: *W A A A H* and *Shut up.* José Jalepeno’s Catchphrase: *On a stick* A C H med’s Catchphrases: *SILENCE!* and *I KILL YOU!*
Emma Schuster
Emma Schuster Month ago
I swear this guy should be on Americans got talent
Blue Red
Blue Red Month ago
Okay where is Sweet Daddy D come on you got to make some more about him get you some new material
JacQuelyn Medlock
JacQuelyn Medlock Month ago
Im new to watching his videos am im so so busy laughing that i can barely type this!
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones Month ago
2006.... wow
Dan Damrick
Dan Damrick Month ago
Glad you give me something safe to laugh at. Gota be careful what I laugh at. Get strange looks sometimes.🤨
Jacob coates
Jacob coates Month ago
Christine Ferreira
Christine Ferreira Month ago
I’m 43 and my son is 21 and we still watch Jef-fa-fa together all the time ❤️
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah Johnson Month ago
I believe its pronounced"jeff dunhaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmm
Shoaib azad
Shoaib azad Month ago
Seriously bro u r number 1😍😍
Sean Taplin
Sean Taplin Month ago
Hi Jeff I love achmed
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips Month ago
I don't know whose funnier. Walter or Peanut.
Nora Adams-Mangan
Nora Adams-Mangan Month ago
Long live Peanut! I don't care who finds Peanut too hyper, annoying, anxious and etc. Peanut will always be my favorite guy/fella. Little Jeff is still in second place. Melvin is still in third place. Seamus is still in fourth place with AJ still in fifth place. I think it would be very interesting if Peanut and Little Jeff both pissed Jeff off and he had to chase them both around the stage and wrestle them both down like Jeff had to with Little Jeff.
Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham Month ago
😂😂You’re funny do you have an email or a phone number?
Nora Adams-Mangan
Nora Adams-Mangan Month ago
​@Jeff Dunham unfortunately I have not. You have not had the time to travel to Phoenix, AZ lately for whatever reason. I know I'm ready to attend a more local show although I would travel to Las Vegas again. I love the exiting area from the colosseum and into the casino with the stairs and platform that could be used as a temporary stage. People could be given a series of calls at 10, 5, 3, 2 & 1 minutes before showtime so they would know exactly when the show is about to start (I'm thinking that a cowbell should be sounded near a microphone while a person talks into it). I also think it would be ultra cool if your audience members were allowed to entertain one another by doing karaoke from this same location (I would love to perform "Something Stupid" with you. I'll take over Poppa Frank's part if you want to take over Little Nancy's part).
Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham Month ago
You’re welcome dear !!! Have you been to any of my shows recently?
Nora Adams-Mangan
Nora Adams-Mangan Month ago
@Jeff Dunham Ahh... shucks... I'm speechless. Group hug?
Jeff Dunham
Jeff Dunham Month ago
That got me 😄😄 Thanks dear God bless you !!
Keefers T. TV !
Keefers T. TV ! Month ago
Oh I just love this guy's stuff . . A GREAT comedian with an EXCELLENT ventriloquist act to boot !
Gabriel Pilcher
Gabriel Pilcher Month ago
I am a big fan
Here’s Jeffy
Here’s Jeffy Month ago
I’m addicted to watching his videos! 😂❤️
Chápu Arroyave Asturias
Chápu Arroyave Asturias 28 days ago
@VibinStrawberry thanks for the information! KUDOS
VibinStrawberry 28 days ago
@Chápu Arroyave Asturias SML = Super Mario Logan
Tindoy G10 Maria Claire Belle
Tindoy G10 Maria Claire Belle 29 days ago
is this where you've been this whole time? like this was my childhood
Chápu Arroyave Asturias
Chápu Arroyave Asturias Month ago
@LivenEZ thanks for the information
LivenEZ Month ago
Sam maintaining luggage
Sharon DolanStyles
Sharon DolanStyles Month ago
You just know Jeff is blessed with talentttt! He can make up jokes on the spot. That "business analyst' joke gets me every time🤣🤣🤣
Carol Miller
Carol Miller Month ago
Jeff I love you but there I just one thing I don’t love about you is you put politics into your skits. We know which side you represent but could you not put politics in your skits, you are capable of any different things with your puppets but please leave out the politics.
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