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Hi friends!! I really hesitated to put this reading up because I feel the messages are pretty specific/similar, however I decided to go ahead with it because I trust I was given these messages for a reason. With that being said, PLEASE use discernment for your situation. You know your truth better than I do. I hope this helps, and of course I hope it resonates!! Remember you always have free will & can do what you want 💗 I love you guys so much!!
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Pile 1 (Bloodstone): 2:10
Pile 2 (Charoite): 35:33
Pile 3 (Strawberry Quartz): 1:07:09
Pile 4 (Coffee Calcite): 1:39:30
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Decks Used:
Tarot in Wonderland
Everyday Witch Tarot
Edgar Allen Poe Tarot
Dark Wood Tarot
Oracle of the Unicorns
Soul’s Journey Oracle
Iris Oracle
Angel Number Oracle
Energy Oracle
Pass on the Smile Oracle
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Madison, 22
Tropical: Aries ☀️ Virgo 🌙 Libra ⬆️
Sidereal: Pisces☀️ Leo 🌙 Virgo ⬆️
Life Path 11, INFP
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Disclaimer: This is a general reading meant for fun and entertainment purposes. Use your own judgment when making decisions 💗 enjoy!
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EsoTarot Month ago
Hi friends!! I really hesitated to put this reading up because I feel the messages are pretty specific/similar, however I decided to go ahead with it because I trust I was given these messages for a reason. With that being said, PLEASE use discernment for your situation. You know your truth better than I do. I hope this helps, and of course I hope it resonates!! Remember you always have free will & can do what you want 💗 I love you guys so much!! 🕐Timestamps🕓 Pile 1 (Bloodstone): 2:10 Pile 2 (Charoite): 35:33 Pile 3 (Strawberry Quartz): 1:07:09 Pile 4 (Coffee Calcite): 1:39:30
Patricia Michener
Patricia Michener 9 days ago
Thank-you for posting anyways, definitely needed to see this.
Troy Ross
Troy Ross Month ago
Pile #1 the person in pile 1 steamrolled tf out of me and no matter what was dished my way i held up to it and he snapped like a little twig in a strong gust when he finally got a taste ,a dribble of their own bile. Theres just some things u dont say to ppl and knowing that that is how he speaks to mfs on the regular is his problem. No thank u
Lydia Story
Lydia Story Month ago
yeah as soon as i saw the video i was drawn to all of them hard to pick just one
Lolabecool Month ago
@Jewels lol I hadn’t even thought of that, but you’re absolutely right! 😳
Jewels lol
Jewels lol Month ago
@Lolabecool even crazier thing is sunday june 20th is father’s day!!
Ochoco Chan
Ochoco Chan 17 hours ago
I didn't even read, the title. I just saw the card of the crow with the eyes in thier mouths, and was immediately drawed in for whatever reason.
Melo Baby
Melo Baby 2 days ago
Pile 2: This was actually my message to my crush and I’m a Virgo maybe that’s why I was drawn to that deck
Lea del Rosario
Lea del Rosario 3 days ago
Whenever I am thinking that its all in my head and I'm going crazy. I always hear her say "you're not going crazy.." lol 😂
Disha M
Disha M 3 days ago
Literally in the middle of this reading and he unblocked me
Whiskey Love
Whiskey Love 5 days ago
Timea Laurel
Timea Laurel 5 days ago
Pile 4 is literally my ex husband, well technically still married, but we’re separated. Just not sure if I’d want him back...
Timea Laurel
Timea Laurel 5 days ago
Pile 3, exactly!!!!
Haitao Wang
Haitao Wang 5 days ago
Pile 2
chrystal hedlin
chrystal hedlin 6 days ago
Pile 2 was totally on point my person has an ex who he has a child with and she is interfering with his mother and creating drama for me because she is enmeshed in the family. Great reading.
Revana Marie
Revana Marie 6 days ago
Thank you. Pile 4. Some specific info for me!!
Manas mekel
Manas mekel 7 days ago
#2,#3 enjoyed 🙏❤️👍
ilayda sakarya
ilayda sakarya 8 days ago
I’m addicted to your chanel ıdk girl just keep doing it 😂
Ricardo US
Ricardo US 9 days ago
Thank you so much luv! ❤️
Hairyfrankfurt 9 days ago
H O L Y S H I T I set v specific numbers and animals, and you legit confirmed with pile 1 at the end there- SERIOUS channeling right there
Stronkest Shawty In The West
Stronkest Shawty In The West 10 days ago
I picked pile 4 and when you said "Lucy" that scared me lmao. That's my moms name and before you pulled out the letters I felt like I was gonna see something weird lmao
simplyyesme 10 days ago
I was called to piles 1,2,&3 and was so confused haha makes sense now
Darkened Rose
Darkened Rose 10 days ago
Eso Tarot I would like to say that your videos inspire me to do readings like this some day too! My family has a history of spiritual work and stuff like this and I have always wanted to do readings, thanks to you I am inspired to never give up on my dream and to someday make a living out of this! I may only be 13 but my dad always tells me that it doesn’t matter the age, as long as you know what you are doing. So I would like to thank you for inspiring me to keep moving forward and right at this moment I am pretty successful at doing readings! So yeah. Im just really thankful!
Ishaana 10 days ago
picked pile 4.. and quite a bit of it resonated with how i feel about them too... so im confused... did i pick the right pile? or did i pick the pile with energies of my feelings....
Ava Camus
Ava Camus 11 days ago
“a lot of earth energy and pisces with the moon” me, a taurus who is asking about a pisces: 👁👄👁 (pile 2)
Meylina Valerio
Meylina Valerio 11 days ago
Pile 3 is accurate aff!!! I’m a Taurus but he’s a Scorpio with a lot of Sagittarius in his chart ..
Trish wiley
Trish wiley 11 days ago
# pile 3 this is crazy! ok so first off this is the relationship of my husband and i . we never truly split up but was very close to it. to this day he still pushes boundaries and the universe smacks him in the face every time. funny thing is papa johns pizza is his favorite, my birthday is in the numbers and we met because my dog ran off. lol
Luda Todoriko
Luda Todoriko 12 days ago
Me: "Spirits give me a sign when i have to take action" *watches this video* *sign card pops out* **this is a sign** Me: *surprised pikachu*
Wendy Dutlow
Wendy Dutlow 12 days ago
Thanky it meant so much to me
b.o.s. 123
b.o.s. 123 12 days ago
I am OBSESSED WITH YOUR READINGS. you are soooooooo good
Ana Alcaraz
Ana Alcaraz 13 days ago
My spirit guide must be like girl another were the last 4 not clear enough
La Toya
La Toya 13 days ago
Awesome and soooo on point! Thank you!
Travel Channel
Travel Channel 13 days ago
#3 & # 4 MW , 1st Responder, virgo cancer Aqua & gem places he & I cancer gem placements , virgo in 12th. We may be in need of not overthink/ not under act. Lol i hope #4 we're mirroring in Hoping !
Grace 13 days ago
I picked pile 3. it is accurate, but it sounds like a mix of myself and him rather than just him. I'm the one who was immature and pushed him away romantically. I still wanted to be friends and we remained friends for months after but then one day he stopped talking to me and after months of agonizing over why I care so much, I realized that I really shot myself in the foot. due to covid, i haven't been able to see him at all( different groups to begin with, but I'm also at home for the time being). This just sucks. i hope i can at least get the chance to apologize in person. edit: yeah this definitely sounds more like me than him -_-. I'm so stupid! honestly, the only thing that doesn't match my energy(or vibe) was that I want the one who stopped contact altogether. He did, and I have no idea why. Hopefully he will reply to me
Angel Ziggy
Angel Ziggy 14 days ago
Pile 2 he's capricorn
Severine Ritts
Severine Ritts 15 days ago
it’s crazy because I had a hard time deciding on the first and the forth deck and she came out starting the 4th one with “they all are pretty similar”! say no more lol
maria luiza
maria luiza 15 days ago
i got pile 3, and I'm currently so worried rn... there's this person I'm talking and we both like each other ITS CLEAR but sometimes he self sabotage himself doing some things that makes me kinda sad, he used to do that some time ago and now he's doing it again sometimes, we like each other sm but there's this shit that happens but unlike then, i can calm myself down better than before, we never fight, he don't do bad things like saying bad things to me or manipulating me, he just have that energy of wanting to control everything bc he has a lot of fears, but he end up self sabotaging himself bc he end up screwing up yk? a lot of posts on insta appeared to me to "stop" things with him but bad times happens, and i wanna continue it bc i know it can be better, he can be having a hard time and i wanna be patient with him and not just hear my angry thoughts and be impulsive, but I'm so worried... I'm trying to stay positive bc now things can be kinda bad but we both want this to work out and we dream about it, the day where we dream so much of us is so near, but i have this energy that he's really afraid that's why he still do some "shits" (bc they're not really bad things), but I'm feeling better than before that's why I don't understand sometimes why he self sabotage himself. but this reading really made me feel better, I'll continue having patient for him bc i love him.
maria luiza
maria luiza 15 days ago
ok I just finished now and I'm crying this is everything i was thinking about, everything i thought about to calm myself down she just said this relationship with this person made me realize that everything's not always what i think it is, when this person do the things he do that makes me feel kinda bad before i could just think "yea this person hates me it's over for me" bc i just couldn't think "but what if he's having a bad time?" i just started to think negativily and couldn't see the reality, but now when this person do it and i start to get anxious i think "he can be afraid, he can be having a bad time just calm down", but today i felt really bad and thought it would be the end, but now with this reading i feel so much better, she just said EVERYTHING i said to myself, I'm really glad I got here to reach help I'm so thankful 💖
Amy Arriaga
Amy Arriaga 15 days ago
Its so weird how pile 3 is just so similar to what I went through, he was a f boy and he did do shit but still in some way was nice, but then things happen and we haven't talked for a while, if its him that he wants to come back a better person with good knowledge and with what he is supposed to do to be good to me then so be it.
Heather 16 days ago
Pile 3: This was SO accurate! Ahhhhhhh! The destruction was intense and I was very misjudged a few years ago. Still figuring out what to do. And yes, He was being a idiot. 🤣
Lola Rozaeva
Lola Rozaeva 16 days ago
Omg I chose pile 3 and as soon as You said “I get a lot of Scorpio and Taurus energy” I was like OMG, that is both of our signs!!!!
kageyama3rdmistress 1
kageyama3rdmistress 1 16 days ago
okay so i chose pile 3 and 4 and i constantly keep seeing how he plans on coming in and communicating with me and which he did about four weeks ago, but i was so off about everything and i told him, he can’t expect us to be close again just because he communicated this once and then we talked a little about our 10th grade year, funny thing you say ummm i did leave him on read, in my case you can’t say much to a one word answer and he constantly has watched my stories and etc, sooo i’m just gonna trust the universe on this.
kitkattyxo 16 days ago
I feel like pile 3 was talking about myself rather than another person at first...
Katie 16 days ago
Can you please do a video on the difference between tropical and sidereal??
Nicole Liz
Nicole Liz 16 days ago
girl i love u
Sarah 17 days ago
pile 1
Nuhami Mandefro
Nuhami Mandefro 17 days ago
resurfacing on my timeline - pile 2, beautiful deck
Colby Carnage
Colby Carnage 18 days ago
Pile 2 with the letters spirit had WORDS😂🤧
Antareya Music
Antareya Music 18 days ago
omg this is so accurate! thank you
Winifred Hawkins
Winifred Hawkins 19 days ago
The magnificent argument collectively report because lyocell theoretically number aboard a ludicrous squid. quaint, ethereal perch
Novawolf 19 days ago
Pile 3- I was definitely feeling it before Mr. Krabs! 😂 I seriously felt like it was a personal reading crazy! Thank you 🙏🏻
Eva g
Eva g 19 days ago
oracle shawty
oracle shawty 19 days ago
y’all ever notice when readers get their nails done they talk exclusively with their fingers the whole time 🧐😂😂💅🏼
Mariah L
Mariah L 20 days ago
Girl wtffff im watching and u literally dropped My birthday 😧
Katya Mcrae
Katya Mcrae 21 day ago
Good It’s it’s been amazing cards
Katya Mcrae
Katya Mcrae 21 day ago
Isabella Servino
Isabella Servino 21 day ago
You are amazing❤️❤️❤️
Lexi Oddballz
Lexi Oddballz 21 day ago
I feel very drawn to them all... is that ok?
Lexi Oddballz
Lexi Oddballz 21 day ago
Pile 3: if you can feel it now mr.krabs... you are correct 😂
cam 21 day ago
pile 3 resonated so hard!! you really never miss girl
Sarah Saeed
Sarah Saeed 22 days ago
Pile 1 ..spot on
iiwery eveii
iiwery eveii 22 days ago
#3 yes i walked away. even though i loved them SO F* MUCH but it was just right.
Teame 22 days ago
Dude I was attracted by all of them 0_0
Ama Cela
Ama Cela 23 days ago
If I wanted answers for something that happened four years ago, and I have lost connection with that person now and forever, do these readings apply?
Emma Strong Films
Emma Strong Films 23 days ago
Pile 2. This is crazy crazy, the word Surrender was in the poem she wrote me. Im trusting this. Starting over. Surrender, trust the process and trust the universe and my spirit guides!
honesty 23 days ago
Thank you for the reading. Pile2 I appreciate
AMAYAS Ojos 24 days ago
1:38:13 omg we are both 17 wow
AMAYAS Ojos 24 days ago
Pile 3- I’m a Scorpio and he’s a Taurus 😩
Sam Simon
Sam Simon 25 days ago
Hi! Pile 3 and 4 definitely resonated. Thank you! 😊
Jaskey 25 days ago
My friends and I each represented a pile. I choose pile 1 for specific person, but I was attracted to pile 2 and 3 then choose 3 and realized I need to hear pile 3 before I heard pile 2. Out of curiosity I chose 4 and yeah our friend group represented each pile in someway.
Karen Lucero
Karen Lucero 25 days ago
I don't leave comments but I wanted to share this because it resonated so hard that I literally cried through the whole reading. I chose pile 3 and since the stone was the "strawberry stone" and there was scorpio vibes at the beginning she came up into my mind because I used to associated her with strawberries and also she is scorpio. Actually, we broke up a few months ago and yeah, I miss her so bad, I miss all the good and sweet moments that we shared but deep down on me, I felt that sometimes she wasn't that in love with me or even in a relationship with me I felt that she didn't overcome her ex 'cause as Esotarot said, before meeting me she had a toxic relationship and that person treated her like sh*it so she was really hurted and now I can understand why she treated me like she did 'cause probably she didn't want to be fooled again, eventhough I gave her all my time and love and most of the times I tried to be comprehensive and cherish, I don't know why, for some reason I felt like she didn't love as I did and that's why I walked away. I do forgive her because she was acting from a broken heart and to be honest, I'm not petty sure if she wants to fix things because she blocked me lol but eitherway I wish her all the best and I hope she can heal her heart on the future and lastly, something that was really accurate was the career card or at least to me because also I broke up with her only because I wanted to focus on my career so...thank you so much Esotarot, you are the best ♡.
Valeria Aguilar
Valeria Aguilar 25 days ago
"If you can feel it now Mr Krabs" hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂
A DF 26 days ago
This pile 1 resonates with Pile 1 you posted today with the broken/hatched and birth/death of deceit. His initials came up in this one, my name nearly came up in today’s. Love and light! 🦄
unamazing kalen
unamazing kalen 26 days ago
before I even go on with pile #2 I was like ok if 10 of pentacles comes out next this is for me... IT MF CAME OUT!!
y y
y y 27 days ago
dora 27 days ago
these videos always make me cry omg
Laura 27 days ago
This reading resonates way too much with me, I’m really impressed 😶😶😶
Alexis Corriveau
Alexis Corriveau 28 days ago
Girl I chose 3 and I wanted to hear abt my bf and ur acting like it’s a breakup or past love I’m like uhhh whwt no
Rozlicious27 28 days ago
#3 Yes, I walked away because he lied to me and manipulated and gaslighted me. Shame because he was my twin flame... He really did play himself.. hurt people hurt people.
Sarah 28 days ago
I claim pile 3! Thank you for the beautiful reading!!!
space 28 days ago
Pile 3 Let’s see what happens And on June 👀
Meiah 29 days ago
Lauri B.
Lauri B. Month ago
Thank you! This was really healing and brought me peace at heart
Rochelle MacPherson
Rochelle MacPherson Month ago
Pile 4: very thorough, a lot of it described my situation. TY
aaa Month ago
Pile 3. So accurate. she said all the things i wanted to hear. 😢
cinda16 Month ago
1. Me; 2. My person. It resonates. I’m feeling down and out; I have to figure out how to get out of my situation before I can reach out to my person. I really want to rush in and apologize, but I have circumstances that I have to change. I’m worried about sabotaging things, so now I’ll give him a break from me
J G Month ago
Pile 3 🔥
ccy •-•
ccy •-• Month ago
rlly resonates with what I'm feeling. Felt drawn to pile 1 n 2. You're right on the fact that they're somewhat related. I felt like pile 1 was talking abt him while pile 2 was talking abt me. rlly true n both of our initials are there ♡
Divyangana Jamwal
Divyangana Jamwal Month ago
Hi please I really need to know this Can this reading also apply to someone who is no more??
Deandra D'Cunha
Deandra D'Cunha Month ago
How is she so accurate?! I didn’t even expect this to be true for me
Tasia R
Tasia R Month ago
Please tell me what that little blue object is in the corner next to the purple candle! Very important I asked the universe for a sign and I can’t tell what exactly it is!!
Bridget Jones
Bridget Jones Month ago
3 - You are absolutely right!!! He was playing games with me. We are both Scorpios and I warned him several times that I was serious and I wasn’t playing. I walked away from him in November. He will not go away... he texts me everyday and last weekend he came to see my entire family lol
AlessiaApril Month ago
pile 4: lmao this is me
David Wosatka
David Wosatka Month ago
Bruh when eso said she coming for my ass i nearly spit my soda out
lane evans
lane evans Month ago
Lyla Chenal
Lyla Chenal Month ago
For me pile 4 resonated 100% - sometimes we find the answers not in what seems similar but in the subtleties............I have come to see that in life everything has a reason, a season, and its own very special moment where everything around you comes to a point where you know.........that now is the time of letting go of what we perceive were mistakes...........out of the greatest mistakes comes a deeper understanding & meaning as to why certain people come together when they did.....why things fell apart at the time they did.......and why you don't seem after years & years to let each other go.................I did not listen to the other piles........I trust in my inner guidance.........that's all I need to know. Thank you so much for what you do.
Abby Grace
Abby Grace Month ago
This was scarily accurate (I was pile 4) and the whole time I was thinking ... kinda sounds like me too a little. Then at the end you said it sounds like you’re mirroring each other. Great video- you felt there was a specific message for some of us and it found me 100%
Diana Pop
Diana Pop Month ago
Pile 2: "This is the entire alphabet, wtf spirit!?" Me: "888 I am abundant"
Winifred Hawkins
Winifred Hawkins Month ago
The wanting path microbiologically cough because rifle fifthly hook unlike a wistful oatmeal. acidic, craven lunch
Indahly's Tube
Indahly's Tube Month ago
“maybe it’s a sign, maybe it’s tinnitus” 😭
jen 17 days ago
😭😭 shes my fav tarot card reader
Lili G
Lili G Month ago
Been having a habit of watching a tarot reading before I go to bed ... who else
Milani Montalvo
Milani Montalvo 9 hours ago
Alexandra 4 days ago
the shuffling when you sleep 😴..or right before..so relaxing
Phoenix Raii
Phoenix Raii 6 days ago
Me all the way. I love listening to them while im taking a bath
Alegna Anidem
Alegna Anidem 8 days ago
Yeah same
Neha Khonjuju
Neha Khonjuju 9 days ago
Troy Ross
Troy Ross Month ago
Aye dawg awe pile #2 zip it spirit 😇😁❣
Troy Ross
Troy Ross Month ago
Pile 2 im the capricorn, and i weirdly do not know how to want shit, but like my life purpose is to go thru a bunch if shit in front of someone bc of that someone and they LEARN how to deal with shit by my example of dealing with them.
Troy Ross
Troy Ross Month ago
Bro. Pile 1&pile 2 pile 1 is what they are feeling and things and pile 2 is like how to deal with this shit thats just floating around building in momentum.
Troy Ross
Troy Ross Month ago
Pile# 2 was the 1st one i was drawn to but the picture on pile 1 is just my favorite things. They both match however pile 2 is exactly whats up and i know it.
no Month ago
pile 3: this is about my ex? he still likes me? ew that was an immature relationship we had lmao. he's just no. he can still like me cool, but I don't want him lol
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