Your Mom's House - Ep. 593

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Month ago

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JEANS UP!! Tom Segura and Christina P discuss murder shows, Christina's deceptive farts, Mr. Potatohead, Tom's rebirth, and why Nadav is eligible for the vaccine. They watch an update from the "Ayayay" guy, a cool gal's rant about blood, a new Fedsmoker video, fan-submitted "animal" submissions, and more!
Josh Potter is a comedian and host of The Josh Potter Show. He joins the Main Mommies for a special Women's History Month segment detailing four of the most prolific female serial killers. Todd and Tina wrap up the show by watching this week's Toks.

Cameojoe 14 hours ago
Are they just blatantly doing ads for Netflix shows every episode now or what?
Gabriela Perez
Gabriela Perez 6 days ago
What in the fuck was going on at 27:45
Rhett Harris
Rhett Harris 6 days ago
"I feel so betrayed by my asshole"
Unit Sounds
Unit Sounds 10 days ago
27:10 NOT YOUR BLOOD - for my own reference
Pink shoes
Pink shoes 10 days ago
The language in the ‘cow video’ is Brazilian Portuguese!! Any Portuguese in the YMH fan base here? 🙌
Koolaid Jammers
Koolaid Jammers 12 days ago
Sheila Anne
Sheila Anne 13 days ago
I love how the dogs are always on the girls side. Like what did he say?
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 15 days ago
Dr. Slam the Fart! 2:06:58
Phil Snyder
Phil Snyder 15 days ago
Toms starting to touch his face like Birth Chrysler
Daniel Lane
Daniel Lane 15 days ago
Tom actually has some rhythm. Kristina.. Sadly, no.
choochoo 16 days ago
im with tom
Jason Berezowski
Jason Berezowski 17 days ago
I'm all sorts of pretzeled up.
Louie Campanelli
Louie Campanelli 17 days ago
Andy Si
Andy Si 17 days ago
samantha s
samantha s 18 days ago
What's the best thing about a man's penis? The wrinkles. I'm sorry what?? What did she mean, what's the joke? Loll
mtgAzim 20 days ago
Christina has really been looking great! The weight she's dropped really shows, and her hair is really nice. ^_^
David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff 20 days ago
It's interesting how Xtina has a complete memory hole when it comes to Tim having been fat as fuck, like in the tit shaving video and Mostly Stories
mad max
mad max 21 day ago
51:23 why the cut, what did main mommy say 😂
Jane Anderson
Jane Anderson 21 day ago
Last Comic Stroking
Syruss Tha Great
Syruss Tha Great 22 days ago
That guy fucking the chicken made me oddly hungry for chicken
Jeremiah A
Jeremiah A 22 days ago
I only discovered Kevin Samuels maybe 2 months ago. I'm glad the mommies found him too.
Alfred Soul
Alfred Soul 22 days ago
The "just let me eat you" guy seemingly gets younger and younger, which is terrifying, frankly.
Michael Quanz
Michael Quanz 22 days ago
“Aren’t you glad you fly first class” 👀
Chris Blackburn
Chris Blackburn 23 days ago
Fart Simpson should totally do a prank call using "The Horny Guy" soundboard.
Trey Jetson
Trey Jetson 23 days ago
On the 22nd of March, 1991, 44 year old Tamara P. was walking through the woods with her 3 month old son, Stanislaw in his stroller; nearby the Russian military hospital where her husband was working. Schmidt grabbed Stanislaw out of the stroller and smashed him up against a tree, killing him instantly, he then gagged Tamara with a bra and strangled her to death.
Michael Quanz
Michael Quanz 23 days ago
A vaccine for a “deadly virus” with a .02% padded death rate. Stay safe out there sheep 🐑 😷
Thunder Liaison
Thunder Liaison 18 days ago
Or .5% for 50-69 or 5.4% for 70+. You're too based to fall for that though. Keep strong you independent thinker who don't need no science!
ligairi 24 days ago
Sorry, Josh. White man isn’t doing shit about climate change. China and India are the worst, but you’re next. Indigenous people BEEN living in harmony with the Earth. Y’all are the ones that used up all your shit and had to go looking for more land. Glad you’re finally catching up. Not soon enough to keep our islands from sinking into the fucking ocean, though.
Lance Burkhalter
Lance Burkhalter 24 days ago
Holy fuck nadav weighs over 270
Sam Young
Sam Young 24 days ago
"Your begina stinks not your blood"- great quote from Tom's twin sister
Anthony 24 days ago
“Later fuckers” 😂😂😂😂😂
Anthony 24 days ago
That newnew should be a hoodie
Sidney James
Sidney James 25 days ago
Best podcast power couple , fuck Dax and elsa
Axel Stone
Axel Stone 25 days ago
New to House. Why's the ending of the intro song so long?
nicksurfs1 25 days ago
I just wanna say now that I expect the same treatment in June that black and women’s history month got.
Cad Chamberlain
Cad Chamberlain 25 days ago
People that kill infants are some real buttheads
K M 25 days ago
"Can you put a couple stains on it?" Nadav please wear this outfit to work one day.
Damian Camarena
Damian Camarena 26 days ago
Yo gon' sleep for 3 days my baybee
Bassic Whiteboy
Bassic Whiteboy 26 days ago
On the thinking you’re gonna brown and just wind subject. There is an ancient poem that has graced many a bathroom wall evidencing the occurrence of this phenomenon across humanity. It goes like this: Here I sit Broken hearted Came to shit But only farted
samantha s
samantha s 26 days ago
Congrats Nadav 🎉👏 You did it!!!
Lucy St. John
Lucy St. John 26 days ago
We need more of the knife defense guy tok lane
Gonzo80 26 days ago
I accidentally ate a 100mg rice krispy treat and got so high I almost shaved my eyebrows off.
Drake 26 days ago
Why would we care what year Tom was the fattest he's ever been? It's more about how fat.
Michael Goodrich
Michael Goodrich 27 days ago
Someone on this show needs to do there research on meth sex. Please so sick of you guys just mention it and drop it. Meth sex was insain. Most intense climax ever.
Chad Bro Chill
Chad Bro Chill 27 days ago
29:50 was awesome hahahah
adam m
adam m 27 days ago
The dude at 2:16:22 I think is the “get that bitch off the plane guy”
BigHossen 27 days ago
Oh an Aussie cool guy! Nice to be represented 😂
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez 27 days ago
53:00 Tom and CP tearin it up on the dancefloor
David Nilsson
David Nilsson 28 days ago
Holy shit the Nick/Ga thing had me crying
J Am
J Am 28 days ago
The chic that got mad about being told she's pretty....that guy lied to her haha
J Am
J Am 28 days ago
Uncle Popcorn! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
nickp8525 28 days ago
Country wayne was the 2nd to last tik tok. Get him on the show.
Don Stever
Don Stever 28 days ago
Haha appreciate you guys , glad you enjoyed my content @1:06:53
Daniel Lane
Daniel Lane 15 days ago
Nothing but appreciation here.
Don Louis
Don Louis 21 day ago
"whooooo, YOU GOT IT" 😂
Gilbert Ramirez
Gilbert Ramirez 28 days ago
Kountry Wayne made it to the ymh . Lol
Mundo 107
Mundo 107 29 days ago
Ymh don’t know kountry Wayne 😂😂
skip slick
skip slick 29 days ago
Leave it up to a man to be the biggest female serial killer
L T 29 days ago
1:27:30 Lol
dex räikkönen
dex räikkönen 29 days ago
What is Cretina scared about? the night stalker was a bitch compared to la mataviejitas. the numbers don't even get close.
Morphit77 29 days ago
Beyonce is so fucking far from a 10 lmfao
Manny Sencion
Manny Sencion 29 days ago
kountry wayne!!!!!!! lol
gooieglopp 29 days ago
The diesel jeans guy is a parody video. YALL DON'T KNOW YOUR MEMES.
Benji Pesci
Benji Pesci 29 days ago
That grass city Bart Simpson collab goes crazyyy
LaborCamp SoccerCoach
LaborCamp SoccerCoach 29 days ago
USposts constantly reccomends this channel. Not subbed...and I dislike everytime. Yet YT persists. So...this time around I decided to actually watch it all the way thru and guess what....YMH is still gay.
Michael Turner
Michael Turner 29 days ago
44:51 Holy Shit! Couldn't have said it better Tom
Mr. Rabbit
Mr. Rabbit 29 days ago
I'm shocked that some people here get shocked by a dark comment! Thanks to the rest of you for laughing at someone's excessive insecurities!
Greenrush 777
Greenrush 777 29 days ago
i sleep to the crime junkie podcast
twisty treat
twisty treat 29 days ago
I am a mommy mommy, my 6 year old was fucking killin it “I got a dui babyyy”
Torin Tyr
Torin Tyr 29 days ago
Anyone else notice how healthy Tom looks?
MrEvanBeta 29 days ago
It is rare, but yes I've been fooled.
Niall Month ago
There was this girl I slowly(to not hurt her feelings) got to stop messaging me this year cause she was getting annoying. She asked me to rate her one day and I said 6 or 7, and I was being generous cause I didn't want to hurt her feelings. But she said every other guy said she's a 10 and everyone has always said she's a 10. She told me she had cried a little when I didn't say she's a 10. So I went and explained that 6 or 7 is above average and nothing to be upset about, and I said I hardly even see people I'd consider a 9. This girl is very obese, definitely bigger than Nadav, Tom, or Bert, and her face is kind of cute but she's not really my type, we just used to snapchat. I really didn't think I was being mean when I rated her. I would gladly be rated a 7. It seems like a lot of girls now, especially on tinder think they're way hotter than they actually are because girls get matches on tinder so easily. A 10 is a supermodel. Most people don't even have a 10 in their high school. And I think being a 10 also requires one to have a healthy looking body. There's nothing wrong with being fat and I don't expect women or supermodels to be skinny to the point where it's unhealthy either. It's just my personal preference that I'm not as attracted to obese women .
Aaron Erickson
Aaron Erickson Month ago
[X] Not Interested
Chuck Month ago
The black dude on the plane is Country Wayne this is one of his characters named Drip check out his USposts channel it’s fucking hilarious
Zach F
Zach F Month ago
Everyone, aren't you glad you only fly first class?
Roy Linker
Roy Linker Month ago
what the actual fuck was that "chasing" craigslist post
Rylan Lujan
Rylan Lujan Month ago
Can't wait for Tina to see "I Saw the Devil"
jacobbowitz Month ago
RICK Smith
RICK Smith Month ago
Definitely mushrooms
xonicole x
xonicole x Month ago
Tony John's Austin Donn
Ashleysart Attack
Ashleysart Attack Month ago
40:59 I have tears streaming down my face after Tom saying, “With the knife and the Pepsi.” Like a fucking game of Clue! In the library with the candle stick! 😂😂😂
Sandy Odell
Sandy Odell Month ago
You guys not not knowing vines makes me feel young and sad at the same time lol
Jdubs7103 Month ago
People who act like they’re 10s are never tens
Steven Month ago
Go Wolfpack lol
Cory Month ago
Fed smoker lives 🕊 🙏🏼 😬
Bud Gibson
Bud Gibson Month ago
The ayaya guy is from my city lol . I used to get amazing purp from his neighbor. He say you gotta meet this crazy old cat... we got blitzed and I had not laughed that hard until I saw That Fat Tittied animal Tom break his floppy arm 🤣
FoTo Realistic
FoTo Realistic Month ago
Jews Jews Jews
Phantasm Art
Phantasm Art Month ago
Mirror neurons... he just learned that term.
Mango Makaveli
Mango Makaveli Month ago
YMH is far more upsetting than cum town. I fell asleep to a Adam bug compilation and woke up to this.
BrentlyTV Month ago
can we get tom to shave his eyebrows
t smith
t smith Month ago
50:00 self hating moment .
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson Month ago
I legit worked with a guy who was in his 60's, and he would call people every name in the book, but for people he actually did not like and thought they were really just the bottom of the barrel human being, he had one name for them: knucklehead.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson Month ago
Josh is so inclusive.
Sam Brown
Sam Brown Month ago
You guys aren't very good at picking up comedy for comedians.
Annie Heartsong
Annie Heartsong Month ago
13:34 "Yall know whats a banana split? Huh? Well... we gone use your booty!"
Kings Of Gangster
Kings Of Gangster Month ago
Great show
Joseph M
Joseph M Month ago
Just so y'all know the man rubbing the chicken is also married to a sex doll and she has her own Instagram.
Matthew Inzer
Matthew Inzer Month ago
Gotta lay off the burritos
victoria.911 Month ago
Please have ethan klein on again with trisha paytas thank u mommies.
Christian Burgoyne
Christian Burgoyne Month ago
Christina is falling for a lot of fake tik toks.
Fazio315J Month ago
Stop being pronunciation nazis. Who gives a fuck. Unless its burt saying nightmeer... that shit bothers me.
bazilkush Month ago
Never heard of these "comedians" but how can you not understand satire.
jason grace
jason grace Month ago
If it's every sibling, it's not an accident, you're an exhibitionist with an incest bent. Good luck unpacking that, ya J-word.
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