Big U, Debra Antney & More Talk Nipsey Hussle's Death, "Hip Hop Uncovered" & More | Drink Champs

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Month ago

Your favorite #DrinkChamps are back & this week for happy hour, N.O.R.E & DJ EFN chop it up with the cast of "Hip Hop Uncovered" about the new series, rumors surrounding Nipsey Hussle's death, Tupac, Hip Hop beefs, the music industry and more!
Get ready for happy hour! Make some noise! #hiphopuncovered #interview
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Ellis Earle
Ellis Earle 15 hours ago
Much respect for this .... classic !!!
Ryan Keels
Ryan Keels 18 hours ago
Trick Trick is basically the gangsta'd out Crip version of Spice Adams
Rene Gonzalez
Rene Gonzalez 2 days ago
Damn wish they wasnt such long episodes
Billionaire Bone
Billionaire Bone 2 days ago
"They don't wanna have fun, shit." 😂
samara riley
samara riley 2 days ago
Okkk debb you lived in dorchester my home i knew you was a straight og queen no you are a og queen for sure bigguppps to debb i really l8veyou ❤
Sha G
Sha G 3 days ago
Drink champs need marshall m...get EM ON THIS THING ..i still thinking about brain damage 🤦🤣🤣 rap is rap man get that white boy there that change the matter of his color he changed the game...give him the flowers
Big _Semi
Big _Semi 4 days ago
My favorite episode
Jason Rayn
Jason Rayn 4 days ago
Dis gotta be one of my favorite episodes!!!
Darren Gill
Darren Gill 4 days ago
Nore u need mary j. blige and miss jones up there
Miss 213
Miss 213 4 days ago
I love Tupac, but he is an Eastcoast guy, who did well on both coast.
Eye Homes
Eye Homes 5 days ago
Debbi my auntie
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 5 days ago
Look at big U face when Haitian Jack gets on the phone I wonder what that's about
regi don
regi don 5 days ago
Useless knowledge where nobody benefits
JussFoDaLaffsx 5 days ago
Deb channeling her inner nigga
Emmanuel Leroy
Emmanuel Leroy 5 days ago
When shit get serious this nigga Nore changes the subject 🤔🤔🤔
CARAMELkimmie Kim
CARAMELkimmie Kim 5 days ago
Once Nip started making money he was no longer a hood dude, he should've took his business else where
RealTakerslady 5 days ago
Live Deb
Meice Always
Meice Always 5 days ago
Bimmy so drunk he was slurring lol
Meice Always
Meice Always 6 days ago
I’m sorry i hate how NORE interrupts...ok i know it’s “his show” ok ok ok ok i get that...but damn bruh U throw everybody off and some of it was unnecessary bruh lol and i never understand what he says lol
Meice Always
Meice Always 6 days ago
If u haven’t watched them on FX and Hulu u are sleep!! These episodes were 🔥🔥🔥 i think it’s called hip hop uncovered
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson 6 days ago
1:23:15 Big U was speaking Facts N explaining how da industry was exploiting niggas in hip-hop during the early 90sN2000s... then Nore’s shallow ass go N change da subject n bring up trick tricks BOOTY BOUNCE song that nobody cared about🤦🏾‍♂️is Nore an agent?? or he just tryna keep his sponsors or something like dat? Lol
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson 6 days ago
Nore please STOP WITH THE INTERRUPTIONS n clapping NOBODY n I mean nobody likes It.... i quit watching this show 4 a while bc of how annoying it was and I’ve been reading in the comments that other ppl said the same thing... no disrespect OG but At least slow down w/ the clapping bullshit nobody jackin it respectfully 🙏🏾
J Gilmore
J Gilmore 6 days ago
Second woman next to my mother words that hold weight...
J Gilmore
J Gilmore 6 days ago
Listen nore
Lorraine Larose
Lorraine Larose 6 days ago
Big U is one big handsome man but he has sinister s energy.
G Md
G Md 7 days ago
Yo trick trick run the city
Renaldo Stewart
Renaldo Stewart 7 days ago
1:20:50 is the nugget! All Facts!
Renaldo Stewart
Renaldo Stewart 7 days ago
Deb is exactly like that I ran into her at Walmart and spoke and she spoke back and was polite none of that extra shit.
Progress NotPerfection
Progress NotPerfection 7 days ago
She's beautiful, all of them cut from a different cloth.
Andre Bela
Andre Bela 7 days ago
That lady is annoying asf....she tlk way too damn much ...sheeeesh
MrRooXs 7 days ago
To check in means that I'm getting treated right where ever I go. Me and my homies.
Ro Black
Ro Black 7 days ago
If you see me in the DOLLAR TREE, don’t ask me what the hell I’m doing in there ?. What the hell you doing in there ? !!! 😂🤣 DEB 😂🤣
Jacob Holley
Jacob Holley Day ago
Probably spending all the money she made off artist
Lateef Williams
Lateef Williams 7 days ago
Wow this opened my eyes to a lot of ish.....
WOLF 8 days ago
Nore please stfu and let people talk. Drunk ass!!
803MUSICGROUP 9 days ago
Dante AREVALO 9 days ago
What documentary are they talking about
we need more people like 🎤#BigU
Janice Fletcher
Janice Fletcher 10 days ago
Wow i used to get alerts when this first started
Dumfoundnt Swartz
Dumfoundnt Swartz 10 days ago
Big U put Nore in his pocket. Called him Pac..... Lol. For not understanding beef...
The Stoop Hoops
The Stoop Hoops 11 days ago
If you a hustler of any type, this episode give you the blue print to the game, through the lens of some real OGs and ground breakers! Nore and EFN keep paying homage to the greats please!
GodGanji's TreeOfLife
GodGanji's TreeOfLife 11 days ago
The special guest keeps this alive but we gotta petition Nore cutting ppl off. I understand he got ADHD but he gotta tone it down a little. He be doing to much
fresha375 11 days ago
My man had everyone taking a picture with chain on their neck...After his daughter was on the internet flexing with the chain on..lmao
Queen_Netta_DD 12 days ago
Deb said chugalug!!!
Shannon Phillips
Shannon Phillips 12 days ago
Debbie reminds me of my auntie, a real one!!!
Justin NRG
Justin NRG 13 days ago
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Still-Ga 13 days ago
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Lisa Parker
Lisa Parker 14 days ago
I'm such a fan because loyalty is everything.
mo gee
mo gee 14 days ago
The wise wrecker unexplainably train because squash ordinarily copy following a damp tornado. selfish, talented weapon
JAE HIPHOPTV 14 days ago
Meice Always
Meice Always 6 days ago
Extremely annoying
galaxygts1 14 days ago
1:24:05 ???? 😅
Aarione Abrahood
Aarione Abrahood 14 days ago
Damn nore got a problem being quiet
corey jr
corey jr 14 days ago
Do deb or big u or bimmy or trick trick please cum to mobile its here we have everything yu need
Ace dollar sign
Ace dollar sign 15 days ago
hehe smh:) n.o.r.e. crazy
Nelly Hendriiix Videos
Nelly Hendriiix Videos 15 days ago
Ain’t NOOOOOOOBODY interrupting my Ma DEB!!! Let’s gooooo, blunt rolled, iced tea on chill...I’m ready!!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Nelly Hendriiix Videos
Nelly Hendriiix Videos 4 days ago
@D Jay yessir 😭😭😭
D Jay
D Jay 7 days ago
😂 iced tea on chill
William Drayton
William Drayton 15 days ago
Hell no im from NYC. I never thought that Crips and Bloods will be in NYC.
Capone Rollin
Capone Rollin 13 days ago
lol what
Dawn L.
Dawn L. 15 days ago
I need Trick to explain 'buffed up' and is it still so cold in the D?🤣🤣
Hannable Thuh Prince
Hannable Thuh Prince 15 days ago
Wait, Haitian Jack Trump won the Electoral College therefore he did win... Not the popular vote but we been doing it that way way before Trump was thought of🤣🤣🤣
Karl R
Karl R 15 days ago
That Rick Ross story trick told was crazy .
Lamar Boyd
Lamar Boyd 15 days ago
Repent glamorizing. Evil Satan has a hell of a kingdom and many followers
Aarione Abrahood
Aarione Abrahood 15 days ago
We needa start shifted blame to someone else not big u
Aarione Abrahood
Aarione Abrahood 15 days ago
Truth let's get it
Dawn L.
Dawn L. 15 days ago
Deb got a crush on Trick Trick
Taylor Made
Taylor Made 15 days ago
oo oo
oo oo 16 days ago
Fuck the Middle Man
Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim 16 days ago
Big U. Aka Big Draws Had a long going misunderstanding with Nipsey and Blac Sam. BIG U DEFINITELY KNOWS WHY NIPSEY WAS ASSASSINATED. OG was sick with jealousy, mad Nip signed to Atlantic and wasn't paying Rolling ♿ taxes and lastly was angry about a fight that went down between U and Nipsey years ago where Blacc Sam pulled a gun out and popped in the air at U. All on paperwork.
theyoungcommander 6 days ago
@D Jay Sam and the family don't like Big U. We all know that. That ain't a big deal. Nipsey was clearly tight with the man. The falling out with Sam was years ago. Nip stayed fucking with Big U right up until the end. Even the family is not saying Big U was involved with the death. Sometimes shit is just simple. Sometimes the shit you saw with your own eyes is true. Shitty killed him for the exact reasons everyone said: Nip said he was a snitch and Shitty was a known killer.
D Jay
D Jay 7 days ago
@theyoungcommander yeah it seems like everybody believes U, except fans on the internet & nips family. If big u is so stand up why doesn’t he get along with nips family? It’s like fuck the family? That doesn’t sound right. Nip could’ve felt like he’s paying homage to U but U is saying there wasn’t any money in the situation with nip but the guy above says nip wasn’t paying dues. Maybe Big U felt he was being used & exploited with the whole Crenshaw thing - like when he said in the interview “I was Crenshaw, nip was slauson.” Nips store was making all this money off Crenshaw & his gang but allegedly no dues were being paid.
theyoungcommander 7 days ago
@D Jay Man, Nipsey was going to banquets with Big U, he shouted Big U out on Succa Proof and had him at the video shoot for "Rap Ni**as" -- the only people who thinky Nip was beefing with him is on the interenet, not real life
D Jay
D Jay 7 days ago
Wait, how do you pop in the air shooting at somebody? Was it Nipsey & big U going toe to toe?
corey jr
corey jr 14 days ago
So if yu feel that way about him y say it i kno u black we got to come together thees people are true people let him live bro he has help an recreated himself cut him sum slack bro
b 16 days ago
EFN wanted that horn back so bad lmao that's all he good for
D Jay
D Jay 7 days ago
TRILLTALK TV 16 days ago
where the other pac fans at still feel away about hatian jack?
D Jay
D Jay 7 days ago
Pac said he was workin for the feds. Whether he was or wasn’t to me it meant the mf cant be trusted
Emporess Fyah
Emporess Fyah 16 days ago
This is how you move as a WOMAN in a room full of sharks.
Paisley Marie
Paisley Marie 16 days ago
Can’t even watch it NORE is ANNOYING ASF 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Nuski Stackz
Nuski Stackz 16 days ago
1:46:00- Nore high as hell “right right right ..... right Nobody Nore - Right right right right right right right right right right right right right 😂😂😂
Nuski Stackz
Nuski Stackz 16 days ago
53:07 RONNNNAAAA!!!!!
Todd Cooper
Todd Cooper 17 days ago
ANDRE MONROE 17 days ago
I wish Haitian Jack was there his and Big U stories probably was the most entertaining
ANDRE MONROE 17 days ago
Good interview but i admit Deb was so irritating to me, So was trying so hard to compete with the men reputation🤦🏽‍♂️
Christopher Claure
Christopher Claure 18 days ago
Such a strong convo and this dude Nore change the subject to Booty bouncing songs1:25.00. 🤦🏽‍♂️👋🏽💥
Nore u ask someone a question but talk more than the person u asked...preventing the person to drop their own jewels...stay away from the yayo man...4 real...u keep doing it...just remember you are losing ALOT of genuine inner info...that will b new to u...if u let them complete what they say...u know betta.. But keep doing it... U going to have an interview with someone u like and he going to talk over u all...bcz of U...U doing this way too long...
Nore got the drink...weed...cutting people off with comments where his ASSUMPTION is wrong...listen homie...its cool to be hype...but contain YOURSELF a bit... Bcz u throwing off the real talk...w BOGUS lil joke snippets...
2way bklyn
2way bklyn 18 days ago
Deb has been dropping druze through the whole podcast just now when she said that reality television show that's filmed in Atlanta was good you know but she expressed her problem that you had with it it's the same problem I have with that show Love and Basketball and even the show with the Black Doctor's I think they in Detroit or somewhere I can't remember which is bad cuz that's how much I don't watch it but the issue is how they degrade the women and the men it shows that the women don't do nothing but argue and fight and backstab one another and that all the men ain't worth the s*** they going to do something wrong somewhere down the line and that's just not true with both sides you got good women black women and good black men out there that's why I to agree with Deb
Maurice whitfoul
Maurice whitfoul 18 days ago
Faaacts ..thats how a organization pose to go ....period ...if u in it then you know if u was apart of the click crew etc.....all money in no money out....restup great nip 🤞🏿💪🏾
Maurice whitfoul
Maurice whitfoul 18 days ago
This is the real of the truth thats being hiding.......hiding agendas an mask js...pimp c homie spoke theses types facts that they all spoke on key points ....
Linda Chance
Linda Chance 18 days ago
I love Debra💕
Pac said niggas talk slot shit but that's after I'm Gone
E T 18 days ago
Nore talks too much and keeps cutting folks off. Damn!!
jmapp1011 18 days ago
I see quite a few ppl talking about NORE interrupting the interview (Please!!!).. understand that this is his show! It's GOT to be hard to have this much history and realness ALL TOGETHER at one time! Relax, listen and respect what your lucky enougj to be hearing without the watered down versions of "networks"! 💪🏾🙌🏾🤙🏽💯💯💯
D Jay
D Jay 7 days ago
So what we don’t watch the show to just hear nore talk we watch the show to hear his guests stories
Victor Hernandez III
Victor Hernandez III 18 days ago
Wtf is that Blu blunt
2psah2 18 days ago
These guys their livers are screaming rape every episode.
Ceasar Conrad
Ceasar Conrad 18 days ago
jonny davis
jonny davis 19 days ago
Where's hatian Jack?
Maurice whitfoul
Maurice whitfoul 19 days ago
I fuks wt kurupt.he was really active but that drinking kikd his ass....... js💪🏾
Maurice whitfoul
Maurice whitfoul 19 days ago
Then I start 👀 n weird shyt 🤞🏿
Rich 100
Rich 100 19 days ago
Feel like I'm watching church of the streets
Maurice whitfoul
Maurice whitfoul 19 days ago
Facts i luv deb this is the best of goats from the error where talking was forbidden...I'm 37 83 I move according from dealing with ppl of this error....
MasterFlawless 19 days ago
Trick had a few plans.....shiid he was wearing silk outfits doing The Time routine.....
MasterFlawless 19 days ago
What she said......that's how we lost hip hop ...🤢🤮sick about it
Trell Vizualz
Trell Vizualz 19 days ago
Louis Balli
Louis Balli 19 days ago
Bug U kicking some real shit and nore flip the convo to some bs..smh
Tmc Lifestyle
Tmc Lifestyle 19 days ago
Nore ain’t trying fuck up his bag
The Art Kemist
The Art Kemist 19 days ago
Dammmm thiis interview was ..Pause Hard.. Deb opened eyes for sure ....but its crazy how one persons knows another. great interview. next to The interview with Daz . giving out game on how to own your own music.
Ryan Crowell
Ryan Crowell 19 days ago
R.I.P. Nip The Marathon will always continue!
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson 6 days ago
R.I.P Nipsey Hussle
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson 6 days ago
@Christopher Claure watch yo mouth b4 you get slapped’!!
Christopher Claure
Christopher Claure 11 days ago
@Stain GanG watch these nuts. Internet thug lmao
Stain GanG
Stain GanG 11 days ago
@Christopher Claure watch ya mouth
Christopher Claure
Christopher Claure 17 days ago
Lmao cornball
Young Keyz
Young Keyz 19 days ago
Fuck deb she did OJ wrong
Marley James
Marley James 19 days ago
I don’t know how bout I love big u stra8 up
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