Best CES 2021 Smart Home Tech: 20 Awesome Gadgets

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Smart Home Solver

3 months ago

CES 2021 had plenty of amazing tech! I followed the announcements all week and I’m excited to share some of the best smart home tech and other gadgets.
Some of these are available now, while others are more futuristic. Let’s get to it!
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0:00 Intro
0:20 Water Powered Speaker
0:39 Samsung/SmartThings
1:35 Roborock
1:59 Philips Hue
2:17 Automatic Doors
2:43 Twinkly
3:25 Lutron
3:57 Ice Cream
4:28 C by GE/Cync
4:47 Arlo
5:06 Pet Garage Door
5:41 TP-Link Kasa
6:42 Scented Smart Lamp
7:10 Locks
8:06 Yeelight
8:32 Razer
9:12 TVs
10:13 Automated Baby Crib
10:36 Outdoor Sensor
10:56 Infinity Edge Bathtub
11:27 Black Mirror?
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Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 3 months ago
All right let’s hear it: good or bad, what tech stands out to you from CES 2021? 👇👇
Carmel Nech
Carmel Nech Month ago
not sure if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hack xD
ravi chandra
ravi chandra 3 months ago
Hand sanitizer
Stuffstuffington Stuff
Stuffstuffington Stuff 3 months ago
Must have been the most boring CES ever if this was the best stuff. Sad face.
Moon Dog
Moon Dog 3 months ago
@Jacob Carter TP Link products workmoff your home wi fi, not a hub.
21boxhead 3 months ago
Hi sir wen got in India 🇮🇳
LongLive Juice
LongLive Juice 11 days ago
The charming love therapeutically shiver because credit gully open behind a different softdrink. stupid, spicy israel
Zer0_1206 11 days ago
8:57 that is next level!!
Erica Stewart
Erica Stewart 13 days ago
cool videos man!
Sir Casino
Sir Casino 13 days ago
11:54 Wouldn't it be more helpful for the robot to slap a person without a mask instead of give them one?
Owen MacQuarrie
Owen MacQuarrie 19 days ago
That doggie door idea definitely came from the movie over the hedge.
Puneet Bhela
Puneet Bhela 19 days ago
Where can I find the original video for this Philis Hue Garden Concept 2:07?
Chris 23 days ago
$500 plus install. Probably at least another $500. and that's fair.
samsung blatantly ripped off ECOVACS, which had AIVI for a year now
Ricokills official
Ricokills official Month ago
Yeah yeah those are cool and all but what was that fluffy thing at the end???
Antony Currington
Antony Currington Month ago
Very cool. Lots of good info here. Though I kinda now want that multi-coloured nixie-style clock on the desk in the Yeelight video. :)
monkeyonfire13 Month ago
Wait?! ARLO? like the bird from that episode of Macgyver that saw a murderer?
Sujay Narsale
Sujay Narsale Month ago
Looking forward to the review of the LED bath tub. 😝
Pap B
Pap B Month ago
what two 27 inch would you recommend max £350 on one of them , one gaming for ps5 , one 4k for videos , netflix/ trading / visuals etc
adrianchristopher88 Month ago
Where to buy RGB clock @ 8:23 please?
nstg8 Month ago
What happens when you walk up to the mask robot and it goes to hand you a mask and you flip it off?
MERKLINGER I smart soulution
MERKLINGER I smart soulution Month ago
Super Video weiter so!!!
Puneet Chhikara
Puneet Chhikara Month ago
8:26 What clock is that on the left ?
Rex Domination
Rex Domination Month ago
lmao i would have titled this useless crap u will never want or need
Tony Falcone
Tony Falcone Month ago
I've had Lutron Caseta and Serena for 5 years and love it but they haven't added much too it in all that time so I was looking forward to their new addition. What a let down! An outdoor switch big deal.
Rc Ga
Rc Ga Month ago
I have trust issues to buy most of these.
Dussel York City Studios
Dussel York City Studios 2 months ago
Hmmm the Twinkly Flex sounds interesting. As one can buy LED flexible tubing.... so it is nice to have it all ready to go. Any idea how long this will be?
Auroramystic 2 months ago
movableimages 2 months ago
Toto scans your output ( 💩 size, color, consistency, viscosity and smell?) Oh my
Magma565 2 months ago
how much do the twinkley squares cost?=)
Sam Kelly
Sam Kelly 2 months ago
Subed Nice Vid
Ashley Lahm
Ashley Lahm 2 months ago
Sweet! Some pretty cool stuff there, except for that mask-dispensing robot - give his dystopian ass a kick in his virtual crotch and reject the #NewNormal!
G.G. 2 months ago
8K is a meme. 4K was already overhyped for what it is. 2K is already perfect for 90% of people.
Ross Peterson
Ross Peterson 2 months ago
aromeo looks like a blue yeti microphone lol
Squeezy Hugs
Squeezy Hugs 2 months ago
the one with the robot giving out the mask... that was fucking genius. looking forward to the day when a robot sees a guy without a woman and hands him a ready-made robot girlfriend straight out of the box!
Jon W
Jon W 2 months ago
its great seeing all the new gadgets. I need to see how to install automations
Andy Aftene
Andy Aftene 2 months ago
Sorry to say, but as an adult, i don't want ANY rgb bullshit spewing into my eyes while trying to focus on the actual game. That rgb bs is for children..
Andy Aftene
Andy Aftene 2 months ago
Good video, but the sound treatment in your room is lacking. I'm getting some nasty high mids which i need to eq in order to properly watch this vid. I repeat, nice video!
Lukas A
Lukas A 2 months ago
I can overfill my bathtub for free...
TriRule 2 months ago
10:12 this cracked me up XD idk why
Damien Feagins
Damien Feagins 2 months ago
Bot care reminds me of the flying robot from flubber.
Avi Kay
Avi Kay 2 months ago
yea. the good the bad and the ugly.... for me the good was the locks...definitely good to see new and improved locks becoming available...the bad was the baby cradle jumpie thang...we don't want babies to be neglected now and be depressed adult... .the ugly was the devices in the shower...from personal experience I was fixing a light bulb and got electircuted but just a tiny bit cause I felt the electricity run through me and was wowed! by it. But I didn't get burned.... I just would rather not see a scene from alfred hitchock end up in bathtub or shower. So NO electrical devices in my shower is one of my ten comandements.
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 2 months ago
8:31 Sick.
Lester Suggs
Lester Suggs 2 months ago
THE LAST THING I NEED is a home self-serve ice cream machine. OMFG NO!
Fabio Nascimento
Fabio Nascimento 2 months ago
2 weeks since the last video, I'm excited to see what is camming next.
Dave Simonetti
Dave Simonetti 2 months ago
Thank you for all the info. However, you cannot use the Flex iO without a subscription to You will need to push notifications to you.
Onur Karagöz
Onur Karagöz 2 months ago
Does anybody know where I can find the clock at 08:25 ?
Auroramystic 2 months ago
Cold snap is like the juicero of ice cream
mike koutras
mike koutras 2 months ago
Gm owned boo !
emily crowell
emily crowell 2 months ago
someone is using a gif from your old light strips video on their website, it’s omgleds. thought you should know
emily crowell
emily crowell 2 months ago
@Smart Home Solver you’re welcome!
Smart Home Solver
Smart Home Solver 2 months ago
Thanks so much for the head’s up. I found the gif and will definitely be contacting them.
Jason Henry
Jason Henry 2 months ago
Can I a smart switch connect to both Alexa and Homekit?
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 2 months ago
5:35 you know what they could have used that technology for Amazon packages? 🤔I thought I think that would have been a better idea or use it for both for your pet and for the Amazon guy you get a notification when he comes to your door and if you don't want your package to be stolen open the door let him throw it on the box and to your house close the door if you're at work it's a great idea right.
G U 2 months ago
Smartmask LOL fml
The99 2 months ago
Hey! What happened to Nick Swardson?
Dustin M
Dustin M 2 months ago
Love your reviews!
Jamie 2 months ago
Looks cool but just a bunch of junk to make you lazy and burn unwanted energy... just what our landfills need
withbestrequest 2 months ago
Your Video ist great! *kudos*. The CES Products on the other hand are mostly BS with features nearly nobody needs. Instead of solving real problems of SmartHome. Like interoperability and smooth UX over the product range. SmartHome is still no good UX, even it is around for decades now. You need several systems to accomplish all tasks and the companies make artificial hurdles to unifying systems just out of power plays and greed, screwing customer experience. If these problems will not be solved -not tried or seemingly solved, but really solved- SmartHome will continue to be a niche for people with a lot of time and nerves at their hand. So sad ... fu their greed.
BitSmythe 2 months ago
No need to say “hey what’s up”.
Dad 2 months ago
oh god the house hacking era is upon us.
daily business
daily business 2 months ago
The tub's not that bad, price wise 😎
Danny Nesbitt
Danny Nesbitt 2 months ago
Super excited about those new Twinkly additions! I absolutely love my Twinkly Christmas tree lights and look forward to seeing these new options as they come available.
steve v
steve v 2 months ago
Please review/ compare samsung smart tag, I was hoping to use it as a necklace when my child is outside for notifications or if he gets lost in the mall.
Eran Feit
Eran Feit 2 months ago
Good review
Triforcer 2 months ago
If you still want something smart outside of ur house. Try looking up project hazel
C.C. 95
C.C. 95 2 months ago
MicroLED is the future of Television. And 8K remains a SCAM. It is straight science. You cannot see 8K unless you have a TV that is a minimum of 150". In a theater with a giant screen 8K would be great, but at home - you can't get the benefit. The bigger the "K" number, the bigger the screen needs to be for you to see it. 4K is the zenith for home viewing.
C M 2 months ago
Thomas Davey
Thomas Davey 2 months ago
Thanks Philips, I've always wanted lights. But I'll pass on the automatic doors. Mine don't take much effort to open.
Tristyn Russelo
Tristyn Russelo 2 months ago
The water powered speaker will have 1 drawback, loss of water pressure. The turbine will need to steal power from the water pressure.
Bob Lalonde
Bob Lalonde 2 months ago
Some neat stuff, but..... at what price !!!
Fine Leather Jackets
Fine Leather Jackets 2 months ago
cool video but why is the background music so creepy
Bekfast 99
Bekfast 99 2 months ago
anyone here from school
Lunatic Base
Lunatic Base 2 months ago
If someone’s breaking in can’t they just lift up the camera cover... what’s the point in the camera anyways?
Jim Blastingame
Jim Blastingame 2 months ago
first time watching. I love this guy!
TheMarcusGomez 2 months ago
But if someone knocks, your dog will come running to the door and open it.
t t
t t 2 months ago
Auto swing doors is just perfect for my paraplegic mother and this would be great when I buy my first home.
Sai Manoj Illendula
Sai Manoj Illendula 2 months ago
"With Great Tech, comes Greater Price Tag"
2Fast4Mellow 2 months ago
If the new Benjilocks have the same bad design, don't use them. Most smartlocks can be easily defeated by a strong magnet. Just place the magnet at the same height as the knob, and move it away from the lock. That movement will 'draw' the deadbolt with it and therefor open the door.. All the smartlocks that I have checked out, only have one actuator which allows for the magnet trick. A 2 actuator design where one actuator crosslinks the other actuator would make it very difficult to use the magnet trick. 99% of the smartlocks have nothing to do with security..
Chris Siddall
Chris Siddall 2 months ago
Jonathan Thornander
Jonathan Thornander 2 months ago
I would love to se a video about all the "Black Mirror" stuff as well
Erwin Ahlers
Erwin Ahlers 3 months ago
Im so excited to buy Bot Handy!!
Gung Foo Mon
Gung Foo Mon 3 months ago
10:29 why would someone put a picture of a guy smoking into their child's room? :o
LvLUpNow 3 months ago
Great video thanks
Vellweb 3 months ago
I recently started to think about getting into automating basic things around my apartment on a budget, and I found your channel and absolutely love the content. Though sadly, almost all of the recommended sensors and items (such as Wyze) aren't available in the Netherlands without paying a huge premium, and no idea what else to look for :(
Sherbet Lemon
Sherbet Lemon 3 months ago
the robot at the end giving masks though :3
genericwannabe 3 months ago
What was the fluffy worm thing near the end of your video?!
MAXESV 3 months ago
8:40 covid at 360fps
LRN2DIY 3 months ago
Great review! Thanks for spending the time to watch it all so I don't have to :)
SlipperyMooseCakes 3 months ago
I really enjoy that nick swardson presented this whole video
Nickolai 3 months ago
This is so fucking dystopian
Anthony Raynor
Anthony Raynor 3 months ago
Agreed. TP-Link is killing it, especially on price.
L 3 months ago
Dont buy twinkly its literally just rebranding generic products available in china for much cheaper
L 2 months ago
@Jokur 26 get urself RGB IC wire from aliexpress etc, a esp 32 or 8266 (might be a typo) and flash wled onto it Wire is like 30$ the esp32 5$ 12v/ 5v PSU usually laying around anyways
Jokur 26
Jokur 26 2 months ago
Really?! Where can I find the generic app controlled Christmas tree lights?! That would be awesome 🤩
Jasen 3 months ago
This dude sounds like a robot
Valkilrie 3 months ago
More like: "Look at all the things that can break". Keep life simple.
Christian Mbabazi
Christian Mbabazi 3 months ago
That razor gaming chair has my attention
LBGST zockt
LBGST zockt 3 months ago
That coldsnap is a runner up to the title of new Juicero!
Fer Yokota
Fer Yokota 3 months ago
Great coverage, useless technology
Johnny JP
Johnny JP 3 months ago
Interested on that led strip light I Need that what is the brand who is selling? Also those door lock finger print mechanism
Helmut Gerhard
Helmut Gerhard 3 months ago
RobertSmart sells outdoor ones for WAY less and still work good.
Curt Devine
Curt Devine 3 months ago
why do you pronounce replace as re-place? not the same thing.
Daniel Töpfer
Daniel Töpfer 3 months ago
Where is the Link to the Hue gear? I want these. =D
Yeelight Germany
Yeelight Germany 3 months ago
Really cool video, thanks!!
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 3 months ago
TP Link needs to calm down? Nothing they make draws me in.
Reedith Graham
Reedith Graham 3 months ago
I feel like tp-link is the smart switches ecosystem for someone who doesn't know anything about smart homes You walking the Best buy you see them you buy them you get excited you install them and then you quickly realize you should have got something else lol Fight me 😉
davek0974 3 months ago
I think the biggest move in smart home tech needs to be getting all the control inside the home - move away from cloud, external servers etc completely, there is way too much dependence on external servers. One big advance would be to put some effort into things like a stable ZigBee network so devices remain connected better, and suffer less from WiFi interference. I like the Twinkly LED's though and the TV's look good.
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