The STRANGEST Magic Trick Ever... #Shorts

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Month ago

One of the STRANGEST Magic Tricks I’ve ever done on Omegle... enjoy!
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Thank you so much for watching friends!

SeanDoesMagic Month ago
Just wanted to let you know that I have a PODCAST out now friends- if you want to learn more about me & my weird life, check it out! Link in description
Red Lightning Sky
Red Lightning Sky 26 days ago
The guy look like hisoka in "Hunter x Hunter"
EJ Flores
EJ Flores 29 days ago
sTiCk giRl
sTiCk giRl Month ago
H h g, o, l, lgc
Noor Ain
Noor Ain Month ago
I think the seven of hearts or whatever it was is just a sticker that he was pressing firmly . It looks cool but to be it looked a bit like a sticker but I am not a magician so idk.
Tron Playz
Tron Playz Month ago
Honestly I sometimes think that you actually know dark magic
The Intelligence C.I.A.
The Intelligence C.I.A. 12 hours ago
Plot twist: He has different markers for every card.
Deagan Duttenhoffer
Deagan Duttenhoffer 15 hours ago
When you mix your lego character's up
Tyrone Phipps
Tyrone Phipps 16 hours ago
What the heck! Is that Boso the clown? What king of grown man looks like that?
SSM4 Bloopers
SSM4 Bloopers 17 hours ago
my guy lookin like a bird boss in an rpg game
melonmaker.03 17 hours ago
Guy looks like a yu gi yo villain
Magnetic Gaming
Magnetic Gaming 19 hours ago
U on a different level while this man looking a like a freak that want toy be a clown
INFINITY GAMER 23 hours ago
Is that guy have byakugan 😂
Luke Brennan
Luke Brennan Day ago
What tf is that creature
Mak Millanparida3
Mak Millanparida3 Day ago
His eye's are freaking me. What happened to his eye's
ThatoneCOD Player
ThatoneCOD Player Day ago
Was it a sticker that you put on the sharpie cause thats so smart
Hanna Nicolai
Hanna Nicolai Day ago
He Looks Creepe
Brandon Rickert
Brandon Rickert Day ago
Hitchens Jr.
Hitchens Jr. Day ago
Kinda looks like dani filth
Shuriken Blade
Shuriken Blade 2 days ago
anyone else thinks he looks like the thumb thing guy from spykids?? just me? ight
7yduhx !
7yduhx ! 2 days ago
I love you he treats him like a normal person and doesn't judge
AshleyEdits GachaLife
AshleyEdits GachaLife 2 days ago
I think he might of had a sticker on his finger before he pressed it up against the sharpie logo
Robel Z_240 !
Robel Z_240 ! 2 days ago
Bruh every card was a seven of hearts. Unless he’s just a different breed
Gbemiga Steve
Gbemiga Steve 2 days ago
I’m so sorry you expect me to talk to someone dressed like that🤮
Master Arkannor
Master Arkannor 2 days ago
*Gets on Omegle with the express purpose of disturbing people *Gets shook by random Vanilla looking Asian
المصــِـمَمَهِ بِنِــِـنين
المصــِـمَمَهِ بِنِــِـنين 2 days ago
So, you have to buy it, and like you, they supported me with a response
Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts 3 days ago
**ding** "about to get FOOLED!" nah we didn't know that . you fool almost e v e r y o n e in e v e r y video . 😂
will noo09
will noo09 21 hour ago
DisasterMIDI 3 days ago
Dorohedoro is magic themed so his cosplay is perfect haha
Gaming Tornado
Gaming Tornado 3 days ago
So um can someone tell me like why his hair be like that ... and um also why he looks like he is starting into my sole
Kaydan Tarry
Kaydan Tarry 3 days ago
Sticker trick
Lucky 3 days ago
HOW DO YOU DO THESE THINGSSSS you’re magic is awesome dude ;-;
FROST BITE 3 days ago
FROST BITE 3 days ago
Is a sticker how can I be fooled by that
Logan Foster
Logan Foster 4 days ago
This man is definitely on something
Singh Harpreet
Singh Harpreet 4 days ago
Look at the cap of the marker He rolls it
BeVibed 4 days ago
One side was real one side just had S and he slapped a sticker on the side with only S
Craig Matthew
Craig Matthew 5 days ago
Do they always hit 7 of hearts or wat
RngJennings 999
RngJennings 999 6 days ago
what force did u use, I wanna use it also, u did that so smooth man keep it up
RHINA 6 days ago
searpch sata.... hand signs tell ppl to stop doing it and stop doing them too plss do God AND JESUS HAND SIGN INSTEAD
Jelena Djukic
Jelena Djukic 7 days ago
Zeebra 7 days ago
Freak Pennywhise Out
Vedika Awasthi
Vedika Awasthi 7 days ago
Show your magic to another great magician to get revealed...
EugeneTheHurricane 8 days ago
the man is creepy
NLOPLO Gaming 9 days ago
I bet all cards are just 7 hears
GameBadger 12
GameBadger 12 10 days ago
Bruh, you don't like that trick, but you can still manage to look in the mirror with that stuff on?
Jene Ityrr
Jene Ityrr 10 days ago
Is that a domino 👹😈👿👺
PenguinKicks 10 days ago
Yodit Netsereab
Yodit Netsereab 10 days ago
That guy was crepy
jane.g.24 10 days ago
bahahaha he went BRUH
kiwi uchiha
kiwi uchiha 11 days ago
No. Bruh. I know how you do
Addison McDaniel
Addison McDaniel 11 days ago
he had the card already picked out, and acted like he picked the card that the guy stopped on. in reality it was the only he had already had picked, maybe on the top ( idk all the logistics ) then the sharpie on one side had the sharpie logo, and on the other side had the seven of hearts written on it. you can see he slightly turns it to the other side. but he presses down really hard so that, that is what your attention is on, instead of him moving it. this is just what i have assumed since watching it two or three times.
Chill Robinson Style
Chill Robinson Style 11 days ago
You sold your soul to the devil...
Jesline Ritha
Jesline Ritha 12 days ago
Read my mind
fifa skiller
fifa skiller 12 days ago
You write on other side
YouTube Y’all
YouTube Y’all 12 days ago
Wow how do you do that
Tarik 12 days ago
So we bot gonna talk about how the man look like Jack frost with Ron's of makeup?
AxelSpott 13 days ago
This is actually the least impressive “trick” I think I’ve seen. Especially considering you have your hands off camera so much. Seven of hearts already out, sharpie with that already printed on it. Pick up each item as needed
Δημήτρη Μπατσελλάρι
Δημήτρη Μπατσελλάρι 13 days ago
Where are his eyes 😶😶😶?
HazinFN 14 days ago
When you play to much God of war
Rodney Pinnix
Rodney Pinnix 14 days ago
It is always crack heads
the tetew kentang minecraft
the tetew kentang minecraft 16 days ago
It's not magic
Anna 16 days ago
Ok now turn the sharpie around
Demitrius Henderson
Demitrius Henderson 17 days ago
We’re gonna ignore that the comments says 2020 after I comment
Jessica Beatty
Jessica Beatty 17 days ago
That dude in the top is really odd looking
Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana 17 days ago
Its always seven of hearts😂😂😂😂..worst tricks ever
Farida Jawadi
Farida Jawadi 17 days ago
If you're wondering how he did that in my guess it's like two sides of the sharpie one side has written sharpie on it and the other side has seven of hearts what sean did was, he forced the guy to pick the seven of diamonds and then showed a side of the sharpie in which it was printed sharpie then when he covered the sharpie he turned it the other side so it looks like he hasn't done anything to it.
Farida Jawadi
Farida Jawadi 17 days ago
The sharpie sean used is customised by the way.
LillieLuna Gacha
LillieLuna Gacha 17 days ago
I can’t believe I know how he did it 😂 Sean your smart
Don Tapia
Don Tapia 17 days ago
His like on the got talent
Jackson Francis
Jackson Francis 18 days ago
Wheres the pope when you need him
Tie's TV
Tie's TV 18 days ago
It’s magic 🪄
Anay Gangwar
Anay Gangwar 18 days ago
Always everyone gets 7 of hearts
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm 18 days ago
The occult guy was more scary than the magic trick :D
VARON 19 days ago
He looks like my gta v character
Ibiyinka Christiana
Ibiyinka Christiana 19 days ago
My guy got them Sharingan eyes my guy be Naruto Fan. My guy Hair be anime spiky hair. My guy be anime fan!
will noo09
will noo09 21 hour ago
You why are you always saying my guy
Isabella Catarino
Isabella Catarino 19 days ago
basanagouda patil
basanagouda patil 20 days ago
Lol his makeup kinda looks scary
Cesar Guevara
Cesar Guevara 20 days ago
That was scary
Ashmit Goyal
Ashmit Goyal 21 day ago
That stranger is strange
Lightning 21 day ago
Yeez dude be lookin like a goth clown
Justin Kearns
Justin Kearns 21 day ago
Is that a sticker?
John Lemon
John Lemon 21 day ago
Mans wearing doro he doro makeup
Tenta God Gaming
Tenta God Gaming 21 day ago
“I do not like this” Man Look at your face then say that
Tyler Leintz
Tyler Leintz 21 day ago
This is a guy that u would see in a Nightmare. :0 :(
nor setiawati
nor setiawati 22 days ago
I like him becouse the man is cool
j 22 days ago
what can i say we live in a society
Sperm Whale
Sperm Whale 22 days ago
Forced card trick
Paul Mack
Paul Mack 22 days ago
I know how that pen trick works on the other side of the pen there's the seven of hearts or something and then when it's in your hands you flip it over and then you show it
Ethan Loughlin
Ethan Loughlin 22 days ago
I see, force the card and flip the sharpee to show the changed side
Butter Studio’s
Butter Studio’s 22 days ago
K just I guess you have to tell me if I got it right we’re they all seven of harts and the sharpie said that
Musa Tahir
Musa Tahir 22 days ago
So cool
Toko 22 days ago
Cool cosplay
Natyrell 22 days ago
The man is so creepy !!😫😨😥
zaheer ahmad
zaheer ahmad 22 days ago
Me:vibing to the music and of anyone know the song plz tell me-
Jay Henderson
Jay Henderson 22 days ago
This song brought me back
vickie rico
vickie rico 22 days ago
vickie rico
vickie rico 22 days ago
michele Dickey
michele Dickey 22 days ago
Who is on a different level?? Lol
ZacTheKid Ent
ZacTheKid Ent 23 days ago
He forced the 7 of hearts which was already on the marker then flipped the marker around to reveal seven of hearts
Jacob Turowiecki
Jacob Turowiecki 23 days ago
The guy looks like he’s blind
Cone Dawgg
Cone Dawgg 23 days ago
What's that song
Kyle Gluhm
Kyle Gluhm 23 days ago
What the hell is that man wearing
Nanashi-kun 23 days ago
The trick is really simple. The Seven of Hearts was on his table from the beginning and he did not show the chosen card, which was the Jack, I think.
monkeybutt 399
monkeybutt 399 24 days ago
Who else is curious as to what he normally looks like lol
monkeybutt 399
monkeybutt 399 21 day ago
@Wyatt Jenkins lol
Wyatt Jenkins
Wyatt Jenkins 22 days ago
Pranav Nair
Pranav Nair 24 days ago
The song name?
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