Reacting to the BIGGEST Karma moments in Fortnite History!

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2 months ago

Instant Karma is one of those things we dread when doing things we aren't supposed to do. Let's witness the best of these moments in Fortnite!
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Muselk 2 months ago
Hi guys reacting Muselk here!! (but seriously should be lots of cool new Fortnite content over the next few weeks, so expect normal vids to return soon!)
G.O.A.T Of The Game
G.O.A.T Of The Game 12 hours ago
Cheesy 139
Cheesy 139 7 days ago
11:56 they weren’t teaming they were in sniper one shot
Michael Mendoza-Trujillo
Michael Mendoza-Trujillo 13 days ago
muselk one time I wasplaying fortnite so I landed hunters haven then i saw a blue AR and out of no where this bastard snatched it from me then killed me and billy bounced on me and he got eliminated from fall damage lol
james simpson
james simpson 21 day ago
They were not steamers they were in one shot because there was only snipers
Matt Emkow
Matt Emkow Month ago
@MrBеаst tyy
Erika Wibby Mitchell
Erika Wibby Mitchell 12 hours ago
Spooky scary skeletons and shivers down your spine I definitely made that
Erika Wibby Mitchell
Erika Wibby Mitchell 12 hours ago
Jenny Brakes
Jenny Brakes 17 hours ago
The jittery vault intralysosomally attach because wholesaler analytically arrange despite a breezy texture. fast, aloof yoke
Diddy Pool
Diddy Pool 21 hour ago
They weren’t teaming they were just doing the Sniper Shootout ltm so you go back to lobby as soon as you die
Rockstars for life 554
Rockstars for life 554 21 hour ago
The 1st one I remember camping there and got 2nd place
Tyasonn Tyasonn
Tyasonn Tyasonn 3 days ago
Every watching this knowing they where not teaming and just playing sniper one shot where you die instantly
Zeke Zahlmann
Zeke Zahlmann 4 days ago
he died immediately because it was snipers only old fortnite
Henry Areno
Henry Areno 4 days ago
no muselk they werent teaming in sniper shootout there was no revies
Templer Schonewolf
Templer Schonewolf 4 days ago
So yesterday I was doing solo but I'm going pleasant park and see 2 people playing soccer and joined them the a sweat tried to ruin it and we bopped him I know its teaming but the sweat deserved it Comments if you would do the same
Jackson Klicker
Jackson Klicker 5 days ago
in sniper shootout there is no knocks anyone realize that lol
Karrar Alderawy
Karrar Alderawy 5 days ago
Who is watching this in chapter 2 season 5 and misses the pump
mike WIZZ
mike WIZZ 7 days ago
12:22 It's one shot, You don't get revives lol
Gabriele Deledda
Gabriele Deledda 10 days ago
im just gonna say i noticed now when you posted this, you posted a video on my birthday
MeChelle Weborg
MeChelle Weborg 12 days ago
i miss the chapudoodle grave
Jonathon Sisk
Jonathon Sisk 13 days ago
You should react to Smi7y predictions
Ryan Erickson
Ryan Erickson 15 days ago
No the thing was one shot mode that he died admittedly
SA kaky
SA kaky 16 days ago
The last person was danish and he said “the person was here and shot whaaaaaaaaaa”
MST SmokeScreen
MST SmokeScreen 16 days ago
i once saw this guy kill someone and then emote and then i head shot sniped him
Brodi Kirby
Brodi Kirby 17 days ago
The two guys who got shot next to the rock were playing sniper one shot so they died straight away
Jacob Mayo
Jacob Mayo 18 days ago
Not only did the guy at 7:00 minutes due 2 a trap he was also hacking his health was 7.8
Ayden Wilson
Ayden Wilson 20 days ago
That one where he snipes the two it was of sniper shootout you couldn't get knocked cause you would automatucally get killed
Juanito Burrito
Juanito Burrito 20 days ago
With the last clip i love how the youtuber laff killed him
Abdurehman Saleem
Abdurehman Saleem 20 days ago
Why did they nerfed combat shotgun I love that gun they should buffed them and bring it back
FC Mason
FC Mason 21 day ago
There is something up with muselk and reactions it's so good like I love muselks reactions
SUB RN 21 day ago
It’s sniper only that’s why he didn’t get knocked
0c3ans 21 day ago
do nicest moments in fortnite history
Lukas holden
Lukas holden 21 day ago
15:20 to 15:35 is a disgrace for the Danish people we will like to give him to Swedish people
Mushaaa!!!! D
Mushaaa!!!! D 22 days ago
The 2 default clip is in season 4 because the person is on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch was released in season 4 and it was in season 4 or season 3.
Susan-Reese Robertson
Susan-Reese Robertson 23 days ago
Did the pump do 237!? AND ITS BLUE
Coppah 23 days ago
This was so fun to watch
Pilot Marble
Pilot Marble 24 days ago
But he killed chapadoodle
Jon Spies
Jon Spies 24 days ago
You can
Pilot Marble
Pilot Marble 24 days ago
I love the old days
CosmicWolfMax 24 days ago
I almost broke my headset when I lost in solo 4th place
Rohan Chopra
Rohan Chopra 24 days ago
the Seinfeld music tho
Pkclanmarsh 11
Pkclanmarsh 11 24 days ago
I have actually got karmaed on when I was playing with a friend
Scott Tice
Scott Tice 25 days ago
With the trombone clip they are playing sniper shootout and in sniper shootout you die instantly and don’t get knocked. Same with one shot but if they were playing one shot then they would have a purple effect around them.
Itjdh Plays
Itjdh Plays 25 days ago
The one on the sniper is that they were in one shot mode you dont get knocked and it was duos
Noah Whitehurst
Noah Whitehurst 25 days ago
Karma she is real
Michael Rhubart
Michael Rhubart 25 days ago
Who’s chaperdoodle
Corrupt Batcat
Corrupt Batcat 25 days ago
Just saying the clip where you thought they were teaming they were not it was an LTM and they don't get knock its an instant death
Edwardinyo 25 days ago
Avocados from Mexico 🇲🇽🥑
Jakobi Bailey
Jakobi Bailey 25 days ago
Im a sweat I dont dance on bots are kids that are worse I kill the sweats that do that.
Parallel Saint
Parallel Saint 25 days ago
2:37 237 damage!! Notice how the timestamp matches the damage
Parallel Saint
Parallel Saint 21 day ago
@Default boi Yeets yea but I wanted the timestamp to match
Default boi Yeets
Default boi Yeets 21 day ago
No it was at like 2:38 or 2:39
xX IrishDude Xx
xX IrishDude Xx 26 days ago
Since I play team rumble I can die then come back and rocket them
Boss YT
Boss YT 26 days ago
9:44 😂
grayshot 26 days ago
12:25 they were not teaming just it was snipers only and there is no downed in snipers only
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy 26 days ago
Laffing gas is a youtuber
Sam Mhr
Sam Mhr 26 days ago
12:26 its the sniper only mode
Naytive 26 days ago
15:23 he got eliminated by LaffenGas
Javier Burrola
Javier Burrola 26 days ago
Did anyone else see that the guy was 7.8 hp
Billy 27 days ago
Finley Clarke
Finley Clarke 28 days ago
Where’s the karma for making this video
Atharva_ 77
Atharva_ 77 28 days ago
I love he says thaat he loves to see sweats taken out when he is a sweat himself
Tariq T
Tariq T 28 days ago
I was playing a squads match with some people. One of them built a bridge and as I walked across it he edited it and I fell and lost a lot of health. The guy went down carefully and went and dropped one of his guns to pick up a medkit. So I got my revenge and picked up his gun, fired every shot at the ground and wasted all of his ammo. Then dropped the gun back down and did the rickroll emote. Karma!
Saheb Juneja
Saheb Juneja 28 days ago
12:00 they were not teaming because the person the got eliminated cause of karma he had a friend
DJ Carlosaur
DJ Carlosaur 29 days ago
12:05 they weren’t teaming. It was one shot so no reviving
Alexander Åsteand
Alexander Åsteand 29 days ago
karma love it
Harchi !
Harchi ! 29 days ago
Do vid reacting to people build battling themselves in pubs and than getting destroyed
Davis Hardy
Davis Hardy Month ago
Did anyone see John wick for 237
gamernight977 Month ago
Soldier Gamez
Soldier Gamez Month ago
6:32 does dat say 7.2 health
Sydney Jacobson
Sydney Jacobson Month ago
Is no one looking at 6:35 when it says his health is 7.8? Like hacker check
Owen Smith
Owen Smith Month ago
11:51 was sniper shootout and you get insta killed in it
Matthew Chapman
Matthew Chapman Month ago
14:16 no you yeet them of not throw
Matthew Chapman
Matthew Chapman Month ago
12 :19 no they weren't teaming it's Sniper shootout and in Sniper shootout you don't get knocked you just die
Matthew Chapman
Matthew Chapman Month ago
I miss chapadoodles grave
finlay tomlinson
finlay tomlinson Month ago
It’s was sniper shootout that’s why they died immediately
Matthew Simpson
Matthew Simpson Month ago
make a new channel just about u reaction
Andrew Spinks
Andrew Spinks Month ago
H kyM, ,..nun
De Awezome Gamerz
De Awezome Gamerz Month ago
0:03 The Top Best???
Saheb Juneja
Saheb Juneja Month ago
I want a video of snipes
Vedant Agarwal
Vedant Agarwal Month ago
Muselk it was sniper shootout lmao 12:21
Shelly Wilcox
Shelly Wilcox Month ago
These clips are so funny
Thors_ spelar
Thors_ spelar Month ago
There was this swet dancing on my friend take the l and i sniped Tim in the head:)
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams Month ago
funniest bits is muselks reaktion
Delia Nilsson
Delia Nilsson Month ago
Jake Henrick
Jake Henrick Month ago
absolute sweat complation
GamersInTheWild Month ago
I always revived in 50 v 50
BlackKIller1 Month ago
I love you so much I hope you take care of a heart.
Rufus Lowe
Rufus Lowe Month ago
12:10 They werent teaming it was sniper one shot so you get eliminated instantly :)
Filip Jozwicki
Filip Jozwicki Month ago
12:20 They aren't teaming its sniper shootout where there are no knocks and sniper only
Sylvester Olin
Sylvester Olin Month ago
15:28 anyone Else from Denmark?
igrokman27 Month ago
sorry to say muselk, but you and other Fortnite channels are dying, as much as I hate it, try some other games pls, I hate seeing your channel slowly die because it’s just being pushed further into the abyss. But hey if you love Fortnite keep doin what you love keep doin USposts the way you want and don’t have anyone tell you how to do what you’re doin, but just maybe consider my thoughts. Love you keep up the hard work
plazxs games
plazxs games Month ago
12:17 its sniper shootout do you get instantly eliminated lmao
Kamila Robertson
Kamila Robertson Month ago
My brother just had an instant karma moment lol 😂😂😂
mike perricone
mike perricone Month ago
Frederik Fischer Larsen
Frederik Fischer Larsen Month ago
Dat last gy vas danmark
yaseen nasir
yaseen nasir Month ago
At 11:20 he wasted 1 of his matts
The MobileGamer YT
The MobileGamer YT Month ago
who else saw the drift 50 v50 and it said this clip was made by r/spoon not the shitty top 15 you tuber your watching
Bemar 1029
Bemar 1029 Month ago
OK so I was playing Fortnite while I was listening to this and right when he says in the beginning gets sniped in the head I got sniped in the head
HishamZ Month ago
12:20 were not teaming It’s the sniper shootout game mode no knockdowns no revives
Nathan Fernandez
Nathan Fernandez Month ago
8:02 that’s that’s that’s that’s
RomeoTheGamer Month ago
Send Chapa doodle a friend request and play with him
Jarrett Wilkerson
Jarrett Wilkerson Month ago
Jarrett Wilkerson
Jarrett Wilkerson Month ago
Jarrett Wilkerson
Jarrett Wilkerson Month ago
William Sanderson
William Sanderson Month ago
So many lolz
Christina Steiner
Christina Steiner Month ago
In the one shot mode, if you get shot, you don’t get downed
Spiky Coconut-LCB71
Spiky Coconut-LCB71 Month ago
50 v 50 was my favourite game mode