Luring My Friends To Their Death in Proximity Chat Among Us | CORPSE 666IQ IMPOSTER PLAYS

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Corpse Husband

2 months ago

Proximity chat allows you to talk in game, but only when other players are nearby
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Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband 2 months ago
Playing proximity chat allows you to hear other players, but only when they're nearby. It also causes my mic gain to max out so sorry if the audio is weird on this one :) Stream my newest song, "agoraphobic":
farid 52
farid 52 Month ago
Saira Noor
Saira Noor Month ago
Corpse I'm new but can I ask if there is a video of ur face
Truskawka Poziomka
Truskawka Poziomka 2 months ago
If you need break just tell us and enjoy your break ' '
Mikayla Kiger
Mikayla Kiger 2 months ago
Corpse i heard that you had issues with your throat and you are not making much videos I hope you feel better soon 🥺💛
Annerie Brand
Annerie Brand 2 months ago
U should join ur friends but try speaking in a high voice (don't tell them show us their reactions)
Kilabzy Gaming
Kilabzy Gaming 2 hours ago
Mahal kita Corpse!!
Humming Bird47
Humming Bird47 3 hours ago
that 50/50.. XD
Humming Bird47
Humming Bird47 3 hours ago
qiujie wu
qiujie wu 4 hours ago
I ship Corpse and Sykkuno hehe maybe a real Ship?
Darnell Baldwin
Darnell Baldwin 8 hours ago
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Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 10 hours ago
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Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 10 hours ago
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William Demas
William Demas 12 hours ago
I love you corpse
ツSmoothieツBlueberry 13 hours ago
James Mic 💀✋🏾
Torikul Islam
Torikul Islam 14 hours ago
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ElyriaxMoon 18 hours ago
How can a voice be that deep
Structioner 19 hours ago
Everytime I see Bretman in a lobby I am reminded of how god-awful he is at this game.
idkyily 22 hours ago
So. corpse if you see this No one cares about your face if they will stop watching you because they dont like how you look do you really need them watching you all fans shouldn't care about your face they should care about your personality anyways its 6am and i have school in 2 hours so bye e
Kelly Russell
Kelly Russell Day ago
the second one was so fucking good holy SHIT
Kitara Coleman
Kitara Coleman Day ago
"what's me? what if it's me? oh praise bingus :'
Austin Palacios
Austin Palacios Day ago
Can we not talk about the Luigi's mansion playing in the background?
Coral Morphett
Coral Morphett Day ago
Do a face reveal
ShieldWolf Day ago
Did... you just say, "I love you," in Tagalog? Ha ha ha! Noice. ;)
alophala Day ago
“ay bitch”
Red Hood
Red Hood Day ago
ala sponig bob
Things with Kay
Things with Kay 2 days ago
31:34 or 31:35 but omggggg that VOICE corpse! i was unprepared sir 😂
TheStoryOfJaruBot 2 days ago
Corpse is married to Rae OMG a I justed noticed
Chayo Lopez
Chayo Lopez 2 days ago
Corps do a Faze Fabio
Lorenia M. Balboa
Lorenia M. Balboa 2 days ago
Your in the inquisitor squad! I know u secret
Vomit Collecter
Vomit Collecter 2 days ago
랜싱요르단 2 days ago
46:00 - 44:37 had me wheezing!!🤣🤣😵
Lunnaris01 2 days ago
Lud just casually wearing that Dream Hat, it really fits him
Syeda Mehrish
Syeda Mehrish 2 days ago
can we talk about how cute sykkuno is? :D
Angel Salazar
Angel Salazar 3 days ago
19:40 who else recognized the Luigi's mansion music in the background
faznan badri
faznan badri 3 days ago
i google gambler's philosophy and gambler's fallacy is the first option. Now, i start to think.
Kaylen Reyes
Kaylen Reyes 3 days ago
Wow corps ur voice is cool I wish I can play with u but how come u always win as imposter i win some times but still get voted out
Elite FFG
Elite FFG 3 days ago
@ 12:34 is no one gonna talk about how they all are debating who it is and brooke is just vibin
Siara Sutherland
Siara Sutherland 3 days ago
Lmao sounds like a voice changer LOL
Burner2 Burner2
Burner2 Burner2 3 days ago
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Tamica Phillippy
Tamica Phillippy 3 days ago
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Michaela Papa
Michaela Papa 4 days ago
Can I have you’re voice everyday in my life??Just hearing u everyday really 😂🥰
Asherayne Romero
Asherayne Romero 4 days ago
this is funny -w-" yesh me is Filipino too UwU (I feel so stupid idk I feel nervous-)
jose pena
jose pena 4 days ago
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Kei TKA 4 days ago
Lucid_Lady 4 days ago
When is youtube gonna stop recommending this video to me?
Dee Lila
Dee Lila 4 days ago
I love watching everyone's reactions when Corpse is chasing Corpse down lol
Anime Baka
Anime Baka 4 days ago
corpes's voice:😈🖤🔪🔪 corpe's laugh:😊💖🌸🌸
Anime Baka
Anime Baka 4 days ago
i love among us
Caroline Hart
Caroline Hart 4 days ago
Corpse twice during a few rounds(while being crewmate): "Am *I* the Imposter?" *Continues to question life. Corpse at the end: "I'm a new man." Me: "Wh- Boy, did you even figure out what the hell was going on in your head?"
hoivan banla
hoivan banla 4 days ago
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Sedanur 4 days ago
Herkes öldürür sevdiğini 4:47
Melis Çelik
Melis Çelik 4 days ago
Evet sjzhxjjs
Khizer 4 days ago
Corpse best imposter
Khizer 4 days ago
Who is bingus
Mendoza, Arlyn
Mendoza, Arlyn 4 days ago
It’s funny how he always had a monologue.
JOSE GUZMAN 4 days ago
Corpse I hope u get better I heard u had problems like when u eat ur in pain
•izzy_ wølfíe•
•izzy_ wølfíe• 4 days ago
His voice is lower then my grades 😩
Telpad Gumangan
Telpad Gumangan 4 days ago
Mahal na kita lol
D Gerr
D Gerr 5 days ago
26:00 james singing the song lol 😂
Demonetized 5 days ago
I love how he used luigis mansion theme song!!
Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows
Zinta Foxana & The Painted Shadows 5 days ago
Like yeah, I love the gameplay & I loved the rounds & seeing the funny moments, but the 5% remaining thoughts at the back of my mind was saying: "Who is that female screaming in the background at mid-point of the video?! Let alone why was she even screaming?!" 😱😱😱 That will forever be a mystery.
HAZA 5 days ago
I mean sure your voice is cool and all but you are definitely putting on a little bit of an act, you can tell it in the tension in ur voice
HAZA 4 days ago
@Kelsey ok, I apologise
Kelsey 4 days ago
@HAZA yeah I've seen them. I've been following him for a while. That's what happens with GERD. Your voice gets worse with time. So naturally he's going to sound a lot different now than he did when he started his channel.
HAZA 4 days ago
@Kelsey look at his old ‘scary story’ videos, it sounds deep but so much different to this
Kelsey 4 days ago
He literally has a disease called GERD that causes his voice to sound like that. It's not an act.
Maya Kafaiat
Maya Kafaiat 5 days ago
Yoon ji Bom
Yoon ji Bom 5 days ago
There making him worsen ,when they should make him feel better
Yoon ji Bom
Yoon ji Bom 5 days ago
Why is there so many dislike you know what fuck those guys, Corpse is cool isn't he .Fuck those haters
Yoon ji Bom
Yoon ji Bom 5 days ago
Why is there so many dislike you know what fuck those guys, Corpse is cool isn't he .Fuck those haters
Just Another Hot Guy with a Mustache
Just Another Hot Guy with a Mustache 5 days ago
7:23 killed me with a smile
Konichiwaシ 6 days ago
No one Me: Stares at sykkuno Corpse: *Kills him* Me: *Has a crisis* (Edit who’s bingos?)
mm carts31
mm carts31 6 days ago
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Franchesca Turner
Franchesca Turner 6 days ago
So you are copse husband ? And also, i-i can't keep up , which one has the deep voice?
moon prism gimme nerves
moon prism gimme nerves 6 days ago
"That was an emotional round. I'm a new man" lmaoo
zombie 6 days ago
BC Rodrigo
BC Rodrigo 6 days ago
I love your videos
Young Messiah
Young Messiah 6 days ago
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all cartoon gaming
all cartoon gaming 7 days ago
Coprse i am a new fan of u i am starting playing among us i want to seee ur videos that u become a cew
all cartoon gaming
all cartoon gaming 7 days ago
Sorry crew
Treyvon Tolbert
Treyvon Tolbert 7 days ago
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy 7 days ago
Octavé Zekoria
Octavé Zekoria 7 days ago
Bretman: "AJ I miss you, if you are him" Me: *who's name is AJ*
naruto maki
naruto maki 7 days ago
So Calledwerid
So Calledwerid 7 days ago
7:30 I head a shhh and I almost shit myself
kingofthering24 7 days ago
Bretman: I doubt I would get imposter twice in the same row Corpse: (laughs in 5 times in a row)
Geno 7 days ago
sartorian darkstorm
sartorian darkstorm 7 days ago
i love that corpse has such a deep voice but laugh and he slowly goes lighter
kellani gabbidon:D
kellani gabbidon:D 7 days ago
I know that you have been tro things like when fack people say that it's you like wtf they saying that its you and I watch your videos for over a year now and you only showed your friends:D
Folami van Niekerk
Folami van Niekerk 7 days ago
hierdie video is baie goed gedoen
Jules Civi
Jules Civi 7 days ago
Corpse your voice is sooo calming
ellanora babcock
ellanora babcock 7 days ago
Corpse, we all ( your fans ) know your sickness, but it's okay! You have us! We know you were about to cry while explaining your sickness, but you covered it with a laugh, which, btw, you did not have to but, it's okay! Truly, you have us! Take care and I wuv your videos! -Nora
ellanora babcock
ellanora babcock 7 days ago
Deb. 7 days ago
*Bretman running and screaming* Corpse: he sounds like a fucking AC
Michale Thompson
Michale Thompson 8 days ago
corpsey ur so sexy
abantebenpatrick Abante
abantebenpatrick Abante 8 days ago
Hey men i am a filipino yeah mahal na mahal kita means i really really love you
pranay mittal
pranay mittal 8 days ago
His voice is like those in horror games it gives u chills
Apeironaut 8 days ago
8:08 Corpse: 7, 9... Lupo: alright. meanwhile... Lupo: how many asteroids di you shoot? Be honest! Someone doing task: uhh, idk... I lost count. I mean, i didn't even count. Do you? Lupo: sus!
kim y/ n
kim y/ n 8 days ago
Corpse f****** me
Charlotte Horn
Charlotte Horn 8 days ago
Brinlee Crowder
Brinlee Crowder 8 days ago
we love when James is dead but still sings his heart out lmao
Shelbs 8 days ago
23:27 James & Rae’s matching laugh 😳
JustInLStone 8 days ago
Jason Tony
Jason Tony 8 days ago
That conversation with sykkuno was quick
MikexKenshin 8 days ago
the edits are neat for real.
Amanda Barich
Amanda Barich 8 days ago
James Charles yes hi
Radioactivedudeplayz 8 days ago
Corpse: punoɹ ɹoʇsodɯı uɐ ɓuılǝǝɟ ɯ,I
Laura woolley
Laura woolley 8 days ago
Asmr XD
The Galaxy Nightz
The Galaxy Nightz 8 days ago
His voice is extremely deep 0-0
supersondos 8 days ago
i wish to get the honor to try and figure out that you are the imposter
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