Cordae - The Parables [Official Music Video]

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Month ago

Cordae - The Parables
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Cordae Month ago
Let me tell you...✍🏽
Yohan Barrington
Yohan Barrington 9 hours ago
@idk idk 🤣🤣 fax
D Thomas
D Thomas 4 days ago
You are the best
xgamez 10 days ago
Chermorrow Jacobs
Chermorrow Jacobs 16 days ago
Best rap Alive
goundoba tamanate
goundoba tamanate 17 days ago
lets goo
stopreadingmyname 9 hours ago
""And omm n*gga Ima get that cash on em Hunnid onna dash on em SWERVE Boy I'm from the trench u from the burbs" Bruhhh 🔥🔥🔥
Hudson Poulan
Hudson Poulan Day ago
This gives me hard 2017 diss track vibes
Allie Rose
Allie Rose Day ago
yeeeee 👌💯🖤
Apolo romero
Apolo romero Day ago
look like nahmir took the title back
J B 2 days ago
This man, gotdamn it🥵🥵🔥🔥
tomthekidd 427
tomthekidd 427 3 days ago
plaxico I might shoot myself - wordae
Salvador Martinez
Salvador Martinez 3 days ago
Nawl Julian Valdez Does.
93 Til Infinity Steez47
93 Til Infinity Steez47 3 days ago
He actually rappin no ab-libbin with that New school style. Is this what boom trap suppose to sound like?
Blasian 3 days ago
H.B. Waters
H.B. Waters 4 days ago
Boy got that NAS flow!!!
Jacooz.999 4 days ago
This song slaps
D Thomas
D Thomas 4 days ago
Let me tell you🙏🏾😭😩🔥
Troy Basco
Troy Basco 4 days ago
Bruh everyone saying cole and it’s dr dre all the way
Cody_AL 14 hours ago
no. its cordae.
Eric Ete
Eric Ete 4 days ago
FaZe Pamajj brought me here
Full Cry Kennels
Full Cry Kennels 4 days ago
chris melton
chris melton 4 days ago
This is better than playboi carti whole catalog
Hip Hop Fanatic
Hip Hop Fanatic 5 days ago
Young Goat @ it Again!! 🔥💯🤟🏾🐐
Avgeek07 Aviation
Avgeek07 Aviation 5 days ago
Cordae on a different level
Bryanna Benavidez
Bryanna Benavidez 5 days ago
This shit firrreeeeee asf 🔥🔥🔥 he should realese more often 🥵🥵🥵
The End
The End 5 days ago
Ебать это же годнота полная
Mr Crabe 1053
Mr Crabe 1053 6 days ago
Underreated song so far
George Becker
George Becker 6 days ago
How the fuck did I not hear this til now.... uuuuuhhhh
Lutho_hypeman 6 days ago
I always thought he sings trap just by looking at him but damn son 👌🏾 I'm a new fan now
Cristian 6 days ago
The last of the young talents
Cristian 6 days ago
the last of the lyrical miracles
Seymoine Durham
Seymoine Durham 6 days ago
SNAPPIN! Who is this dude ???
Joel Afuola
Joel Afuola 6 days ago
Bouzo Lastname
Bouzo Lastname 6 days ago
With a little more work and consistency I can see him hitting the J.Cole status in a few years.
R4NDOM D2DES 7 days ago
So we can’t get Cole on this?
NoMercy Beats
NoMercy Beats 7 days ago
imsoong rai
imsoong rai 7 days ago
I needed this
RJ Santos
RJ Santos 7 days ago
My son be reading BOOKS
Lil Mae
Lil Mae 7 days ago
This my favorite song rn🎶‼️🔥
Rurisa Luc
Rurisa Luc 7 days ago
then there's YBN Nahmir: "never thought that I would blow up and get them raAaAcks"
IM YOUR DADDY 4 days ago
When ur song gets popular because of diary of a wimpy kid memes
Alexandra Cordova
Alexandra Cordova 7 days ago
He sound like j cole
Morena Modise
Morena Modise 7 days ago
Brilliant track 🔥💯but ayo somebody enlighten young homie that pythons ain't venomous they constrictors😅
karma sang.
karma sang. 7 days ago
One of the lyrical rapper's of modern hip - hop
Andy Lorenzo
Andy Lorenzo 8 days ago
Carring ybn
ひJ44y 8 days ago
man he aint original at all, never woulda blown up with out nahmir
gmizzac 8 days ago
Clearly the best of the old YBN crew. Lyrics and beats on point. Salute young one!
Pineapple 8 days ago
At the beginning sounds like this man is talking right in my ear and just switching sides
Hazbije 8 days ago
Where is the lyric guy?? 😫
Richard Herrera
Richard Herrera 9 days ago
YBN Cordae got bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nathan Harkin
Nathan Harkin 9 days ago
Cordae is the new king coming up eminem and dr dre co signing this man is sick and I am from Ireland 🇮🇪 fuck at old doggg
Michael Gaines
Michael Gaines 9 days ago
B&B Ltd.
B&B Ltd. 9 days ago
Sharpie like trump lmfao
Affect 9 days ago
Damn, did he ever tell us?
Random Person94
Random Person94 9 days ago
This my shit lemme tell ya
Yamanshot 10 days ago
How did this not go viral 😕
MrKaje72 10 days ago
You can tell Nas influences his flow
Tyler Fletcher
Tyler Fletcher 10 days ago
Cordae being solo is the best
Blac SLIMP 10 days ago
triton 11 days ago
he mispelt parables at 0:44 lmfao
SPeedLimit5% I-
SPeedLimit5% I- 11 days ago
R.N.O ent.
R.N.O ent. 11 days ago
Bruh younsound like a knock off Cole on god im don't here and i.listen to 15 seconds
R.N.O ent.
R.N.O ent. 11 days ago
Cordae a goofball clout chaser he used ybn to get on then shook them , he came. At Cole and Cole turned out to be right !where the fuck is pump now ! Its only a matter of time before people realize he's a goofy
Jeevant Jain
Jeevant Jain 11 days ago
choji man
choji man 11 days ago
That beat tho!🙌
King Nado
King Nado 12 days ago
Put some respect on his NAME! This ma shit
Greedy dee
Greedy dee 12 days ago
He spazzin🔥
Parker Phillips
Parker Phillips 12 days ago
“don’t forget the ybn”
zVelocity 11 days ago
U do know he left YBN right?
H4lmakai 12 days ago
What are those shoes in the beginning
Han Kim
Han Kim 12 days ago
Was Parables spelled wrong in 0:18 so it got blurred?
Jeremy Whalen
Jeremy Whalen 12 days ago
Yeah man, this song be reminding me there's worse shit in life than being stuck safely in a home
Austen Anderson
Austen Anderson 12 days ago
No this is sum Joyner vibes
Kaz K
Kaz K 12 days ago
This song bang 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
bill nye
bill nye 12 days ago
Do a track with Cole.
Edilberto Luz
Edilberto Luz 13 days ago
This’s 💣💣🔥🔥
Chase Landis
Chase Landis 13 days ago
The 1.4 k people who disliked this can smd
Lil WRLD 13 days ago
Little Classic ! Good 👍
Gutzy Ambadar
Gutzy Ambadar 13 days ago
just came from nahmir's wake up and wow
Aykut Başdemirci
Aykut Başdemirci 13 days ago
when he say "N*GGA FUCK YOUR TRUCE* this is mos def intonation
Aykut Başdemirci
Aykut Başdemirci 13 days ago
First verse intro feels MOS DEFFFFFish
Veector Cheenedu
Veector Cheenedu 13 days ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥 mad vibes
OG Nizzo
OG Nizzo 14 days ago
Cordae a real spitting...young bul is cold🔈🔉🔊
Manuelon T.
Manuelon T. 14 days ago
Cordae killing it ! 💯 I’ll like to see a ft with Joey bada$$ Straight Fuego 🔥
Isaiah 14 days ago
This dude has good handwriting 🤔🤔
Claude Nyanta
Claude Nyanta 14 days ago
deserves more attention. keep it up
WetMelon 15 days ago
Bru this song doesn't get old.... cordaes onto somethin no🧢
Viktor 15 days ago
0:34 looks like juice
TheNames HoboJoe
TheNames HoboJoe 15 days ago
Please jump on this beat, i cant find an instrumental but, this is the original video > Big A Prada "SouthSet"
Andre Trujillo
Andre Trujillo 15 days ago
Tough track. Weak video.
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Sane Esane
Sane Esane 15 days ago
Eduardo Ctin
Eduardo Ctin 15 days ago
kingrclrg 15 days ago
Diego Nin
Diego Nin 15 days ago
Bro why Cordae so underrated
Jeremiah Burkett
Jeremiah Burkett 15 days ago
Cordae and Harlow for 2021 XXL Fresh
Cameron 16 days ago
he sound like Joyner lucus
Israel Douglas
Israel Douglas 16 days ago
Nylez Fuller
Nylez Fuller 16 days ago
J cole, kendrick and ybn need to colab
Chermorrow Jacobs
Chermorrow Jacobs 16 days ago
Axetec 16 days ago
bruh your like 12 stop drinking
Terrence O
Terrence O 16 days ago
Cole Vibes😤🥶
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