Tom Brady Mic'd Up vs. Washington | Wild Card Game

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

15 days ago

Quarterback Tom Brady was mic'd up against the Washington Football Team in the Wild Card Game.
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gorillaSportsShow 6 hours ago
The media try to paint this division between Republicans and Democrat supporters. In real life people are cool with each other. Call each other bros. Don't let the media (CNN or Fox) divide people. They make money out of division and chaos.
Ricky Fever
Ricky Fever 9 hours ago
Wow it must be such an amazing experience for young players to play with veteran Brady.
Coby Kerr
Coby Kerr 14 hours ago
I love what he said to Alex smith he recognizes how great and brave smith is and most ppl wouldn’t of ever stepped on field again greatest competitor ever in football acknowledges a great competitor
Michael 3 days ago
Year after year they count Brady out. How can anyone count out a proven win winner. I get ppl want to see him fail doesn't make it a good call to make. Tampa is a bad match up for Green Bay. I'm calling it now 35-28 bucs...
Jay 3 days ago
As a Packers fan, I am just hoping he has an off day tomorrow because he is something special. I love seeing somebody so comfortable in such a demanding job... serial winner!
supersuperkw 4 days ago
when the white boy wanna hit the blunt @1:37
Landon Upton
Landon Upton 4 days ago
does his jersey have pockets???
De Nguyen
De Nguyen 4 days ago
That is a total class act!!!
Raymond LaPointe
Raymond LaPointe 4 days ago
Tom brady callin ppl baby this is a new man
Andrew P
Andrew P 4 days ago
1:22 I do my little dancy dance
Matt Winstead
Matt Winstead 4 days ago
Redskins Country FOR LIFE chipping in here. I never UNDERSTOOD the hate towards this guy?! He was never arrogant, and he was a sixth-round draft choice. He gives hope to us all that we could be the underdog that wins too, and we all do it at times in life. Go TOM BRADY! { I'm not a fan nor HATER, but WHAT A GUTSY move to take a chance in a wonderful part of Florida, that hadn't done jack in the playoffs since John Gruden left, that my friends from the DC area had the fortune of going to college in WAY BACK IN THE EARLY 90s... Not to mention a lot of great metal death metal bands came out of that regional area then too! Not why I commented here, but I can't help but to remember that!!)
adam wood
adam wood 4 days ago
Chase Young lol
voice_of_reason 5 days ago
NFL teams looking for a new GM to take them to the next level, form an orderly queue (UK for line) please.
voice_of_reason 5 days ago
Cant say I'm a Bucs fan, but it would be one of the most incredible things ever in sports if they win the super bowl with Tom Brady. That would lay to rest any remaining talk from 49ers and Steelers fans that he's not the GOAT. Any aspiring QB should be taking notes and learn from the master.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 days ago
I'm a pats fan but I'm most definitely rooting for brady to clap brees' cheeks next wk
pida siouy
pida siouy 4 days ago
fruitsquirrels 5 days ago
Class Act and da goat!
Christen Spremulli
Christen Spremulli 5 days ago
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Joeybago12 5 days ago
Is this your political speech about how sports don't matter? Only Minecraft matters right
J_sand1 5 days ago
He’s chill af hahah
Ben eats Pizza
Ben eats Pizza 6 days ago
Brady is such a stand up guy
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 5 days ago
tommy bahama
tommy bahama 6 days ago
atleast he shakes hands when he wins...lets see if he shakes rodgers hand lol
Adam Castagnetti
Adam Castagnetti 4 days ago
Why wouldn’t he? He has respect for Aaron, he’s not a bum like Foles or Goff
Rob Dwyer
Rob Dwyer 6 days ago
Yall notice tom brady's slang has changed a little bit since being in tanpa bay?😂
callmecash __
callmecash __ 6 days ago
Brady has a sailors mouth 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭
alida flus
alida flus 6 days ago
I see what the Pats fans are missing out. I'm happy to witness greatness. Definitely a story to tell my kids!
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 7 days ago
CLASS ACT.... that’s why he’s the best
Cody 7 days ago
1:20 “We can’t let this guy jump around blocks” *Young literally jumping around in the background*
First Name
First Name 7 days ago
He lowkey wanted a kiss at the end
alida flus
alida flus 6 days ago
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Tyler Greene
Tyler Greene 7 days ago
That’s the 🐐
Ardeshir Irani
Ardeshir Irani 7 days ago
Man Brady’s leadership is great
. 7 days ago
Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, wishing him the absolute best. Let’s get number 7!!!
Kevin Grant
Kevin Grant 7 days ago
Be(a)st in the game.
Fernando Paiz
Fernando Paiz 7 days ago
I was a hater. But man, you just can't deny that this dude is one in a trillion amongst athletes. The NFL will never be the same when he (eventually) retires. Hope he gets as many rings as he can! - Broncos fan
Duece Duece
Duece Duece 8 days ago
I’m a Washington fan but how can u not love this guy
Random Dinosaur
Random Dinosaur 8 days ago
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 8 days ago
"always here if you need me" to alex smith. Brady's not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.
Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark 8 days ago
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sokin jon
sokin jon 7 days ago
Brady too 😎😂
The Snapperhead
The Snapperhead 8 days ago
sokin jon
sokin jon 7 days ago
A beloved trump voter. Let’s make America great again Tom.
Carson Wentz Is Fat
Carson Wentz Is Fat 8 days ago
Conference Championship
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 8 days ago
pointing out something they need to do better, he does it in a really positive encouraging way.
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 8 days ago
Amazing leader.
J Don
J Don 8 days ago
Lots of fans don’t like him but the respect he gets from opposing players is amazing
Павел Белинский
Павел Белинский 8 days ago
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Oliver Crosby
Oliver Crosby 8 days ago
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sokin jon
sokin jon 8 days ago
"always here if you need me" to alex smith. Brady's not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.
Eric The Intern
Eric The Intern 9 days ago
Oh wow saints might be in trouble lol great communication
WTF : OVER 9 days ago
Patriots fans are all on anti depression medication 💊
Don Belard
Don Belard 9 days ago
Just remember this dude is 43 ! Saints can win 10 games in a row in the regular season against the Bucs ! This is the playoffs now ! Watch
sokin jon
sokin jon 8 days ago
Wow, Tom Brady has been around winning cultures and the NFL in general. Idk, does anyone else see him as a coach after commanding that huddle?
Richard121 9 days ago
Woohoo! Nice win Tampa Bay! Let’s go Brady and the rest of the team!!!
gabriellakm 9 days ago
I adore Brady❤️❤️❤️ well put on man, loves his family passionate dedicated, strong but gentle...... trashing all pats hear and getting Bucs
derpy derpy
derpy derpy 9 days ago
Brady jogs faster than he sprints
Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil 9 days ago
He's calm in the eye of the storm. Contagious.
Eye Watcher
Eye Watcher 9 days ago
A beloved trump voter. Let’s make America great again Tom.
bigwats 12
bigwats 12 9 days ago
Brady too 😎😂
Peter Putnam
Peter Putnam 9 days ago
You know what comes through that sorta high pitched voice? His love, his dedication to detail, his enthusiasm, and he communicates, and is constantly complimenting everybody, and I love the excitement in his voice, like a little kid playing in a lot with his friends, it's amazing and man does he command the huddle, very positive, even when pointing out something they need to do better, he does it in a really positive encouraging way.
Skip Rope
Skip Rope 9 days ago
:42 look how 99 Redskins gave up on the play.
Skip Rope
Skip Rope 16 hours ago
@LifeIsGood Look at the top left of the play. To Bradies Left. Sorry you don't see it. I used to play the line. He gave up. Period. I shoulda known. Don't bother dude.
LifeIsGood 16 hours ago
how is that giving up on the play? Brady literally got rid of the ball in 2 seconds
TNT1000 9 days ago
TB will be a Great Coach one day
boop sam
boop sam 9 days ago
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Mighty NOS V
Mighty NOS V 9 days ago
You know what 99 trying to do.... his standing right there thinking theey got me 😂
Thomas Foy
Thomas Foy 9 days ago
Pat's fan I miss him good luck ! TB with TB.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 9 days ago
The only player who should get into the HOF while playing
John Yocum
John Yocum 9 days ago
Tom sounds like Matt Damon
Jayson Cabrera
Jayson Cabrera 9 days ago
Wow, Tom Brady has been around winning cultures and the NFL in general. Idk, does anyone else see him as a coach after commanding that huddle?
eamador11 9 days ago
wheres the sound when hes mad at his team? cmon now!
Triple Threat30
Triple Threat30 9 days ago
Hes not a QB under center hes a freaken coach! Brah Amazing
Robert junious
Robert junious 10 days ago
The goat!
Gio Jison
Gio Jison 10 days ago
I was waiting for “c’mon, Jit”
Dennis Torres
Dennis Torres 10 days ago
Lifetime Patriots fan.... Tom Brady proving he doesn’t need Belichick...Rooting for Tampa Bay!!win the big trophy
Whoopity Scoop
Whoopity Scoop 10 days ago
Why is Brady saying “baby” so much?? He’s starting to sound like the awkward old guy at the party that doesn’t know how to communicate. Pretty soon he’s gonna be saying “fire” and referencing TikTok in the huddle.
John Darnell
John Darnell 10 days ago
Do they know they gonna use the audio
Winthorpe 10 days ago
This is the best real world example of the GOAT.... Encourage, encourage, encourage, encourage, encourage....
Justin 10 days ago
they should show him mic'd up when hes losing
DADDY BIG 10 days ago
Mike Evans is 6’3 not 6’5 because Brady is 6’4 and he’s slightly taller than Evans
Andrew kim
Andrew kim 10 days ago
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Raul Orellana
Raul Orellana 10 days ago
Bill Bill
Bill Bill 10 days ago
Brady best player of all time.
Lippett 10 days ago
His entire career people have un-endingly manufactured hate against a player who by every indication is a very good guy,
WoW Guy
WoW Guy 10 days ago
So weird seeing him in TB red....I am a Bears fan, but know a GOAT when I see one. He makes this look soooooo easy
Clash 10 days ago
He's like having a coach out there on the field.
SennyMatts 10 days ago
Washington Players STAY getting STARFUCKED and starstruck
Shawn.F.G 10 days ago
I like how he's talking about what 99 is trying to do and 99 is standing right there listening lol
Pj Jacunski
Pj Jacunski 10 days ago
Sorry to break up the Brady love fest, but he is one of the most dishonest, cheating, whatever it takes to win, athletes of all time. Terrible role model. That's why there's hate for the man. Nothing to do with how much he wins.
Mexico Lucero
Mexico Lucero 10 days ago
Who was he talking to at the end?
Jake koo
Jake koo 10 days ago
alex smith...the player that came back after that catastrophic leg injury.
Franco Fetti
Franco Fetti 10 days ago
Say what you want about him, he’s a great leader and he’s still playing at a high level. All love and respect to the GOAT 🤍
Kevin Tross
Kevin Tross 10 days ago
1:37 me trying to pick up a chick at the bar
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 10 days ago
"always here if you need me" to alex smith. Brady's not only a teammate and a player. The man is a genuine friend on and off the field as well.
Nathan Davis
Nathan Davis 11 days ago
Sooawesome to see he's having fun out there I'm. APats fan bucs, appreciate this man!
One at a Time
One at a Time 11 days ago
I played organized pop Warner since the age of 9 and stopped my senior year in college. By then I was burnt out. I’m 55 now. Watching this reminds me why I played the most violent game for so long. Special moments like these created bonds that last a lifetime.
Todd Pick
Todd Pick 11 days ago
Its nice to see him having fun, gronk too.
Todd Pick
Todd Pick 10 days ago
@gioyu comi glad they are both having fun and in the playoffs.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 10 days ago
Love watching Brady but miss watching him with a patriots jersey 😢
Justin Porter
Justin Porter 11 days ago
I'm a Steelers fan but Tom Brady is legend
Robert Shaffer
Robert Shaffer 11 days ago
It’s gotta be so surreal for the younger guys to be on the same field as the GOAT
Thomas Gongora
Thomas Gongora 11 days ago
The Goat
OBNOX IOUS 11 days ago
Unequivocally the GOAT
FastLifeEntTV 11 days ago
Wallah t'es trop fort 🐐
Box Of X
Box Of X 11 days ago
Still got that bit of boston in his talk
Tony Jamison
Tony Jamison 11 days ago
The WFT defensive effort looks even worse after watching this.
john-carlos ynostroza
john-carlos ynostroza 11 days ago
Say what you will about Tom Brady but don't say that he's not bringing his A-game. He requires an of his teammates but he is not leaving anything on the table. Pretty much almost always positive. Keeps it casual. Loves everybody out there like family or at least acts like it. Always playing the teacher roll. Wow. I could care less about the Buccaneers or Tom Brady really but just paying respect where it's due.
Bill Matrisch
Bill Matrisch 11 days ago
Not much of a Brady fan but i do know pure talent. Brady was/is the best player to ever play quarterback !!
Jacky Chan
Jacky Chan 11 days ago
#99 on the Redskins is Trash. 0 Tackle and 0 Sacks. Fired.
Joe Fisher
Joe Fisher 11 days ago
The bucks were lucky to win this game
Jay Sanchez
Jay Sanchez 11 days ago
This was awesome! True coach in the huddle. You can see why he's the G.O.A.T. Wish it was a little longer though
Austin Speck
Austin Speck 11 days ago
I swear if Tom Brady goes to the super bowl this season... i'll finally call him the G.O.A.T.
Joe Vanatta
Joe Vanatta 11 days ago
Goat for real.
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