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I told him I lost my promise ring to see his reaction...

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izel rueda
izel rueda 2 days ago
i liked, now where's my free pass to the crib
Giselle & Jesus Fun Videos
Giselle & Jesus Fun Videos 2 days ago
You got him good love you guys ❤️
yah mean
yah mean 6 days ago
Songs 9 days ago
How does she contain her laughter so well
hollow 17 days ago
Who made y’all’s intro
Shirley Gomez
Shirley Gomez 20 days ago
I love them
Destiny Taylor
Destiny Taylor 21 day ago
No I really did come for tiktok and seen that 😭
Prisilla Becerra
Prisilla Becerra 22 days ago
Matt 25 days ago
Denisse Hdez
Denisse Hdez 27 days ago
Paulina: "Im fucking stupid bro" Fabio: "I know.." BAHAHAHA😭💀✋
Ariana Brinkley
Ariana Brinkley 29 days ago
his reaction was honestly so cute, he really has a soft spot for you and it shows
lizandro 29 days ago
he’s literally the best
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez Month ago
The relief Fabio felt , I felt that 😭😭
Faith Minton
Faith Minton Month ago
Omg this made me cry. He’s so sweet😩
Ladiie Checo
Ladiie Checo Month ago
Awee Fabio so sweet I love watching you guys 💜🥰💜☺️
Jasper Martinez
Jasper Martinez Month ago
hey hey i love u guys n ur content isnt boring not one video is boringgggg I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS
Angel Mora
Angel Mora Month ago
Fabio inside his head “no mames ya lo perdiste y todavía no lo termino de pagar 😢” I’m just playing 😂
Daisy Socials
Daisy Socials Month ago
Fabio: “It’s ok” also him: *holding back his tears”
Joanna Pelayo
Joanna Pelayo Month ago
I lost brain cells watching this video trying to understand you guys, you guys need to take some English classes 😅
Fortune Coochie
Fortune Coochie Month ago
Video Ideas- Visiting local "haunted places" at night, L.A. has a whole bunch. Also, maybe... a story time, about 1st impressions on a lot of things, OR Who knows me better, with Alex Vs. Pau and for every question wrong, the person has to say a truth about them; kind of like who knows me better or truth. Just trying to be helpful :)
DADDY BIG Month ago
Ah No Mamezz
Ana G.
Ana G. Month ago
8:20 NA 😂😂😂
Saul Gutierrez
Saul Gutierrez Month ago
Why they record the outro on a droid😭
Aylin Castañeda
Aylin Castañeda Month ago
There going to be parentsss! 🙄❤😍😭
Luis FN
Luis FN Month ago
Fabio im okay but like damm
Brendah Rivera
Brendah Rivera Month ago
He blamed it on himself he said “it’s my fault” 🥺
Lani Month ago
I like the way he treats her 🥺🥺🤍
EvoidFlixSZN Month ago
No it’s that’s your feeling really stressed out I understand it’s normal your not overthink it 😉
Jeffrey Reyes
Jeffrey Reyes Month ago
is that really the new make up trend.?? uhhh
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez Month ago
Keep yall heads up keep pushing forward you got this guys congrats on thw new crib thoe 💯
valentina mejia
valentina mejia Month ago
fabio is too nice bro
Leilany Alvarez
Leilany Alvarez Month ago
the eye contact and silence LMAO
Jacqueline Hernandez
Jacqueline Hernandez Month ago
Her:👁️👅👁️ him:👁️💧👄💧👁️
yareli rodriguez
yareli rodriguez Month ago
i chocked when fabio said “guys paulina me lo paro” i was eating😭😭
Judge Jade
Judge Jade Month ago
awww his tears yall so cute for what 😭!
Juliet Martyrossian Ruiz
Juliet Martyrossian Ruiz Month ago
she was litteraly glowing in the video, whatever u did Do it again or dont u look beautiful either way :)
Mike Pepe
Mike Pepe Month ago
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Tashyira London
Tashyira London Month ago
I literally came from tiktok when I seen this😭😭😭
Mary Blas
Mary Blas Month ago
HER FACE WHEN SHE SAID SHE LOST IT LMAO literally my face when ik I fucked up with my bf
Isaiah Gonzalez
Isaiah Gonzalez Month ago
I came from tik tok 😂 I was like wtf this ain’t what I saw 😂
kardashian Creator
kardashian Creator Month ago
Feel so bad for Fabio he’s always getting pranked lmao
YoungMafia Month ago
I liked it before watching the video 🥸
Janell Navarro
Janell Navarro Month ago
PLS "Paulina me lo paro"😭😭 pero dudee Fabio tried To not cry so hard, he was gonna buy her a new one and everything they are so cute 😩
mexican Squad gaming
mexican Squad gaming Month ago
Am I the only one that noticed that Fabio has a Akatuski ring on 😎😎😎
genesis garcia!
genesis garcia! Month ago
he’s so patient :(((
Cece Ses
Cece Ses Month ago
Aww when pau said im stupid and fabio said no ur not 💕💕💖💛💛💖💖💖💖💓💛💛💖💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💛💛💛💛💘💘💘💘💘💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💕💕💕💖💖💖💛💛💛💛💛💘💘💘💘💓💘💘💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚💜💚💚💚💚💚💜💚💜💜💜💜💚💜💚💚💜💚💜💜💚💜💚💚💜💚💜💚💚💚💚💜💚💜💜💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💕💛💓💜💜💜💓💓💓💜💜💜💚💚💜💓💓💓
Mariana .C
Mariana .C Month ago
People who saw there tik toks then subscribed to there channel 👇
Karisma Torres
Karisma Torres Month ago
As soon as he looked at me I would've busted out laughing😂
Valeria. Month ago
Tabio is a really nice person I’ll will like a person or boyfriend like him
LovellyMadisonnn 123
LovellyMadisonnn 123 Month ago
Why did you keep opening and closing it as if it’ll appear 😂lol Wait hold on “this is in the future” 😂😂
Cristian Reyes
Cristian Reyes Month ago
Cringe intro
Cool videos
Cool videos Month ago
I’m tryna go to the crib😩
Samuel Araujo
Samuel Araujo Month ago
No mames tell her que te cocine 🤣🤣 puro pinche Macdonalds
Selenà t
Selenà t Month ago
Her eyeliner is giving me lifeeee. Love y’allll
Angie Morales
Angie Morales Month ago
Brooo her makeup is sooo cuteee you guys are adorable, favorite couple indeed♥️♥️♥️
MadyRose Month ago
“What would that do, find it “ omg 🥺🥺 💕
Missy mae quinn
Missy mae quinn Month ago
what’s the into song it’s fire 🔥 🤍
Sam Steier
Sam Steier Month ago
not sure what she has changed but she looks different and good
Jazzmon Hernandez
Jazzmon Hernandez Month ago
When he said "we got the crib" my heart went "!!!!!!!!??????"😭❤️
Jaydaヅ Month ago
He's like "damn...I LITERALLY just gave that to u...wtf"
Sarah Garcia
Sarah Garcia Month ago
He is legit on the verge of crying, it was so sad, he's so sweet to pau
Ale Rios
Ale Rios Month ago
Homeboy wanted to cry 😭
Ana Pina
Ana Pina Month ago
I think we all saw this prank coming💀
Ale Rios
Ale Rios Month ago
Okay but just a video suggestion trying your followers Starbucks orders
Murnuh •
Murnuh • Month ago
They’re literally an inspiration at such a young age, man. I’m so happy for them
Lily Villanueva
Lily Villanueva Month ago
OMGGGG🤣 5:28
Ghost_ZERO101 Month ago
Pau : I lost the ring. Fabio : 😐 It’s ok 😕
Isayris Hinojosa
Isayris Hinojosa Month ago
I feel like your guy’s content has still been so good ! So don’t feel down , everyone goes through hard things so we understand ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Diamond Month ago
Does anyone know what their intro song is called?
locitto Month ago
Bro they really cute.. goals🥺
Geraldyn Moran
Geraldyn Moran Month ago
LMFAO ‘don’t be lying to them’ 🤣🤣
Jaiden W.
Jaiden W. Month ago
"litterally bae it's chillin"😭🖐🏽
Genevieve McCarthy
Genevieve McCarthy Month ago
I know you guys are going through a lot but you both look so happy and I'm happy you guys have each other and all of us!
Alejandro Almaraz
Alejandro Almaraz Month ago
Fabio is now so ugly
Genevieve McCarthy
Genevieve McCarthy Month ago
Fabio is SO cute awwwwww
Genevieve McCarthy
Genevieve McCarthy Month ago
"That s*** happens baby, its material s*** we can buy another one" SO CUTE 7:45
Genevieve McCarthy
Genevieve McCarthy Month ago
Don't feel like you don't make good content, its AMAZING and your editing Pau always makes them so good. You guys could do anything and I'd have fun watching!
Mal Month ago
Now u know ur bout to cry when u go in for that drink to help your throat 😭
6lackシシ Month ago
Mal Month ago
Poor Fabio my manz felt mad disappointed
Maegan Anova
Maegan Anova Month ago
-waiting intensifies-
Hi Yew
Hi Yew Month ago
Pau I lost it 🥺. Fabio dam 😬😂
Fabio: no mames Me 👁👄👁
Isabella R
Isabella R Month ago
Awe Fabio is literally blaming it on himself so she feels better😭🥺🥺 poor Fabio was about to cry😭😂
Jennifer Barrera
Jennifer Barrera Month ago
is fabio a virgo, just wondering lmao😭😭
Angie Mingo
Angie Mingo Month ago
nooo cuz the way they’re looking at each other at first when she says she lost the ring is soo funnyyy 😭😭
Eddy22565 _
Eddy22565 _ Month ago
Iliana Month ago
Some prank ideas period prank, pau should tell Fabio that she cheated on him, Fabio should prank pau and tell her that he got another girl pregnant and tampon stuck prank
Evil Deku
Evil Deku Month ago
He wasn’t mad he was DISAPPOINTED 😞 😖
Brian B
Brian B Month ago
Outro was recorded on the fridge🤣
Karen Rosas
Karen Rosas Month ago
The way she closed and opened it like it would be there 😭😭
Robby Morning
Robby Morning Month ago
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yareli rodriguez
yareli rodriguez Month ago
“ahhh no mames what the fuck” fabio 2021 😭👩🏻‍🦲
yareli rodriguez
yareli rodriguez Month ago
pizza boy 😩
yareli rodriguez
yareli rodriguez Month ago
i wasn’t even paying attention to fabio, i was paying attention to pau 🥰🤌🏽
snowyy Lucid
snowyy Lucid Month ago
Fabio like u music
Mark Ruiz
Mark Ruiz Month ago
Bro imagine if his new songs release on my birthday 🥺🥺😅😅March 30
Jackie Pamatz
Jackie Pamatz Month ago
At 6:45-6:47 has me dead 😂😂
Mark Ruiz
Mark Ruiz Month ago
3:31 come on what do y’all mean y’all don’t like it I understand y’all give love to every video y’all try y’all’s best your videos are the best
Samantha Marroquin
Samantha Marroquin Month ago
Girl you look so pretty with the makeup look in this video 😩
Jomara Arocho
Jomara Arocho Month ago
Pau: don’t lie to them Me:Right don’t lie to me ✋🏼
berenise zacarias-magana
berenise zacarias-magana Month ago
this is sad to watch because i actually lost the promise ring my bf got me for our one year :(
Reyna. Arredondo
Reyna. Arredondo Month ago
You’re the best 💞💞
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